NY Times Criticizes Joe Biden’s Executive Orders Blitzkrieg

It is not because they disagree.

Neoliberal Joe’s team came in too hot, too hard, too fast. The progressive base was thrilled by his flurry of executive orders on woke, trans, climate and open borders. It had the effect though of shifting the spotlight away from the Capitol Siege narrative and Blumpf’s impeachment. The aggressive volley on polarizing culture war issues rallied the Right while repulsing moderates. It came at a sensitive transition period when Blumpf wasn’t the center of national attention for once.

The fact that he isn’t on Twitter as the center of the universe anymore might be music to the ears of woke progressives, but he also isn’t there to annoy millions of people and drive the national conversation. Big Tech censorship has also accelerated the evolution of populism by filtering out the most toxic voices who would otherwise be on there saying extreme things that alienate moderates.

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  1. The only way for these (((shitbags))) to get away with all that’s happening right now is to “tank” the whole Covid thing and blame goy politicians for it. Distract the goyim time.

    Wait for it…

    • When the UK hit 100,000 dead Johnson did a conference and you could see him thinking “I need a scapegoat”. Suddenly the press started to go after an MP who thought Covid masking was a bad idea.

  2. Of course Joe came in too hot and too fast. But when you make alliance with radicals, they don`t care. Donald pushed things over the edge and now things are over the edge.

    “””….orders on woke, trans, climate…”””

    When we take a closer look, then those things are not only very progressive but also very profitable. For example, “trans” is pretty new things, so we need a lot of well paid trans managers .

    Why loot the street for 50 dollars per day and getting shot from Trump supporting house owner when there are well paid woke trans climate jobs available ?

    And you can afford the Greta Thunberg lifestyle. Traveling around the globe in the first class in very nice.

    Of course, this will put enormous pressure on the Government budget especially in the time when there are people around, wishing to burn down entire financial system.

    Who seem to came out from nowhere. Donald touted his greatest stock market every last day, so a lot of people heard and took a good look on that. By some weird coincidence , this shit show went off only after Donald left the office.

    Now Joe must find money for everybody. From appeasing radicals and saving the Wall Street. When money runs out, then the real fun begins…:D

    Donald set up a trap and Joe with The Swamp stepped in. Like Napoleon in the Moscow. Probably now they understand, like Nytimes but there is nothing they can do anymore.

    Only print money until hyperinflation wipes the Jew World away. Like in Weimar Republic.

    • There’s no way he can appease his own radicals and hold the center. He may lose segments of the left to third position ism now as well. You can’t bankrupt the lower middle class and not expect fascism to take hold.

    • It appears they have stepped into a trap and their reactions to it get them entrapped more. Never interfere with your enemy whenever he’s doing something to hurt himself.

  3. Young-Girl

    This makes the Young-Girl a dangerous political apparatus. As one of Empire’s citizen-drones, she is at once the complement and foil of the “terrorist,” insofar as that word is understood to mean someone who opposes the violence of capitalism with more violence. Just as the NYPD and other city governments stop-and-frisk their citizens for wearing “clothes commonly used in a crime,” the suspected terrorist is first a set of demographic data points that are sufficient to identify him as a “risk.” At the global scale, the Obama administration prefers the Imperial Stop-And-Frisk: halting suspected terrorists with sudden death from above. “Drone” becomes a watchword in both contexts: while troublemakers like the “potential criminal” and the “terrorist” are rendered transparent by the data-gathering of the biopolitical police force and disciplined accordingly, the Young-Girl renders herself transparent to the shimmering gaze of publicity. She disciplines herself with total conformity. Unlike the terrorist, who opposes and complicates the Imperial regime of consumer capitalism, the Young-Girl is the “model citizen as redefined by consumer society.” This is because she is not the passive receptor of commodity culture, but actively remakes herself in its image. She is committed to what Tiqqun calls “a lifelong struggle to render oneself compatible with Empire.” The Young-Girl practices terror by other means: her total complicity with Empire. Her violence is ontological. It is the eradication of difference. This diagnosis established, the reader is left to suppose that to resist becoming another drone-like Young-Girl, one must become incompatible with Empire.

    Tranny Drone Strikes…

  4. The only way anything gets done in Washington D.C. is by Executive Order. One right after another. No matter who’s in office. All the same because America’s so divided and the US House of Representatives and the US Senate do nothing these days. Deo Vindice !

    • It’s not how things are supposed to work. If the Congress can’t agree on “stuff that needs to get done”, then it probably isn’t worth doing. God forbid we would want to limit government’s ability to fuck over everyone’s lives, though.

  5. Have they finally publicly banned God and declared nonpersons for all those who believe in Christ yet … they may be saving that to be one of their final let’s-get-started dystopian burdensome edicts as they begin their reign of terror with much more perversion/destruction to come …

    But It is always good to roll out all these gutter trash bizarro queer policies just before the nukes hit … perfect timing … makes for a “clean” hit on something that is totally abnormal that comes out of the dark recesses of the worst perverts’ minds that nature itself is crying out for its utter destruction … it is a sign that a better world is soon coming …

    May God Save the South!

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