Who Are The Celts?

If I understand this correctly …

  • The original inhabitants of Britain who arrived after the last Ice Age around 8,000 BC and who existed through the Stone Age down until around 2,500 BC were an olive skinned, blue eyed Mediterranean race of people. They were basically like modern day Sardinians.
  • Around 2,500 BC, the Bell Beaker people arrived in Britain from the lower Rhine. These people had copper tools and weapons and were horse mounted archers. They spoke an Indo-European language and dominated Britain through the Bronze Age until around 800 BC. These people conquered and wiped out 90% of the Stone Age Neolithic farmers, cut down the forests and created a world of farms. The vast bulk of our ancestry is derived from this group.
  • Somewhere after 800 BC, the climate of Britain began to improve and there was an influx of Celts into Britain who expanded out of what is now southern Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. These people brought the Celtic language and gods and iron tools and weapons. The Iron Age may have begun in Britain before their arrival through trade with the continent, but these people had about a 10% genetic impact on Britain. They did not replace the preexisting Bronze Age population. Instead, they intermarried with them like the Anglo-Saxons and the Britons adopted Celtic languages.
  • When the Romans arrived under Julius Caesar in 55 and 54 BC and later in 43 AD under the emperor Claudius, the Britons were speaking Celtic languages and worshiping Celtic gods, but this Celtic culture may have only existed in Britain for a few hundred years.
  • The Anglo-Saxons arrived in post-Roman Britain after the Romans pulled out in 410 AD and specifically in England may have had about a 10% to 40% genetic impact on the British population. As with the Celts before them, the conquered Romano-British population adopted Old English and the Germanic gods. The culture and language changed and there seems to have been some kind of apartheid-style system at first in which Britons and Anglo-Saxons lived in their own communities. Eventually, this broke down and the two groups merged.
  • The Anglo-Saxon kingdoms converted to Christianity around 600 AD. Irish missionaries operating out of Iona converted the Picts and the Northumbrians while the Roman mission sent by Gregory the Great took root in Kent and spread to the other Anglo-Saxon kingdoms.
  • The Vikings and Normans both conquered much of England and Scotland, but like the Romans didn’t have much of a genetic impact although it is hard to tell because the English and Danes were so closely related anyway.

The upshot of this account of British history is extreme continuity. Nothing much has changed since the arrival of the Bell Beaker people in Britain in 2,500 BC. There have been cultures, religions and languages which have come and gone. There has been conquests from adjacent areas of the continent by various peoples descended from the same founding stock.

At least that was the way it was in Britain all the way down until the disaster that has been fostered by liberals since World War II who have let radically different peoples from all over the world settle in Britain and encouraged them to demographically take over the country.

Note: As for the American South, it was an offshoot of the above that began four centuries ago and was relatively unchanged until recent decades.

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  1. Your obviously sincere interest in the learning and exposition of white/European history especially from the racial perspective is both admirable and appreciated. May I suggest you read “Who we are” by William Luther Pierce as part of that program? It’s real scholarship and it provides a very good compass/reference for further research in more “main stream” circles.

    • “Who we are” ranks third among the biggest ludicrous crap that I’ve read in my life, I endured about 40 pages of the
      If you’re a 15 year old sounds great

      Number two is “March of Titans” by Arthur Kemp.

      Number one is “¿Me Ajudarás?”, the biography in Spanish by the deranged Mexican Aryan supremacist, Mr. Chechar

      • I would offer up Morgan Llewellan’s “Bard: The Odyssey of the Irish” as a novelization of the Celtic Migration into Eire and by extension, England, from SPAIN.

        As my recent DNA test showed/confirmed (unknown to me at the time I read this book), I knew I was over 50% celt, but this book posits a long-ago migration from the NW of the Iberian peninsula to Ireland- just as my DNA results showed! The Iberian peninsula (the NW corner, to be specific) are where the ‘Celts’ had come to- and here is where my DNA freaked me out, as I had read long ago, they did so, ONLY as a temporary stop in their voyage west from the East, in the Mediterranean Sea.

