A History of Britain – Celts and Romans (800 BC – 1 AD)

How did Britain and Ireland become Celtic?

Was there ever a Celtic invasion and conquest of Britain and Ireland from continental Europe during the early Iron Age? If there was a Celtic migration, what kind of impact did it have on the preexisting Bronze Age population? Did a Celtic elite impose its culture on the natives like the Romans or replace them like the Bell Beaker people?

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  1. “As to the so-called ‘Celtic’ race, the fantastic inapplicability of the term is at once apparent when we consider that those populations on the borders of the Atlantic Ocean, who today speak Celtic dialects, are divided into three groups, each one showing in great purity the characters of one of the three entirely distinct human subspecies found in Europe. To class together the Breton peasant with his round Alpine skull; the little, long skull, brunet Welshman of the Mediterranean race, and the tall, blond, light eyed Scottish Highlander of pure Nordic race, in a single group labelled ‘Celtic,’ is obviously impossible. These peoples have neither physical, mental, nor cultural characteristics in common. If one be ‘Celtic’ blood, the other two clearly are not.

    There was a people who were the original users of the Celtic language, and they formed the western vanguard of the Nordic race, which was spread all over central and western Europe, prior to the irruption of the Teutonic tribes. The descendants of these ‘Celts’ must be sought today among those having the characters of the Nordic race and not elsewhere.

    In England the little, dark Mediterranean Welshman talks about being Celtic quite unconscious that he is the residuum of Pre-Nordic races of immense antiquity. If the Celts are Mediterranean in race, then they are absent from central Europe, and we must regard as ‘Celts’ all the Berbers and Egyptians, as well as many Persians and Hindus.

    In France some enthusiasts regard the Breton of Alpine blood in the same
    light, and ignore his Asiatic origin. If these Alpine Bretons are ‘Celts’ then
    there is not in the British Isles any substantial trace of their blood, as round skulls are practically absent there, and all the blond elements in England, Scotland, and Ireland must be attributed to the historic Teutonic invasions. Furthermore, we must call all the continental Alpines ‘Celts,’ and must also include all Slavs, Armenians, and other brachycephs of western Asia within that designation, which would be obviously grotesque. The fact that the original Celts left behind their speech on the tongues of Mediterraneans in Wales, and of Alpines in Brittany, must not mislead us, as it indicates nothing more than that Celtic speech antedates the Teutons in England and the Romans in France. We must once and for all time discard the name ‘Celt’ for any existing race whatever, and speak only of ‘Celtic’ language and culture.

    In Ireland the big, blond Nordic Danes, claim the honor of the name of ‘Celt,’
    if honor it be, but the Irish are fully as Nordic as the English, the great mass of them being of Danish, Norse, and Anglo-Norman blood, in addition to
    earlier and Pre-Teutonic elements. We are all familiar with the blond and the
    brunet type of Irishman. These represent precisely the same racial elements as those which enter into the composition of the English, namely, the tall Nordic blond and the little Mediterranean brunet.”

    – Madison Grant, The Passing of the Great Race

    • That was a fascinating book, I shall have to read it again to make sure I absorbed all its information. No anthropologist or
      historian in our “enlightened” current age would dare to write anything like it.

    • 1916

      A book of nonsense.

      ” The Passing of the Great Race: Or, The Racial Basis of European History is a 1916 book by American eugenicist, lawyer, and amateur anthropologist Madison Grant. ”

      “To class together the Breton peasant with his round Alpine skull; the little, long skull, brunet Welshman of the Mediterranean race, and the tall, blond, light eyed Scottish Highlander of pure Nordic race, in a single group labelled ‘Celtic,’ is obviously impossible. ”

      JOKER comments, today we know of a few Celtic Languages, some of them dead, some survive to this

      We already discussed much of this.

      You people reading books like this are jokers of history
      deliberately deceiving people on here.

      Who Are The Celts? – Occidental Dissent Jan 22 2020

  2. This follows on my earlier post that the “Fair, ruddy, able to blush” red/blond haired, blue/grey/green eyed Illiad and Odyssey Hero folk of legend, don’t ‘match up’ with the Greeks as we know them today.

