Former Sanders Spokesperson: Joe Biden Is Backing Away From Populist Offerings

Neoliberal Joe isn’t going to get away with it.

The Hill:

Briahna Joy Gray, former press secretary for the 2020 presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), argued Wednesday that President Biden is “backing away already” from “populist offerings,” which she said could harm the Democratic Party in the long-run. 

In an interview on Hilll.TV’s “Rising,” the contributing editor for Current Affairs magazine said that one of former President Obama’s “biggest mistakes” was to ignore a mandate to “spend the money needed to bail people out,” of the economic crisis he inherited at the start of his presidency. 

“He had all three branches of government, and he didn’t do with it what I think a lot of Americans wished he would,” Gray said. “Economists largely agreed that he didn’t spend enough to actually rectify the crisis.” …”

We dumped Trump because he was a demagogue.

He wasn’t a good leader and had drifted back toward conservatism. The way he used his most devoted followers after he lost the 2020 election only to leave them hanging while he pardoned Lil Wayne illustrates why he had to go. The QAnon plan trusters, the legions of Trump grifters and the conspiratards also had to go. They were a cancer who were discrediting populism.

Blumpf is now history and no longer divides and demoralizes us. QAnon has been discredited. The plan trusters have all been exposed as fools. The Grift Right has crashed. The conspiratards walked into the Capitol Siege trap. Neoliberal Joe has become president, but this is no reason to despair. On the contrary, this is an opportunity to move forward. Millions of people are now ready to listen to a more mature effort from us. The conditions are now ripe to create a healthy populist movement. The toilet has been flushed and most of our problems have resolved themselves. The deck has been cleared and it only cost us having to put up with a senile establishment neoliberal for a few years who had to be carried through the primaries by Jim Clyburn and who only won because he wasn’t Donald Trump in a pandemic.

We elected Donald Trump as president in spite of all his massive flaws and in spite of all the stupid shit that we were saying and doing in 2016. In hindsight, I am surprised it happened so soon. The political establishment and the media were far weaker than any of us imagined. They’ve only weakened themselves even further by resorting to the methods they used to end Blumpf’s America.

Was ripping off the mask and flexing all of that hard power really worth it in the long term? Was Blumpf and his policies really that big of a threat? How many ordinary people did they radicalize by treating him like he was Adolf Hitler? He sat around eating McDonald’s, yelling at “the shows” and tweeting at his enemies for four years. He did tax cuts and criminal justice reform. We thought he was a joke. Looking back on the rise and fall of Donald Trump, it started and ended as a big joke.

Next time, we’re not going to elect a president who is a joke and it will be much easier to get someone who is more to our liking. Assuming he isn’t a one termer and runs for reelection, this person will also only have to defeat a 82-year-old Joe Biden or perhaps Kamala Harris.

Where is Huey Long 2.0?

The American elites are more hated than ever.

This would be deadly serious, not joking around populism.

If we could find that guy to run in 2024, he would crush Neoliberal Joe in a landslide. We need to find a candidate who will run on 1.) something like the Share Our Wealth program and 2.) defending ordinary White people and attacking their tormenters in the cultural elite.

Trump’s biggest mistake was holding all those pep rallies. He never tried to organize his followers into a mass organization to push through his agenda. He also endorsed all the Republican establishment candidates and embraced their unpopular agenda when he could have replaced them. He embraced $2,000 checks after he lost the election. Finally, he waited until he had lost the election to raise all that money from small donors. He would have been better off without the donor class.

Note: The Huey Long lane is there for anyone bold enough to take it.

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  1. The issue is how Zionist and in what sort of a way the next compromised pick will be a Zionist.

    Biden isn’t going to receive any acclaim IMHO.
    He may never see a cheering crowd.

    Blacks might even be dumb enough to have taken Platinum Plan for real.

  2. I don’t want any more presidents or elections, HW. Enough is enough. The “Great American Experiment” with dumb-ocracy has been a failure. Let’s break this bitch up with secession from coast to coast.

    • Yes, and i think that we must be vigilant. If they’re willing to break all their own laws (as they are) and go this bezerk, it should be taken seriously.

      Ever read about the Kitos War? Our ancestors never saw it coming, but they should have, the signs were all there.

      Same goes with Bolshevism of Antiquity.

      The Brother Wars fueled by religion after our culture was destroyed by a desert cult.

      And the French Revolution. And Russia. Probably hundreds of millions of Aryans have been butchered by this enemy in cold blood over the last two millenia. Tens of millions certainly last century alone.

      These bastards are beatable (if we begin taking this as it is, a fight for survival in which in practice we are the underdogs, despite our many advantages), but healthy respect & fear is necessary.

      They believe they’re in the final stretch. I have no doubt that overall, we shall survive. Not nearly as confident about our prospects in Amerikwa (though i think we will probably survive, but I can easily envision being an explicitly enslaved tiny minority). Western Europe is also worrisome, but not as much as here (imo).

      The most worrisome thing is that we have known about them for so long, and we repeat the same exact stupid “solution” over & over & over. Even now it’s fringe & taboo to discuss it.

      They only need to win once. So long as we cling to various dogmas/taboos which remain widely prevelant even within the anti-Jewish pro-Aryan subculture today, we need to win every single time. And we have just barely won +109 times, temporarily. But they always come back. And they come back more tenacious, sophisticated, and resourceful. They put us in an increasingly desperate and soul murdering position where the odds of our overthrowing them are methodically reduced to the point of it seeming hopeless.

