Review: Little Rock Central: 50 Years Later


If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend watching the HBO documentary “Little Rock Central: 50 Years Later.”

Fifty years after President Eisenhower used the 101st Airborne Division to integrate Central High School in Little Rock in 1957, two filmmakers come back to Central High School to check out all the “progress” that has unfolded there since this watershed victory by the Civil Rights Movement.

Black students are now the majority at Central High School and their parents have taken over the surrounding neighborhood. The student body now has a black president. Civil rights martyr Minnijean Brown, one of the Little Rock Nine, now teaches a high school course about the evils of “white privilege” and “institutional racism.” She has a monument dedicated to her memory at the Arkansas State Capitol. President Bill Clinton has even designated Central High School a National Historic Site.

And the result?

Central High School is still one of the best public high schools in Arkansas on account of its lavish funding, which attracts a rich, highly intelligent, and capable White minority, who are shielded from the black majority by enrollment in AP courses. Meanwhile, the majority of black students are several grade levels behind their White peers. In spite of their presence inside the same integrated high school, their instruction by a corps of benevolent anti-racist pedagogues, the sympathy of the world and the full force and resources of the federal government behind them, the black students exist in a parallel universe of academic failure and broken homes, where everyone seems to know someone who has been shot to death.

After spending over a billion dollars in pursuit of racial equality, the racial gap in academic achievement remains impregnable. The Black Undertow has taken over the surrounding neighborhood, which used to be the pride of Little Rock, and have transformed it into a desolate wasteland populated by crackheads milling about the ruins of abandoned businesses tagged with graffiti, vacant lots overgrown with weeds which are reverting to the wilderness, and blighted houses with boarded up windows and garbage strewn about their yards. Gang warfare has turned the surrounding area into a “war zone,” which is silently protested by a makeshift memorial to black-on-black violent crime.

Central High School is a place where the children of White investment bankers play on the golf team, and the football stadium is surrounded by razor wire to keep the black residents of the surrounding neighborhood at bay. Who could watch this documentary and not come away impressed with this glorious triumph of the Civil Rights Movement?

Thanks for the laughs. This country is a joke.

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Ain’t That America: American Public Transportation

Editor’s Note: This video is extremely disturbing, but I am posting it here to illustrate the nature of integrated public transportation in the United States, which was improved so much by the Civil Rights Movement. Consider yourself warned.

Is this why the buses were segregated?

Note: In August, a friend of ours rode a Greyhound Bus from Roanoke, VA to Birmingham, AL to participate in the “Marching Through Oxford” demonstration in Mississippi. Because of these modern day successors to Rosa Parks and the Freedom Riders, it was a harrowing experience to say the least.


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Apopka Immigration Hurts Florida Workers Demonstration

Editor’s Note: I counted 20 people on our side in Apopka. More had planned to come but were deterred by the bad weather which didn’t clear up until around noon. It looked for a while like we were finally going to get rained out.

Three things stand out about Apopka: first, the R.A.S.H. anti-fa affiliated with One People’s Project didn’t even bother to show up; second, even in an Orlando suburb in metropolitan Central Florida, an area which has been culturally transformed by millions of Northern transplants, anti-fa range from weak to non-existent on the ground; third, and most significantly, our message was more warmly received in Apopka than in most other places we have been.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. For over a year now, we’ve seen no evidence that “anti-fa” are anything but a paper tiger in the South. Even in Philadelphia, “anti-fa” are getting outnumbered in the streets by active White Nationalists these days. All of this makes me wonder what the White Nationalist movement would be like today if it was just marginally more active and organized in the real world.

For twenty years, a wildly unreasonable estimate of the strength of the opposition has kept White Nationalism bottled up on the internet. If something like this can be done in Orlando, I don’t see why similar demonstrations could not be organized in the Northern and Western states.

H/T Florida Fire Eater

Today, the Florida League of the South hosted a demonstration against immigration in Apopka, Florida. The hardcore of the hardcore came out despite bad weather conditions. The event was well attended with Southern Nationalist activists from all over Dixie including veteran activists from Alabama, Georgia, and especially Florida.

The purpose of the event was to highlight and protest the massive wave of third world aliens being transported to the Central Florida area by the federal government. The illegal alien population in Florida is now estimated at around 950,000 or around 5% of Florida’s population. The latter places Florida as the fourth highest concentration of illegal aliens. What is being done to the Southern people in Florida is nothing short of premeditated ethnic replacement.

Recently, the Hope Community Center has even processed illegal alien children from Central America that have been bused to the Central Florida area by the federal government.

