Poll: Trump Still Commands The Loyalty of GOP Voters

I feel like one of those people flying above the coast in a helicopter to get a first look at the damage and how the political landscape has shifted since Hurricane Joe made landfall.

USA Today:

“If there’s a civil war in the Republican Party, the voters who backed Donald Trump in November’s election are ready to choose sides.

An exclusive Suffolk University/USA TODAY Poll finds Trump’s support largely unshaken after his second impeachment trial in the Senate, this time on a charge of inciting an insurrection in the deadly assault on the Capitol Jan. 6.

By double digits, 46%-27%, those surveyed say they would abandon the GOP and join the Trump party if the former president decided to create one. The rest are undecided. …”

Mitch lost the Republican Civil War.

46% would support the Patriot Party. 27% are undecided. 27% would support the GOP. It is the familiar 70/30 split again. The party is split between Trumpers (people who still back Trump), Trumpists (people who back Trumpism, but not necessarily Trump) and Republicans.

The GOP establishment is dead.

Donald Trump is now the GOP establishment.

“Half of those polled say the GOP should become “more loyal to Trump,” even at the cost of losing support among establishment Republicans. One in five, 19%, say the party should become less loyal to Trump and more aligned with establishment Republicans. …

They express stronger loyalty to Trump the person (54%) than they did to the Republican Party that twice nominated him for the White House (34%).  …

Trump voters are prepared to punish those who crossed him. Eight in 10 say they would be less likely to vote for a Republican candidate who supported Trump’s impeachment, as 10 representatives did in the House. An equal portion, 80%, say the seven Republican senators who voted to convict Trump were motivated by political calculations, not their consciences. …

Only 4% say the impeachment trial made them less supportive of Trump; 42% say it made them more supportive. Fifty-four percent say it didn’t affect their support. …

By 2-1, 59%-29%, Trump voters say they want him to run for president again in 2024. If he ran, three of four, 76%, would support him for the nomination; 85% would vote for him in a general election. …”

Only 1 out of every 5 Republicans support the establishment. How can the establishment maintain the political correctness that no one supports anymore and everyone resents? Why do these people reflexively curl into a ball and show their bellies whenever a “journalist” writes a “story” about them? 92% of Republicans agree they are the Enemy of the People.

These numbers are consistent with the other polls that I had seen before my last podcast with Richard Spencer. No one was watching the impeachment trial. Everyone had dismissed it as a farce. It only strengthened Trump. The William Jennings Bryan analogy was on point.

The Cindy McCain interview below is an excellent illustration of the realignment and unification of cosmopolitan, suburban, neoliberal PMCs behind Joe Biden in the Democratic Party. The True Cons crowd are going over to the Democrats.

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  1. True. At least in some areas. New Trump yard signs appearing a few places around here, and a neighbor raised a large Trump flag on a flagpole. Yet this is distraction from thinking about the real problem, and solution….

  2. You can’t keep the boys on the farm and once they have seen Paris and you can’t keep the voters on the Neo-con plantation once they have seen populism!

  3. The best argument I like to use which circumvents the entire “stop the steal” bullshit is, even if he won, he was a failure by any objective Nationalist criteria.

  4. The unwavering support for Trump the man is puzzling. Objectively speaking, the guy was a failure for White interests.

    Trump didn’t build the wall, pardoned black criminals, promised reparations, gave the Israeli lobby everything, promoted globo-homo and didn’t pull troops out of the Near East or anywhere else. He stood by as first Confederate then all White monuments were wrecked, then threatened and blustered but did nothing. Economically his big “accomplishment”, such as it is, is the stock market going vertical. This mostly enriched the Wall Street Usual Suspects who stabbed him in the back constantly no matter how much he did for “Our Greatest Ally”. The guy was grossly incompetent as he pitched over the side his loyal supporters like Kris Kobach and Steve King yet rewarded his enemies like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan.

