Why Should Nationalists Vote For The Republican Party?

Gov. Nikki Haley calls for the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the South Carolina State House

Gov. Nikki Haley calls for the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the South Carolina State House
Gov. Nikki Haley calls for the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the South Carolina State House
Editor’s Note: This is a work in progress, but I am putting together a definitive statement on why nationalists should not support the Republican Party.

At the outset of this article, I want to stress that this is not a knee jerk reaction to the events which have unfolded in Charleston. This is a debate that we have been having in our circles for many years now. It is a topic which I discussed with my father-in-law on many, many occasions before his death in March. My view of the Republican Party has not changed in the slightest bit from the day of the 2014 midterm elections.

Here’s the question: Why should anyone who considers themselves a nationalist vote, donate, or support a political party that is hostile to our core beliefs?

Southern Heritage

While I was in Atlanta this weekend, Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush were among the first to call for the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag in South Carolina. Gov. Nikki Haley, Sen. Tim Scott, and Sen. Lindsey Graham joined the media pile on yesterday afternoon. Representing the Republican National Committee, Chairman Reince Preibus condemned the Confederate Battle Flag and joined the call for it removal.

Republican leaders in other Southern states have also joined the attack on the Confederate Battle Flag. In doing so, the Republican Party has acquiesced to the Cultural Revolution on yet another key issue, and has opened the door to ISIS or Taliban-style attacks on Confederate monuments all across the South.

Traditional Marriage

With a pending Supreme Court decision on “gay marriage” imminent, the Republican Party is eager to jump on the bandwagon of the radical LGBT movement and cast aside the traditional Christian definition of marriage. In fact, we have seen that the Republican Party not only will refuse to fight to defend marriage, but it won’t even fight to defend religious liberty in states like Indiana, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Ted Olson, who was George W. Bush’s solicitor general, is even representing the pro-gay marriage side in arguments before the Supreme Court.


For the past several decades, one of the most popular arguments for voting for the Republican Party has been the need to put “conservative judges” on the federal bench – conservative judges like Clarence Thomas, who recently voted to deny the Texas SCV a Confederate flag license plate; Anthony Kennedy, who was the key swing vote against the Defense of Marriage Act and Arizona-style immigration laws; John Roberts, who saved Obamacare; Sandra Day O’Connor, who voted to preserve affirmative action for a generation; John Paul Stevens and David Souter, who are two of the most liberal members of the Supreme Court and voted to preserve abortion.

The Supreme Court is no friend of conservatives, traditionalists, or nationalists. It’s only accomplishment to date has been to strengthen the American oligarchy by removing all limits to campaign contributions in federal elections. Republican control of the Supreme Court has only been a boon to corporate and monied interests. It’s pending decision on “gay marriage” will prove once and for all that Republican judges are neither allies of traditionalists or any check on radical leftwing activists. Republican judges have supported abortion, gay marriage, affirmative action, open borders and gun control.

Gun Control

But what about gun control?

This is perhaps the only reason left to vote for the Republican Party, but it is no longer a compelling one. If a single lonewolf spree shooter like Dylann Roof can inspire this kind of pile on against the Confederate flag, why wouldn’t the Left be similarly emboldened by the next Sandy Hook or Gabrielle Giffords?

How can anyone have any confidence that Republicans won’t surrender on gun control after watching what has happened in Charleston? The Republican Party has already abandoned its base on key issues like abortion, gay marriage, immigration, Obamacare and Southern heritage, which is more or less the same constituency that opposes gun control. As Marcus Cicero reported the other day, Karl Rove has broached the subject of repealing the Second Amendment.

Black Crime

If anything good comes out of the massacre in Charleston, it will be that the Republican Party has shown its true colors on black-on-white crime. The Council of Conservative Citizens has been widely condemned for reporting on black-on-white crime. The media is reporting that various Republicans are racing to return campaign donations made by CofCC President, Earl Holt III.

The lesson here is that it is scandalous now to report on the existence of black-on-white crime. Because the Republican Party no longer believes in law and order, violent black criminals should be allowed to assault and kill White people with impunity in America, we should all remain silent about it, and do everything we can to obscure the truth about black crime in America by only referring to black criminals as “youths” or “teens.” The lives of White people aren’t worth fussing about.

We should go along with spiking stories about White victims and send them down the memory hole stamped as “wrong place at the wrong time” or “random act of violence” or “senseless violence.” Unlike OJ Simpson or the Duke Lacrosse stripper, we should deny that black-on-white crime has anything to do with the overarching narrative of “race in America.” Instead, violent thugs like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown should be glorified as martyrs for social justice, and it should be international news whenever any black person is harmed by a White person.

