Mitt Romney Is Making Moves

Mitt Romney has been reprogrammed.

National Review:

“Among the more amusing developments of the new Congress has been Senator Mitt Romney’s dogged attempts to do his job. Earlier this month, Romney made a deficit-neutral proposal that would provide Americans with cash allowances for every child they have. Today, Romney announced that he and Senator Tom Cotton would be coming forward with a plan to gradually raise the national minimum wage and then pin it to inflation while mandating employers’ use of E-Verify — the federal database of work-eligible Americans — to curb illegal immigration.

Even more amusing than the fact that Romney has ideas is that they all seem to be geared toward pleasing the people who hate him most: stalwart supporters of former president Donald Trump, and populists fond of bashing the ‘dead consensus’ of pro-free market Republican politics. And yet, some Utah Republicans are still pushing for Romney to be censured for his vote to convict Trump in last week’s impeachment trial, and ex-congressman Jason Chaffetz is exploring a primary challenge against Romney in 2024. Meanwhile, Senator Lindsey Graham builds credibility with the GOP’s populist wing by calling Lara Trump “the future of the Republican Party” and encouraging her to run for Senate in North Carolina. …”

He is making some interesting moves.

By voting to impeach Blumpf twice, Romney is endearing himself to anti-Trump establishment conservatives. At the same time, Romney is executing “Trumpism without Trump” with the child tax credit plan, a minimum wage increase and supporting E-Verify to appeal to “Trumpists” on substance. There are lots of “Trumpists” who don’t necessarily think he is their man in 2024. These people backed what Trump said he stood for in the 2016 election and failed to execute as president.

If Mitt Romney really wants to steal Blumpf’s thunder and thwart any chance of a comeback in 2024, he would come out in support of the decriminalization of whiteness. This is the issue that is nearest and dearest to the heart of every Trumpist. Far from being driven by malevolent “racism” or “white supremacy” (the YouGov poll shows they have warm feelings toward non-Whites), they feel put upon and demonized by arrogant elites who are accusing them of systematic racism and violent mobs who are destroying their heritage and culture. They have developed a DEFENSIVE sense of White identity. This is not the same thing as “white supremacy.” It is a reaction against political correctness.

Mitt should give a speech about how it is not okay to attack and demonize White people in this country, persecute and cancel them and destroy their lives on the grounds of their race. It is the perfect issue to run on against Blumpf and Neoliberal Joe. No one is more deeply closeted and feels more endangered by these little tyrants than White professionals. The polls are skewed because so many Whites lie about their beliefs. There is nothing to lose because all White people are “complicit” in systematic racism anyway.

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  1. Mitt Romney=post-1965 race-replacement immigration policy

    Andrew Hop Sing Yang=post-1965 race-replacement immigration policy

    The Samoan Tart Tulsi Gabbard=Post-1965 race-replacement immigration policy

  2. The problem with Mitt is that he is as slimy as it’s possible to be, the guy is completely untrustworthy. E-Verify and other things are exactly what Trump should have done but didn’t because his big business pals told him not to. Mitt “Bain Capital” Romney is a political whore who apparently sees his main chance in using Trump’s agenda and Trump’s supporters for his own benefit.

    That’s what makes Mitt such a good, stalwart Republican. He will use people then throw them away when they are no longer useful. Mitt believes in one principle in life: do what’s best for Mitt and devil take the hindmost. He is a scumbag par excellence.

    Look for Mitt to also sneak in a proposal for more immigration. It’s OK to be overrun with wogs as long as they’re legal, that will be his answer. The guy is just no damn good.

  3. His “reprogramming” may have come from living in Utah.

    Utah is very different from his home state of Michigan.

    Although Utah is often called a “conservative” state, people in Utah, (the majority of them Mormons), have a strong sense of collective identity and “the public good.”

    When I lived there I was amazed at this “conservative” state building one of the best regional public transit systems I have ever used. Clean, safe, and modern, you can travel from Provo to Salt Lake City to Ogden, a distance of over 80 miles without ever using a car. I traveled all over the state using UTA (Utah Transit Authority) trains, buses and light rails. It rivals anything a “liberal” state has to offer.