With unemployment hovering at around 9.7% in the Central Florida area, the incursion of foreigners is not only burdensome to the State and local governments, but they also weaken local economies. Foreigners steal the jobs that should rightly go to the hard working Southern people of Florida. Around a million people in Florida are seeking a job; interestingly enough this number equals the amount of illegal aliens present.

League of the South members took a stand for their people today in spite of the pouring rain. The locals of Apopka were very warm and receptive to League members and their message. The positive sentiment is congruent with a new Zogby poll stating that 83% of Floridians believe that illegal aliens have a negative impact on their State. There were many enthusiastic responses from the passing traffic. Of interesting note was one black truck driver who made a point to stop in the road and wave a Confederate Battle Flag out the window in support of League members.


Conspicuously missing was the confused members of R.A.S.H. After numerous threats from R.A.S.H earlier in the week, a group affiliated with Daryle Lamont Jenkins’ One People’s Project, indicating that they were going to field a counter-demonstration, it appears that they were scared off by the rain. Perhaps they were afraid of melting.

This event was the latest demonstration by the League coming on the heels of the Southern Marriage & Family Defense Rally recently held in Arkansas. The positive message of Southern Nationalism – the message of Independence and Identity – is certainly picking up tempo all over the Dixie.

Note: Now that I have some time off the road, OD will be exposing the real world identity of a well known anti-racist activist soon.

Photo Gallery

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Little Rock Southern Marriage and Family Defense Rally

In May, Pulaski County Circuit Judge Chris Piazza struck down the Arkansas constitutional ban on gay marriage. The Arkansas Supreme Court swiftly stepped in and suspended Piazza’s ruling. The matter is still tied up in the courts and the Arkansas Legislative Council passed a resolution in June that condemned the ruling. Because of its increasingly radical stance on polarizing social issues like “gay marriage,” the Democratic Party is collapsing in Arkansas.

In response to this, the Arkansas League of the South organized a “Southern Marriage & Family Defense” rally in downtown Little Rock which took place this afternoon. Approximately 15 activists and 3 children participated in the demonstration which lasted for about two hours. The response from the public, especially from the black community, was overwhelmingly positive. There was no sign of “anti-fa” opposition in Little Rock although we caught two people filming us in a parked car.

After the demonstration was over, League members walked down the street to pose for a group photo at the Old State House. We toured the grounds of the Arkansas State Capitol and took several group photos in front of the Confederate monuments. We also took some photos at the Little Rock Nine monument. Then we ate lunch at a local restaurant and enjoyed a positive atmosphere of fellowship.

Later in the evening, we drove over to Little Rock Central High School to take a look at the building that was at the center of the 1957 desegregation crisis, and which has since been designated a National Historic Site. 57 years after the integration of Central High School, the surrounding neighborhood is a blighted ghetto of vacant lots and boarded up houses which appears to be populated by shiftless drug addicts. In the words of Little Rock City Director Ken Richardson, “it looks like somebody dropped a bomb and tore up the community.”

Before leaving Little Rock, we went back to Central High School to investigate and shot a video of the surrounding dilapidated neighborhood. It will be posted here after the film is edited and uploaded to YouTube.


Photo Gallery

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OD’s 2014 Fundraiser

I will start by saying that I hate fundraising.

It’s not something that I am any good at. It’s not something that has ever come naturally to me. I don’t have the temperament for it. In spite of this, there are hard limits to what we are able to do as a movement, and the hardest limit of all is financing.

It has been an incredible year. Last summer, I held our first real fundraiser here when Renee – who was my girlfriend at the time – was planning to move to Alabama. In the year that has passed since then, we have gotten married, we have had our first son, and we have organized or participated in nine public demonstrations in the South. We have been everywhere – Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Virginia – month after month, trying to build up support for our cause.


A year ago, I said that we ought to “get mad, give each other courage, and get out into the street and publicly get in the face of the opposition.” I said that we needed to build “institutions through which we can channel our beliefs, resentments, and resources into an organized resistance.” I said that if the Uvalda, GA demonstration was successful, that “we can start to hold similar rallies in other Southern states.”

Looking back, everything that I said back then was still at the conceptual stage. I believed that we could “restore some sanity where it is needed” and cited the transformation of the League of the South, which at that time was still recovering from the Rainbow Confederate cancer, as an example. Last August, I had a notion that one day there could be a coherent, reality-based, active and organized resistance movement in the South, a home for people who are wide awake and fed up, which unlike the stillborn White Nationalist movement, would not be purely anonymous, low trust, disorganized, adrift, plagued by infighting and self detonating psychos, deterred by fear of the opposition, and largely confined to podcasts in cyberspace.

