Harald Fairhair Ravages The Western Isles

Harald Fairhair, a contemporary of Æthelstan the first king of England, was the first king of a unified Norway. He is said to have fathered 11 to 20 sons by his multiple wives. According to his saga, Harald proposed marriage to a princess called Gyda who rejected him. She refused to marry him until he was the king of all Norway. He conquered the whole thing and cleaned out all of his Viking enemies in Scotland and the Western Isles like a boss.

Note: This fat woman “Iron Erna” is the current Prime Minister of Norway under liberal democracy. She is the leader of the Conservative Party.

Who lives in the Dark Ages? Was it Harald or us?

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  1. I like that woman Gyda in the article above. She is a princess and had high standards. Smart girls act polite but reserved with guys not worth our attention. Never be familiar with a guy in personal contact. Friendly aloofness is what some of us were taught. It is best.

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