What Went Wrong For Democrats?

I was dialed out of politics in 2020.

From my perspective, the Democrats were running on toppling statues, censorship, Antifa and Black Lives Matter burning down cities, “Abolish ICE,” “Defund the Police,” systematic racism, open borders, trans issues, etc. The White upper middle class progressive wing of the party was losing its mind. I figured that what they were doing was so toxic and divisive that Trump losing really wouldn’t be such a bad thing for us in the long run and might be exactly the medicine that his followers needed.

New York Times:

“Democrats emerged from the 2020 election with full control of the federal government and a pile of lingering questions. In private, party leaders and strategists have been wrestling with a quandary: Why was President Biden’s convincing victory over Donald J. Trump not accompanied by broad Democratic gains down ballot?

With that puzzle in mind, a cluster of Democratic advocacy groups has quietly launched a review of the party’s performance in the 2020 election with an eye toward shaping Democrats’ approach to next year’s midterm campaign, seven people familiar with the effort said. …

There is particular concern among the Democratic sponsors of the initiative about the party’s losses in House districts with large minority populations, including in Florida, Texas and California, people briefed on the initiative said. The review is probing tactical and strategic choices across the map, including Democratic messaging on the economy and the coronavirus pandemic, as well as organizational decisions like eschewing in-person canvassing.

Democrats had anticipated they would be able to expand their majority in the House, pushing into historically red areas of the Sun Belt where Mr. Trump’s unpopularity had destabilized the G.O.P. coalition. Instead, Republicans took 14 Democratic-held House seats, including a dozen that Democrats had captured in an anti-Trump wave election just two years earlier. …”

It was extremely close.

As I had hoped, the True Cons crowd continued going over to the Democrats. The Democratic Party continued its evolution into the party of upper middle class cosmopolitan and modernist elites who live in big metros. Increasingly, all the neoliberals and neocons are concentrated on that side of the aisle. The Democratic Party has become the party of ALL OF THE ELITES.

If you haven’t noticed, the big trend in this country is that the people at the top are getting wealthier and those at the bottom and in the lower middle class are getting much worse off. So, while the Democrats are increasingly focused on the self-actualization and esteem needs of their upper class urban and suburban base (woke, trans, open borders, climate, etc.), there is a growing space for their emerging populist opposition to focus on the belonging, safety and physiological needs of their voters.

Democrats have won a hollow victory. They have the White House, House and Senate. The slim congressional majority, the filibuster and record polarization ensures that their agenda is going nowhere after budget reconciliation is used to pass the COVID relief package. The new Republican wing of the Democratic Party will poison the Democrats from within. Joe has already said that $50,000 in student loan debt relief isn’t happening and that the $15 minimum wage isn’t happening and everything that the Democratic base really wants like universal health care isn’t happening either. “Trans women” in women’s sports is happening though. Raising the refugee cap by 100,000 is happening though.

In the 2022 midterms, the Democrats will lose the House due to redistricting and the volcanic backlash that is brewing among Republicans and due to the deflation of their own base. Then nothing will happen over the next two years except that Neoliberal Joe will go from being a 78-year-old with dementia to an 82-year-old with dementia. The only reason he was elected is because he was Not Trump.

In the long run (four years from now), it will be interesting to see how this works out. The Democratic coalition looks way too top heavy to me. I can imagine it coming tumbling down.

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  1. The “true cons” you keep mentioning did vote for Trump. He did even better with Republicans now than last time.

    Despite what elitist liberals like to claim, the average Trump supporter is not a hillbilly who makes 15k a year. His base is middle class and his economic policies (even if cringe) did not hurt them.

    Trump even got over 10 million more votes than last time, but Biden really turned out the Dem base. A lot of Democrats in 2016 didn’t vote because they were either indifferent or thought that Hillary wasn’t left wing enough.

    And perhaps most importantly, the independent vote shifted from being GOP leaning to Dem leaning this time. Joe Biden is an old white guy and considered to be a moderate, so this is not surpising.

  2. Am I wrong in thinking he’s the first president to win without winning the majority of the white vote?

    Leave Obama out of that for the moment. Biden is not chosen by his folk to lead his folk. He’s a cornered rat.

  3. The D-jerseys have been owned by the (((rootless cosmopolitans))) and their goyische lickspittles since the 1930s to one degree or another. That’s why Huey Long was liquidated – he threatened to take it from them. They went fully to the globo-pedo elites once the oil-crunch of the 1970s and the Reaganite free-trade policies (voted in by Democrats) gutted private-sector labor unions. While Republican voters are as dumb as rocks, they almost look like geniuses next to the room-temperature IQs who vote D-jersey all the time.