    In addition, when reading David Rohl’s “Exodus and Kings,” and watching the Video made of this in the 1990’s, (either Discovery Channel or History Channel) it noted that an Egyptian statue of an unknown high Egyptian noble (not the Royal Family) around the time of the biblical account of the biblical Joseph (of the coat of many colors) as Vizier in Egypt (using Rohl’s re-dating of Exodus) had RED HAIR (painted, clearly to designate this person as somehow ‘different’ from the Egyptians). Rohl made the connection to Joseph.

    The biblical David, as his DIRECT DESCENDANT, also was noted as being ‘fair and ruddy’ – these are RECESSIVE GENETIC traits, and only can be passed on if BOTH parents have the same recessive traits. As an Israelite (noted in the bible for his ‘ruddy’ or RED physical/visual nature “So he sent and brought him [ David] in. Now he was ruddy, with bright eyes, and good-looking. And the LORD said, “Arise, anoint him; for this is the one!” [ I Sam. 16:12] one has to acknowledge that we are NOT talking about swarthy, kinky-haired SUPPOSED [sic] Semitic ‘Jews’ here – of course, the Christophobes want nothing to do with the reality of Adamic genetic veracity, so they side with the Multicultis and the Talmudics on that one, but nevertheless…..Bright eyes = BLUE eyes.
    No one with deep brown eyes is EVER called ‘bright eyed’…

    This then, has corollaries with observations made at Easter Island by the great Norwegian explorer, Thor Heyerdahl. The reason why the heads on Easter Island seem so odd, is that the physiognomies are not those of Amerindians/Mayan/Aztec etc. but are reminiscent of the ‘fair haired, bearded “gods” of those people’s ancestry- i.e., Caucasoid European/Phonecian/Greek Illiad and Odyssey types =Long-faced, long-nosed Europeans- and the red ‘topknot’ stones on so many of these heads, are not headdresses or hats, but the RED HAIR of the European/Celtic/Israelite explorers.

    Modern AshkeNAZI Jews do NOT want ANYTHING that would upset their MYTHOS, so they deny this reality, but the history is there. The idiots on this forum, who doubt the Bible, deny God, and won’t even entertain such a genetic Election, also deny same for a different reason. But it’s there, nonetheless.

    For those who doubt even the possibility that Adam/Israel/Caucasoid humanity is ONE, here is a link to excerpts from a book by one Stephen Collins, FWIW.

    • When are the Christians and the churches going to deny that “Jesus” was a
      ‘Jew” ?

      After all, he was born in Phoenician Galilee and not Judeo-Edom!

      • Coid Mor: One has to start by:

        1) deconstructing the fallacy that modern Talmudism, is the continuation of MOSAIC Judaism. To do that, you have to denounce the Papacy, and John Paul the First Heretic of the Modern ages’ comment, ‘We are all spiritual Semites.’ God is not the god of the Spirit only, but of the Body as well! (to paraphrase St. Paul)
        2) Second, you need to burn and decimate the false Scofield Bible HERESY.

        Until a concerted effort is put forth on these two theological heresies, how can apostate Christendom be restored?

        • @John + and the restoration of Christendom… Christiandom is a religion of foreign wives brought back by the exiles and refugees of the catastrophe of 2193 BCE ( Doggerland post)

          here is suppressed history (spiritual warfare) regarding HW post on Doggerland:

          ‘This Indo-Aryan/European shamanic paganism and its offshoots are touted by many as the “primordial” religion of the Northern Europeans before Christianity took over.

          But what if that isn’t true?

          There has been a great revival and interest in the “old ways” of pagan European spirituality, particularly among the various European/White identitarian and nationalist movements. They argue that Christianity, which defined European and Western culture for the better part of a millennia, is a foreign religion that was imposed upon Europe and is ultimately antithetical to the true nature of the European stock of peoples.

