Megxit: Harry and Meghan Give Up Royal Titles

Good riddance.

FOX News:

Queen Elizabeth and Buckingham Palace released much-anticipated statements on Saturday confirming that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will no longer use their royal titles and will move forward with their initial “Megxit” plan in the spring of 2020.

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are grateful to Her Majesty and the Royal Family for their ongoing support as they embark on the next chapter of their lives. As agreed in this new arrangement, they understand that they are required to step back from Royal duties, including official military appointments. They will no longer receive public funds for Royal duties,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement on the official royal family website.

The palace continued: “With The Queen’s blessing, the Sussexes will continue to maintain their private patronages and associations. While they can no longer formally represent The Queen, the Sussexes have made clear that everything they do will continue to uphold the values of Her Majesty. …”

Harry has always been a f*** up.

Is Prince Charles even his real father? I tend to doubt it.

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    • November,

      You have been on fire recently with a lot of comments. You also correctly pointed out that massive problems exist within Protestant circles as well as Catholic ones.

      • Cristina,

        Thank you for your retort.

        Christianity was bit by the yid fly and caught the jew flu.

        Hunter Wallace has spent a lot of time researching where Christianity ‘went of the rails.’ Often laying the blame on scientific advancements of the Enlightenment era. That would fit the standard model of remaining ignorant of how nature functions. It shows that most if not all world theologies are hold iron by a single thread of faith alone.

        The transformative power that science has changed the entire world over the last 400 years is unparalleled in all of human history. When people of the West began to question what they once believed, that created a fissure for the ever plotting and hateful jews to introduce the pathogenic ideologies of Jacobins, Engels and Marx, Freud, Hertzl, Rothschild, Alinsky, Lazurus, Trotsky, Goldman, Luxemberg, and all the rest of the polluters of our society and culture.

        Today Christian laity no longer trust the Catholic clerical class because of the cover ups and lack of repercussions of pedophile scandals that continues to occur, so along with the damage caused by Vatican Two (who was the moving force behind that unnecessary change in doctrine?), the RCC now finds it’s with a lack of parishioners due to their own malfeasance and heretical propaganda.

        Protestants are basically broken down into two groups. The evangelical zionists that no one with any awareness of the JQ and natural sciences would want to be associated with, and the egalitarian “kumbaya” universalist branch that follows the morals and ethics (if you can call them that) of the current age instead of their Holy Scriptures. They prefer to be “hip” than to be “uncool,” so to speak.

        So you can see that both houses of Christianity in the West are in a self-induced death spiral, but don’t possess the backbone, willpower, or “the Holy Spirit” to reverse course.

        Until they both throughly address their overarching problems, their can not be solutions/salvation for them going forward. Their edifices will continue to collapse and fall, all the while they’ll feint the inability to having agency.

        • November,

          A very thoughtful comment on your part. I can not say when Protestantism went from strong dedication to liberalism. It does appear that by the late 17th century it was becoming milder. Then by the early 19th century it became liberal.

          The Catholic Church also changed greatly beginning in the 19th century. The French Revolution changed the Church even though the forces of Tradition won the war.

          Pius IX even loosened the religious and racial laws on the Jews around 1848. Almost immediately the great revolutions of 1848 hit Europe where they were put down everywhere except in Switzerland. Pius IX then reinstated the anti Jewish laws but somewhere down the road they were done away with. Yes, it was found that there was Jewish support for the 1848 Revolution. Is anyone surprised?

          In short by the middle of the 19th century the concept of freedom, equality, and democracy penetrated Church and State even in Catholic countries.

          The only successful Catholic counter revolution of any note that I am aware of for the last 150 years was Franco and the Nationalists.

          Under Nationalist Spain, Female adultery I think was against the law, women had to wear dresses in public. The 1959 movie with Glenn Ford and Debbie Reynolds touched upon this. The garrott was used for the death penalty.

          After the last public speech by Franco in late 1975 I read that several terrorists were executed by the garrot. Western Europe and the Pope were angry. There were massive demonstrations in favor of the terrorists throughout the so called West.