    Good riddance to him. At least he is wrecking the miserable Republican Party now, there is that good work he is doing after he is out of the White House. More than anything else Trump’s term was a missed opportunity to fix things. Ann Coulter’s criticism of Trump was right on the money.

    With first Dementia Joe then soon President Kuntmala Harris in the Oval Office disaster is sure to follow. Tension is building over U.S. support for Taiwan, enraging China, while the Israelis and Saudis, a match made in Hell may start another war in the Near East over Iran’s nukes. Add to this the collapse of the southern border and the chaos that will follow and the negroes going wild again this summer and the country will be in unprecedented turmoil. Financial markets are in an historic bubble, worse than 1929 which will wreck the fragile economy when markets crash again.

    Neither Dementia Joe nor President Kuntmala Harris is capable of running a two car funeral let alone dealing with the multiple crises that are going to afflict the Empire. Their chaotic failures are going to scare the Hell out of people Left, Right and Center and strengthen the hard Right who are the only ones willing and able to tell difficult truths about race, religion and everything else. Dementia Joe then President Kuntmala Harris will be even more incompetent than Trump and will thoroughly discredit the Left through multiple, systemic failures. Look for what happened in Texas to happen all over the country combined with high inflation, riots, foreign policy disasters and the Establishment blaming it all on Whites.

  5. Trumpchumps

    are dumber than a box of rocks…or

    they enjoy the punishment. The

    Trump version of the Republiscam pty

    is no different than the McConnell version of the Republiscam pty:

    both belong to the Jews.

    • But the brand is different you see. That’s what really counts. Why settle for Cocaine Mitch the Kentucky Undertaker when you can have a “genius billionaire” who builds shiny towers of coprolite?

  6. Brainwashing is the hardest to overcome and this was only 4 years of it. Imaging how long Whites will have to go before they purge themselves of the jew poison they swallow every day from the anti-White media and govt.

  7. It’s mind-boggling that Trump earns such unwavering loyalty from people that he cast to the (((wolves))). He accomplished nothing in his Presidency for Whites to warrant such devotion.

  8. I’m trying to see things from the perspective of those still bolted to the Trump train, but I can’t get my head that far up my own ass like ouroboros Styx.

  9. Dumptards are scrapings from the bottom of the political barrel: loyal to the bitter end to the orange pile of dog shit who gave them absolutely nothing but empty words, while giving kikes, niggers & fags everything they screamed for (BECAUSE they screamed).

    At least the vengeful scumbag is using them to destroy the cuck establishment; of course, he’ll probably just create another 100% kiked tax cut/warmonger machine, only this time with heaps of the Ol’ Glory wavin’ ‘n’ pwayer that mollifies the shitheads.

    • No, but they are not really very different at the end of the day. Used-Depends Joe will accelerate the coming jackboot to be stamped upon YT’s face forever. He’s owned by the (((usual suspects))) as much as Cheetohead the Clown is. The faster the Rotten Banana Empire collapses, the better our chances of survival. As the Mossad psyop Q always liked to say: “Nothing can stop what’s coming”.

  10. It’s very strange and demonstrates the sheer power of grift. There’s nothing populist about Trump apart from tweets he made on Twitter, which mean almost as much as farts in the wind. Policy-wise the “God-Emperor” was the same old Repuke scam as 12AX7 above notes in detail. The sole thing he did not do for the neo-clowns was start a new war. He kept the old ones going though and utterly failed to pull out of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria. The “great businessman” is a fake-billionaire in hock up to his arse to the usual gang of usurers. He couldn’t fellate his Jew donors (Kushner crime family, Adelson, Singer) fast enough. Court appointments the typical Repuke frauds. Ann Barnhardt said Trump was a con back in 2016. She was correct. So his latest grift is to set up a new “alternative” party – funded by the (((usual suspects))). Y’all have met Mr. Flim, so let’s now introduce Mr. Flam.

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