The Bulwark: To Save Democracy, Principled Conservatives Must Ally with Democrats

I totally endorse this move.

We need all the virtue signaling, cosmopolitan, modernist, suburban neoliberals and neocons in one party. For the last 50 years, they have controlled both parties which has had the effect of degenerating our culture and redistributing wealth upward to themselves.

The Bulwark:

“Appalled by the GOP’s comprehensive degradation, a serious group of prominent ex-Republicans and conservative critics of Trumpism hope to form a third force.

Their goal, Reuters reported last week, is to advance “‘principled conservatism,’ including adherence to the Constitution and the rule of law”—either by forming a new party, or a faction aimed at redirecting the GOP. Writes the estimable Peter Wehner, Republicans must “work toward a policy agenda to meet the challenges of the modern world” and “change the way their party thinks about itself.”

Sadly the GOP is no longer what Daniel Patrick Moynihan once labeled a party of ideas. Today it is a party of atavistic tribalism rooted in perpetuating minority rule. The indispensable prerequisite for reanimating principled conservatism is helping Democrats reanimate democracy by destroying the Republican party’s ability to destroy it. …

Until then, I respectfully submit, it would be misbegotten to divert likeminded voters in the quixotic tasks of seeking to transform the GOP or forming a third party—either of which would bleed votes from the only current bulwark of democracy: the Democrats. The stakes are way bigger than abortion or the deficit, as important as those matters may ultimately be.

But we Democrats, too, must do our part—as Tom Nichols advises, “to become a large, coalitional, governing party” and “convince the commissars among you to let go of purity testing each other (and the rest of us).”

Conversely, we need all the populists who hate the neoliberal status quo for whatever reason and want real systemic change in our cultural and economic order in the other party. The 75% can outvote the 25% and win for a change.

Who is Richard North Patterson?

He is described on his Wikipedia page as an early Trump critic.

Some 73-year-old Boomer “True Conservative” who is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and who lives between Martha’s Vineyard and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This guy is the embodiment of professional managerial class neoliberal entitlement. He is bipartisan in supporting Joe. He also literally f**king lives in a gated resort community!

Note: It is worth remembering that people like Richard North Patterson narrowly missed out on the Huey Long presidency in the 1930s.

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  1. This is fantastic. Five maybe six parties all battling to see who can be the most principled anti racist and pro Israel bunch at the top of the hill.

    I think I know the answer but how is it possible atleast one multi millionaire or maybe billionaire isnt throwing money behind a party which doesnt want to see whites wiped off the face of the earth for diversity and against the disgusting culture being pushed today. My Yahoo news feed is mostly who is coming out of the closet or new rappers with names that contain “Lil” buying million dollar cars and bling while knocking up white bitches.

    What could be the worst they could do to an Elon Musk. The guy has enough wealth for 10000 years

    • Even billionaires are easily intimidated, sidelined, crushed if need be … and the billionaires know this

      The richest people in the world have been ‘hit’ when they went off the reservation, there are all sorts of tools in the modern legal-governmental systems to investigate, confiscate assets, censor or humiliate in media … not to mention mysterious ‘accidents’

      Some years ago Warren Buffett, at times richest guy in world and the son of a political mafia US congressman, was critiquing USA gov

      All of a sudden financial news was ‘Warren Buffett and companies under investigation … Warren may be subpoenaed” etc

      Warren changed his tune, became ‘bullish on America’ … investigation ended, ‘nothing’ turned up they said, all fine with Warren

      Elon Musk could be destroyed and bankrupted quickly, they could reach around the world and grab much of the wealth wherever it was

    • Wasn’t it here that I read, if Bloomberg’s faux ‘candidacy’ had merely taken that money he spent on his ‘run,’ and had given some to each American citizen, we’d all be millionaires, now? BEFORE Covid, Stimulus Checks, lockdowns, etc.?

      But that’s what (((they))) don’t WANT. As Fash the Nation has said, time and again – in every broadcast, with reams of data, and analysis, the Jews want YOU to be their SLAVES. That’s the goal. They want Whites gone, the rest of the ‘goyim’ stupid and enslaved, and are willing to bring on Armageddon, if they don’t get their way.

      Such people don’t deserve to live. Hitler was right, if the ‘Final Solution’ was really his idea, and not just boilerplate by the Jignats against the NeoCohens. The whole XXth Century, was the Jews using the Christians, to war against themselves, for the Yids’ benefit.

  2. You should do more updates on what “muh principled anti Trump conservatives” are doing now that Orange Man is gone.

    I’ve looking at their cursed Twitter feeds and its seems they’re mostly directionless right now.

  3. Sen. Tom Cotton (R. Arkansas) is a “principled conservative”, a good one too. He has the conservative line on foreign policy down cold. He wants the U.S. Government to publicly declare that it will go to war with China, if China attacks Taiwan. Until the 1990’s both the government in Peking and the government in Taipei agreed on one thing only: Taiwan was part of China but each claimed to be the rightful government of all China.

    The guy is a fuckstick. He has no idea what China is capable of nor is he apparently aware of the national resolve of the government in Peking to settle this last, unresolved piece of their civil war. Sen. Tom “Fuckstick” Cotton apparently is also unaware of the decline of the U.S. over the decades. He must believe the U.S. is still dominant militarily, politically and economically as though it were still 1960.

    The new, improved, globo-homo military is a mess, just like the rest of the country. The U.S. Government is driving Whites out of the military while promoting freaks and diversity. The geniuses and war mongers who make foreign policy have learned nothing from the last thirty years of war. At a minimum they should look at a map. Taiwan is about 120 miles from China and 8,000 miles from San Diego. This will not end well.

    • Wilson, Schmidt and their fellow f**k wads at The Lincoln Project will die with their hands down their pants, happily deluded almost to the end by the belief they were on the “right” side of history.

      If they’d taken a few moments away from their boy-diddling, they might have learned that even after they’ve thrown their fellows to the crocodile, the crocodile will still finish by eating them.

  4. Your cited Bulwark article ends very well (is well said) in the last paragraph: “This intellectual incoherence typifies the hostility to reason which nourishes the GOP’s anti-scientific amalgam of fundamentalists, climate-deniers, anti-vaxxers, and antagonists of measures to combat COVID-19. Little wonder that nearly 3 in 10 Republicans believe QAnon’s demented claim that Trump was fighting a global child sex trafficking ring. One pauses to observe that such people are not ideal subjects for an intramural reawakening to the excitations of federalism and free trade.”

    • Here’s the thing though. The data proves that the virus entered the US via JFK, Lagaurdia and Newark airports. The data proves that Governor Cuomo ought to be flogged for allowing it to happen. In March the virus was hardly anywhere in the US except for NYC metro area Chicago and Detroit. All terminal hubs for international flights. Who cares what a Nebraskan or South Dakotan thinks about Flat Earth, Vaxx, peados, miracle healing and Jew Space Lasers if the governors of cosmopolitan states refuse to fucking act when an epidemic threatens to transform into a pandemic?

  5. I’m guessing that Richard North Patterson, like most of the snooty old men in the “managerial elite”, is a closeted fruit and a suspected boy-toucher.

  6. The GOP is going the way of the Whigs and not soon enough. We can thank Trump for this, whether he intended it or not.

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