Ryan Girdusky: Why GOP Voters Should Care About Winning Georgia Senate Races

I’m torn on the issue.

I legitimately haven’t made up my mind. I’m feeling cross-pressured.

On the one hand, Lindsey Graham is vowing there will be a return to the Tea Party era if Republicans retain control of the Senate. Lindsey Graham and three other Republican senators who were just reelected – Tillis, Collins and Cornyn – are also working with Chuck Schumer on another amnesty bill. On the other hand, Republican control of the Senate would preserve the filibuster and thwart Joe Biden’s agenda.

The Hill:

“Republicans ready to become deficit hawks again under a President Biden

Republicans are preparing to reembrace their inner deficit hawks after greenlighting big spending bills under President Trump

GOP senators say they expect to refocus on curbing the nation’s debt and reforming entitlement programs starting in 2021, as the Congressional Budget Office estimates that the debt has surpassed the size of the American economy. 

“I think that’s kind of getting back to our DNA. … I think spending, entitlement reform, growth and the economy are all things that we’re going to have to be focused on next year, and, yeah, I would expect you’ll hear a lot more about that,” said Sen. John Thune (S.D.), the No. 2 Senate Republican. ..,

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is poised to become the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee if Republicans maintain their majority. He said he wants to create a new commission to propose ways to reduce the deficit and address the country’s debt. …”


“Amnesty advocates behind the American Business Immigration Coalition (ABIC) are billing an event this week with six Senate and House Republicans as part of a broader effort to engage with elected Democrats and the pro-amnesty community, from corporate donors to the open borders lobby, on “building bipartisanship on immigration reform.”

On Thursday, Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL), Thom Tillis (R-NC), Susan Collins (R-ME), and John Cornyn (R-TX) and Representatives Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) and Will Hurd (R-TX) are to participate in an ABIC event alongside Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Dick Durbin (D-IL), Robert Menendez (D-NJ), and Chris Coons (D-DE). The group’s website said the event is about “building bipartisanship on immigration reform” arguing that effort “is more important than ever.” It encourages attendees to hear “from elected leaders on the path forward in 2021.” …”

Do you see my predicament?

As a social conservative and economic populist, I resent the fact that immigration is being used by the GOP as a wedge issue. When I vote on the basis of immigration, I repeatedly turn around and see that the GOP is doing things like pushing for more immigration when in power!

We don’t have clarity on the issue.

There is absolute clarity in the GOP caucus on tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, on MIGA, on welfare for the military, on old men occupying space and engaging in grandstanding and token gestures and doing nothing about any pressing issue facing the nation for years on end. At best, there might be tepid support in the Senate from outliers with ambitions for higher office on taking on Big Tech censorship or restricting immigration or any of the National Populist issues.

Note: Ryan Girdusky makes a good point about how Jared and Brad Parscale ran Trump’s campaign into the ground in Appalachia. There was a uniform decline in his 2016 margin with White voters across Appalachia. He also declined in Staten Island in New York City.

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  1. In other “Fuck the Plebs News” Bitch McConnell has shot down another Coronavirus Relief Bill – can’t have the goyim getting a few breadcrumbs from the oligarchs’ table.

  2. At this point it is not about candidates, not about parties, not about policies.

    No, it’s about process, and if we lose the process of registered voters having their voices heard, and all others not, there will be two choices left on the menu – either submission to a totalitarian system that persecutes us at will or wholesale violence throughout this nation.

    As the first is unacceptable and the second an unpleasant last resort, we must try as best we can to resolve our problems on a legal and peaceful basis.

    If you value liberty, your liberty, your family’s liberty, your community’s liberty, your childrens’ liberty, then you must recognize that we are at a critical juncture here.

    President Trump’s greatest value has often been unintended, and in supporting him now, you are helping him to expose a system that is corrupt from head to to and you help to awaken your fellow Americans to the fight that must be engaged, at every level.

    Any attitude other than positive and whole-hearted engagement is an attitude that seeks to nurture tyranny, whether it knows it or not.

    • “Whole-hearted engagement” is rather vague; perhaps intentionally so. Anyway, the corruption cannot be rooted out. It’s FAR too late for that. It is both total and terminal. What is going to happen is what is going to happen. (That’s intentionally vague.)

    • @ c d,

      Hitler wasn’t a “tyrant.” He was beloved by his people.