As Rand Paul has shown us, the corollary here for the Republican Party is restoring voting rights to convicted felons, emptying our prisons of violent offenders, and standing shoulder to shoulder with Al Sharpton in attacking police officers. Criminal liberation is the bold new civil rights cause of the 21st century.


If a decade of wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya were not enough, vote for the Republican Party in 2016, which is indifferent to the borders of Texas, but ready to go to war for a place called “Donetsk.” A decade after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi people have built a thriving multicultural democracy, which thanks to the heroic sacrifices of thousands of American soldiers has become a shining City on a Hill of moderate Islam in the Middle East.


In the two weeks prior to the Charleston shooting, the Republican Party in Washington has been consumed with using its new majority in Congress to give President Obama “fast track authority” to negotiate new free trade agreements.

The free trade agreements our bipartisan political leadership have negotiated with Mexico, Central America, South Korea, Columbia, and Peru have worked out so well for us and created so many new jobs for the American middle class that now we need to negotiate even larger ones with the entire Pacific Rim, the European Union, and perhaps Africa and the Western hemisphere too.

Political Correctness

The Republican Party would never do something like throw its own Senate Majority Leader under the bus for humoring an elderly man on his 100th birthday. Trigger warning: some might find Trent Lott’s comments about Strom Thurmond racist, hurtful, and extremely offensive:

I can’t see anyone denying the fact that decades of Republican electoral victories have done nothing to reverse America’s cultural slide into political correctness. I have a hard time keeping up with all the new things which people are offended by these days. As an institution, I don’t believe anyone will dispute that the Republican Party enforces political correctness, or that rather than changing the system, the system ends up changing those who get involved in Republican politics.

The GOP’s official website issued press releases that celebrate Hanukkah, Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, and Kwanzaa, but not Christmas last year. For anyone who still believes the GOP will ever do anything about political correctness, I will happily take that bet and put a hundred Harriet Tubmans on it.


Although non-Hispanic Whites accounted for 89 percent of Republicans in 2012, the Republican Party’s proudest boast is that it has embraced the Left’s new value of “diversity.” Republicans will proudly tell you all about their female governors, their Asian and Hispanic governors, and it seems like every black Republican is a speaker at the Republican National Convention.

GOP.com is extremely proud of P.B.S Pinchback, but won’t utter a single positive word about any White American as a White American. Insofar as the Republican Party talks about White Americans at all, who are their core constituency, it is in the sense that the GOP is “too White” and there is something wrong about this and outreach efforts are underway to make the Republican Party more “diverse.”


The Republican Party does not share our values. At our core, nationalists are people who love our own folk. We take the side of our own people. I don’t side with my own people because I hate others. I do it for the same reason that I put my own family first. I do it because they are mine. My fate is linked to their fate.

The GOP has a very different outlook. We value White identity. The GOP condemns White identity. We value Southern identity. The GOP condemns Southern identity. We want to preserve the White race, and the South, as a trust and a solemn obligation to future generations. It is something we see as a moral and religious duty. In contrast, the GOP has no objection to replacing our people, so long as a head a lettuce is a few cents cheaper or nannies and pool boys are more affordable.

To the Republican Party, the United States is nothing more than a marketplace, an economy, or a shopping mall. Presiding over this economy, which they call our “nation,” is a monied class of billionaires and multimillionaires who are distinguished by nothing but their devotion to avarice, and the GOP exists to ensure that their pampered lives are made a little bit easier, and that they will pay less in taxes, less in wages to their workers, and put up with fewer annoying government regulations.

Although the Republican Party claims to support “Christianity” and “values,” it is the party of Larry Craig, Mark Foley, and as we recently found out, Dennis Hastert. In South Carolina, the Republican Party is the party of former Gov. Mark Sanford, who abandoned his wife to run off with his Argentine mistress. Why would such a party make any serious effort to conserve traditional Christian values?

As Caitlyn Jenner and Rachel Dolezal have recently shown, and as Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian remind us every week, the Republican Party is incapable of preserving traditional values, civility, or even America’s tenuous grasp on reality. Republican electoral victories have translated into nothing but cultural debasement. These spree shootings are a reminder of how the Republican Party has failed to preserve “values.”


