Neo-Conservative Traitor Karl Rove Calls For A Repeal Of Constitution’s Second Amendment

Skip to the five minute mark in the above video, filmed this morning on Fox News Sunday, to witness Republican strategist and devilish worm Karl Rove demand an immediate suspension of the Second Amendment, and subsequent gun confiscation.

Using the usual anti-Southern rhetoric common to invasive politicians, the former Senior Adviser to George W. Bush claimed the Charleston shooting of Wednesday night was the final straw, and only through drastic measures can further racial violence be averted.

Courtesy of the Daily Caller, and also available on, we provide the full transcript of the treasonous coward, who has joined others in coming fully out of the woodwork.

WALLACE: How do we stop the violence?

ROVE: I wish I had an easy answer for that, but I don’t think there’s an easy answer.

We saw an act of evil. Racist, bigoted evil, and to me the amazing thing is that it was met with grief and love. Think about how far we’ve come since 1963. The whole weight of the government throughout the South was to impede finding and holding and bringing to justice the men who perpetrated the [Birmingham] bombing.

And here, we saw an entire state, an entire community, an entire nation come together, grieving as one and united in the belief that this was an evil act, so we’ve come a long way.

Now maybe there’s some magic law that will keep us from having more of these. I mean basically the only way to guarantee that we will dramatically reduce acts of violence involving guns is to basically remove guns from society, and until somebody gets enough “oomph” to repeal the Second Amendment, that’s not going to happen.


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  1. All violence is bad. The problem is however, not the gun. It is the evil that we as human beings are all capable of committing. If this person wanted to kill others, whether black, white, or purple, he would have found any means. It just so happens he used a gun. It is not fair and not right to tell law abiding citizens that they cannot own a gun to protect themselves or their family. It also is not right to lump all people who may have problems with depression into some pigeon hole because they have the dunb luck to have an illness. Does that illness dictate that a person cannot defend themselves. Not everyone who commits murder does so because of some supposed mental illness. Jesus is the only answer to peace within a nation. We have forgotten GOD and cut him out of our lives as Americans, and things like this is the result. I know I will probably get many negative comments for my view but that is the way I feel.

  2. The statement herein that the United States has more of this violence than the rest of the world it truly a false statement. Consider the recent attacks by the Islamic/Muslims in the Islamic State in Syria that are in the thousands of deaths, Boko Haram in Nigeria who’s latest attack is estimated at 2,000 dead, and the 147 college students murdered by 4 Islamic/Muslim extremists in Kenya just because they were Christian. Lest we forget 09/11/2001 where over 3,000 died and all the Islamic/Muslims had were the plastic handled box cutters that the passengers were afraid to defend themselves against. The problem is with the media and it’s portrayal of the incidents, followed by the ignorant politicians and the criminals who use those media depictions as an example to do it themselves to gain notoriety.

  3. karl rove, this man is typical of the politicians, activist and other assorted vermin that run this country today, and don;t have the slightest notion of how to govern or solve problems.he is just another quitter who doesn’t have the he proposes the one single move that will certainly push this country into outright rebellion, and revolt, trying to remove the one amendment that certainly gurantees all the others. we will never, never surrender our arms to him a republican , a democrat or anyone else.if they want a war.let them try that, and the first ones who will die will be advocates like him. as leonidas the spartan king said to the persians at thermopolae when the king xerxes demanded the spartans lay down their arms, (come and take them),that;s our reply to traitors like rove, clinton and obama……..

  4. I don’t exactly agree that mr. Rove wants to confiscate guns.Even though I didn’t appreciate his off the wall(I HOPE) comment about them. I think you folks exaggerate once in a while. charlie

  5. I don’t completely agree with the comment by ROVE I think you may have sensationalized his comment a bit. I listened to it several times .If he really meant that I’ll be done with his B.S. charlie

  6. We’ll said William.

    Karl Rove reminds me of the behind the scene wire puller business man, political machine head “Big Jim Taylor” in “Mr. smith Goes to Washington”. Now this very bad power guy without a formal job title tends to be a political consultant.

    Another way to look eat Karl Rove is that he is the brains behind the George W Bush administration….

  7. “Nah. And that is a emphatic no. Where the demographics in your area become the same as I experienced in New York City late 1980s, SS Chicago, believe me, you do not want the entire population to posses firearms and ammunition at all times.” – he did say voters, which precludes many people.

  8. Guns are not the only weapons that can kill. Historically man has used knives, swords, clubs, spears, and even rocks to kill others.
    You repeal the Second Amendment of our Constitution, and I will want anything that was ever used to kill people banned from our society. Cars, kitchen knives, hammers, axes, screwdrivers, ice picks, crossbows, bow and arrows, dogs, rope, shivs, saps, batons, baseball bats, fire place pokers, mace, stun guns (yes, they can kill heart patients), toxic chemicals, and so many other items that have been used to kill another human being (bare hands?). BAN them all, then I will accept this despicable attempt to remove our means of self defense in a immoral and unethical society. Also, we should ban Karl Rove for his inane remarks. Make this idiot a “stateless person” and deport him immediately to any third world country that will take him..