          When Franco died Spain fell apart. I believe they even had homosexual marriages before the USA.

          • Cristina,

            I will not argue with either you or father John on church history., as I have little interest.

            You are correct about Spain permitting homosexual marriage before the USA.

            In Christianity’s version of Shia vs Sunni, I am but a neutral observer. It’s all pretty silly on the outside looking in, especially when both denominations traditional mores and values are under assault, and ironically so because they’ve fallen in line with what passes for mainstream cosmopolitanism. Sort of like the snake eating its own tail.

        • I see Church of England not as Protestants, but as Catholics with divorce. They were only created so King Henry VIII could divorce his wives. Real Protestantism came from Germany. Unlike Church of England and Roman Catholic, it rejects gaudy displays of wealth and idol worship.

          I doubt the Royal family is religious in any way. Charles actually said he wants the title changed from Defender of the Faith, to Defender of the Faiths, so every religion including Islam comes under his umbrella. The royal family are at best a bunch of agnostics, at worst they are cynical atheists.

        • November,

          In regards to your comment that at this point in time religious fighting among Europeans is worse than silly. Yes. I agree. That is why most of the time I ignore obvious provocations by Protestants or those pretending to be such on this website.

          As I have said before everything has already been said on this issue and millions died centuries ago and they did not resolve the problem.

          Since I do not go to school today because of an American holiday I will have time to scan my favorite social/political website.

  1. In 2018, Clif High’s predictive linguistics ( indicated that Harry would have to support himself at some point in the future but the reason was not indicated. I believe he uses some variation of Gematria or Isopsephy. Sometimes there is a pretty good hit like this one.

  2. “Harry has always been a f*** up.”

    I remember when Harry went to a Halloween party dressed as a Nazi. How do you go from Nazi fancier to SJW? It makes no sense.

    “Is Prince Charles even his real father? I tend to doubt it.”

    I was thinking James Hewitt, but James had a full head of hair into old age, while Harry has already lost everything in the back. Also Harry was born in 1984. Hewitt and Diana started their affair in 1986.

    Affair with the Princess of Wales

    “Persistent suggestions have been made in the media that Hewitt, and not Charles, is the biological father of Diana’s second son, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex (born 1984). Hewitt stated to the press in 2002 that Harry had already been born by the time of the affair, a statement also made by Diana’s police bodyguard.[20] He reiterated this in an interview in 2017.[21] Diana attributed Harry’s coloration to her side of the family, calling him her “little Spencer”.[22]”

    Ah well… They don’t need Harry any more as they have six spares. So they’ve paid him to piss off.

    • Prior to meeting Harry, Meghan Markle was married to a jew. She converted to judaism for the marriage.

      After Harry proposed to Meghan, she had to convert to Anglicanism, in order to be married by the pos Archbishop of Canterbury.

      Prince Andrew (Harry’s uncle) was heavily compromised and blackmailed by Epstein’s child sex ring.

      Queen Elizabeth II had a hand in the destruction of White South Africa, So, to hell with the British Royal family.

  3. I’ve always thought of them as a psy-op to demoralize and humiliate Britain, as an aid in this current genocide. Disassembling the Monarchy, is like taking down a statue. Getting with some thrice divorcee groid was the first hint. This guy could have had a virgin supermodel and everyone knows it.

  4. I called this from the beginning. The next phase will be the divorce in an American Court, complete with Royal Child Support payments from the “Upper Class Twit” formerly known as Prince.

    Oh No! It’s Harry The Bastard!

    At least, that’s what I think too. I believe that he knows it and he resents the family and has always tried to find ways to disgrace them.