I thought long and hard about why White Nationalism had stagnated in spite of reaching and educating millions of angry White people through the internet. Eventually, I developed a strategy that we have implemented to tackle the problem. Contrary to what some might think, the White Nationalist movement has never had any problem broadcasting and inculcating its audience with its ideas, and the tools of social media like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter has made it easier than ever before.

The main problem is not that our people are uneducated – you shouldn’t need a PhD in Platonic philosophy to stand up for yourself – it is that they are isolated and afraid, and this holds for even some of the most educated, dedicated and articulate people in the White Nationalist movement. They were afraid of the opposition. They were afraid to publicly stand up for their own beliefs and be identified with their own cause. And so they retreated to slacktivism on the internet because venting about our decline was so easy and cost free, and once the internet was allowed to consume and dominate the movement, it was distorted in all kinds of negative and unforeseen ways.

We are not afraid. We will not be swayed from our course. Some may submit, we will not

We are not afraid. We will not be swayed from our course. Some may submit, we will not

Afraid of what, you ask? The SPLC, the ADL, One People’s Project, people like Jeffrey Imm or our friend “Spelunker,” calling them names in silly little blog posts. For the longest time, our people were actually deterred by that sort of thing, and many of them still are. White Nationalists were certain that all kinds of negative things – complete financial and social ruin, violent attacks by the so-called “anti-fa” – would happen to anyone who stood up to these types in the real world.

After nearly twenty public demonstrations in the South, dozens of malicious attacks by the SPLC and the ADL, hundreds of blog posts by “Spelunker,” counter-demonstrations by “anti-fa,” companies like Lamar Advertising pulling our billboards, in which these types have thrown the kitchen sink at us with their stupid little yellow arrows, we have found that the actual power of the opposition to do us harm has been wildly exaggerated. We’ve weathered all of that quite easily. What’s really holding us back are things like fear, apathy, negativity, extreme individualism, lack of resources and disorganization – internal problems that have practical solutions.

With more resources, we can do a lot more than we are doing now, and we won’t be swayed from our course. If you appreciate the work we are doing here at OD and support the direction we are headed, please consider donating to this website. All the money we raise here will be spent on our activism around the South.

To donate through PayPal, which is the easiest and fastest way to contribute, use the “Donate” button on the sidebar or under the “Donate” tab, or if you prefer to send something through the mail,  send cash, checks, or money orders to:

Brad Griffin
P.O. Box 1544
Eufaula, AL 36072

Note: Don’t let these clowns own our streets:

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Scotland Rejects Independence

It’s late, but the “No” campaign has won.

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Live Thread: Scotland Votes On Independence


Will it be “Yes” or “No”?

Here are the reasons why I hope Scotland votes “Yes” for independence:

1.) First, I support Scotland’s independence for England’s sake. Scotland is a stronghold of the Labour Party and the existence of the Union with Scotland pulls the spectrum of British politics to the Left. Thus, I cheer on Scottish independence for the same reasons that I would heartily support the secession of the Northeast or the West Coast in the United States, and why I think its a good thing that Ireland was cut loose long ago, and why I would oppose the annexation of Canada here.

2.) Second, the loss of Scotland would be a crippling blow to the Labour Party in Britain. The Labour Party has been the driving force in Westminster behind the evils of political correctness, multiculturalism, and Third World immigration. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are two reasons why Scotland should go its own way.

3.) Third, David Frum has explained America’s stake in Scotland’s independence, and he’s right that it would deal a “shattering blow” to the US Empire and its adventures overseas, or as he calls its “Britain’s contribution to global security.” Scotland’s independence will hasten the collapse of the US-dominated international order which has existed since WW2. That’s why Bill Clinton and Obama are publicly opposing it.

4.) Fourth, Scotland’s independence would make it more likely that the rest of Britain will succeed in leaving the European Union. Without Scotland, Euroskepticism, populism, opposition to immigration and multiculturalism and so on will all have a greater voice in Westminster.

5.) Fifth, Scotland’s independence would be a huge boost to parallel secession movements here in the United States in Texas and Dixie, as well as in Europe in places like Flanders, Venice and Catalonia which are supporting on the “Yes” campaign for the same reason. Secession will go from being unthinkable to much more plausible in the United States.

Note: We’re under no illusions that we have much in common with the Scottish Nationalist Party which wants to secede from Britain in order to create a multiracial socialist utopia in Scotland along the lines of present day Sweden. Rather than block their path, the English should help these fools pack their bags. We’re not lucky enough to be bestowed with such a gift here in the United States.

