How Doggerland Sank Beneath The Waves

Is climate change real?

It is a stupid question. The climate has always changed and in ways that are vastly more sweeping than anything going on today. Less than 10,000 years ago, Britain and Ireland used to be connected to each other and to Europe. The North Sea used to be Doggerland. The Rhine, Seine and the Thames all used to flow into a river which is now the English Channel.

Britain was occupied by Paleolithic hunter gatherers before the last Ice Age. As a result of climate change, humans were completely driven out and retreated to southern Europe and only came back as the climate improved, the glaciers retreated and forests and the animals they hunted advanced back into northern Europe when the Holocene began around 10,000 BC.

The most spectacular example of climate change in Northern Europe though was when Doggerland sank under the North Sea, the English Channel was carved and Britain was transformed into an island in the Mesolithic era. The Storegga Slides off the coast of Norway unleashed one of the worst tsunamis in history.

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  1. I am from the Western coast of Jutland, Denmark. As a child my father told me a local legend about a village that was swallowed by the North sea in ancient times.

  2. POI (point of Information) If a landmass like this could exist, and no one blinks an eye, why not the constructs noted in Ryan and Pittman’s ‘Noah’s Flood’ (just one of a number of similar theories) wherein the pouring in of the Mediterranean into the Black Sea area, ‘inundated’ the ‘world’ of the Biblical day, while leaving, say, India and Egypt alone, thus both confirming the Biblical account of a ‘worldwide’ flood, while respecting Egyptian and Indian histories/chronologies? This thesis also posits/leads to the fact that “Adam-kind” [Hebrew civilization/O.T. genetics] is a DIFFERENT ‘humanity’ than Egyptian or other older ‘civilizations,’ thereby throwing out the ‘We are all Adam’s descendants’ universalist B.S.

    Which, of course, goes along with the construct that if the Strait of Gibraltar was once higher, that, too, would induce a ‘flood’ into the ‘Sea of Middle Earth.’

    All of this is not connected (even note the video above, does NOT connect the Black Sea to the Mediterranean- as the comments note. WHY? Because no one on the J-Left wants to submit to the Bible’s Truth Claims; and, on the other side, the “Ken Hams” of the world are merely stupid idiots with their ‘One Blood’ and ‘Globular Flood’ BS. “Those people” – the fundies, are just as much tools of the Satanist worldview as are the ‘pagans.’ If they weren’t tools of the J-Left, you would find reviews of Solomon Eanboakpe’s book (on Amazon) called “Black Man not descended from Adam.’ As it is, NO ONE is touching this book, even though I have had a kindle copy for some years, and it’s still for sale!

    • As a kind of comparison, here is confirmation of another such ‘bottleneck’ flood scenario, that no one doubts today- precisely because it ISN’T related to the Biblical Flood geography, Sacred Texts, and/or Origins of Racial Groups as distinct ‘choices’ in the Almighty’s Election schema.

  3. Spahn,

    Have you ever heard of the Silurean Hypothesis?

    Two Cornel University scientists that work for NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Science wrote a paper that you may find of interest in your search for a previous civilization prior to humans.

  4. Obviously, had Dpggerland not sunk, European History, and by extension, Western History would have been vastly different. Probably, the English language as we know it, wouldn’t exist. And probably Britain as we know it, wouldn’t either.

  5. It’s astonishing that I’d never heard of this Doggerland before. (I’d heard of Dogger Bank though – a region of the North Sea.) Popular prehistory bangs on endlessly about Stonehenge, but the separation of the British Isles from the continent is of vastly greater importance.

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