Daily Stormer Podcast on Gay Marriage and Southern Activism

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Note: As everyone here knows, the federal courts have been striking down the state level bans on “gay marriage.” I have personally participated in League of the South protests against this in Richmond, VA, Little Rock, AR, and at SPLC headquarters in Montgomery, AL. Although I wasn’t there, some of our members joined a protest by another group in Montgomery at the Alabama State Capitol last weekend.

Several of the Daily Stormer commentators are ticked off because I have criticized White Nationalists for spending too much time fighting with each other on the internet, letting year after year fly by while hiding behind anonymous pseudonyms, failing to join organizations, and failing to take a stand for their own views in the real world. Those criticisms ought to resonate because all of them are true. I’ve yet to meet any prominent White Nationalist, and I happen to know most of them in the United States, who doesn’t agree with me on all of those points.

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GQ Article on Manosphere

Check this out.

Note: Greg Johnson has an article about the manosphere at Counter-Currents.

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CPAC Protest

Matt Heimbach and some of our friends are going to be having some fun with the corporate whores at CPAC again in Maryland this weekend:

“The Conservative Political Action Conference is coming to Maryland at the end of February. At this event the worst corporate sell-outs in America will gather to peddle mass immigration, war mongering and barely disguised Marxism to the masses of conservative activists. Let’s show the GOP that there are activists willing to stand against the demographic displacement of Whites in North America and against the war mongering the neocons are engaging in against a fellow European and Christian nation, Russia. #WhiteLivesMatter”

Note: In other news, Trad Youth is also going after Tim Wise again at Indiana University in Bloomington on March 11. It’s also worth noting that Tim Wise’s speaking tour will take him through the South including stops in New Orleans, LA, Charlotte, NC, Huntsville, AL and Fayetteville, AR.

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AFA Bigotry Map


This is hilarious:

“The American Family Association has identified groups and organizations that openly display bigotry toward the Christian faith.

These groups are deeply intolerant towards the Christian religion. Their objectives are to silence Christians and to remove all public displays of Christian heritage and faith in America.”

Note: I’ve long thought we need a comprehensive map of our own that would listen all the anti-White, anti-Southern, anti-Christian groups in the South.

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Free Love To LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM: Sliding Down The Slippery Slope

In the United States, the idea that anyone should be able to fornicate with whoever they want, whenever they want, without interference from the state or the church, or at the risk of social condemnation, was once associated in the 19th century with a radical social movement, the utopian “free love” movement:

“Free love began to coalesce into a movement in the mid to late 19th century. The term was coined by the Christian socialist writer John Humphrey Noyes, although he preferred to use the term ‘complex marriage’. Noyes founded the Oneida Society in 1848, a utopian community that “[rejected] conventional marriage both as a form of legalism from which Christians should be free and as a selfish institution in which men exerted rights of ownership over women”. He found scriptural justification: “In the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like the angels in heaven” (Matt. 22:30).[26] Noyes also supported eugenics; and only certain people were allowed to become parents. Another movement was established in Berlin Heights, Ohio.

In 1852, a writer named Marx Edgeworth Lazarus published a tract entitled “Love vs. Marriage pt. 1,” in which he portrayed marriage as “incompatible with social harmony and the root cause of mental and physical impairments.” Lazarus intertwined his writings with his religious teachings, a factor that made the Christian community more tolerable to the free love idea.[4] Elements of the free-love movement also had links to abolitionist movements, drawing parallels between slavery and “sexual slavery” (marriage), and forming alliances with black activists.

American feminist Victoria Woodhull (1838–1927), the first woman to run for presidency in the U.S. in 1872, was also called “the high priestess of free love”. In 1871, Woodhull wrote: “Yes, I am a Free Lover. I have an inalienable, constitutional and natural right to love whom I may, to love as long or as short a period as I can; to change that love every day if I please, and with that right neither you nor any law you can frame have any right to interfere”. …”

In hindsight, George Fitzhugh was right. It was a short road from abolition to free love. “Free love” is now so mainstream in the United States that the term has fallen out of our vocabulary. As much as I hate to link to anything by Rod Dreher, I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I stumbled across this story from Wesleyan University:

“Open House is a safe space for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer, Questioning, Flexual, Asexual, Genderf*ck, Polyamourous, Bondage/Disciple, Dominance/Submission, Sadism/Masochism (LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM) communities and for people of sexually or gender dissident communities. The goals of Open House include generating interest in a celebration of queer life from the social to the political to the academic. Open House works to create a Wesleyan community that appreciates the variety and vivacity of gender, sex and sexuality.”