  9. Rove did NOT/not say he wanted to repeal the 2nd Amendment, nor did he say he wanted gun confiscation. He did say that to decrease gun violence we’d need to eliminate guns in American society by amending the Constitution (repeal 2nd Amdt) and that ain’t gonna happen. The anti-gunners use twisted figures to contort US gun violence beyond reason vs other “western developed” nations. Throw in population differences and large-city figures and there’s nothing interesting to see; in fact, our gun “problems” disappear. One man or woman with a concealed carry would have made a difference, but we never hear about the thousands of times guns SAVE lives!!

  10. How about banning the medications these goons are on? THEN see how many more mass shootings there are?

  11. Public possession of guns has saved more lives and prevented more rapes than the lives lost to murderers, druggies and the insane. If a citizen with a concealed carry permit had been in that Church there likely would have been only three dead and the third would have been the nutty kid.

  12. We are advised NOT to judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, but we are ENCOURAGED to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics. Is that funny, or what?

  13. Karl Rove? Ad nausium, period. “It puts the lotion on it’s skin (scales in this case).”

    Why take advice from a felonious criminal such as he, or “it” would be more appropriate?

    Take into consideration:

    All gun violence in America, in terms of sheer numbers we are third from the top of the list of most violent nations, fact. However, if you removed the killin’ stats from just four U.S. cities : Chicago, Detroit, District of Columbia ( D.C.) and New Orleans (can you catch the message here?) then what we are left with is a non-violent nation that is now THIRD FROM THE BOTTOM in terms of violence.

    Draw all of the inferences you want. What does this say? And why?

    Karl Rove is diluted sick individual, he can also go straight to HELL, IMHO.

  14. More lives have been saved and rapes prevented by citizens with guns than have been taken by murderers, mentally unstable, or druggies. Mass murderers nearly always pick a location free of other weapons. If a citizen with a carry permit had been in that Church there would likely be only three dead and one of them would be the nutty kid.

  15. time for Karl to crawl back under the rock he came out of! This Rino loving big government operative got on TV and tried to convince every one that a Tea Party candidate couldn’t win. He is real comfortable with sleaze bag politicians like Boner

  16. TH SAUNDERS says:

    ‘Rove did NOT/not say he wanted to repeal the 2nd Amendment, nor did he say he wanted gun confiscation. He did say that to decrease gun violence we’d need to eliminate guns in American society by amending the Constitution (repeal 2nd Amdt) and that ain’t gonna happen.’

    Note, he didn’t say that it should not happen.

    The (Architect) was laying the foundation. He interjected the idea of repealing the second amendment knowing full well many will take the bait and run with it.

    Rove: ‘ I mean basically the only way to guarantee that we will dramatically reduce acts of violence involving guns is to basically remove guns from society…’

    The thought is implanted in our minds.

    ‘the only way to guarantee that we will dramatically reduce acts of violence involving guns is to basically remove guns from society…’


    Is that not a mantra of the left?

  17. Recently, I got embroiled in local politics. I was upset with our current mayor (a Republican turned Democrat), because of her POLICIES. A former mayor (Republican) promoted a candidate to oppose the current mayor. I planned on attending the debate between both candidates, and ask tough questions of both. Right before the debate, the former mayor called and asked me to throw only softball questions at her nominee, to make him look good. It was very obvious to me that what was important was only restoring a Republican to power, not getting the right person into office.

    I think that is what national and state politics are about. Getting the party in power, and keeping it in party. The good of the country has nothing do do with it.

  18. Since we are told that we cannot put all Muslims in the category of terrorist, but that all gun owners are terrorists, this is setting a double standard. We need to get back to the basic beliefs of the constitution and get the radicals off tv and out of public office. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. It would happen with whatever types of weapons available to them at the time.

    This country was established by men of faith in God and wrote the constitution in a way to preserve the rights of the people. We have gone away from God and His laws and think that man is smarter than God. Look at all of the law changes that have been taking place in the country now. Evil is being called good, and good is being called evil. Just as the scriptures tell us will happen. This nation was founded “under God” and we need to return to Him with full purpose of heart and keep His commandments in all aspects of our lives. Guns are not the problem, it is we the people that are the problem.

  19. See the problem is they need the draft back in 1966 and 1967 and 1975 we never had this kind of problems. Because of Vietnam war if you wanted to kill people you were train and go to Vietnam. And in some cases you might get kill this would stop these dumb young people today. They don’t work the like to get into trouble join gangs and are worthless.

  20. Rove already has blood on his hands, for being Shrub’s speech writer. All of the war-mongering of the Neo-Cons (read, ZioNazi Jews) can be traced back to Rove writing what they (Jews) wanted to hear.