    People in Utah spend a lot of money on public schools, parks, and transit systems because they strongly believe in a public, collective good.

    Sounds like Romney has absorbed some of that Utah civic virtue.

    • Mormons are overwhelmingly descended from 1600’s New England settlers. Utah is what the North would have looked like had their been no immigration after Independence or Negro migration to the North: A high trust, prosperous, Scandinavian like society.

    • There is a crime problem now in Salt Lake City and other places with huge, violent, stupid Samoans brought to the state by the Mormons. This was an unforced error on the part of the Mormons, they believed that they could convert them to Mormonism and they would be just like them: productive, honest, hard working, intelligent, decent White people.

      Instead they got big, violent, stupid, animals who are good at football and not much else. This is further evidence (as if more were needed) the the Paint Job Theory i.e. that all people are the same just with different paint jobs on the outside, is wrong again. Until 1978 blacks were mostly excluded from Mormonism because of their theology, they were thought to have “the curse of Ham”.

      • @12AX7
        You nailed it.

        I never knew fear until I was in a 7-11 one night and 4 HUGE Samoan gang members walked in wearing blue (they were Crips) and outweighing me by a 100 pounds each.

        6’10” and 350 pounds is not uncommon for them.

        And yes, they are dumb as rocks.

        They make Baltimore blacks look like scholars.

  4. Mitt Romney has already made big moves…such as:

    Making sure the Hindus own and control Silicon Valley…..But who paid for and started Silicon Valley…..The TAX DOLARS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ of the HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MAJORITY………But their children….NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN YOUTH……aren’t to be the beneficiares of this…no no…..The Youth of Hindu India….Silicon Valley will be turned over to them and their Hindu “American” ancestors….

    Pineapple faced Samoan whore Tulsi Gabbard is all onboard with the complete Hindu colonization of NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN HISTORIC LIVING AND BREEDING SPACE…

    Then comes the charge:NATIVE AMERICANS…GENOCIDE!!!!!……To which I say:You could care less….You just want to hand over the American Injuns land….to the Hindu “Americans” and Sikh “Americans”…..

    Mormon weirdo Mitt Romney made sure the Historic Native Born White American Majority became foreigners in their own LAND…Tulsi Gabbard is on board with this…..

  5. This gets into the philosophical question of should you just vote on policy alone or vote on a man based upon his more holistic views?

  6. So eager to ride Mitt’s bandwagon after being hoodwinked by Trump? At this point, I would think you learned to judge people by their actions and not their rhetoric. Most of what Mitt has done during his long political career show he is not on our side, and that he will say whatever he needs to say to gain favor.

    • Haha, no.

      I’ve lost count of how many times Mitt Romney has flip flopped over the years, however, he is flip flopping in a good way on these three issues. Also, there is a small chance that Romney’s ambition can be turned to our advantage.

  7. I wouldn’t vote for him if he raised his right arm then goose stepped across the senate floor and kicked Mitch McConnel in the balls on C-Span.

    The dude is everything a coalition of the anti elite salt of the earth folks hate.

    Don’t even bother trying to forcememe him into our next fuhrer or some Anglinesque bullshit.

    Romney is a no go.

    • “I wouldn’t vote for him if he raised his right arm then goose stepped across the senate floor and kicked Mitch McConnel in the balls on C-Span.”


      Yeah, screw Magic Drawers. The hoary (and whorey) ol’ retread is Eatablishment scum whose always worked directly against the interests of Whites in favor of (((Big Bidness))). No sane person would trust him.

      We need fresh, untainted people saying things like that, and much more. Not a clapped-out old fart who’s already lost a presidential election BEFORE he was rightly hated by scores of millions for his treachery.

    • “I wouldn’t vote for him if he raised his right arm then goose stepped across the senate floor and kicked Mitch McConnel in the balls on C-Span.”

      T/y for this. I’m so black-pilled post Jan 6, this quip REALLY made my day. Funny as anything I’ve read in a long while.

      Romney is oilier than a well-driller’s gloves and your reaction is seconded by me, with enthusiasm.