        Celtic Legend says they are descended from the founders of Troy.

        That opens a Pandora’s box, that either leads to the conclusion that the Celts are the displaced Israelites – at least a part of the “Ten Lost Tribes.”
        – – Even to the point that a Hebrew/Israeli historian has written favorably on this topic:

        – or that Troy is a northern/English settlement

        As two Italians noted in their revisionist history of the Illiad and Odyssey: “Omero nel Baltico”


        Add to that, the Greeks knew of these stories, the place names of towns and cities are all linguistically connected to Celt/Keltoi/Gaul/Galatia.

        Then add the last bit of the puzzle, the book by a JEW, called “HEBREW IS GREEK” and suddenly- a displaced tribe speaking a variant of Hebrew, that later became another language, coming from the area of the Levant, migrating to Iberia/Hiberia, which later came to be the name for Hibernian/Celtic civilization, and you have a LOT of history that needs re-writing.


        • Fr. John+
          Interesting that in Britain there’s the.presence of the I2-M26, a subgroup of the Haplogroup I, also observed in the Iberian peninsula, with very high frequencies in Sardinia, and virtually absent in continental Italy.

          Troy is linked to Rome, mythologically and genetically. Troy was in Anatolia.

        • Fr. John+,,,,,,,,

          “The Baltic Origins of Homer’s Epic Tales”
          written by an Italian Mr. Vinci that was paid by the nordic gentlemen to create a noble history (going for thousands of years)
          of the nordic nations.
          Mr. Vinci is recognized by all historians to be nothing else but a forger of history.

          another example of fraud… the Hungarians asked another Italian to write a book showing that the Hungarians are Etruscans and some Hungarian scholars consider Hungarians to be the Sumerians and others are advocating a decent from Celts.

          The Hungarians advanced the idea that they, Hungarians, are :
          2 Summerians
          2 Etruscans
          3 Celts
          4 Dacians
          5 Scithians

          • Yes, there are always those out there that pretend to be what they are not… like the Jews, who are Khazarians. And I’m not going to be dissuaded by your febrile arguments to deny what you don’t like. Geography doesn’t lie, and that was the clincher for me. The places and locations of the I&O neither match up with the Aegean, nor does the description of the ‘fair haired’ red haired, and gray/blue eyes heroes match up with the swarthy modern Greek…. unless, you want to go with the Israelite tribes scenario, and that Adam was White. You can’t have your multicultural cake, and eat it, too.

      • “The original inhabitants of Britain who arrived after the last Ice Age” were the so called Western Hunter-Gatherers, they had dark skin and blue eyes, they lacked the versions of two genes SLC24A5 and SLC 45A2, that lead to depigmentation.
        But in Scandinavia, seven individuals from the 7700 year old Motala archeological site in Sweden has both light skin variants.
        In Central and South Europe the Hunter-Gatherers lacked the genes.

        Then the Neolithic farmers from Anatolia arrived in Europe, starting around 7000 BC in Greece, with the first farming societies in Europe, the Sardinians are by far the population in Europe that most resemble genetically those Neolithic farmers.
        Those Anatolian farmers carried both genes -SLC24A5 and SLC 45A2 – for light skin.
        As they interbred with the indigenous Hunter-Gatherers, one of the light skin genes, SLC24A5, swept through Europe, so that Central and South Europe also began to have lighter skin.

        Then, starting about 4500 years ago, arrived the Yamnaya people aka Aryans aka Indo-Europeans, originally from the Don/Volga area.
        They brought Indo-European languages into Europe and the greatest genetic potential for tallness.
        The Yamnaya were overwhelmingly dark haired and ligh-brown skinned with brown eyes

        All those populations intermingled, so at the time the Yamnaya/Indo-European/Aryans entered Europe the Europeans were already light skinned, and the Yamnaya tan skin was overpowered by the paler trends in the region.
        And the light skin in Europeans became fixed after the Bronze Age.

