Tucker Carlson Brings Up Huey Long

Well, that just happened.

We’re reviving Longism in 2021.

Since everyone is now interested in Huey Long, this is an excerpt from one of his most famous speeches from when he ran for governor in 1928. There are striking similarities between Louisiana in the 1920s in the wake of the demagogue Gov. John Parker and the later rise of Huey Long.

The Evangeline Speech

“Long’s platform was summarized in a famous 1928 campaign speech delivered in St. Martinville, La., under the Evangeline Oak, the subject of a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

“…It is here under this oak where Evangeline waited for her lover, Gabriel, who never came. This oak is an immortal spot, made so by Longfellow’s poem, but Evangeline is not the only one who has waited here in disappointment.

Where are the schools that you have waited for your children to have, that have never come?

Where are the roads and the highways that you send your money to build, that are no nearer now than ever before?

Where are the institutions to care for the sick and disabled?

Evangeline wept bitter tears in her disappointment, but it lasted only through one lifetime. Your tears in this country, around this oak, have lasted for generations. Give me the chance to dry the eyes of those who still weep here.”

Here’s a relevant excerpt from Huey’s Long autobiography:

“We managed to break what our opponents called the “solid North Louisiana vote.” It gave a slight majority for Parker. He was elected.

Governor Parker immediately addressed me a few letters, taking occasion to thank me for the support which I had given to his candidacy.

Before his inauguration, however, I was shelved. …”

“It was here I saw occur a phenomenon that has frequently presented itself in the after years. Those of us, zealous for reform and who had exhausted ourselves in the election, hied back to our work to give attention to our several neglected affairs. The crowd of wiseacres, skilled at flattery and repartee, surrounded our newly elected governor. Soon he was convinced that his insurmountable virtue alone had wrought the victory; before long he was made to see how much bigger his majority might have been but for the “hindrance” of such “objectionables” as myself.

The elements he had defeated, always in his easy view, broke into ecstasies of delight at which they had so lately found to be his words of wisdom. They had felt a divine spark. When the slaves of the campaign had the time to visit him, the element we had expected to oust were needed to introduce us to our late candidate.

He made his own program with the help of Standard Oil lawyers, who had been called in to write some of the laws affected that Corporation. He appeared to desire only such legislation as was agreed to in compromise on all sides.

Cain became his own judge. …”

Has anyone noticed that Huey Long would crush Joe Biden in 2024?

Can we get Sen. Huey Long on the phone?

Surely, the populists can do better than Donald Trump?

Note: The only problem is that Huey Long died before his time in 1935. We don’t yet have a candidate who can fill those shoes and run in his lane.

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  1. If Tucker brings something up, you’d be best to keep one of your eyebrows raised higher than the other, and maintain a strong health dose of cynicism whenever he opens his mouth.

    • Tucker is a WASP whose daddy was in the CIA. In my book, that’s two strikes against him right there. Nothing is more jewdified than the anglosphere.

      • I understand the Tucker Show was also feeding its gullible audience last night more CIA hybrid war propaganda lies about China: that what it calls “the Wuhan virus” (1) could have started when two Wuhan research lab workers were bitten by bats last fall “and they got sick,” and (2) because the research lab “contained a coronavirus that is 96% similar to SARS CoV-2.” If the Carlson Show’s My Pillow advertising target audience had above average intelligence, and any good science education, they would know 96% similar is not a close genetic match, still very different from SARS CoV-2.

        Carlson’s bat bite origin story is just as ridiculous as those earlier lies about the “Chinese bat eating habits” and about bats being sold in the Wuhan farmers market, where bats have not been sold at all for more than ten years, since even before the first SARS virus appeared.

        These CIA war propaganda whoppers rank up there in ridiculousness with Colin Powell’s African uranium yellowcake story and the one about Kuwaiti babies being thrown on the floor out of incubators by “evil Saddam’s soldiers” – that were also heavily amplified at the time by Fox News to its gullible and bloodthirsty conservative audience, making them chimp out to go to war to kill Muslims.

        • HW himself was writing about Chinese wet markets and “bat soup” on this very blog back in January of 2020. This is the first place I heard about that theory you are mocking Tucker Carlson for.