The spectacle of GOP establishment pick, ¡Jeb! 2016, launching his official 2016 presidential campaign should have been enough to dispel any lingering illusions one might have that the Republican Party is opposed to multiculturalism. I will reserve comment on Jeb’s Mexican wife and his half-Latino children. Like Rachel Dolezal, I will just note here that Jeb Bush himself told the US Census he is “Hispanic.”

In his own home in Miami, FL, transracial pioneer Jeb Bush reportedly doesn’t speak the English language. Because of his rejection of his Anglo-American heritage and strong identification with Latin America, he supports the Hispanicization of the United States. His wife of forty one years hasn’t assimilated into American culture. What’s interesting about this is that the GOP establishment sees this as a strength and their ticket back to the White House. It is a tacit approval of cultural genocide.

When the last Bush occupied the White House, George W. Bush dutifully observed the mulitculturalist calender: African-American History Month, Hispanic American Heritage Month, Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, etc. You get the picture. The GOP agrees America’s majority culture is illegitimate, shameful, and not worth celebrating, unlike Third World minority cultures.

Affirmative Action

When I first got into all of this, I was incensed by the injustice of affirmative action. In hindsight, I believe affirmative action played a role in triggering my growing sense of racial awareness. Since 2001, I have seen a Republican majority on the Supreme Court extend affirmative action for a generation and refuse to address the issue a decade later. In its mad rush to promote “diversity,” the GOP itself now internally practices affirmative action by promoting non-White candidates in order to elicit media applause.


In my view, there is no better example of America’s cultural degeneration than abortion, which is framed as the “individual choice” and “the right” to discard our unwanted descendants. As a nationalist, I don’t think there anything more symbolic of how liberalism has utterly destroyed the traditional social order than this.

Life used to be conceived of as a sacred trust between generations. In such a way, all generations were contemporaries, with those who are now living having obligations to both their ancestors and their descendants. Now, the sovereign American individualist feels no debt to his forebearers, and no obligation to future generations. The purpose of life is just to glut oneself with frivolous pleasures, to move from one fancy to another, as the mood strikes. At best, children are just an accessory item in a fulfilling life which is defined primarily in terms of material accumulation.

What has the Republican Party done about one of the great moral issues of our time? For decades, they’ve engaged in grandstanding and token gestures. They’ve asked for and received millions of votes. In exchange, they have put judges on the Supreme Court who have upheld abortion for the last forty two years.

Jewish Influence

Gov. Scott Walker on the campaign trail
Gov. Scott Walker on the campaign trail

I can expect nothing but rapturous applause when I point out that the Republican Party cares far more about the security of Israel than the United States. American taxpayers subsidized the erection of Israel’s border fence.

The Republican Party will never call out or doing anything about the negative impact of Jewish influence in this country. This is because the GOP itself is in the pocket of wealthy Jewish oligarchs like Sheldon Adelson. Indeed, some the GOP’s 2016 presidential candidates are nothing but puppets of Jewish sugardaddies. Jewish financial influence over American politics is pervasive and dominates the “two party system.”

There’s no real “choice” in the American political system on this issue. Jews are always the winner in American elections because there is no opposition to their agenda.


I’ve saved the most compelling reason not to support the GOP for last.

Ultimately, the Republican Party is controlled by its donor class, and those donors really want open borders. For years now, the GOP has conspired to bring about the US Chamber of Commerce and the Wall Street Journal‘s vision of a borderless world, where citizens have been reduced to producers and consumers, inputs and outputs, and the sole metric of national health is calculations of “economic growth” which, of course, will primarily benefit the aforementioned donor class.

The Republican Party supports our demographic oblivion. This is the ultimate reason why no nationalist can support the GOP in good conscience. As a parasite, it sucks up all the time, money, and energy that goes into fighting demographic displacement, and it spits out tax cuts for millionaires. It puts people like Mitch McConnell in charge of the Senate who wage war for comprehensive immigration reform, the DREAM Act, Obamatrade, destroying Confederate monuments, financial ruin, etc. Corralling all nationalist resistance within the GOP puts us into a permanent defensive posture.

There might be “good Republicans” in Congress and the state legislatures, but their hands are tied by their leadership, who answer to monied class which writes the checks. Even if they mean well, they are unable to help us. Look at Texas which has the most serious immigration problem in America, but which was unable to pass an E-Verify bill with a Republican supermajority in the Texas legislature.


Y’all, I ain’t gonna come on back to the GOP for any reason – I’m done. These people have nothing to offer us. They are opposed to our core beliefs. They are opposed to our core interests. They are our political enemies.