        We Europeans all descend from those groups, one region has more Neolithic ancestry, other more Yamnaya and so on

  2. In The Encyclopedia of World History, 6th edition, Houghton Mifflin Co., on page 180 we find: “The prehistoric inhabitants of Britain (called Celts on the basis of their language) were apparently a fusion of Mediterranean, Alpine and Nordic strains that included a dark Iberian and a light-haired stock. Archaeological evidence points to contacts with the Iberian Peninsula (2500 B.C.E.) and Egypt (1300 B.C.E.) …

    The true Celts are represented by two stocks: Goidels (Gaels), surviving in northern Ireland and high Scotland, and Cymri and Brythons (Britons), still represented in Wales.

    The Brythons were close kin to the Gauls, particularly the Belgi.” First, note that from the Belgi we have the modern name Belgium, and that the Cymri – distinguished from the Britons – have a name identical to the Cimmerii (Kimmerians), which cannot be overlooked. Yet much of the information provided here appears to have come from the Roman annalist, Tacitus

    The ancient writers such as Polemon of Ilium, Galionos, Clement of Alexandria, and Adamantios, state that the Sacae were like the Celts and Germans and describe them as ruddy-fair.

    The Scythian tribe of the Alans are also described as having a Nordic appearance. Ammianus, about 300-400 A. D., calls them “almost all tall and handsome, with their hair almost yellow and a fierce look.”

    • “The ancient writers such as Polemon of Ilium, Galionos, Clement of Alexandria, and Adamantios, state that the Sacae were like the Celts and Germans and describe them as ruddy-fair.”

      That’s very interesting. I have previously heard that the Irish and the Iranians are connected in some way. I never looked into it but you’re the first one that gives some detail.

  3. I posted this in other related thread,

    This is very interesting especially since UK is small place relatively speaking.

    “Another major point, the Celts, there are a few separate Celtic
    languages in the UK, LANGUAGES, NOT dialects, this tells you that they were separated over time and space and their language evolved separately, thes movements of populations did not happen at one time. This applies to all of Europe but this is a great example to show this. If you consider the Greeks, the very first IE Wave into Europe 2200 BC, large numbers of people, it is one language, various dialects.”

    Some of these languages died, others survive today, quite incredible.

    I have not studied it, how much Pre Celtic language survives and is incorportated into it, along with beliefs, customs, mythology, etc,
    we know this to be the case with the Greeks, they themselves
    acknowledged this and wrote about it, scholars study it,
    I suspect it would be similar, would be interesting to study, it
    would be harder for scholars, no old literature like the Greeks.

    • I have other related posts that answer this but not directly. they are not my opinion.
      Much of the older languages and beliefs systems
      survive, various DNA studies prove and show it is not
      95% destruction of the males or their society, as I read
      on here in another article.

      These are warring and brutal tribes. It is not just males moving, it is a whole society that has this ability because of TRANSHUMANCE.

      They did what my Celtic Prof said in the intro course,
      ” the greeks show up and decide, do we raid these
      people or do we trade with them “, he wasn’t joking
      but he was funny about it.

      PRE IE do not get wiped out.

      The IE Greeks are brutal, if you read the Iliad,
      they make the Vikings/Goths look like choir boys.

      Much of Greek DNA today is 3-8000BC MED.

  4. The Celts occupy the greatest land mass of Europe,
    from the UK right down into central modern day Turkey,
    called Cappadocia.

    The Ancient Greeks wrote about a lot of things, does not
    mean they were accurate, Herodotus makes a lot of big

    The Greeks named the Celts ” GAULS ” a very general destcription, various warring tribes coming down and raiding Greek territory, they may or may not have been Celts. Groups of peoples moving through territory, lots of major European examples of this, various ” Goths ” etc. Many of these groups
    were settled by the Greeks, ” stop attacking and live here “.