      Have you ever seen the photographs of Adolf with his adoring Volk? That legitimate love flowing forward and backward.

      Only the communist trade unionists and marxist agitators thought of Hitler as a tyrant.

      • @November…

        Hitler certainly did not start off a tyrant, but, eventually became one, he, in the last year of the war alone (when the war was completely lost) ordering 12,000,000 Germans to their deaths.

        One example of this was his refusal to allow East Prussians (Pomeranians) the right to flee before the oncoming rapacious Russian army in the Winter of 1944-45.

        The result was that untold numbers of Germans girls were gang-raped and millions of German women, children, and elderly lost their lives to bombardment or the vicious winter weather, when they wound up fleeing anyway.

        But, yes, Hitler was beloved by many Germans.

        A sizeable minority of Germans always detested him, and I have personally known some of those, just as I knew those who liked him and loved him.

        Hitler was a great uncorrupted man and also a terrible man with little empathy – very different, in both senses, from the decadent, mediocre and corrupt souls who occupy our elite.

        • Ivan,

          The sources I found said German soldiers lost 1.9 million-4 million soldiers dead during the whole war. 1939-1945. Take your pick of sources.

          He ordered the German civilians to stay put since a mass exodus might have demoralized the defenders and caused a military collapse. Many mistakes have been made like that in history. One source said it was mostly rear echelon Soviets soldiers doing the most atrocities.

          Quit blaming the victims for the atrocities. Blame the ones who committed the crimes. Under Evacuation of East Prussia -wikipedia the estimates of dead during the evacuation vary from 31,940 to 300,000. Most German civilians escaped in the largest human exodus in history. The latter figure of 300,000 seems to include deaths in camps after the war. Lots of sources conflict.

          The millions of dead and raped Germans occurred mostly in other parts of Germany by the Soviets not during the evacuation of East Prussia. And do not forget the gallant Americans–your people doing their part.

          Total military and civilian German casualties during the whole war from 1939-1945 are estimated at 5.5 million to 6.9 million. So where does this 12 million in one year alone come from?

          Total Germans raped are up to 2 million by the Soviets. I do not know how many were raped by the other Allies. Russians raped large numbers of Poles and Russian girls in 1945 as well.

          When it comes to killing, robbing, and rape it is the latter I despise the most.

          Anyway, there are a lot of sources available out there. I could find none that comes close to your 12 million dead Germans in the whole war much less in 1945 alone.

  3. Funny, Trump had the senate and house for two years and was stopped by the democrats using judges and other avenues. With the two party scam, its always going to be gridlock. The only time they come together is when it;s beneficial to Israel. Getting the senate is not going to change a thing. It never has.

  4. I think Moike’s take makes a lot of strategic sense — not that it’s a strategy as we have no control.

    It is that there are a lot of old school, blue collar workers and retirees who vote Democrat but basically agree with us. It would be of benefit to our cause if the Democrats control both houses of the legislature as well as having Biden/Kamala in the White House. These voters will then see that, just like Trump in 2016 with a GOP Congress, Biden with a Democrat Congress will give them absolutely nothing that they want. They will not get healthcare, they will not get debt forgiveness, they will not get good jobs, they will not get education spending where it matters. Then, just as some of us have now seen through the facade of the Republican party, these nominal Democrats will see that the Democratic Party is never going to give them what they want.

    If the GOP retains the Senate then every law backed by corporate lobbyists will pass with bipartisan support, and the Democrats will blame the Republican Senate for not getting anything else done. Millions of centrist White voters who lean towards collectivist economic policies will go on blindly trusting that someday the Democrats will give them something, instead of looking at real alternatives.

  5. “control of the Senate would preserve the filibuster and thwart Joe Biden’s agenda.”

    This is the only reason to care. Just like the only reason to vote for Trump is to keep the Democrats out of the Whitehouse, and to throw a wrench into the gears of the machinery of state.

    When it comes down to the nut cuttin, none of these characters are gonna do a damn thing for any of us. That includes Trump. The real agenda is already set. Everything else is just a distraction. Like the Presidency itself.

    We’re just voting for damage control on a sinking ship.

  6. Notice that news clip is a brown man interviewing a brown man. No white men allowed in conservatism now. Yet morons who call themselves white nationalists will keep telling us to vote GOP forever.

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