    • Exactly, Tucker’s job is to steal dissident right talking points and repackage them to fit the kosher narrative. He’s a snake and an enemy of the pro-white cause.

    • Anyone on establishment TV isn’t on our side. Think of how delusional it is to believe that a talking head is on our side. Tucker is a cynical puppet of even more cynical jews.

      Here’s a gay being honest about Tucker, and Tucker is also honest, for once. He knows what his job is, just like Ron and Rand Paul know what their functions are.


      Thanks to FinkelThink, this kind of information, despite its being true, will never reach the closed mind of the conservative FinkelThink victim.

  2. I’d rather see Carlson address the jew supremacist for these words. If the jew said those words about blacks, he would be forced to step down and apologize ever and over again.

    Tucker: “Consider that for a moment, think deeply about what Congressman Steve Cohen of Tennessee just said on television: Every white man in this country is a potential murderer. Every white man in America should be under suspicion, purely on the basis of being white and male”

  3. In Brecht’s words, I think it was Brecht anyway, they abolished the people and elected another.

    • “It would be easier for the government to dissolve the people and just keep electing themselves” more or less. My German is rusty but Brecht is a fantastic mind who worked in the ridiculous. It really is not far from the truth as the elite will inject an AOC or Rashid to make it seem like the groups and classes have a voice while those voices just get bought by the elite already in power. The elite keep electing each other while giving you a meaningless choice.

    • The way some people get their ideas for what to talk about on their twitter, is they read the political blogs and the comment sections, and instead of responding on the blog itself, they make a comment about it on their twitter. The TV networks obviously work the work the same way. I have no problem with it. If people don’t copy your ideas, they can never become popular.

      I’ve also seen comments in the news by senior government officials from other countries, that are eerily similar to what is discussed here. Are they reading this blog, or is it just my imagination?

  4. “If America ever winds up with a Fascist government, we will have it under the guise of Anti-Fascism.” THIS is what we’re supposed to be excited about?! This?! Quoting something that isn’t even true?! I’m going to lose it if I ever here this politically illiterate quote ever again about Fascism and Anti-Fascism being the same. Nothing about Long’s economic views (or any other views he had. completely ignoring his heavy handed “authoritarian” leanings of governing). This is the “mainstreaming” of Huey you guys are excited about? Pathetic.

    “Based” Tucker my ass.

  5. Antifascist communists are the real fascists and democrats are the real racists unlike Abe Lincoln. Got it

    • We are “the real clowns in a this joke of a society.” That’s what we are.

      It’s like these Natioanlist-tards are so desperate and glad that someone close to them was mentioned but did not listen to what was actually said (and why). And they’re lapping it up.

      Why are Nationalists so embarrassing?

      • And I’m post-Fascist (for the sake of simplicity, Nationalists here can call me Fascist).

        So you can just imagine my genuine annoyance at Tucker doing the “Anti-fascist are the real Fascists.” And Nationalist-tards are completely eating it up.

  6. I suspect Tucker is a regular visitor to this site, HW. I also suspect that I am his favorite personality in the comments section.

    • @Spahn
      It’s because you bring a mature and considered approach to the discussion. You offer a balanced, gracious and diplomatic commentry style.
      You are a father figure to us all, including Tucker.
      You are a favourite of everyone!!

      • You are too kind. The last thing I thought I would ever be characterized as is mature.

        Wait a second, are you posting in sarcasm mode?

  7. First Jack Posobiec, now Tucker. I can smell the republican fake “populist” op coming. Who will they try to jerry rig up as their pseudo-populist candidate for 2024? Hawley? Lil Marco?

  8. Is Tucker going to come out for the UBI? It seems so. If the idea is coming from the top 1% it is not a populist idea. Klaus Schwab of the WEF wants the UBI. Why? It is a bait and switch. You well get the UBI in exchange for more rules, regulations and reduction in benefits. No social security, medicaid and medicare, unemployment benefits etc.

    • Exactly. “Give” one dollar and take two away. A tried-and-true sales trick is to give people a big “gift” check to spend on something that is way over-priced, and that they don’t need.

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