One more thing: in light of what happened to Québec in the 1990s, I can’t get that worked up about referendums for independence, which is why I haven’t written much about it until now. There’s no “Scottish” electorate. The “Scots” really aren’t voting on independence. The current residents of the civic nationalist polity known as “Scotland” are voting for independence which excludes hundreds of thousands of real Scots while including hundreds of thousands of non-Scots.

Liberal democracy reduces nations to individuals which are “equal” and ultimately interchangeable with foreigners. Whatever the result of this referendum, it won’t be a clear snapshot of the national will of the Scottish people. By the end of the night, we should know if “democracy” has blocked the path to Scottish independence.

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Catalonia Marches For Independence

“To submit to the encroachments of this vulgar crew of plunderers and fanatics, is a degradation no other free people than the people of the South ever endured; but to submit to their rule will be the desperation of a weak and conquered race – conquered without a fight.”
- Robert Barnwell Rhett

Just one word: inspiring.

Believe me, I am doing everything in my power to bring about the day when we can hold a similar massive demonstration of our national will here in Dixie. Great movements in history have small beginnings.

It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon of a fully mature political movement. It’s much harder to build one from the ground up when it is small. If the UK and Spain can break apart, why can’t Texas and Dixie break away from the USA?

Note: Naturally, we will have a live thread tomorrow on Scotland’s independence vote. In the meantime, check out what the Catalans are doing in Spain. It is also worth noting here that both versions of Catalonia’s flag were created in the 20th century.


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Little Rock Central High School: 57 Years Later, A Blighted Ghetto


While we were in Little Rock last weekend, several members of our group went to check out Central High School, which was at the center of the 1957 integration crisis. The integration of Central High by President Eisenhower – who used the 101st Airborne Division to accomplish his goal – resulted in the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1957, which was the first federal civil rights law since Reconstruction.

Little Rock was a major victory for the nascent Civil Rights Movement. In the 57 years that have passed since then though, the neighborhood that surrounds Central High School, which remains a physically impressive structure, has degenerated into a blighted ghetto of boarded up homes, vacant lots, and crack houses. The Black Undertow has obviously been very busy shooting each other, lowering residential property value, and destroying commercial activity in the Little Rock School District.

Following in the footsteps of the Little Rock Nine, nine of us went to Central High School in search of the capable and industrious negroes who MLK saw from the mountaintop, who after over fifty years of integration have overcome the racial gaps in test scores, and who have exercised their hard won freedom and civil rights to dispel racial stereotypes and demonstrate their inherent capacity to maintain and advance the civilization that was bequeathed to them by the pioneers of the Civil Rights Movement.

MLK’s dream came true. After $1 billion dollars was spent fostering racial equality in this high school, this is what we found:

Update: The video from the Arkansas Southern Marriage & Family Defense rally has been uploaded and inserted into the previous article.

Central High & Surrounding Area by jeremy-walls-9210

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Memphis Photos

We briefly stopped in Memphis on the ride home from Arkansas to visit the monument and grave of Nathan Bedford Forrest as well as the Lorraine Hotel where the “Rev.” Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in 1968.

Note: Memphis is suffering from the same unmistakable fingerprints of the Black Undertow which ought to be familiar to anyone who has passed through Birmingham, Little Rock, Jackson, New Orleans, St. Louis, Baltimore, etc.

Forrest Park

Lorraine Hotel

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Ain’t That America: The Modern Woman: A Horror Story


This is actually from the UK, but this woman’s story could just as easily take place here in the United States. American modernity encourages us to forsake the things really matters in life – faith, family, and folk – in favor of glutting our lives with the “progress” of cheap thrills, empty materialism, and meaningless, superficial, libertine freedoms:

“Laughing and dancing with my fiance at our engagement party, I thought I might actually burst with happiness.

Surrounded by our family and friends, I looked at Matthew and felt certain I had met the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with.

Quite simply, he was my soulmate.
We were desperately in love and had our future life together mapped out.

First we would save to buy our own home, then would come a romantic wedding ceremony and children would follow.

It all seemed so simple to my naïve, 19-year-old self. I was, I smugly told myself, the girl who had it all.

So why, 20 years later, do I find myself single, childless and tormented by the fact that I have thrown away the only true chance of happiness I ever had?

Eight years after that wonderful engagement party in 1989, I walked away from dear, devoted, loyal Matthew, convinced that somewhere out there, a better, more exciting, more fulfilling life awaited me.Only there wasn’t.

Now I am 42 and have all the trappings of success – a high-flying career, financial security and a home in the heart of London’s trendy Notting Hill. But I don’t have the one thing I crave more than anything: a loving husband and family. …”

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