    I love the “embark on the next chapter of their lives” line. As if, a marriage, of a year and a half duration, in and out of Royalty is simply a change of careers. Only a flighty, low rate actress could behave in such a manner. Expect to soon see lots of whining to Ellen Degenerate and C.N.N. about how she was abused and mistreated for being expected to act with a sense of decorum and dignity. She was fully briefed on what was expected of her before she said, “I Do.” She just wanted the glitter, the princess wedding, the fame, the attention and the money, so that she could find a way to propel herself into the glare of the spotlight. She will not shy away from it now. She will try to find new roles in acting. I predict that this is only the first of many abrupt chapters in the life of the former princess.

    Why are they still being referred to as the Sussexes? Aren’t they Ms. and mr. Markle now?

    • Cowtown Rebel,

      Whether you like it or not, I consider you OD’s music savant.

      What kind of rapper will Archie Winsor grow up to be, or perhaps will he revert back to form and play a bass guitar?

      • November,

        I will take it as a compliment. Although, perhaps, for certain ((( obvious reasons))) I probably shouldn’t. I almost responded to another poster on different topic about 80’s Metal and such, but decided not to. But, it was kind of funny, because I have been listening to the music of my youth a lot lately and for the very same reason that the commenter on a previous thread had said he was doing it for. The intense energy and high testosterone content. Plus, the music was about beautiful women, fast cars, and a little, fun spirited, over indulgence.

        (((David Lee Roth))) is one of the few Hebe rock stars that I think was actually sort of legit, and even though he has an ego that makes him difficult for others to work with, and in spite of the obvious bombast, he also appears to have a down to earth quality that makes him seem approachable or relatable. Plus, his lyrics are totally misogynistic and politically incorrect. Songs like “And The Cradle Will Rock,” “Atomic Punk,” “Mean Streets,” “Take Your Whiskey Home,” “I Don’t Want To Hear About It Later,” “Where Have All The Good Times Gone?,” and “UnChained” are still some of the best party songs of all time. The lines, “I ain’t got no money, no house on the hill. Tell me honey, will your lovin’ pay my bills?,” are still classic and increasing relevant in an age when women think that their pussy is gold.

        But, back to the question. I think it depends on if the child possesses that smooth caramel, mulatto appearance or if he turns out looking like a melanin infused Carrot Top. If he has a boyish, high yellow, but semi-attractive, Harry Belafonte look, then I predict that he will be a jazz crooning, hip hop artist. But, if he ends up looking like a black Alfred E. Neuman, then I expect that he will go Gangsta. Or, either a Randy Jackson bass guitar or Bonzo’s bongos. He sure won’t be funky enough to be a Bootsy Collins.

        • Cowtown Rebel,

          I knew that I could count on you for an entertaining, jovial, on target, and complex response. You did not fail.

          About 10 years ago, I met David Lee Roth when he was the headliner at the Black and Decker Stage at Milwaukee’s Summerfest. A buddy of my works for one of the agencies that manages one the bands that played prior to DLR and his Van Halen cover band, so he hooked me up with VIP backstage passes.

          DLR was actually pretty self-effacing in person. We didn’t have a long conversation, and I did mock the amount of “stage gear” aka wardrobe that I had seen arrive by the rack for him. The guy is a rock star with an ego that gets fed at every venue he plays, but I didn’t see him acting like a prima donna with the fans, “roadies,” caterers, or anyone else. The funniest thing I remember was during “Eruption,” DLR walked to a corner of the stage (hidden from the audience), and lit a cigarette and drank some ‘infused’ fruit juice, and gave those of us that could see him a wink and a shit-eating grin.

          But yeah, I am familiar with the whole drama between DLR with Eddie and Alex. Valerie Bertinelli (Eddie’s ex-wife) wasn’t subtle in her comments concerning DLR.

          On that other thread, I believe those guys were discussing 80s glam rock or hair spray rock, correct? Some of the music videos of those songs have over 40 million views!!! A few still tour together at smaller venues. Ah yes, young women in black rock concert t-shirts and Daisy Duke shorts.

          Back to Archie Winsor. Being 3/4 White, if he chooses to identify as a negro, he will have to go overboard to ‘prove ‘ his bona fides to his “peeps.”