  8. If members of one party don’t even like each other, why should the voting public like them? Where’s the loyalty and unity? It isn’t a good look.
    In Australia, each party puts on a display of unity in the public arena. Anything they disagree on is discussed and sorted out in cabinet meetings away from public view.

  9. According to the Washington Post today Mittens Romney will be joining Lincoln Brigades Ricky Wilson in a DuPont Circle Gay Bar filthy men’s room to have anus sex with the cockroaches behind a filthy toilet bowl….some kind of charity event for homosexual pederast men who worked the Reagan Whitehouse toilets…..

  10. “This is not the same thing as “white supremacy.” It is a reaction against political correctness.”

    Except truth does not matter, only the narrative. Do you seriously think the genetically anti-white media is going to agree with you and also draw a distinction between white supremacy and political-correctness? Why would they? They have every reason to continue the reductio-ad-Hitlerum derangement continuing into infinity.

    Whiteness will never be decriminalized. Anyone who attempts to attack political-correctness will continue to be castigated as Adolf Hitler. Anyone who remotely defends whites in any way will continue to be depicted as Adolf Hitler. Everything will continue being Adolf Hitler.

    In the future there will be craven attempts to profit off political spasms for personal benefit, like with what Mitt Romney is doing. None of it is genuine and none of it is designed to dig beyond the surface. Any such attempt will be hit with another 3 year Russiagate hoax. Remember, the whole reason why Russia was considered a bad guy is because they don’t formally criminalize whiteness like everyone other formerly white nation. And here you think all those actors responsible for Russiagate are going to step aside all of a sudden and forgive whitey? Did you not see what just happened since January 6th 2021?

    There is no such thing as Trumpism without Trump, mainly because the Trump presidency never happened, and I mean that in the Baudrillard sense; the Iraq war did not happen and the Trump presidency did not happen. Trump meant what he said in 2015 and 2016, was immediately derailed by a deep state coup with Russiagate for 3 years and then by a fake pandemic for another year, and now you have Mitt Romeny recycling dead talking points about “the working class.”

    There is no way you are this naive.

    • @ different anonymous:

      I vehemently disagree with “fake pandemic” (shows you are a pandemic denier) but I agree with much of your comment.

      I don’t understand: “Mitt Romeny recycling dead talking points about the ‘working class’ ” – certainly there really IS a working class, just as there really is a SARS CoV-2 virus – and it is something important, fundamental, to talk about, not a dead topic. But if you meant that it is incongruous, and unfitting, for such a member of the Mormon Nobility (and of the “Mormon Mafia,” that dominates the universal surveillance industry and is overrepresented in most of the intelligence “services”) to talk as if he cares for the rights of workers, then I fully agree!

      Re: “the whole reason why Russia was considered a bad guy is because they don’t formally criminalize whiteness”:

      I think the reasons are (not were) to regain control of Russian national wealth, oil and other natural resources, and to remove (destroy) a possible contender, an obstacle to total world hegemony. It has nothing to do with “anti-whiteness” and everything to do with love of MONEY.

  11. Remember when Ann Coulter supported Mitt Romney out of all the Republican candidates in 2012? She did so because of the rule that the NRA follows when supporting candidates. Don’t look at what they say, look at how they vote. And Mitt Romney was the strongest on immigration back then based on the actions he had actually taken. Maybe under the cringe rhetoric and Mormonism, he’s not that bad. Then again, maybe not.

  12. Jan 6th spooked Congress critters.You gotta give Trump credit for that.The fact that DC did not call the national guards prior to the riots,they new things would get out of control and did not want blood bath like Tiananmen Square protests.

  13. This is the perfect case representation of the wrong man with the right ideas. Romney has his figurative finger-in-the-wind simply to gain political power- he’s a completely untrustworthy scumbag.

  14. Romney’s always been tougher on illegal immigration than Trump, but they both share a zeal for increased legal immigration and economic policies that favor the top 1% such as themselves. Voting for Tulsi or Yang would be better for ordinary Americans.

  15. One of the rich ironies is that George Romney was an enemy of Goldwater to at least the extent that Mitt Romney is of Trump. Like father like son, both Romneys have never been either conservative or had much loyalty or backbone. In fact, if they had been women they could have passed for Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins.
    — Paul H. Yarbrough

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