Voter Fraud: Trump Crushes The Vote In New York City

The voter fraud narrative is a hilarious cope.

The truth is that the 2020 election results reflect Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign strategy which was set by Jared Kushner and Brad Parscale. After four years of non-stop MIGA, Donald Trump crushed the vote with Orthodox Jews in New York City. He declined only in Staten Island which is 65.8% White!

Where else did Donald Trump crush the vote? He crushed it in Miami where Jared and Brad Parscale spent years targeting Cubans and Venezuelans. Philadelphia, Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit and San Francisco also swung red. Black turnout wasn’t impressive in Milwaukee either. Brad Parscale is right that Trump had a plan to win black men. He performed better with black men which was Jared’s strategy.

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  1. Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump also crushed it with the Orthodox Jews who have been spamming Occidental Dissent, and every othe nationalist website.

    If only Orthodox Jews were allowed to vooote, Donald Trump would be President. I assume that will be their next generational project, after they’ve finished shutting down freedom of speech.

  2. Anyone who pretends the Democratic Party isn’t committed to engaging in massive fraud, wouldn’t justify it, wouldn’t cover it up, is a fool. They take their convicted voter fraud felons and put them in front of cheering audiences. What is stopping them from doing it? They aren’t deterred from censorship, they aren’t deterred from massive corruption, they aren’t deterred from sponsoring Antifa and BLM, they had the means to cheat, there’s no way that sending out millions upon millions of postal ballots didn’t give them the opportunity to cheat, and there’s no way they wouldn’t have taken it.

    Any discussion of Trump’s shortfall of votes has to explain how getting 10 million more votes is failure. Winning 19 of 20 bellwether counties. The bottom line is that it’s hard to explain how Trump gets more votes than he got and can win if the Democrats get 80 million votes. Did 80 million vote for Biden because of covid?

    I didn’t vote for Trump, and I feared what would happen if Trump was re-elected. That being said, all of us were up on Wednesday morning when they said they stopped counting (water main break in Atlanta!). Cenk Ugur was chimping out, it was hilarious. There was a massive lead in Pennsylvania, substantial leads in Wisconsin and Michigan. We’re supposed to believe those sudden updates that reversed the situation were completely legit. Why? What reason is there to believe that?

  3. I heard weeks before the election from a very good source that “many” New Yorkers were “going to vote Republican for the first time ever” in protest against Governor Cuomo’s and Mayor de Blasio’s poor handling of the pandemic.

    • You could say Trump won New Yorkers because of Covid, but lost the Presidency largely because of Covid.

      Another New Yorker (White) explained to me that New Yorkers became well aware of the extremely unequal treatment of the working class and the wealthy in the pandemic. The city’s best hospital, which serves the rich, always had plenty of protective equipment for the doctors and medical staff (while the other hospitals had little or none) and the best outcomes.

  4. Somewhat whitepilling, honestly. It looks like there is indeed a portion of the White vote that is beginning to understand is racial interests and at least reacting to them, even if the choices presented by the system aren’t likely to be much better than the other. They correctly sussed out that the Republican party means the gravy train only ends for White men unconnected to the elite and the jews/browns clearly get that, too. The republican party and conservatism is a core enemy of White America. It doesn’t have a single useful element.

  5. I don’t blame him for targeting Hispanics in Florida, if the GOP loses Florida then they have no path to victory.

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