Politico: Twitter’s Priceless Gift To Biden

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump.

I didn’t care for Ricky Vaughn either.

At the same time, I don’t think that Big Tech should be able to wield its monopoly power to censor Joe Biden’s political enemies. I don’t think the Justice Department should be in the business of arresting Hillary Clinton’s enemies as payback for her defeat in the 2016 election.


“As he entered his first week in office, President Joe Biden was handed a priceless gift: the blissful sound of former President Donald Trump’s Twitter silence.

Gone are the pre-dawn tirades, the all-caps declarations, the “Sleepy Joe” mocking, the Fox News-driven agitations and the general incitements. Instead, Biden debuted a flurry of executive orders without ever having to deal with what surely would have been rapid-fire antagonism from the man whose legacy he was dismantling. …

But even if the strategy would have remained the same, Biden’s team also concedes that the absence of Trump and his Twitter feed has been a pleasant addition to the job it’s doing. …”

The social media monopolies should be broken up or nationalized.

The wealth of billionaires should be confiscated and redistributed to the public.

There should also be a wealth cap to crush the oligarchy and eliminate their ability to corrupt our elections. More people than ever are waking up and realizing how the ruling class has its thumb on the scale. The system has been rigged to the advantage of a small group of political and economic elites.

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  1. Creepy Joe would have been much more effective than Sleepy Joe. That exchange with Scott Ritter back in 1998, man. Can’t. Shake it.

  2. The Jeff Bezos giggle:

    Jeff Bezos giggles……as he masturbates to the mass murder of the Historic Native Born White American Majority….it’s beyond material acquisition……It’s Satanic Demigod Fantasies about the MASS MURDER of Our People…A devoid of soul Satanic VOID in the Universe…..

  3. Trump and Q may be eternal, even if Trump himself denies it all

    There is a non-disprovable ‘Trump was stabbed in the back’ story making rounds, giving comfort to the Q-Anon etc crowd who want to hold on to believing that Trump did not betray or abandon them, perhaps the ultimate final ‘Q larp’ –

    The story is that, far beyond any threats to Trump himself or his family, there were threats to set off nuclear or biological weapons in a US city, killing or harming huge numbers, and perhaps blaming it on Trump to boot

    You can find this idea from alt-journo Jim Stone amongst others, Stone discussing how ‘Many are speculating nuclear blackmail was used to ultimately flush Trump’

    This is said to explain why Trump was so weak after early November indicators of election fraud, and why there was no ‘Storm’ or ‘Executive Order’ to arrest all the corruptos along with the 6 January events

    And also, why Trump did not immediately fire Attorney General Bill Barr, who was refusing to interview vote fraud witnesses and evidence offered by Giuliani (which raises the question as well, Why did Giuliani not advise firing Barr? Was this ‘Mr 9-11’ Giuliani’s own Deep State corruption sabotaging Trump?)

    • There was a biological weapon released to remove him from power though. Nuclear Biological and Chemical weapons are baked in now.

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