          Gravitating towards Asatru, Odinism and the veneration of the Norse/Germanic gods (as was the case with many within the old National Socialist leadership) these “neo–völkisch” pagans have the expressed aim of reviving something more “authentic” to the European folk soul.

          But again, what if it isn’t?

          What if the spirituality of Norse/Germanic paganism is yet another, albeit older, Asiatic import that was brought into Europe as was the Afro-Asiatic Yahwism? What if the pagan mythology and the shaman/warrior cultures associated with them represent a deviation from and a degeneration of an even older European perennial tradition?”~ https://joshualightningwarrior.wordpress.com/the-oera-linda-book/the-fryan-question/

    • Of course, the flip side of this coin (if you don’t like Biblical history) is the realization that non-Whites are NOT of the Elect of God, merely by scientific measures alone. For God is the unmoved Mover, the FIRST Scientist- and we are His laboratory, as it were. Natural selection is another name for predestination by the Almighty, who causes one people to rise, and another to fall- based on their obedience to His Rule and Law. And you all are NOT God. As this column clearly shows.


  3. Oh, and this refutation of the cavil that Christianity is a ‘universal religion.’ The PERVERSION of it is, but like all religions, “…Religiousness is also positively associated with ethnocentrism: positive perceptions of one’s own group and a willingness to sacrifice oneself for it, along with negative perceptions of out-groups.By encouraging ethnocentrism, religion has evolutionary survival value: when two similar groups are in conflict, the more religious one will, ceteris paribus, triumph.” (see link above)

    And what is the ‘reward’ for such fidelity, even if you aren’t one of the Elect? “In the early stages of civilization, society has a sense of divine purpose, is strongly united, it is under intense selection pressure, and it is becoming ever more intelligent…” i.e., improved culture and Civilization.

    Like living in the West, as the beneficiary of everything Christendom has given you…. To be a pagan in the modern world, therefore, is the height of ingratitude.

  4. My haplogroup is RB1 L21 which is attributed to the ‘Atlantic Celts.’ So, what do I look like? I’m 6′ 2″ tall, fair skinned, blue eyed. My hair colour was blond as as child later turning more mousy as I reached adulthood. My father was the same. Famous L21 include the Stuart Kings, James Buchanan 15th President of the United States, British Prime Minister Gladstone, and apparently Che Guevera. I don’t belong to any L21 ancestral group and don’t personally know any other L21s. I was curious as to my DNA profile so had it checked. No other reason. I always considered myself a Celt but now I don’t know.

  5. Still waiting for the “experts” to tell us about the race of people who inhabited the British Isles before the Celts showed up and how they managed to build those mysterious megalithic structures.

      • Maybe cultural traces, but certainly not genetic ones, since the Atlano-Mediterranean component of the British population is descended from the Neolithic. And they were/are more than a “trace” of the population of Britain, with Madison Grant, Lothrop Stoddard, and Carleton Coon agreeing with this.

        Nordicism should be the study of anthropology, not a religion.

    • Watching your garbage comments for a long time.

      This is where you start talking about ” aliens ” and
      ” atlantis ” , you are probably the same troll on
      StormFront 15 years ago repeating same garbage.

      You read nothing nor contribute any real points nor

      I have posted a lot of key stuff, terms, ideas,
      including Key Terms HW can use for other
      articles, like, TRANSHUMANCE , other I E topics.

      Try reading something that matters instead of
      posting 24 7 at a moments notice.

      Do you have a life ?

      • Make your comment directed to someone, rather than a blanket condemnation. As far as ‘transhumanism’ it is of the devil. Anathema.

        Have a nice day.

        • THANKS for the laughs !

          Proving my posrs going back in a big way.

          People like you read nothing, HW’s topics on history, very good, related, why do you have
          so many cooments when you read non of this ?


          “As far as ‘transhumanism’ it is of the devil. Anathema.”

          Fr. John+

          R O F L ! ! ! !

  6. Another piece of trivia information. I wondered why Che Guevera had the Atlanticist Celt marker. His father was called Lynch and he had antecedents from northern Spain ‘Celtic’ areas.

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