Steve King Is Speaking At AFPAC II

Does anyone else find this bizarre?

Why was Steve King drummed out of the Republican Congress? What is the point of Conservatism, Inc purges and banning people like Nick Fuentes from CPAC? Everyone now agrees with the people who have been purged, disagrees with the people doing the purges and hates the media. CPAC represents the 10% to 15% of the Republican Party that is the crumbling establishment wing.

92% of Trump voters think the mainstream media is identical with the Democratic Party

90% of Trump voters think America is losing faith in the ideas that made the country great

90% of Trump voters think America is the greatest country in the world

89% of Trump voters think Christianity is under attack in America

87% of Trump voters think Christianity is essential to American greatness

87% of Trump voters are worried about the growth of anti-White discrimination

80% of Trump voters reject “white privilege” theory

77% of Trump voters feel like they are gagged by the political correctness

71% of Trump voters think non-Whites face substantial discrimination

68% of Trump voters do not believe in systematic racism

79% of Trump voters think their religion is extremely, very or somewhat important to their identity.

64% of Trump voters think their race or ethnicity is extremely, very or somewhat important to their identity. Only 17% of Trump voters say their race and ethnicity is not important to their identity

65% of Trump voters want immigration cuts

62% of Trump voters want to deport illegal aliens

86% of Trump voters want to build a wall

89% of Trump voters want a federal E-Verify system

76% of Trump voters say Antifa is a severe threat

94% of Trump voters say Antifa is a severe or serious threat

30% of Trump voters say White Nationalists are not a threat

18% of Trump voters say White Nationalists are a severe threat

Joe won the election.

He used extreme methods though. We won the argument.

Note: The “low IQ, high time preference wignat” stereotype had it exactly backwards. We were the ones who sacrificed a short term defeat for a more important long term victory.

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  1. “What is the point of AFPAC?”

    The point is precisely to capture the disgruntled nationalist segment you outlined above.

  2. Steve King was always a big supporter of Israel. He thought that supporting Israel was going to let him say radical, extreme stuff like, it’s ok to be white.

    Actually, Steve King never even said that much. He said some vague thing about American’s great-grandchildren, some utterly uncontroversial platitude. But they had already decided to set him up, for some reason. Who knows?

    “AFPAC” is just the Israeli Likud party’s branch office, to organize some “conservative nationalists” or “national populists” or whatever they call it.

    Who is the greatest Conservative Nationalist Populist country? Israel of course! So let’s all support Israel, and give lip service to “Conservative Nationalist Populist” … whatever that even means.

    Oh, it means standing for the Flag at football games, and also supporting Israel.

  3. The Roman Catholic Schlapps, yes that’s their name, who run CPAC are just protecting their part of the Jew and Roman Catholic political alliance.

    They need insulted as Roman Catholics right to their fat “high knee” faces.

    • Methodist cuck Steve King of colonial “founding era” stock got down on his knees and begged forgiveness from jews, White shitlibs, and kosherative US House of Representatives members for a milquetoast defense of Western civilization.

      Steve neo-groyper King doesn’t have a an ounce of the courage and backbone of 18 year old Miss Isabel Peralta of Spain’s Falangist Party.

    • It’s amazing that the Groypers think Catholicism will save American demographics…while the Democrats willingly allow millions of Mexican Catholics in through the southern border and the Pope basically fellates rabbis and imams on a daily basis.

      The Pope is the biggest individual tool of globohomo on Earth.

      Groypers will go down in history—as only a footnote, mind you—as the dumbest political movement of all time.

      • Catholics like Father Coughlin and many “based” bishops like him have always been the most conservative of the bunch. You will get the occassional black or Indian priest and that is fine, but overall Catholics have been the least likely to cave to LGBT nonsense or racial diversity pushing.

        A ot of border state Catholic priests are cucked on immigration but that is understandable. When ninety nine percent of your parishioners are Hispanic you accommodate their needs. I dont want millions of any non European people here but Hispanics especially the religious ones are the least arrogant and expectant while also being good Christians. They want to live amongst their own anyway, you dont see Hispanics moving into suburbs like Indians and Middle Easterners who replace whites and then form their own mini ethnostates in formerly white communities

  4. 90% of these geniuses think this is the Greatest Country On Earth? The government and culture that constantly tells them they need to be erased from the planet?

  5. Nick Fuentes is a National Bolshevik, that is not mainstream conservatism.
    I also don’t know any young conservatives who are self described die hard Christians like him, but then again I don’t live in the Bible Belt.

  6. And Steven King was primaried out by Republican voters.
    Your idea that the Groypers are the true GOP base with any dissenters are 10% is wishful thinking. Kris Kobach and Jeff Sessions couldn’t even win their primaries and they didn’t even say the type of things Steven King did.

    • He was primaried out because the mainstream GOP scum removed him from all committees. The constituents felt they had to remove a lame duck.

    • And then people say, ‘religion isn’t relevant’…. Oy. If the HERESY of the Hal Lindsey “Late, Great, Planet Earth” had been denounced by every single sane cleric in this nation, back in the 1970’s, NONE Of this would have occurred. Dispensationalism is IDOLATRY of the [sic] Jews, and their Mischling race.

      Forty-plus years of Falwell, Robertson, Swaggart, and all the rest, have led us to this evil.
      And yet…. RELIGION is not important? Heresy ALWAYS destroys nations.

      Cry me a river.

  7. I wonder how much he was paid to speak at cuckfest? Did little Nick pay him out of pocket or was he getting donations from his superchats?

    • @John,

      Closeted homo Fuentes was gifted 13 Bitcoins a couple of months ago. The last I looked, they were each worth over 52K. So even with ZOG-DOJ freezing Fuentes’ bank account, he still has his crypto-wallet.

    • @Dart havent you seen the clip of Fuentes saying “many of the best people in this movement are Jewish” from last week . He has been Zioed up for awhile now

  8. Steve King is a cuck. He has been shouting to the heavens that he is FOR interracial marriage since being called a racist. He also walked back all of his pseudo-nationalist statements like a bitch. Him and Fuentes deserve each other – 2 impotent conservatives.

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