Brad Parscale: Trump Lost Because Of COVID

I definitely think COVID was a big part of it.

I loudly said so at the time. I took an enormous amount of shit for saying that it is “just the flu” and “let it rip” was a fatal mistake. The descent of the Right into Alex Jones-tier conspiracy theories and crankish, do nothing libertarianism was the actual terrible optics that alienated White college-educated, moderate suburban voters. It sealed Trump’s image as a moron with Independent voters.

In the end though, Joe Biden was always ahead in the popular vote and he ended up winning by just over 4 points. The Right is at structural disadvantage because of the True Cons policy agenda. It is too far from the Center on everything from taxes to student loan debt to health care to the environment.

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  1. The Orange Bastard has received $170M in donations since Election Day from suckers that were told that Don the Con would use that money for an “election defense fund” – some of OD’s very own MAGApedes probably fell for that grift.

    • Thats depressing so many fell for the massive scam republicucks really are that dense . Election defense fund lol freaking unbelievable also his Save America pac grift #StoptheGrift already

      Apparently Blumpf can claim that money for himself it doesn’t have to go to legal fees, like it ever was in the first place…

  2. ThE pLaN! = pandering to nibbas and Messicans and jews, Monitoring the BLM/antifa Rioting Situation, Twitterting about Stawks! and giving Israel everything their black hearts desired- how did ThE pLAn! work out for you and the other 2 Stooges, Brad?

    • Q says Trump has this election fraud thing covered, just send him more shekels so he can get more scumbag lawyers like Rudolph Giuliani hacking away at it and racking up billable hours. Trust the Plan, it’s going to be great.

  3. Everyone should be hoping the Dems win the Georgia runoff election. That way they don’t have an excuse if they don’t provide stimulus money or UBI in these desperate times. The GOP retaining the Senate is a nightmare scenario… kind of like if Trump had won.

  4. The chink flu scamdemic is nothing more than an opportunity for politicians and bureaucrats to exert unlimited authority over the public until the end of time. For some reason HW can’t understand that.

    • If by I would say by February next year a second wave doesn’t happen, there could be chaos everyone wants a reopen. They can’t justify another lockdown without the body count

      • Also in February, the total number of deaths for 2020 in America from all causes gets released. It usually is around three million a year. If it’s the same, you will know covid was just the flu. It will have to be closer to three and a half million to be a legitimate covid pandemic.

      • Agreed, because there wouldn’t be much for anyone to run otherwise if they go too far. Too many people have bought into these stupid ”Covid is a hoax” conspiracy theories, and so they see the lockdowns, masking, and even the vaccines being developed as all part of a sinister plot.

    • @Spahn – Yes – this! All of the patients filling the ICU where my wife works as a nurse practitioner are Coof Crisis Actors!

    • My uncle(65 year old farmer in Central IL in good health) contracted it on Monday – hospitalized yesterday – my mom just texted me and his daughter was told he would not make it through the day. My mom and my dad have been parroting the It’s Just the Flu, Bro BS they soak up on FoxNews up until now.

    • Span, most of these guys feel for the Trump con, why wouldn’t they fall for the covid con? The flu statistics have fallen 90% since covid has come came around. Wonder why? Everything is bring counted as covid. The flu and covid are synonymous. Funny, only countries associated with the pharmaceutical industry have high covid cases. 3rd world countries have almost zero cases. Follow the money.

  5. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow said on Tuesday night that her longtime partner, Hunter Wallace, nearly died from a bad case of coronavirus and cautioned viewers to take the virus seriously.

    “He’s still sick, but he’s going to be OK, and we’re not scared anymore like we were,” Maddow told viewers.

    I do just want to tell you what happened to me in the hopes that you might take it on as something that might be helpful for thinking about you and your own family,” Maddow said.