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  1. One would have to be insane to support, let alone vote for the Republican Party; the Republicans are still Cultural Marxists trying to eliminate our culture, heritage and self determination as White/European-derived Americans.

    Why do people think, “huh, I guess if we remove the Confederate Battle Flag and apologize 6,000,000 times for being a great, honorable, race of people, we won;t be “raccccisss” anymore”?

    What we see from the story above, two party system here in the U.S. is an utter failure, they are two wings of the same bird. What excuse will we tell our children and grandchildren, if we do not try and advocate a future worthy of our people? That we were afraid to “lose our job”, “don’t want to be perceived as ‘extreme'”, “wanted to be in the ‘in crowd'” or “afraid of being ostracized”?

    We ARE at war, an ideological war. Our foes do hate us, they will try to mitigate our influence in society and ensure we have no impact on our nation.

  2. It’s not even about ISIS and Taliban style vandalism. Ultimately material damage is reversible. All objects are destined to be ruins.

    The problem is that this opens up attacks on whites by blacks on an unprescidented scale. I’m quite serious about this. When the tribe senses weakness it will rush in.

    I would not be surprised to see them dig up and bulldoze corpses soon. Expect bedlam.

    CofCC should also restart reports on local crime stories again. Go back to reporting again.

  3. As James Kirkpatrick at vdare.com notes, the war on the Confederate flag is a recent thing. Both Clinton and Gore used variants of the flag in their campaigns together. What has changed? Since then the South has become the solid base of the Republican Party. If the left can break that base then they can hope to dominate the national government and continue their slow motion bolshevik revolution. In order to do that the left has attempted to delegitimize Southern voters and hence the Republican Party. Their means of doing so is by assaulting the symbol of the region as a symbol of “hate.” The war on the flag is a war on the South and the war on the South is a war on the Republican Party. With Obama as president, their attacks have increased in intensity as a counter to his clear failure. Unfortunately, the tinsel wits that run the party are attempting to appease rather then resist. Anyone still wonder why these people continue to lose and why the South will be destroyed if it remains within the union?

  4. I am saddened for all those South Carolina voters that supported her, thinking she was something she is not

  5. On a positive note the media and politicians share the same abysmal ratings. I noticed Drudge is piling on, he could be paid back since the cofCc website is an imitation of his service.

    Prediction time, as I wrote a week ago this story will become a failure about the necks of the Left, no good optics in any direction. When Mitt and Mindy and Lindy are your best options you have no options.

  6. What in the world is the leader of the CofCC doing by giving money to Rand Paul (pro-affirmative action, pro-amnesty, pro-Ferguson rioters, sucking up to Al Sharpton, lecturing whites on their “privilege”) of all people?

    I support the CofCC and used to be a member. But I recall many (as in almost all) of these types voting for Bush instead of Buchanan in 2000 because “we need to stop Gore – he would be a disaster.” I would have long debates with people who knew the score and they mostly voted for Bush over the one candidate who spoke out for whites in my lifetime.

    So – of course – nothing good in the GOP. But shouldn’t we have been way, way, way, way, way, way – past the point of even debating this?

  7. re the flag:

    They’re begging us to blanket the entire South, if not the whole USA, in flag stickers. The little 1″ x 1″s can be had cheaply by the thousands and look great attached to practically everything in sight. Street signs, cars, buildings, etc. Republican party offices would look great covered in them.

  8. There is maybe, MAYBE one hetrosexual Southerner in the front row of this Governor’s photo – the last guy on the Right next to Ted Kennedy in drag Lyndsey Graham!

    South Carolina has a full out 2nd Reconstruction government where hetrosexual Southerners are not allowed.

    South Carolina’s booming economy, huge Fed government military expenditures in the State and the corruption of the largest tax exempt Christian in name only churches to some weird concoction of Christian Zionist End Times (but take the $ checks of Sheldon Adelson and George Soros “good times”) – well, it’s mostly all bad at the top.

    But, we ain’t at the corrupt top.

    Hey Hunter, I’ve got a good post in draft mode of Charlie Daniels singing for Southerners to:

    Be proud to be Southern rebels.

  9. Voted republican because they seemed to be the lessor of two evils but now there is no difference between them and democrats. They are both evil,.

  10. I voted for Republican candidates to get tough on immigration and repeal/reform of Obamacare, because that was the message they ran on in 2014. Here we are in 2015, and they are working on nothing that they campaigned on. Instead, they are working with Obama to pass “free trade” policies that only benefit mega-corporations and the wealthy, “borderless” class. Fooled again.