      That’s the most worrisome thing. We know just how dangerous these creatures are. Yet, the “solutions” proposed are the same exact ones as always. We will eventually lose if we refuse to act rationally to protect our loved ones from this filthy hostile tyrannical bloodthirsty subspecies.

      Anyway, it is great that Zio Don is gone! Even if worst case scenario became reality – which idk when will happen (if we fail) – nothing is worse than the deluded illusion of “winning” while the rotten world keeps decaying under the veneer of normalcy. I think I’d rather things be explicit. If i am going to be a goy slave, i’d prefer for it to be explicit (though that would suck in other ways, massively). The clown world slow grind of watching these trends unfold is just pure torture. It is very bad in the area I’ve been.

      Y’all be vigilant, take things in every once & a while. Get angry. It’s healthy. Don’t be rash, but don’t be cucks either. Do your best to find the goldylox zone balance, and try to help others do the same. We are at war. Our descendants will either sing songs praising us or curse us as we rightly curse the Boomers…decisive times! Appreciate what you got. Take care.

  3. Good piece, Hunter, but I’m not sure the dollar is going to hold up long enough for working-class bailouts. We need to bring back good jobs from Asia.
    I’m also happy that Trump has gone, and it almost feels like we just have to sit back and watch as this incompetent Judeo-Transvestivik “Administration” crumbles. They really can’t afford to f*ck up. Unlike most incoming Executives, they are starting off with absolutely no reserve of political capital/goodwill. Especially once they jerk demented Joe and put Kamala (who everybody hates) in the hot seat.

    How do you like your popcorn – sweet, or buttery & salty?

    • The highwater mark of the Biden presidency was two days ago when Not Trump was inaugurated. The biggest challenge now is finding someone who can run on a real populist agenda before the inevitable backlash is captured by, say, a Nikki Haley.

      • Please Hunter, no more colored people as candidates. There is already one Hindu-Dindu lined up to be President, we can’t stand another one of these repulsive creatures.

      • Good luck with that! The Republicans have learned nothing – and millions of us will not be going back (I didn’t vote last year btw). I just don’t see where a populist leader is going to emerge from. Anyone half decent will get shot down by the media and establishment and sabotaged if they have even an outside chance. They won’t let Trump happen again. I don’t see anyone out there with the caliber of Matteo Salvini or Martin Sellner (let alone Vladimir Putin – for all his flaws, someone who loves his Volk and has done much for them). Literally NOBODY in D.C. can be trusted – nor most in local government. So where are we going to get this populist outsider?

        GOP may well co-opt a populist message going into 2022 (like Tea Party or Trumpism), but sure as sunrise as soon as they’re in it’ll be back to the same old corrupt routine.

  4. Populism is not revolutionary anyway. It means, at best, a temporary reform, to be followed by doubling-down of capitalism.

    Speaking of anti-populism, the Kamala (and Joe) administration is increasing funding for our good proxies the White Helmets terrorists, who terrorize Syria for us.

  5. You write as if you care about the health of the US government and the system. The US government is hostile to White existence, hostile to you and your family’s existence. And why do you want to send people to White-hating indoctrination centers at no cost to themselves? Good luck finding your “populist” candidate and reviving the rotting corpse that is the United Sates.

      • White females are more prone to brainwashing than you and me. I see it all the time. They are somewhat important to the continued survival, or extinction of our people. The White males who fall for it are worthless and expendable. I agree that the costs are outrageous and need to be controlled somehow, but I don’t want to be paying for people to get indoctrinated under the current system. Industries should sponsor vocational training. More people need to be doing that, anyway.

    • Most white men come out of college hating blacks, feminists and Jews. The anecdotal encounters I’ve seen, heard about and experienced show that white guys learn to see things for what they are, but find ways to use the language to get around things.

  6. You’re quickly going to find out that Trump, for all his MANY, MANY flaults (and yes, there were indeed many), was the best that we were ever going to get.

    Your expectations are pure larping. Pure fantasy. We have no numbers, no money, and no influence. How can you credibly claim that we’re going to ever get someone better than Trump.

    It’s like a homeless guy on the streets (a sound metaphor for our political influence) tossing away a tenner in disgust. “Next time, we’ll get a hundred-dollar bill; maybe a thousand.”


    Did you hear that Biden is ramping up for war in Syria? All that Trump did was toss a few missiles their way. But now we’re going to see a REAL anti-Syrian war to topple Assad, courtesy of Biden.

    This is what you wanted.

    • We need to insist on genuinely GOOD leaders, instead of “muh lesser of two evils” garbage thinking. Trump was simply the less stinky pile of shit.

      • The trouble is, we have no power, money, or influence, therefore we cannot “insist” on anything.

        The less-stiny pile of crap is the best we could ever have hoped for. Because we have no leverage. Zero.

        Now we’re going to get much, much worse. And it will only be worse.

        • Better that Trump is still in office so millions can just sit back, shut their eyes and pretend things aren’t going to Scheisse? For all his flaws, Trump ripped the mask off the whole enterprise. But an awakened populace needs good & true leadership from now on. No more self-promoting narcissists: we need humble servants willing to do the quiet, thankless work necessary to “Build Back Better” for our kids.

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