Æthelstan: The First King of the English

I’m really enjoying lounging around and watching these documentaries. Alfred and his successors created a unified Anglo-Saxon England after a century of struggle against the Vikings. They built the country the last two generations of liberals have taken for granted and squandered.

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  1. Did you ever get into “The Last Kingdom” tv series? I watched the first season and a bit of the second before finding it all a bit repetitive and giving up.

    The series of children’s British history books I read as a kid focused much more on the period from the Norman invasion on, so the Anglo-Saxon period was always a huge gap in my knowledge of Britain. Unfortunately, every time I’ve tried to remedy this, the lack of any serious advances or interesting wars have meant that I get bored before ever learning much. So I thought watching that tv series might help sustain my interest for a little longer – which it did, but not by much.

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