Erich Gliebe Era Over In National Alliance

See here.

Note: In the “WN Beefs” threads, I forgot to mention the three squabbling factions of the National Alliance: Erich Gliebe and the rump NA, Will Williams & Kevin Alfred Strom (National Vanguard), and NARRG, and the ongoing $2 million dollar civil suit on which the fate of the National Alliance hinged.

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Who Is Spelunker?

See here, here, and here.

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October Surprise

In New York City …

Note: The Black Undertow is preparing for Negro-Geddon in #Ferguson over “the facts,” Ebola is searching for a beachhead in Texas and New York, ISIS terrorists are decapitating Americans in Syria and shooting up the Canadian parliament, Muslims are beheading people in Oklahoma, Camp of the Saints is unfolding on the border, homosexuals are marrying each other … such is the world we live in!

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#Ferguson Thugs Threaten To Rape Cop’s Wife

H/T Ferguson Scanner Updates

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Christianity and Race

Nathaniel Strickland of Faith and Heritage was with us in Memphis last weekend and delivered this presentation:

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The True Story of “The Gentle Giant”

See here.

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Michael Brown Autopsy

another bullshit civil rights martyr in the line of Tawana Brawley, Rodney King, Vonderrit Myers, Jr. and his 9mm sandwich, St. Skittles Trayvon Martin, and the Duke Lacrosse stripper who murdered her boyfriend.

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SPLC on WN Beefs

See here.

Note: Who can blame the opposition for laughing at this? I’m laughing at it too. I don’t even know what these people are arguing about half the time.

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Cartersville & Calhoun, GA Demonstrations

SNN has coverage of the League of the South’s demonstrations in Cartersville and Calhoun, GA. This included a hostile confrontation with several MS-13 gang members who were told to go back to Central America.

Note: I’m told there were about 35 League members in Northwest Georgia. Add that to the 90 we had in Memphis this weekend and about 125 people were doing something in the South.


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Beefs Five: The Saga Continues

Alex Linder vs. Brad Griffin

Editor’s Note: Unlike Alex Linder, who is an internet personality with a forum and a podcast, I am actually an organizer. In fact, I am getting on the road to go to an event right now, although I won’t be in Georgia where we have another event going on tomorrow.

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