    “OK, so if you know anything about me off of TV, if you know me personally at all, then the foremost thing you probably know about me is that I am in love. Hunter and I have been together for more than 21 years. It was love at first sight. That has never waned. He is the center of my universe, and it’s not even like he’s the sun and I’m a planet. It’s more desperate and pitiful than that. It’s more like he’s the planet and I’m the satellite up there.”

    And as soon as Hunter is out of quarantine, be sure to check out his new TV show on MSNBC, called Occidental Dissent….

    On Monday night, the discussion will be “Wear your b*tch-cloth, there’s a pandemic!”

    On Tuesday night, Hunter will be discussing, “Where’s your “covi-pass,” you contemptible worm? You can’t just leave your shipping container whenever you want! Get that rag on your face and that poison into your veins”

    And on Wednesday night, Hunter will discuss how Trump lost in the most honest and secure election in human history, don’t miss it!

    • @Sigge…

      If you feel you have no choice but to be critical of our blog host, this is the way to do it – cheeky, funny, and very civil.

      Well done!

    • Maddow also confessed that not only had Hunky Hunter turned her from her degenerate lesbic ways, but her views on the so-called ‘Jewish Question” had “evolved significantly.”

      “Sitting at Hunter’s manly feet while he reads aloud his latest genius-infused dissection of modernism in 1927, I am humbled and ashamed at the knowledge that my people inflicted Freudian quack psychology, pornography, genocidal communism, and all manner of vile faggotry on the Wonderful White West. I don’t know how I personally can make amends, but Hunter’s first guest on our show will be the voice behind Murdoch Chan.”

  6. I don’t think Blumpf lost because of corona virus but I could give you a long list of at least 30 reasons why he did lose or in at least deserved to lose.

    However he should of taken the virus more seriously and didn’t childishly downplay it as he constantly changed his opinion on it and like he said it was gonna magically go away in summer, or drink bleach and injecting disinfectants still baffled he said that but it is Blumpf we are talking about so not exactly surprised

    • He never said drink bleach. Please stop. He was obviously talking about the experimental remedies and vaccines that were being discussed. Pandering to the dumb lockdown mask protests was error but in the circumstances there were enough people thinking that way anyway.

  7. He was at his worst in March with the Covid fiddling and if I gage the chart correctly his disapproval didn’t spike until several months later. Was it really people going back into restaurants that caused this? Or did the independents really fall for the big lie that St. George was murdered in cold blood by the evil climate of Trumps America? The electorate wasn’t that gullible about blacks in the 90s and Clinton knew he had to show that he wasn’t a Dukakis Mondale McGovern type sucker slapping hoodlums on the wrist, so did Sleepy Joe back then with the crime bill and “superpredators.” Ghettos are full of crime, and hood rats need to be intensively scrutinized by the police when they are in areas they don’t belong. The whole spectacle of these riots showed that the younger ones and suburban “college educated” white women have no common sense. Strange that most immigrants had a better gut reaction to the riots than they did.

    But anyone who was on the fence about Trump? His libertarian do nothing about the pandemic at first, the dumb soundbites about bleach, the economy cratering. That kept them from holding their nose and voting for the static quo. I knew someone who didn’t like Obama, but when Romney showed his colors by choosing Paul Ryan and the Ryanism stuff like “privatizing social security” came out said he was going to hold his nose and vote for Obama. Old Joe didn’t seem senile during the first debate where Trump came off unhinged and seemed safe and stable and “not Bernie” to the independents and undecideds.

    • He’s at a serious structural disadvantage. The presence of blacks creates various economic, cultural, health hazards that can’t be fixed without genocide. The niggers and Mestizos spread this thing and around half the dead ain’t white. In the US it didn’t spread as a season disease would normally spread because you’ve got various climatic zones that have different seasonal patterns. The disease vanished in the UK in summer but returned in Autumn. In the US it struck almost stochastically.

  8. In an average year in Burgerland, about 500 whites are murdered by blacks. If we consider a range of 160 years, this death toll has a ceiling of 80000 white Americans — a liberal estimate since the population shrinks as we go back in time.

