CDC Privately Projects May Coronavirus Surge

If this is correct, this mild flu season that we have been experiencing is poised to rapidly accelerate and become 8x as bad in late May.


“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is projecting that by June 1, the U.S. will see a surge in daily new coronavirus cases from about 25,000 to 200,000, and an increase in daily deaths from about 1,750 to about 3,000, according to an internal document obtained by the New York Times.

Why it matters: The internal modeling comes as the federal government and individual states have been working to reopen parts of the economy after a seven-week shutdown.

Former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb warned on CBS Sunday that mitigation hasn’t worked “as well as we expected” and that the U.S. could see “persistent spread” of the virus through the summer. …”

It may take a while longer to “ride it out.”

I don’t trust the so-called experts. I will have to get a second opinion from either Drs. Diamond and Silk, Dr. Ramzpaul or Dr. Andrew “Mountain Dew” Anglin, MD.

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  1. I can’t believe this nonsense. No, we are not going to have 200,000 new “cases” a day and 3000 dead. When will you admit that these projections are totally absurd. New York was an outlier caused by their crowded subway and huge numbers of immigrants (many with latent TB) and poor people living in squalid conditions. Worse they let it get into nursing homes full of the elderly with one foot in the grave. I will check back in one month. I live in Florida. Daily cases and deaths will continue to fall all through May. If not, I will gladly send you $100.00. Wake up and stop wringing your hands.

    • Greasy Roman Catholic Neil Cavuto on FOXNews, cut a medical doctor off short, when he tried to explain that isolation/quarantine had been working and was effective in bringing the COVID-19 numbers down, and that the numbers will go back up if social distancing & quarantine are lifted.

      The doctor also explained that the anti-viral drug Remdesivir does work, but, it will be some months before quantities of it will be available, and it will cost $4,400 per course. That’s the news greaseball Cavuto wanted to hear so he could tout the stock of Gilead, the makers of Remdesivir. LOL.

    • This is a good reply, Dave. Thanks. There is a major reason Ny and Nj are the leaders in this thing with New York being the undisputed Corona champ. You mentioned a good deal of it. I enjoy Hunter’s reports too.

      We have too many people in America now. The quicker we go back to about 250 thousand immigrants per year while obviously increasing white immigration, the better. This absurd 1.2 million immigrants mostly from the third world while having 20 million illegals and their offspring is a disaster. It’s also one the Republicans are going to have to tackle head on soon or they simply go the way of the dinosaur and Whig Party.

      I believe if we keep going in this insane direction, all sorts of viruses, increased gang crime and permanent third world status are in America’s relative immediate future. And with people like Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams, the entire black and Latin caucus and most Jewish Democrats, do you really see a good America or a whole bunch of resentful people dying to destroy White America and thus America itself?

  2. I didn’t say I agreed.

    I’m just sharing the news and noting it.

    3,000 deaths a day isn’t unrealistic. We have brushed up against that level once or twice before.

  3. It’s clearly a blue state virus. Just two states account for about 50% of all the deaths. ( ny and nj). Throw in other blue states like Connecticut, Mass., Michigan( basically blue state), Illinois. Not to say it’s ok but what are they doing wrong? Ny clearly has too many people living on top of each other downstate. Jersey has similar issues the closer people get to nyc. They also have obscene amounts of immigration and political correctness. I also have no doubt ny has been playing with some numbers as some nurses and funeral parlor directors have said. More federal money is paid out for coronavirus.

    Places like Atlanta, Ga. in the south have some blacks most likely not practicing social distancing and are overweight. Same for places like Detroit. But it’s still a blue state virus heavily from Ny and Nj.

    States like Wyoming, Montana, North and South Dakota are barely registered in coronavirus world. Heck, even a heavily white northeast state like Maine has under 60 deaths. A big state like Texas has about 24 times less deaths than new york. Florida has about 20 times less deaths.

    Joe Biden and Democrats want all of America to be like our overcrowded and overly diverse cities. In corona world that’s a disaster. Democrats are even bitching about Trump’s semi cutoff of more immigration due to the virus. That is truly f%÷× ing madness.

    Then again when the top two Democrats ( Biden and Pelosi) literally suffer from severe mental and moral deficiencies, is it really a shock? Biden babbles about nonsense in his basement looking old, ugly and slow. Pelosi babbles on a podium while her eyes roll around and her teeth pop out while she is high as usual. It’s like GOD is showing a cynical yet great sense of humor.

  4. If there are 200,000 cases a day then 3,000 dead per day is absurdly optimistic given the conditions that would create in health care.

    I would assume as well that lockdowns would reduce that 200,000 daily cases because politicians who wanted to remain in power would rush to get in front of where the voters would be.

  5. Just from casual observation, the entire death rate is dependent on the use of masks followed by hand hygiene.

  6. Weren’t we told that the virus would peak April 15? Neither Ramzpaul nor Dr Fauci has been proved wrong yet. The only thing certain about this Coronavirus is that literally everyone is winging it, governments are making it up as they go along, signals from all quarters are contradictory. How about those hospital ships and military field hospitals in WA, CA, NY? Unused and closed down. I only know personally of one person who has died from it so far (90 year old grandparent of a casual acquaintance) and one person who has contracted it (someone from my church). Precautions are good, but there’s a limit to lockdown credibility when CA and WA are exporting ventilators.

    • Those ships refused to take coronavirus infected patients and had a list of 49 other conditions they wouldn’t accept so the one in New York took less than 200 patients.

      Government and military bureaucracy at work, not proof that the virus isn’t serious, just proof that pencil-necks aren’t.

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