Neoliberal Joe Shoots Down $50,000 In Student Loan Forgiveness

I’m not surprised.

Business Insider:

“President Joe Biden effectively rejected a Democratic plan put forward by Sens. Elizabeth Warren to wipe out up to $50,000 in student loan debt per borrower.

“I will not make that happen,” he said at a CNN town hall event. “It depends on whether or not you go to a private university or a public university.” …

How many times have we seen this now?

Joe will do things like sign an executive order to raise the refugee cap to 125,000 or sign an executive order to do “trans women” in women’s sports. When it comes to the $2,000 that was supposed to go out the door “immediately” or $50,000 in student loan debt forgiveness or making health care more affordable or ending the war in Afghanistan, it is always sorry guys there is nothing we can do.

Note: This is a big black pill for the Bernie Bros.

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  1. He should reject the establishment in the Democratic Party for the same reason Trump should have rejected the right wing libertarians that ran his Presidency deep into the ground. We The People….do what’s for us and the country no matter who’s in office…you can’t lose with that thought process. Deo Vindice !

    • Brian- do you ACTUALLY think, they are doing this for YOUR benefit?
      Oh, Lord. read Miles W. Mathis site, and his article, ‘the Great Reset?’
      The Phoenician Navy. Every single time.

    • “He should reject the establishment in the Democratic Party for the same reason Trump should have rejected the right wing libertarians that ran his Presidency deep into the ground. ”

      You were not paying attention. Since the beginning Joe Biden signaled his contempt for young people and also for Sanders’s platform. He has always been a creature of DC. You would have to be totally ignorant or a liar to say otherwise. Trump of course vocally condemned them and was then derailed by a colossal political fraud with #Russiagate.

  2. Every 4 years they all draw fictitious lines of “difference” between the two parties. But once in power, nothing of any real issues really matter. They both rule as a “uni-party” with a “hive-mind” that is set upon expanding the powers of Wall St., starting a war with some weak nation that can’t fight back, etc.

  3. It’s not going to happen. They need middle class educated Whites to be downtrodden and saddled down with debt for their entire lives upon graduating.

  4. “Note: This is a big black pill for the Bernie Bros.”

    Working in unionized maintenance on a university campus I talk to alot of upperclassmen Millenials and many did not even bother to vote since Bernie was not on the ticket so they are just getting what they expected from Neoliberal Joe.

    P.S. Since so many did not vote since Bernie was not on the ticket gives anecdotal evidence the election was rigged, even Time .magazine has basically admitted it.

    • Could you elaborate on what you are hearing without Doxxing self? This is really interesting. The college vote and the mood in college on this question is a leading edge on possible trends in a few years.

    • Jeff- How’s this REALITY to wrap your mind around?

      90% of people with less than a 3.0 HS GPA, don’t DESERVE TO GO TO COLLEGE, (i.e., should be ACTIVELY DISCOURAGED FROM APPLYING) because they won’t ‘cut it,’ in occupations where independence of mind, counts! cf. American Renaissance’s column “Squeezed to Zero: How the Woke and the Chinese are Destroying Academic Mathematics” – and women? Less than 1% of that 10% mentioned, above. They should all be wives and popping out White Babies, as God intended.

      Feminism and Egalitarianism are RELIGIOUS PLANKS of a godless faith in Multiculturalism.
      It all needs to be dismantled. No, you are NOT the equal of everyone else. There will ALWAYS be people more handsome, thinner, clever, intelligent, superior that the vast majority of plebs out there.

      Jefferson was a LIAR.

  5. Joe Biden is a boomer. Of course he wouldn’t support something like this that would disproportionately benefit generations younger than his.

    You gotta question why he would rip the scab off this one in such an abrupt way. This was an unforced error thats going to hurt him.

  6. The remarkable part of this story is that Biden is doing his swansong as a politician and his last acts are persecuting whites, short changing try hard graduates. Did he convert to Judaism?
    Wow what a mick.

  7. More proof vooooooting isnt gonna do s**t. No one can be trusted to keep their promises in Amerikwa.

    We are at war. As Devon Stack is saying, there hasn’t been a “culture war” for over 100 yrs in Amerikwa, there’s only a Cultural RAPE. This is a rape, because we havent fought back. First step to resolving a problem is admitting the problem.

    Devon’s last few videos have been very good aside from his being vehemently pro desert death cult.

    Voting is a sick joke.

  8. You seem to imply that Joe Biden COULD be “making health care more affordable or ending the war in Afghanistan”!

    Health care will cost MORE, and imperialist wars are INCREASING, and the system is absolutely irredeemable. Populist reformism is a harmful distraction.

  9. “What CAN Joe Biden and the Democrats do? Can someone answer that?”

    Joe Biden and the Democrats – like Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken – can and ARE implementing Israeli’s policies in the Middle East.

    They have no issues accomplishing those goals. Just like Trump and his Republicans had no problems implementing Israel’s goals in the Middle East.

    They have some internal arguments about just what strategies they should employ. Trump’s Jews and Biden’s Jews argue among themselves quite a bit.

    But they are united in their main goal: ISRAEL FIRST.

    As for “domestic politics” – well, as you can see, no $2,000 checks, you still have to pay students loans – Wall Street is still getting their daily bailouts that started under Trump five months before the Covid-19 crisis started – and surely there’s some white person that did something “racist” that will be on the TV for the next month.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  10. Debt servicing is a big part of the US economy, so it’s no surprise that Scumbag Joe won’t support student loan forgiveness. But don’t worry, we can always look forward to the next election, when Ivanka Trump and Namrata Randhawa will be running for some public office. Then we can own the libtards!

  11. I told you. With the Democrats:

    1) The checks were downgraded to $1,400, there will be a lower income qualification and the $1,400 checks may be downgraded again.
    2) Student loan forgiveness will never happen.
    3) Medicare for all will never happen, only the shitty Obamacare everyone hates.
    4) Medicaid will stay but nothing will be done to legitimize it. That is one thing people forget, many healthcare providers will not accept Medicaid because there is less profit in it for them. So, Medicaid can be “expanded” but there is still nothing preventing healthcare providers from rejecting it. Democrats never talk about this because it gives them an easy way out.
    5) The minimum wage will never be substantially raised.


    6) The spigot of federal money to overseas imperial projects will continue unabated, if not more so.
    7) Israel will remain the sugarbaby. Remember what happened to the ambassador’s twitter page the day Biden was nominated?
    8) We WILL get a war with Syria or Iraq in the future.
    9) China and Russia will continue being the evil Nazis, reinforcing the empire’s hysteria.
    10) Anti-white hatred will continue pouring out the Democrats’ eyes and influencing everything they do and say.

    Populism and the word “Democrat” do not belong together in the same sentence, and they never will.

    I told you. I was right.

  12. All Joe seems to be capable of doing is shutting down our energy sector during one of the coldest winters in the last decade and putting autogynephilic perverts into your daughters high school shower. The working class whites, blacks, and hispanics who voted for him expected minimum wage hikes, national healthcare, and that $2000 check.

  13. The Kamala and Joe administration has stated continued solid U.S. support (including military support) for the U.S.-installed puppet regime in Haiti. Western mainstream media does not report the elections were stolen, and Biden says Haiti is in good hands and the massive, historic street demonstrations and general strikes that have been going on for more than a year are “being exaggerated”:

    • Haiti has had several lock downs in the past twelve months, not for coronavirus. The people locked down their own country with general strikes, several times. So far to no avail, as long as the U.S. which overthrew the democratically elected Jean-Bertrand Aristide, continues to prop up the cruel, neoliberal Moise regime.

      Yes the protests are also superspreading events.

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