  11. Greg Johnson says:

    ‘Why does the leader of the CofCC donate to Republicans?’

    1) It’s called trying to gain influence. That is why people make donations to political parties. No shekels thrown their way means NO representation whatsoever. No favorable policies, programs, laws,tax benefits, etc.

    2) Like it or not the Republicans for the most part still champion the second amendment and fight against confiscation of our guns.

    Republicans passed CC in my state.

    Republicans as a rule want tough crime laws. Incarcerating feral niggers and keeping them behind bars is a good thing. No?

    (Idiot Rand Paul the exception)

    Democrats want them free to prey on Whites.

    3) There are pro-White politicians in the Republican party . Not as many as we would like of course, but there are zero in the Democratic camp.

  12. The party is no good. But there are individual Republicans we can support, such as Jeff Sessions, who raise our issues at the national level. I contributed to the campaign of Dave Brat in Virginia who unseated the odious Eric Cantor. I consider it money well spent.

  13. This is a damn fine piece of work, Hunter. You put all of the scattered, doubtful thoughts I’ve ever had about the Republicans in one tidy stack.

    The only thing I found lacking is that you didn’t reach deeper into Republican history. Many people seem to believe that the GOP only recently turned into spineless tap-dancers, but, as you know, that is not the case.

    The paragraph below that I lifted from the Eisenhower Museum website proves beyond reasonable doubt that the Red team has never been our team.

    n 1957, President Eisenhower sent Congress a proposal for civil rights legislation. The result was the Civil Rights Act of 1957, the first civil rights legislation since Reconstruction. The new act established the Civil Rights Section of the Justice Department and empowered federal prosecutors to obtain court injunctions against interference with the right to vote. It also established a federal Civil Rights Commission with authority to investigate discriminatory conditions and recommend corrective measures. The final act was weakened by Congress due to lack of support among the Democrats.

    It is clear to me that we can’t vote our way out of the present national situation.

  14. To the Republican Party, the United States is nothing more than a marketplace, an economy, or a shopping mall.

    Well then, they’ve got it right. We’re not a nation anymore, we’re a colony of the world with no culture in common other than consumerism. What the crafty activist would do right now is start a campaign to “remove”, change, the American flag since it was under the American flag that slavery and Jim Crow was legal. The American flag is the symbol of a former white supremacist society it doesn’t reflect today’s diverse America. Maybe replace it with that rainbow flag. Any of you who have a twitter account need to get to work right now while the iron is hot. Really shove it up conservatism rear.

  15. The Republican Party, the Party of Lincoln and Reconstruction, opposes symbols of Southern heritage and national identity? You don’t say!

    As for most of the other issues, it’s simply a matter of the Republican Party having incorrect expectations placed upon it by voters who are not that party’s natural proclivity and the party itself is not the natural party of those voters, that relationship only happened as a matter of pure accident because the Democrat Party decided to hit the gas and speed straight toward wackoville a long time ago.

  16. Mr. Holt would have gotten more for his $57,000 by using it to light his barbecue pit than by donating to Republicans. This is why constant repetition of the same points is something that just has to be done no matter how annoying it gets to people who already have the needed information. It’s amazing there are people who don’t know these things about the republicans, yet there are millions and millions of them out there.

    Moving on,

    Well then, they’ve got it right. We’re not a nation anymore, we’re a colony of the world with no culture in common other than consumerism. What the crafty activist would do right now is start a campaign to “remove”, change, the American flag since it was under the American flag that slavery and Jim Crow was legal. The American flag is the symbol of a former white supremacist society it doesn’t reflect today’s diverse America. Maybe replace it with that rainbow flag. Any of you who have a twitter account need to get to work right now while the iron is hot. Really shove it up conservatism rear.

    This kind of trolling and parody is exactly what the doctor ordered, because there are different theories out there about how best to fight this stuff. If there are ways to accelerate every cultural trend that might cause a psychological backlash, and without making things materially or legally much “worse” for whites than they are now, we should do that to the extent possible.

  17. I’m sure the “other” Earl has his reasons. Me, I’ve always tried to help hard working White people, and in particular hard working young White people. I doubt that Earl’s reasons are much different from my own.

    As far as I’m concerned generations of White Americans, in the South, the mid-West, the so-called “fly-over”, have worked hard to build this country up from a nothing wilderness, and now we are being robbed of what should be our birthright.