    In this case, Rove’s pen, is guiltier than the sword, as it were.

    He should recuse himself from this debate, if he were a man….

  21. thisis just an example of the idiots we have in dc trying to take this once great nation to hell with themselves!takeaway our guns just ashitler did–give the federal goat-complete control of the population—sounds good to me [lol]. how about you?carl rove is worse than an idiot-he is a lunatic right there in the same category as the charleston shooter-govt dosen’t even enforce the law son the books remember prohibition-criminsls are going to get guns no matter what-confiscate guns so that the fat cats in DCcan get rich in black market trading—boils down to money once again–DC idiots don’t get enough from taxing usto death they want more so that they can continue to to perpetrate their evil schemes- the answer to americas problems lies in DC—get rid of them and problems(racial and otherwise )will be solved. they are the ones stirring the pot on racial prejudices-again so they can further their evil agenda!

  22. That cooks it with this family, and Rove is another idiot like the gun haters all over the world..

  23. South Carolina has some rather stringent gun laws. None of which stopped the shooter in this case. Furthermore, it should be noted none of the laws proposed by obama would have either. We as a nation have been passing restricting gun law for over 86 years now. None, not even one, has stopped mass murderers but those idiots in government (Washington) keep trying even though the second amendment forbids it. After a while you would think they would get smart and start looking at the records of states who have loosened the regulations a bit and allowed constitutional concealed carry. For everyone who can legally own a firearm. In these states crime has gone down, all crime. Imagine that!

    Seems it is true, it is just impossible to fix stupid. “Law abiding” citizens are an untapped resource we should begin to utilize and much of this mass shooting would stop right along with other professional criminal law breakers.

    Sorry Karl Rove but the second amendment will never be repealed peacefully! But explain how that would get all guns out of this society?

    Hopefully the good citizens of this nation will soon begin to realize the error of their ways and begin to rectify the problem with some good ole common sense. But obama would not support such common sense actions because it would go against his divide and conquer plans now wouldn’t it. If blacks and whites, poor and rich along with all ethnic groups began to get along his plans would be ruined. No we need riots and looting criminals like in Ferguson and Baltimore. If we begin to use our heads and get along like in Charleston why, there goes that promised fundamental transformation, right down the drain!

  24. The gun is not your enemy, it is the person behind the gun. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. You can repeal the 2nd amendment and the criminals will always have the guns killing unprotected people in mass slauderings. Karl Rove you are a Jackass, how many guns are you going to turn over?
    These shootings happen in gun free zones because the shooters are chicken shits and know they won’t be shot back at.

  25. I will never vote for a Republican ever again. Not because of all this though. I made up my mind about this over a year ago. I didn’t vote in the 2014 midterm elections.

  26. There is a kind of sense in Karl Roves’ statements relative to repeal of the 2nd amendment. If we follow that reasoning, stop violent use of firearms by removing firearms from the society, then it follows that where we must contend with crooked Politicians, then all politicians must be removed from society. Same goes to crooked Bankers, and Attorneys and Journalists. Where oh where will it all stop? Lord knows and he/she is not talking.

  27. “Terence Winnie says:
    June 24, 2015 at 3:43 pm
    Karl Rove used to be a Patriot Texan and now he is a Traitor!”

    JR replies:

    I’m afraid it’s a long list of Texans gone bad.

    Jim Wright
    the Bush family
    Just about every single Texas town’s Chamber of Commerce
    Can’t name a single Texan since 1930 that opposed a bad US foreign war
    Too many Texans, I’m afraid it’s the majority fall down in to simply going with the flow, going where the money is
    Nouveau riche Riche Texans – the newly rich, lots of money, no real education or honor.

    Most White Americans aspire to be nouveau riche Texans – getting corporate suite seats to the Cowboys Football teams, ogling Texas Cowboy Cheerleaders, backslapping other Texas boys while doing $ deals with Arabs, wealthy Jews… there is always some tax exempt Christian church cover or some wave the flag, bomb Iraq/Iran Ted Nugent patriot rally.

    Just on LBJ and George W Bush alone – Texans owe everybody an apology.

    Read the brutal biography of LBJ – the Path to Power. LBJ is the ultimate lower middle class hick, Truckler who simply went with the flow:

    Black civil rights
    1965 open up the immigration flood gates

    It was done by a Texas former poor boy, hick trying to impress the East Coast Lib/Jewish elite… lot of good it did for him or us.

  28. Removal of the Judeo Christian base of this nation leaves it foundationless, and removing of the stars and bars (flag) is only the first step in destroying the heritage of the USA. An amoral America will destroy itself from within as did the Romans. They tolerated everything except Christians hired foreigners for their army and descended into unrestricted lust and corruption. The same pattern is emerging in America.
    Thank God for the second amendment! Think what might have transpired if someone in that church in NC had been armed and shot the dingbat murderer.
    Wake up USA we are being invaded with “feel good” idiots. A call to arms for protection of the innocent!

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