    The Greeks name the Schythians as well, another general term
    most likely describing more than one group.

  5. You’ll appreciate this:


    “6. We will discover several new interbreeding species of the genus Homo, calling into question the meaning of the term “species” in the genus overall

    7. Sub-Saharan Africa will become more marginalized as the homeland for fully modern humans

    8. We will know the genetic history of China to the same extent as we now know the genetic history of Europe”

    • Afterthought,

      You buried the headline.

      10. There will be dating and matchmaker apps based on DNA.

      On first look, that sounds like a move away from miscegenation, unless our favorite tribe attempts to sell “hybrid vigor” as eugenic to a public with the same grasp of genetics as the O.J. Simpson jury.

  6. Isn’t the genetic database fairly incomplete? What is mainly English today might become more Germanic in a few years. “Researchers” and gov’ts also have access to all that personal info you pay those companies to find out about your genetic makeup. Until the results can be revealed in the privacy of the home, fuhgeddaboudit.

  7. “The original inhabitants of Britain who arrived after the last Ice Age around 8,000 BC and who existed through the Stone Age down until around 2,500 BC were an olive skinned, blue eyed Mediterranean race of people. They were basically like modern day Sardinians.”

    The Welsh have very black hair and slightly darker skin than other Britons, so they could be Britain’s first people.

  8. The Indo-European Bell Beaker people did not “wipe out” the Neolithic farmers. That’s in the same hagiographic spirit as the old, and completely discredited Nordicist chestnut from the 19th century which foolishly claimed that the Germanic invaders (Angles, Saxons, Jutes) allegedly “wiped out” the Celtic population of England, supposedly making England completely “Teutonic” (which it emphatically is not).

    From the article you posted the other day on the British Bronze age:


    But how this dramatic population change occurred is an almost complete mystery.

    There’s absolutely no evidence for any large-scale conflict – so warfare or genocide is almost certainly not the explanation.

    It’s much more likely that the incoming population, with more advanced technology (including metal-working), gained control of the best land and resources and succeeded in economically marginalising the Neolithic population.


    Additionally, like another commentator correctly pointed out, the most likely reason why the Neolithic numbers went to a rather small percentage of the overall British population is that they were a sparse population to begin with, and the IE (the Yamnaya?), arrived in much larger numbers, effectively assimilating and intermarrying with the farmers, until they completely merged into the new, and dominant IE society.

    Truth and facts are always better than recycled 19th century Nordicism.

    • “Truth and facts are always better than recycled 19th century Nordicism.”

      Yes, but WHOSE Truth? If the entire West is corrupted, due to Darwinian ‘Out of Africa’ crap, then all of that research and the ‘links and ties’ are BOGUS. And we are wiser, if we take our ancestor’s comments that we are related to so-and-so from the ancient genealogies, than if we were to presume modern Lysenkoism has the ring of truth.

      “Ye are of your father the devil” and ‘He is the father of lies’ has a lot to teach us, even today….

      • For fuck’s sake, John, I thought religion was supposed to bring peace and happiness.

        And here you are, bleeding bitterness and hatred and resentment out of every pore, EVERY fucking time you comment.

        As far as I can tell, you’re a superstitious malcontent who likely hasn’t had an erection since the 1950s. Go play in traffic, Bitter Man.

  9. All these conjectures about theoretical groups of hunter-gatherers and agricultural tribes bumping into each other as they constantly moved around Europe like caged squirrels is unadulterated autism. What I want to know is who built the damn pyramids and henges – and how the blazes did they do it???

    • The people who built the pyramids and henges, the Neolithic White Mediterranean “farmers” – were those great men.


    “Celtic Legend says they are descended from the founders of Troy.

    That opens a Pandora’s box, that either leads to the conclusion that the Celts are the displaced Israelites”


    Outright making shit up with lunatic sources
    and drawing lunatic conclusions, leaps and bounds.