    The Republicans, the party of Lincoln, the big money Judeo plutocrats can still lose, and lose the South in 2016—and my thinking is that all incumbents must go.

    The key question is what are you going to do for White Americans?

  18. Thanks Denise, I’ve been away.

    There’s no reason this can’t be done on a massive scale. They ought to at least be offended, insulted and embarrassed all to hell.

    I’m looking for links to discussions of making this go viral, w/o luck so far. Seems to me that high participation is very important, i.e. it ought to be all over our related sites. Pls clue me in if I’m just too dumb to find it.

  19. John the Second

    The CBF-style drumbeat against the American flag has been going on for a long time, albeit quietly and in the subterranean space. Even Rush Limbaugh today said that the American flag is next. And when it happens, I’m going to grab the popcorn and watch Amurrika turn on its own flag.

  20. At the Republican National Convention in Cleveland next July, the one that will nominate ¡Jeb!, I fully expect there to be more Mexican and Israeli flags being flown from the convention floor than Amurrikan flags.

  21. One of your best essays yet Hunter. The only core value the GOP is passionately devoted to is the right of the ultra rich to get even richer.

  22. I have a special, personal message for you enemy lurkers, and here it is: God damn you miserable, hateful bastards to the lowest fucking pits of hell. If I could look at you lurkers, and you know who you are for this comment, right through your screen and tell you that to your face I would.

    You should be ashamed about what you’re doing, about your collaboration in the global white genocide project written about here with enthusiasm by Morris Dees and J. Richard Cohen.

    The fact that you’re not ashamed of your collaboration in white genocide proves you have no humanity and that you’re evil to the core, or, possibly for a small handful of you hostile lurkers and law enforcement, are deeply misled and misguided. Those of you in this latter group of white dupes should know that it’s never too late to admit error and switch sides.

    I’ll use an anecdote to clear up how many Southerners approach the Confederate Flag. My grandmother was active for her entire life in the Daughters of the Confederacy. She went to church once a week for about 85 years. I’m thankful she is not alive to see this circus of evil. She was a kind and decent woman who would be bewildered by all this hate and venom.

    With an advanced education in history obtained from LSU, she had a very balanced view of the Civil War. She never had a good thing to say about the Southern planter class or a bad thing to say about blacks. In fact, she was a school teacher who taught black kids and treated them the same as the whites.

    For her, the Confederate flag was about heritage and honoring family memory. Her grandfather was captured at Gettysburg, which means her father was raised by a man who fought for the Confederacy. He would have grown up hearing tales and “war stories” from his Dad. She would have grown up hearing her father tell her all about the courage and bravery of a grandfather who loved her unconditionally.

    So naturally and understandably, from the standpoint of a normal human being with a properly formed moral compass, she formed a deeply personal and meaningful attachment to the Confederacy and its symbols that transcended petty politics. Millions of other Southerners have a similar story.

    In contrast, the American flag has flown high, and continues to fly high, over greater and more widespread evil and destruction than the Confederate flag ever did. I predict that the American Flag, your flag, will ultimately go down as one of the most despised symbols in history. For many people the world over, it already is.

  23. Greg Johnson, Didn’t Samuel Francis once you tell you something to the effect of Republican leaders used to tell people not to be concerned about immigration, because whites becoming a minority in the United States would never happen. Later, they began saying whites becoming a minority was inevitable. Or something like that. If there is enough behind that anecdote for another essay on GOP perfidy, it might be a good time for it. I’m not sure enough can be written on that topic.

  24. The White Nationalist movement could do a lot better with $57,000 than give it to the Republicans. If White Nationalist leaders do not even support their own cause, then why should anyone follow them. If he is gambling, why does he not bet on his own horse?

  25. Your use of “Nationalists” is too specific in this article. Really, you are doing yourself a disservice. This article could and should be reaching for a broader audience. All of these reasons you have listed equally apply to the average Southern man or woman.

  26. Hunter Wallace,

    This is an exceptionally fine overview regarding the Party of Lincoln and one of your very finest posts to date. (And I’ve been following your site from its inception.)

    Job well done!

    Yeah, opposition to gun control is perhaps the only reason left to vote for the Republican Party. I’ll confess that I strategically voted for the little tyrant, G Tyrannus Bushitus, back in 2004 in order to make certain Bill Clinton’s gun control measures from the previous decade wouldn’t be renewed.

    That actually worked out as planned and I was then able to “stock up” on military-grade hardware and accessories that had been illegal to purchase thanks to the “Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994.”