    The God Emperor wiped out a multiple of that number of our own — not in some dystopian future or in some far off land, but right here, right now, in a span of less than a year. Stonks, the private equity and hedge fund guys said.

    Meanwhile, Charlie Kirk explains that “progressives want you dead!” Indeed.

    It remains a mystery why Biden improved with whites this election.

    • “In an average year in Burgerland, about 500 whites are murdered by blacks”:

      How many thousands of people do you think “Burgerland” (the U.S.) kills (directly and indirectly) in foreign countries every year? What do you think is the common denominator / connection between these two death tolls?

    • 1. It only kills the very old and very unfit
      2. Around 45% of the dead ain’t even white
      3. The crisis could only be solved by a rapid development of several vaccine formulas

      This sort of thing isn’t the fault of any politician.

  9. Trump’s Blame China narrative is obviously wrong, and proof continues to rack up that it is wrong. There is a good article on Moon of Alabama, today, to that effect:

    “China did so much ‘wrong’ that it no longer has a Covid-19 problem (…) The ‘blame China’ game will continue independent of what the evidence says. But it is becoming harder and harder to argue that the mess most ‘western’ countries are in was caused by China when it is so obvious that it is caused by the behaviors of our own societies.”

    Very interesting, from the same source: “Tuesday, December 1, marks one year since the first known patient showed symptoms of the disease in the Hubei provincial capital of Wuhan, according to a key study in the Lancet medical journal. At the same time that the virus is believed to have first emerged, the documents show another health crisis was unfolding: Hubei was dealing with a significant influenza outbreak. It caused cases to rise to 20 times the level recorded the previous year, the documents show, placing enormous levels of additional stress on an already stretched health care system.’ The influenza epidemic, as officials noted in the document, was not only present in Wuhan in December, but was greatest in the neighboring cities of Yichang and Xianning. It remains unclear what impact or connection the influenza spike had on the Covid-19 outbreak. There is no proof that the very first SARS-CoV-2 infection of a human being has actually taken place in China. SARS-CoV-2 infections have been retroactively found in France and Italy in blood samples that were taken in November 2019 or earlier. The influenza outbreak in Hubei province may have silently reinforced the spreading of SARS-CoV-2 in China. It could explain why Hubei was the first place where a Covid-19 outbreak was noticed while it was spreading silently elsewhere.”

    Recent analyses of blood donations made in the United States last year found antibodies, proving that the disease was already present in some urban areas in the U.S. by last DECEMBER, more than one year ago.

  10. Parscale needs an excuse for his failure.

    Unfortunately, Trump was somewhat successful at polarizing people over the virus.

    There are circumstances where he might still have won, despite singlehandedly sabotaging the federal response and making sure we got the worst combination of economic and medical harm.

    That’s says something negative about the short-sightedness of Americans.

    It was the virus PLUS the pivot away from immigration restriction and economic populism that did him in.

    He simply governed as a typical Republican and for reasons we’ve been over 1000x that package of policies usually loses presidential elections. Rightfully so.

    The real lesson from the Trump administration and the pandemic is how harmful typical Republican policies are and how dedicated the GOP is to those polices.

    Relentlessly pander to gays and non-whites, use libertarian talking points to justify a refusal to ever help their average White supporters… but give tons of money to big corporations, blacks and Israel. And of course, that libertarian rhetoric suddenly disappears when it comes to harmful big government programs that are part of the neo-liberal consensus, like crushing anyone who criticizes Israel.

    They are so committed to these pseudo-libertarian policies that they weren’t even willing to pay people to vote for them by providing corona relief in an election year. They also weren’t interested in using the government to capitalize on the pandemic politically by making a show of helping people.

    They’d rather lose than do anything for their supporters.

  11. I think there are four ideological columns a nation must have if it hopes to main stability, longevity, and sustainability. These columns are Ethno-Nationalism, Economic Populism, Social Communitarianism and Ordered Liberty. All four of these aspects exist in diminished form in the United States if they exist at all!

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