As a privileged White male cis-speciesist, I had never heard of the existence of “safe spaces” for the Bondage/Disciple, Dominance/Submission, or the Sadism/Masochism communities.

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Otherkin: The Next Frontier of Social Justice


“Otherkin” are trans people who believe they were born into the wrong race, the wrong species, or even on the wrong planet:

“What does this mean? An otherkin is a being born into the wrong body. Not just with the wrong parts, but as the wrong species: people who identify as otherkin believe that they are a wolves, or elves, or really any kind of being, born into a human body. (Furries, who focus on anthropomorphic animals and are known for dressing up, aren’t the same thing as otherkin, many of whom don’t dress up or change their appearances at all.) A fictive is like an otherkin where the true, internal identity is a fictional character — deku scrubs are tiny creatures from The Legend of Zelda series of video games. Transethnicity is this same phenomenon applied to ethnicity.

Draven, in other words, is a Japanese wood creature from The Legend of Zelda who was born into the body of a regular white kid. …

Some of them are clearly sick or hurt in other ways: Kavita, whose legendarily long list of identity categories listed her as “human privileged for all of the following: nonhuman, non/human, otherkin, furry, cat, catkin, catperson, catbeing, cathuman, humancat, cat, ostricat, catostrich,” deleted her Tumblr earlier this week and wrote “I’m not really okay, but I’m trying to get help and figure things out and be better.”

Note: The girl in the video below believes she is a wolf mistakenly born into the body of a human.

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League of the South To Celebrate Lincoln’s Assassination In Maryland

John Wilkes Booth

“That means nigger citizenship. Now, by God, I’ll put him through. That is the last speech he will ever make.”
- John Wilkes Booth

“After being hunted like a dog through swamps, woods, and … chased by gun boats till I was forced to return wet, cold, and starving, with every mans hand against me, I am here in despair. And why; For doing what Brutus was honored for, what made Tell a Hero. And yet I for striking down a greater tyrant than they ever knew am looked upon as a common cuttthroat … I hoped for no gain. I knew no private wrong. I struck for my country and that alone … I do not repent the blow I struck. I may before my God but not to man.”
- John Wilkes Booth

We’ve been getting a lot of publicity from the media for announcing that we are going to hold a public celebration of Lincoln’s assassination, but it is something that many of us have done privately for years now.

Note: This event will be held in Baltimore on April 11th. It is pretty much our equivalent of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Contact me for details.

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League of the South Attends Anti-Gay Marriage Rally In Montgomery, AL


Yesterday, a group called “Sanctity of Marriage Alabama” held another anti-gay marriage rally in Montgomery on the steps of the Alabama State Capitol. The previous rally reportedly attracted about 100 activists. This rally seems to have been much larger and attracted somewhere between 300 and 500 participants.

Note: I’ve spotted some familiar faces this time. If there is a fight going on anywhere on the ground in the South, you can bet that we will be a part of it.

Obviously, we don’t agree with these people on every issue, but we share common ground with them on federal judges imposing “gay marriage” on Alabama. It’s much the same with the Southern heritage groups and other anti-illegal immigration groups. We share their concerns on some issues, but disagree on others.

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Oligarchs Circling Republican Candidates

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush Speaks To Long Island Association Event

There have been a number of articles lately which illustrate how the bidding war on the 2016 Republican presidential race has already begun:

“The confidence with which Bush is pursuing his strategy was evident last Wednesday in the Picasso-adorned Park Avenue home of private-equity titan Henry Kravis. It was Bush’s 62nd birthday, and he celebrated in Kravis’ 26-room penthouse with more than 40 of the richest people in New York. Among them were Bush’s cousin, George Walker IV, the chief executive of the investment management firm of Neuberger Berman, and real estate mogul Jerry Speyer, along with Ken Mehlman and Alex Navab of Kravis’ firm, KKR. The admission price: a minimum of $100,000, also the going rate for other Bush fundraisers.”

Guests took an elevator straight to the foyer and noshed on salmon and other hors d’oeuvres while listening to Bush talk about strategy for the upcoming campaign.”