    The perfect example was the mirror image of the Tea-party scam for R-jersey drones: Occupy Wall Street. The OWS drones screamed about the “one-percent” while endorsing the woke religion of the actual one-percent. In their shriveled, public-edumacated brains they see the owner of the local bakery who refused to bake the cake as the “one-percent” while real one-percenters like Gates, Bezos, Bloomberg, Soros, et al are ‘charitable supporters of social justice’, who of course were working hand-in-glove with their fellow donor class oligarchs directing the Tea-Party racket.

  4. Well, the Dems still have their young domestic terrorists “frolicking” in the snow and doing some fun impromptu “landscaping” … life must be good for the DomTerr (domestic terrorist) Party … I am sure Jobama Biden and all the other Dems love and applaud their “efforts” …

    Overnight, #antifa in Seattle gathered to pile snow on one of the driveways of the Seattle Police east precinct (where CHAZ used to be). They stopped police from being able to drive out to respond to calls during the snow storm. pic.twitter.com/6I3drgphvv
    — Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo)

    What happens when you criticize left-wing violence in Sacramento?
    Some people threaten to come by your house.
    One even posts an address on social media.
    Interesting times in the Capitol. More to come.
    — gil duran @gilduran76


  5. akshully, HW

    the bi-partisan anti-White Zionist Uniparty

    has won every fake election since 1984

    and will continue to do so until

    ‘Murkan Whites go happily extinct. Unless

    the Jewbuck dies first.

    • Unless the Jewbuck dies first.

      Killing the jewbuck is probably the most important first step to waking up those whites who can form the core of a new nation on this continent. (((They))) no doubt already have a replacement lined up for it – remember the Amero, the Western hemisphere counterpart to the Euro (which is just a jewbuck with a different name)? There’s likely a plan C and D as well – all amounting to the same thing (jewbuck continues under new name, more assets stripped from goyim). How is the jewbuck to be killed? Where is it vulnerable? What can be done to hasten the destruction of the fake-money machine and thus the empire?

  6. The Democratic Party went out of it’s way to destroy the old political machines, like the one in Kansas City and the one in Chicago. They were crooked and in bed with the mob, but they did a better job of looking out for the poor and working class than the liberals have. The party also went out of it’s way to wreck the old democratic party in the south, by demanding that black idiots all got to vote, colored pinheads who didn’t care about the country or the traditions of the south. This ruined the Democratic Party.

    It was all done as usual in the name of reform.

  7. Do you really think the DemonKKKraps will allow TruCons into their Party, HW?

    I fit the description of those Democrats who are upscale cosmopolitan, modernist elites and live in big metro areas. But I became a NAZI instead.

  8. The modern Marxist democrats are not the same Democrats of the 50’s and 60’s.The two are polar opposites. They hate you and will never except you no matter how much you think otherwise.

  9. The Democrats have their secret weapon dialed up to 11 now that President Dementia Joe is sleeping on the couch in the Oval Office while someone signs his name to “his” Executive Orders and legislation. That weapon is one “conservatives” support too because it’s good for “bidness”, especially big “bidness”. That weapon is flooding what is left of White America with 5 feet tall, 5 feet wide, violent squat monsters from south of the Rio Grande for menial labor and brown hordes from India to take middle class tech jobs for lower wages. Both parties have unreservedly supported this policy for decades and nothing will change now.

    The Democrats are creating “facts on the ground” with the collapse of the southern border, refugee admissions and other policies that encourage the brown hordes of wogs to migrate here. Despite their gross political incompetence in pandering to the worst, most unpopular elements of their “coalition of the fringes” (H/T Steve Sailer) these facts on the ground give the advantage to the Democrats long term. The browning of America overrides any legislation that passes or fails, any legislative majorities, any temporary setbacks. Demography is destiny, blood is thicker than water and the Democrats know this while the Republicans don’t care as long as their pockets are filled with money.

    • Trump lost because of the complete nullification of the Native White vote by the VERY RAPIDLY INCREASING POST-1965 NONWHITE DEMOCRATIC PARTY VOTING BLOC



      By the way…Why vote for Trump?….Can someone explain this to me?


    • You’re right, Trump had the potential to be re-elected in a landslide like Nixon and Reagan. But he either didn’t have the brains or the patience to follow through with anything.

  10. I respect your opinion and you may know more democrats than me, but the 3 I know have used the Lincoln Project (with Dem money) to get rid of Trump and now have no use for Never-Trumpers.

    Steve Schmidt joined the Dem party with huge fanfare only to Own Trump. Now that he has left the scene, very few will give him the time of day.

    I do not think the left will allow centrist Dems to move Right, including Biden. They would Impeach him before allowing so called “conservatives” infiltrate the party. Republicans trying to ride their coattails is another reason to reject GOP Cowards.

    Vote for whoever advances our economic interests. Maybe then we will grow the White population. Other races, in spite of their circumstances find ways to reproduce. Stress relief is probably a big factor. I do not understand how rooting for someone else to fail is a winning strategy.

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