The Boob Grazing


This looks pretty self explanatory:

“yeah.. as she was bodyslamming one of us and spitting on us she ran into one of us”


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2014 American Renaissance Conference – (Burns, TN – April 25th – April 27th)


Is anyone here going to the Amren conference these weekend?

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Trad Youth Attacked At Slut Walk 2014


Early report from Matt Heimbach:




“4 of us against the slutwalk, the Reds attacked us, surrounded us with sheets, screamed in our faces and praised the murder of women and children in the gulags, in Dresden, and in the Ukrainian Holodomor. They chanted, they shoved, they spit, they even tore our cross into pieces and spit upon the very name of Christ from a sign we had that sad “Jesus loves you” but through all of that, Trad Youth stood its ground. No one will intimidate us, no one will stop us, and these are our streets.”

Oh my … our friends on the Left are such tolerant, open minded, non-bigoted, and non-violent people.

Note: I know who is going to May Day this year and it would be a terrible idea to try something similar.

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Rodney Martin on Kyle Hunt


Even by WN movement standards, this was a particularly vicious attack on Kyle Hunt and the White Man March.

Note: I cracked open a beer this evening and listened to ‘ol Rodney mount his soap box for an hour.

He carried forth on activism, vetting, and the high standards of the “American Nationalist Network.” Around 44 minutes into his diatribe, I called in and asked if he would like to be “vetted” himself, and to my surprise my call was dropped like a hot potato.

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May Day 2014: (Washington, DC – May 1st)

May Day 2014 is coming on May 1 in Washington, DC

May Day 2014 is coming on May 1 in Washington, DC

District of Corruption

I’m sure that some of you recall the Battle of May Day 2013.

Last year, Matt Heimbach and seven friends associated with the League of the South and the Towson White Student Union confronted the reds during the annual May Day parade in the streets of Washington, DC.

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SPLC Southern Marriage & Family Defense Rally: (Montgomery, AL – May 9th)


In February, the SPLC filed a lawsuit in federal court in an attempt to get a US federal judge to strike down Alabama’s ban on gay marriage.

The League of the South will protest the SPLC’s attack on the Southern family and the traditional Christian definition of marriage at SPLC headquarters in Montgomery, AL on Friday, May 5 at 11:00 AM.

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Glenn Miller’s Mindset


Here’s something we didn’t know:

The anti-Semite charged with fatally shooting three people outside of Jewish community centers in Kansas last Sunday ranted to a Manhattan rabbi days before he opened fire about “getting rid of every Jew.” …

Cross ranted that there were too many Jews in the Midwest, adding, “We have to get rid of them.”

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Live Thread: Slut Walk 2014 (Bloomington, IN – April 21st)



I know it is short notice, but I want to help get the word out about Trad Youth’s counter-demonstration against Slut Walk 2014 in Bloomington, IN tomorrow.

If any of my readers live nearby, you should consider going and checking it out. It sounds like it would be fun. I would love to see this spectacle myself.

Please share this on YouTube!

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Review: White Man March 2.0


Here’s a summary of what was learned yesterday:

1.) First, it was a great idea to distribute the plastic easter eggs, 1 WN activist in California did that by himself and generated some publicity. Why couldn’t thousands of WNs have done this all across the world?

2.) Second, a group of about 16 WN activists held an “Anti-Racist Is a Code Word for Anti-White” banner in Trafalgar Square in London. Why couldn’t this have been replicated all across the world on a much larger scale?

3.) Third, it looks like 1 WN activist hung a banner on an overpass in La Jolla, California. What’s stopping more WN activists from doing this? It’s been done twice in Birmingham, AL and each time it has been on the evening news.

4.) Fourth, there are reports of activity in Northern Kentucky and Central Virginia from the same groups which participated last time, but it is pretty clear that fewer people participated in White Man March 2.0.

5.) Fifth, White Man March 2.0 was kneecapped by the Glenn Miller rampage shooting, and especially by the WN infighting and lack of cooperationThe Daily Stormer, The White Network, Rodney Martin & Seb Ronin, the criticism at websites like RADIX Journal, etc. – which caused Kyle Hunt to quit in disgust.

The moral of the story: once again, WN activism has been crippled by the same familiar set of problems, first and foremost, a lack of leadership and organization, and secondly, by things like apathy, petty infighting, and extreme individualism coupled with fear the tendency of dysfunctional fringe elements to seize the spotlight.

It’s not a conspiracy. All of these things could be fixed.

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Washington & Lee Students Demand Removal of Confederate Flag


The Virginia/Maryland League of the South is considering holding a heritage event in response to this.

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Live Thread: White Man March 2.0 (Worldwide – April 19)


I guess we will see what happens …


That’s an excellent choice of a location for a demonstration:


Note: This is rather confusing … is it on, or is it off? Listening to this now, Double-Crossed In The Fight for White Rights. This is the Rodney Martin & Sebastian Ronin podcast that Kyle Hunt is referring to.

Update: The Modesto Bee is reporting that Easter eggs filled with a “Diversity is a code word for White Genocide!” message were distributed in Oakdale. has written an article trying to link the White Man March to Glenn Miller.

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Jewish Hollywood Director Accused of Being Homosexual Child Molestor


Lest we forget, this is exactly the kind of stuff that pushed Rounder over the edge:

Note: The Drudge Report has it splashed all over the top of their page under headlines like “They’d rape you by side of hot tub” and “You were piece of meat.”

“Singer, whose first hit as a director was 1995’s “The Usual Suspects,” allegedly met Egan, then 15, in 1998 at a mansion in Encino, Calif., that was the site of regular drug-fueled underage sex romps. The suit says Singer forced Egan into a hot-tub hookup.

Singer gave “an alcoholic beverage . . . and mentioned finding a role for him in an upcoming movie that he was directing,” the suit says. “Defendant Singer told plaintiff how ‘this group’ controls Hollywood.” …

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