          BTW, I threw up in my mouth when you brought up Randy Jackson and his bass playing for Journey. That had to be an affirmative action hire like Darryl Jones with the Rolling Stones.

          • November,

            Thank You. I’m glad that you value my perspective. I am frequently enlightened by your commentary, so I feel like I am in very good company.

            Truthfully, I can’t keep up with Brad’s pace, so I miss a lot insightful and informative facts from him and the often equally good comments from the rest of our dedicated cadre of, more or less, like minded

            Thanks for confirming my impressions of DLR. I like to think that I’m a fairly good judge of character, and from what I had seen in interviews and news reports, he appeared just as you described him and as I had envisioned him. He and Hagar had a back and forth exchange of insults when SammyHalen/VanHagar first came into being. But, that seems to have been temporarily resolved when Hagar and Roth toured together. Hagar later said something to the effect that, “Dave’s cool, but he’s a strange dude.”

            Yeah, it was the hair band discussion. And, Hell Yeah! The women in the high heels and short skirts, too much makeup and hairspray, fishnet stockings and leather! They may have looked like Madonna, but at least their anatomies weren’t riddled with holes and their limbs defaced with comic book quality doodling. And, most of them weren’t nearly as slutty as they looked. Unlike Now.

            And, yes, but how? Maybe he can get all blinged out and go by “The Golden Archie?” After mom gets custody, he can run away and join the “Crips,” shoot some “Slobs,” get some tear drop tattoos, spend some time in lock up, and cut an album. BAM!

            In truth, until you brought it up, I had forgotten about Jackson playing with Journey. I think that I subconsciously obliterated that demented image from my already warped mind. Thanks A Lot!!! (just kidding). Journey, with the second singer (((Perry))) and the lead guitar (((Schon)))) was among my first real peer related bands that I was exposed to as I was coming of age. Along with AC/DC, Foreigner, and REO Speedwagon which were on heavy rotation at the skating rink in the, then, rural town south of the Fort.

  5. When Harry was in the Armed Forces–what branch, I can’t remember–there were a lot of stories in the press, a real lot, about his bond with his men. This, of course, is probably propaganda, which they troweled on thick. On the other hand, it could have been true.

  6. Charles is not Harry’s father – but who cares? The (((Windsors))) are a nightmare, all on their own. James Hewitt is Harry’s father.

    The problem with the Mongrel and her Ginger Monkey is that they WON’T go away. The Jew media loves them.

  7. There are beyond multiple avenues to analyze this phenomenon. What comes to my mind now are the Daily Mail London tabloid culture, the mass importation of cocaine, the mimicking of American hip-hop/black ghetto/money-power-sex culture in a reverse of the American 60s wave and 80s new wave, the Rothschilds/Montiefores, Disraeli, the endemic rot of the useless welfare figurehead, the Spice Girls, Amy Winehouse, the Libertines, the shared England/American obsession with the Kardashian ass/figurine/optics, and the Jewish matchmaker who set Harry and Megan up.

    But, in some ways it’s much easier.

    Like mother and like son…..

  8. The Queen could have saved a lot of trouble and expense if she’d told them to go to Las Vegas or some such place to get hitched and not to come back. Unfortunately, QEII is far more partial to her darker subjects, which Markle reminds her of, than she is to those who like her.

  9. I am really beginning to have a visceral hared for the British royal family. Cancel them. It is an acronym. They have preserved nothing just a gloried version of the Kardashians on British soil. Its been all down hill since the abdication of King George ( I forget what number) to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson.

  10. WASP: is there really such a thing as “Virgin Supermodels”? Gigi Hamid is a Palestinian model but she looks very Aryan.(Look up a Sunglasses Hut commercial she did on You tube) I have heard Meghan Markle has some soft porn videos of her out there in cyber-world. Regardless I call such people MAWS (Model/Actress/Whore/Singer)

    • Adriana Lima who was both a “supermodel” and Victoria’s Secret runways model was a 25 year old virgin when she got married.

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