    However, given where the Republicans stand today combined with how the political system actually operates, I’ll bet you a nickel that when gun control measures do pass, it will be the Republicans and not the Democrats that sign it into law.

    Always remember, treachery is the Republican Party’s middle name and one should never forget it.

  27. Doesn’t the South Carolina Republican Party have any Southerners in it, colored Senators, whatever Nikki Haley is, (Pakistani)? and fruits, (Lindsey Grahamnesty). No wonder they’re willing to give up the flag so easily. It means nothing to them.

  28. Hunter,

    Not all Republicans are identical to Lindsay Graham. Plenty of Republicans have an A+ rating from Numbers USA. Many of those same Republicans voted against the Iraq war, the Libyan war, the Syrian war, Russian sanctions etc. One Alabama congressman denounced the anti-White left more explicitly than Jobbik or Dugin would ever dream of doing. Taken as a group, these paleocon Republicans are better nationalists than many of the European parties you admire from afar.

    Why *not* vote for such men?

    Voting is free. No resources are lost when a man takes 30 seconds on the 1st Tuesday in November and votes. Doing so forces the Jewish oligarchs to spend more money supporting the anti-national candidates.


    I donate more than $6,000/year to White Nationalism. However, there are also times when I get good return on investment donating to Republican candidates. For every dollar I gave to paleocon campaigns, I forced the Jewish oligarchs to spend $20-$50 on Eric Cantor or Cory Booker.

    “If White Nationalist leaders do not even support their own cause, then why should anyone follow them.”

    I could ask many White Nationalist writers the same. The men behind Counter Currents, Radix, Alternative Right, and Traditionalist Youth all give money to our worst enemy, Hollywood, and encourage their readers to do the same. Am I supposed to take their calls for revolution seriously when they can’t even muster the self discipline to forego indulging in such destructive behavior? (I understand the concept of hijacking enemy propaganda, and some of the Trevor Lynch reviews are first rate examples, but many WN writers are simply enjoying enemy propaganda, lazily and shamelessly praising enemy propaganda, and encouraging their readers to finance enemy propaganda.)

    This is deadly serious business. The anti-White left is real, and frustration is building. To prevent lone-wolf spree-shooters, we need to give our people a list of positive, proactive actions they can take to weaken the enemy. Boycotting Hollywood and voting paleocon seem like two very obvious actions we can all take.

  29. While we are being distracted ( deliberately) with race issues and Confederate flag issues…TPP passed today. The real story usually on page 4 whenever this sort of thing happens.
    You don’t matter. Your vote doesn’t matter. Political solutions are over now.
    The good news is..you are free now.

  30. “Adios America”…aptly timed book…
    Adios America. It’s been nice knowin’ ya.

    and those most effected by the TPP are turning their heads- looking the other way at the Confederate battle flag issue. bright shiny objects..slight of hand. brilliantly timed as well.

    Get to know what an H1B visa is.

    It is time for the next phase… but damned if most white awakened aren’t ready for that yet.
    Still want to mourn Jefferson Davis and Adolf Hitler and read philosophy and be edgy.

  31. Whites Unite, if you’re not going to donate it to WNsm, please, respectfully, spend that money on personal investments or even booze, hookers, cars or lighting your next barbecue over Republicans. It’s a waste of valuable resources. You’re not going to best billionaires and multi-national corporations.

    Anybody who supports the GOP in any way, shape or form has to be a God damn fool at this point. That includes Mr. Holt, unless, imo, he was donating for some personal business interest or other reason that is completely independent and separate from the WNst program.

    Yankee, I’m not clear on your point. You’re mixing up unrelated issues. The TPP has been in the works for years. I personally respect the intentions behind those who made the effort to resist it. But realistically. there was never a fucking prayer of stopping the TPP which at the moment is the top priority of some of the most powerful interests in the world. Maybe the TPP will lead a few more people to realize that bothering with mainstream politics is a waste.

    In cases where bribery and intimidation did not work, I’m sure NSA rolled out some blackmail material to get over the top with the votes. Save your ire for people who deserve it.

  32. I used to believe the same thing.

    I tried to distinguish between “good Republicans” and “bad Republicans.” In the 2014 midterm elections, Jeff Sessions ran unopposed. It’s a sign of how I feel about the GOP now that I won’t even vote for Sessions.