    People like you destroy comments sections by making everyone that posts here look like loons, people like you destroyed many forums.

    It’s Sven Longshanks folks, the destroyer/admin
    of the Daily Stormer.

    I as ANON poster on here have posted great stuff complementing what HW is posting, not arguing with
    or corrupting history, making important points that only a high student of history can make.

    Look at my posts people.

    I encourage you to do your own reading and thinking with key points to consider that are not my ideas,
    from scholars.

    Study IE Languages alone and you will see how lunatic the “israelites” theory is, archeology and
    modern DNA analysis, the general brush strokes
    complement each other. IE Language study was
    first. Archaeology is rather new.

    According to FINCK the high priest scholar we
    are all from ” DOR ” . A Joke.

    I would love to debate these people on a podcast
    FOR ALL WN to see and here. Totally destroy them
    with just basic info. It is not possible to answer their
    points, point for point, because it is based on garbage, reading garbage and dissecting garbage
    is not how you learn.

  11. FR JOHN, making stuff up

    ““HEBREW IS GREEK” and suddenly- a displaced tribe speaking a variant of Hebrew, that later became another language”

    First of all nobody know anything about “Hebrew”, Jews do not speak Hebrew, the Hebrew that exists today is an invention that has only
    existed for some high society Jews for that last 1000 years, it was

    NOBODY knows anything about ” Ancient Hebrew ” , there are no
    works, no writing , of any kind, the Original Old Testament exists in
    Greek only, commissioned by the Ptolemies.



    • “…the Original Old Testament exists in
      Greek only”


      That is very interesting.

      I believe that is called the Septuagint texts (written in Greek), whilst the Masoretic texts are, allegedly, written in Hebrew?!?

      *ANON, do you, or anyone else, have more information, or additional perspectives on this topic…?

      • LOL !

        You are using two key terms, without looking
        anything up.

        Masoretic = NEW INVENTED HEBREW 900 AD

        Think about that people. Even the Jews in their
        documentaries trying to tie some finds to the Old
        Testament, a few letters, admit, they cannot read
        them, varous peoples used the same script, they
        CANNOT put one word together. Dead Sea scrolls are forgeries and many are written in Greek well
        into AD. Nobody can read or pronounce anything
        because IT DID NOT EXIST.

        Nobody reads ” Ancient Hebrew ” or speaks it.
        Seems to me the Romans took care of these Jews
        and also their culture believe it or not did not allow
        creativity, writing, learning, etc, NO ART, No
        Literature, Maccabbees murdered their own people
        that were Hellenized Jews. Even Josephus is a
        Hellenized Jew writing in Greek, same with PHILO
        I believe, that is a Greek name by the way translates directly to ” FRIEND ” . Their
        works are well into AD. 300 400.

        The history of the PTOLEMIES and Alexandria
        is key here, they commission, and ” jewish scolars ”
        reps of tribes show up, and write the Old Testament,
        the most direct version of this is the Septuagint.
        Jews tell you it was ” translated “. If it was about
        that why the commission and reps ? This was all
        done at Alexandria where they had the worlds largest Library that existed well into 600 AD when
        the moslems burned it down for good.

        The Jews use this for their own translation, in invented Hebrew, then from that we get a lot of translations, like King James. Septuagint does not
        read as nice as King James [ sounds nicer ].

        There is a whole area of study here and related
        books online even on Amazon, learning and reading New Testament Greek, etc

        Sources and translations is always an issue.
        King James reads surprisingly good for the hoops it went through. In key areas that may be controversial
        from our perspective, those lines you look at closely,
        original Greek and meaning Vs. who has time for this, regular scholars won’t do this, from a Pro W N perspective.

  12. “that later became another language”

    Throw your IE language books away folks.

    Accoding to these people the population explosion came from
    ” Israel ” .

    It came from the grass lands of Central Asia.

    Massive Herds, people praticing TRANSHUMANCE .



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