It was these $100,000 a plate dinners that knocked Mitt Romney out of the race, but that’s old news. The oligarchs have signaled that Jeb is their nominee:

“Top Republican donors and party strategists are urging prospective 2016 GOP candidates to follow former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s lead on immigration reform.

Spencer Zwick, the finance chairman for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential run, was among the GOP heavyhitters on a conference call Tuesday who praised Bush for taking a stand on the issue.

“Gov. Bush has decided to lead on this issue,” said Zwick. “It’s very early in the campaign process. We have not yet heard from every potential or likely presidential candidate [but...] I give Gov. Bush a lot of credit.”

The donors didn’t go into a specific critique or endorsement of Bush’s immigration policies, but their message was clear: the 2016 presidential candidates must strike a more moderate tone on the issue and avoid controversial “fringe” remarks to appease to the far right during a primary if they want to win the White House. …”

The oligarchs are demanding that all the other candidates for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination sing the Jeb Bush tune on immigration.

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said on Friday he is giving out more than $100,000 to fellow Republicans, in a sign that he is banking on his fundraising prowess to build allies across the country ahead of a potential White House bid.

The brother of former President George W. Bush and son of former President George H.W. Bush has emerged as an early frontrunner in what could be a crowded Republican field in the 2016 presidential election.

Bush’s political committee, Right to Rise, announced it was handing out $10,000 to Republican state parties in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada and Florida – states that will be among the first to hold nominating contests in the 2016 primaries that decide the party candidates for the election.

His committee also gave out $5,200, the legal maximum, to 14 Republican lawmakers. Among the recipients: Senator Chuck Grassley and Representative David Young of Iowa; Senator Kelly Ayotte and Representative Frank Guinta of New Hampshire; and Senator Tim Scott and Representative Trey Gowdy of South Carolina. …”

They are not even bashful about handing out cash to build alliances to buy the Republican presidential nomination.

“Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is getting some 2016 encouragement from several of the GOP’s top donors, with Sheldon Adelson signing up as a co-chair for a March 3 fundraiser for the senator’s testing-the-waters political committee, Security Through Strength. …

In addition to Adelson, other prominent donors among the 33 co-chairs include Oracle co-CEO Safra Catz, hedge fund manager Seth Klarman, real estate developer David Flaum and homebuilding magnate Larry Mizel. The invitation asks for a donation of $2,700 to be a co-chair and $1,000 to attend.

The discussion will be moderated by Matt Brooks, executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition.”

Lindsey Graham’s new PAC, Security Through Strength, is really nothing but a front group for Jewish billionaire warhawks. The recent Supreme Court decisions on campaign finance have obviously paved the way for the oligarchy to have more influence over the outcome of American elections than ever before.

If you are not spending all your time flying across the country to kiss the ass of Jewish billionaires, you are not even in this game. Remember this next time a constitutional patriot insists on haranging you about how the Founders created the greatest system of government ever known to mankind.

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Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks Obama Amnesty

Immigration Lawsuit

I suppose that I should join the euphoria and be jumping for joy now that a federal judge in Texas has temporarily blocked Obama’s amnesty. This is a great victory for immigration patriots and muh Constitution, right?

“WASHINGTON — One day before hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants were to begin applying for work permits and legal protection, administration officials on Tuesday postponed President Obama’s sweeping executive actions on immigration indefinitely, saying they had no choice but to comply with a federal judge’s last-minute order halting the programs.

The judge’s ruling was a significant setback for the president, who had asserted broad authority to take executive actions in the face of congressional Republicans’ refusal to overhaul the immigration system. White House officials have defended the president’s actions as legal and proper even as his adversaries in Congress and the states have accused him of vastly exceeding the powers of his office. …”

No, this is just a minor hiccup within the system, a setback which will be long forgotten after a higher federal court swoops in, reverses the decision, and declares that the federal government has unlimited power over the states.

When that happens, all of these constitutional patriots who want to “Take Back America” will resign themselves to defeat, declare that they fought the good fight like Gov. Bentley is already doing in Alabama over gay marriage, but that we have to follow “the law” and preserve the “Constitution,” a holy document created by the Founders that bequeathed to us the greatest system of government known to mankind.

Then it will be on to the next charade over some other issue dear to the heart of American conservatives. It will still be important to be seen to be putting up a fight. It will still be important for both sides to sing the praises of the glorious US Constitution. Finally, it will still be heresy to declare that the US Constitution was always a failure, and to go further to suggest that maybe we have been better off without it.

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