    I’m sick of voting for a political party that is absolutely opposed to everything in which I believe. I don’t care if there are “good Republicans” if their existence empowers the likes of Boehner and McConnell in Congress. I believe all efforts to “reform the GOP” are useless and that time and money would be better spent on countless other things.

    I endorse Lew’s position that money is better spent on booze, hookers, cars, or even gambled away at riverboat casinos. That wouldn’t be as bad as spending it on the GOP.

  33. Whites Unite says:
    June 23, 2015 at 11:58 pm

    ‘Not all Republicans are identical to Lindsay Graham. Plenty of Republicans have an A+ rating from Numbers USA. Many of those same Republicans voted against the Iraq war, the Libyan war, the Syrian war, Russian sanctions etc. One Alabama congressman denounced the anti-White left more explicitly than Jobbik or Dugin would ever dream of doing. Taken as a group, these paleocon Republicans are better nationalists than many of the European parties you admire from afar.

    Why *not* vote for such men?’

    I agree.

    It would be incredibly foolish not to vote for and support men like Jeff Sessions who is leading the fight against the Mexican invasion against all odds.

    Why stab him in the back because of the other sellouts and traitors?

    Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.

  34. What was the purpose of holding rallies to educate the public and protest the policies of Tyson foods who screwed Southern White workers in order to hire illegals as you did in the past if you are not going to support policymakers who agree with you on such issues?

    May as well stay home.

  35. @BGriffin…

    After digesting your immense denunciation of the GOP, I would like to make one distinction, which, perhaps is related to what ‘WhitesUnite’ said.

    As a Tarheel I feel very well served by my state’s GOP. They have wrested control from the left, advanced quite a bit of pro-NC agenda, and recut the district lines to make it much harder for the Left to get back in.

    When my longtime family friends, on The Left, have asked me why in heaven’s name The Tea Party does what they do?; I tell them this : ‘Think of it this way : Tea Party NC is a peaceful secession.’

  36. In most European countries, nationalists are getting between 10 and 20+ percent of the votes with a long term upward trend that no one thinks will stop anytime soon. Nationalists are potentially one crisis away from taking power in France, Austria and the Netherlands. Nationalists are surging even in Sweden and the UK. Just in the last couple of years, nationalist parities from across Europe have begun to cooperate and coordinate.

    Militant nationalists are also on the rise. Nationalists hooligans, street fighters, bikers and paramilitary groups are growing across Europe and becoming more visible on the streets. Nationalist militants are fighting on both sides of the Ukrainian civil war and getting combat experience.

    Nationalists in Europe made the right decisions years ago. They decided to build their own parties and institutions, rather than trying to work through existing right wing parties and institutions. They also decided to be ideologically independent of the center-right, choosing their stances on issues based on the interests of their nations and political realities. They didn’t decide to be just like the center-right on other issues except immigration, like most nationalists in America did until recently.

    We are now reaping the rewards of bad strategy by our own nationalist leaders in America. The CofCC apparently still thinks that working as a cog in the GOP machine will somehow allow them have influence in mainstream politics. Nobody has wanted to do the hard work of independent grassroots politics and community organizing. They either wanted to leach off of the center-right with some ill defined idea that they would some how take over the GOP or go straight to some glorious revolution without getting popular support first.

    It’s time for nationalists in the USA to grow up and get serious about real politics. Our short term goal should be to get a nationalist candidate running for a nationalist party on the ballot in all 50 states for 2016 and then get the best showing we can. Then we start the harder work of trying to sink roots in local communities.

    In Europe, it took decades for nationalist parties to get to be the big players they are today. Sometimes, it took many years to get a local organizations up and running in even a community with a high level of nationalist sympathy. There were lots of false starts, with local elections won only to be lost again before being won back. Now countries like France, Italy, Austria and the Netherlands are seeing a surge in nationalist presence at the local level. They were willing to fight for decades to get to this point, they didn’t give up when the going got hard like American nationalists(or Southern nationalists) like to do.

    I see this attack on Confederate symbols as being a good thing for nationalists. The Republicans and conservatives are showing their true colors. Anything that drives a wedge between conservatives and nationalists is good. Conservatism is a moribund ideology. Millennial age whites are rejecting it wholesale. The whole movement is rotten to the core and is really starting to come apart. In a few more years, it will be a spent force.

    Nationalism can only become a reality in America, and especially the South, after conservatism has been crushed.

  37. BTW, I made a comment on Amren stating that I was disappointed to see that the CofCC president was giving money to GOP politicians. It was erased and then erased again in minutes when I reposted it.

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