Does The GOP Need To Control The Senate?

I didn’t vote in the 2020 election.

I missed out on the chance to support the mainstream conservative agenda.


“Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) is expected to seek Senate passage of his S.386 job-outsourcing bill Wednesday evening.

If no Republican or Democrat objects to Lee’s actions,  his bill will pass the Senate by so-called “Unanimous Consent,” (UC), setting the stage for a joint House-Senate conference to draft a final bill.

Lee’s aggressive effort to pass the bill by UC is a threat to the GOP Senators and their slim majority, an immigration activist told Breitbart News. “They have to give Georgia Republicans a reason to vote [in January] — and UC for this bill ain’t that,” the activist said.

Lee is trying to pass the bill after Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) dropped his opposition to the legislation.

Activists hope that Georgia Senators Kelly Loeffler and Sen. David Perdue will announce opposition to the bill — although Lee’s surprise move caught them while they are campaigning in Georgia. In August, Loeffler praised President Donald Trump for adopting reforms of the H-1B program. …”

The agenda being … renaming Confederate military bases, protecting Big Tech, Mike Lee’s outsourcing bill, conserving the student loan debt burden, the upcoming pivot to reforming entitlements and the amnesty for illegal aliens that Thom Tillis and John Cornyn are working on.

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  1. I guess that we are now just plain f***ed.

    We live in a corrupt and lawless shithole, the Empire of Lies and Warmongers, which might well see Georgia send defund-the-police black radical Warnock and jew Ossoff to the Senate.

    Too bad about Rick Scott succumbing to pressure from foreigners who organized against him in this country. No one represents me/us. My own Republicans in the US Congress are worthless. I think 2012 was the last time I voted for any of them.

  2. Oh. To answer the question “Does the GOP need to control the Senate?” the answer is yes.

    To keep Biden the Usurper and the Democrats from adding 4 leftist jews or 3 leftist jews and a radical POC to the Supreme Court.

    To refuse to confirm possible Biden nominations like Sally Yates, Susan Rice, Jake Sullivan, Neera Tanden and other real creeps.

    There might be a few more reasons but it’s true that the GOP senators are a sorry lot who won’t save us from Tech, or foreign grads, or amnesty.

    • @Mestigoit,

      The RETARDicans in the US senate will confirm unanimously any jew or jewess put before them for not only SCOTUS confirmation, but for any level of the federal judiciary. To do otherwise would jeopardize their chances of reelection, and leave them open to charges of “anti-semitism.”

      • A Republican Senate majority would reject efforts to add 4 more seats to the Supreme Court so we wouldn’t have to worry about votes to confirm anyone. Besides that, the 2016 nomination by Obama of jew Merrick Garland to the SC was ignored by Senate Republicans and he never had a hearing much less a vote.

    • Literally who cares at this point. It’s the looting era for this rotting empire, and the GOP is if anything even worse than mainstream Dems. Amy Cohen Barrett will just protect Big Tech fs the section 230 BS presents itself. After all the betrayal, for people to defend the GOP at this point is astonishing.

    • But I was told that I must vote for Republicans or else the demoncrats would do all of the above things that Republicans unanimously support.

      This also ties into the student loan debate. Boomercons argue that student loans should not be forgiven because the students should have planned better. But here we see both political parties conspiring with corporations to reduce the salaries of educated workers and devalue degrees earned by Americans. It throws off the entire risk assessment for borrowers when the government can just decide to make their degrees worthless on orders from big business.

  3. If you want more “legal” immigration keep voting Republican. The only difference between Democrat and Republican is one wants your country invaded legally and the other wants it illegally. At the end of the day, it’s the same thing. More bearners and Africans for the two parties to fight over. I’m sure Kirk and Fuentes will tell you there is a difference.

    • Actually, Fuentes thinks there’s no difference between them.

      “Georgia Republicans should just write in ‘Jack Shit’ for the Senate runoff, because that’s exactly what our votes count for. The elections are all rigged and even when we get R’s in office they give us the same policies as the Democrats. The GOP is worthless.” — Nicholas J. Fuentes, Dec. 2nd 2020, 7:06 PM

      But, Fuentes is one of the targets of Griffin’s 10 Minutes Hate because he’s supported Trump, and Griffin has Trump Derangement Syndrome, so why bother looking up what Fuentes actually thinks and says when you can just substitute your own reality, right?

      • Now that the election is over, he is telling his followers not to vote for the GOP. Among other things, the AmNats are talking about seceding from the union, doing goon marches and creating a third party. It was his idea all along too. 😀

      • Fuentes just has male PMS. Roughly once a month when he’s on the rag he throws a tantrum and says he’s done with Republicans forever. A week later he’s back to trusting the plan.

  4. This Lin Wood fellow appears to be positioning himself as a southern candidate for President with his Rittenhouse case.

  5. Best result would be the two Republicans are defeated by a few hundred votes and the state of Georgia turns into a shooting anarchy. Accelerate.

  6. I think the best strategem to pursue is to give every encouragement to 3rd parties.

    Short of a total secession, this limited political secession will yield the most fruit.

    Any Nationalist/Populist party, that fields candidates like Sydney Powell, Tucker Carlson, Lin Wood, Michael Flynn, Kim Klacik, John James, Ron DeSantis, Josh Hawley, will quickly become viable in every contest, and, will break not just one party but both.

    Richard Nixon was so disturbed by the prospect of George Wallace’s 3rd party run in 1972, that, as early as 1969, he put The IRS to investigate Wallace and his close circle.

    Nixon called off the dogs when Wallace agreed to run in ’72 as a Democrat, NOT on a 3rd party.

    That same ability to disrupt the uniparty duopoly exists if there is just one 3rd party that holds the prospect of being competititive.

    I feel the citizenry is ready for this.

  7. “Does The GOP Need To Control The Senate?”

    1.) Would like to see Sen. Rand Paul stay in the majority and thus have more power. Voted for Ron Paul twice in Republican primaries and would like to have Rand as a primary candidate to vote for in 2024.

    Rand Paul is damn good at opposing these endless wars and also at civil liberties like the terrible Patriot Act and all that NSA spying scandal stuff. He crosses party lines like working with my Senator Wyden on some of these issues so he gets some results.

    2.) Appointing conservative judges and other Pro-life issues. The Repubs are good at that and I am almost a single issue voter when it comes to Pro-life issues. The Democrat party has become terrible on abortion and essentially endorse infanticide now. They are the party of Kermit Goanell now. Yikes!

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