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Identity Dixie has a new article this morning about optics.

“Optics, for those still unfamiliar with this term, means how the public perceives you by your words and actions. Optics play a huge part of our daily lives, whether we know it or not. As Southern Nationalists, optics should always be a top priority. We need to stand out from the rest of the country by being upstanding citizens, dressing well, carrying ourselves with dignity and always speaking with truth, honesty and courage.

These days, the Alt-Right has lost touch with this concept. To the modern Alt-Right, optics are nothing more then a piece of equipment you put on your budget-built AR. You’re not going to win over the masses by playing GI Joe in the woods, trying to prepare for the upcoming one-man, John Rambo boogaloo. You’re not going to sway public opinion by handing out controversial literature or burning religious books and giving the Roman salute. …”

Perception isn’t everything, but it isn’t unimportant either. The best optics in the world won’t matter if your message is shit, but the best message in the world won’t resonate if it is presented in a way that repulses its intended audience. This is the cringe factor.

Personally, I don’t consider most of the things which fall under the umbrella of the optics debate to be a legitimate part of it: of course it is better to be physically fit, but being in good health is justifiable on its own merits because health is a good in its own right. Of course you should brush your teeth, bathe, maintain proper hygiene and dress well, but maintaining your appearance is a good in life that has nothing to do with politics. Of course you shouldn’t use foul language to communicate your ideas or be motivated by malevolence, but these are not good traits to have in life anyway. No, you probably shouldn’t get a neck tattoo of a swastika to draw negative attention to your identity crisis either.

The optics debate that goes on within White Nationalism (the 1.0 movement) and the Alt-Right (the 2.0 movement) stems from the fact that both of these movements are ultimately based on race and have little to say about culture. Yes, it is absolutely true that race exists and that race matters and that Jews have enormous power and influence in our society, but there is more to life than racial differences and the Jewish Question. Even within the European family, there are major ethnic, cultural and religious differences. Ignoring these cultural differences leads to a failure to communicate.

As Southerners, we should already have a sense of what is going to resonate with our own people and what will be seen as cringe. Insofar as there is an optics debate within the Southern Nationalist community, we should always be mindful of how our message will appear to Southerners. Generally speaking, the less deracinated and autistic you are the less this is a problem because your ability to pick up on and interpret cultural cues is a byproduct of how well grounded you are in Southern culture.

Occidental Dissent is a Deep South blog. It is written from a tone and perspective that ought to be familiar to people from the Deep South: being polite and respectful, but responsive to insults, the absence of vulgarity and racial epithets, the absence of raw racial hatred due to familiarity with racial diversity, the low-key assumption that race exists is something that is taken for granted and floats in the background to some of the articles here rather than being treated as some huge discovery. Everyone here already knows that race exists. Similarly, we are authoritarian and have strong social conservative values.

Let me show you the difference:

This is a Daily Stormer flier that is currently being distributed in black neighborhoods in Seattle.

Here is a Daily Stormer flier that is currently being posted on synagogues.

Now, when I look at this I see bad optics on a number of levels. What kind of person would post a flier that celebrates a mass shooting on a church? Why are these people deliberately targeting churches, synagogues and mosques? Isn’t that asking to get to charged with a crime?

The people who are distributing these fliers aren’t grounded in their local culture whether it is Southern culture or otherwise. Instead, they crawled out of the gutter of internet nihilism. The internet is their home and the point of these fliers is to troll and shock and draw media attention to the spectacle. Perhaps they are successful to some extent in reaching other deracinated, nihilistic weirdos with these crude fliers, but they are definitely not reaching normal people with this sort of messaging.

If we want to reach the mainstream of Southern culture, then our message has to be presented in such a way that wouldn’t be out of place in, say, a BBQ restaurant in Tupelo, MS or a fish camp in Wadesboro, NC. It can’t be wrapped up in a subculture as thick as the Führerbunker. If we want to change Southern culture though, then we are going to have to go above the mainstream of normal people who always get their opinions from their elites and directly engage with those elites.

I think too much time is spent on both the gutter (yes, I am guilty of taking shots at it) and trying to impress the mainstream. Normal people are too distracted by their everyday lives to notice or think much about patriotic demonstrations. They tend to passively absorb culture from above. It is the vision of the existing political and cultural elite that needs to be criticized and engaged with.

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Hunter Wallace
Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Occidental Dissent

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  1. Marcus Cicero | September 20, 2019 at 12:04 pm |

    You mean Southerners aren’t interested in voting on whether they’d like to have sex with a retarded (literally) Swedish teen girl?

    Damn, I thought Daily Schmekel had hit the jackpot by spamming this on social media…

  2. Ricky Butt-Goy Vaughn | September 20, 2019 at 12:12 pm |

    Just realized Azzmadore and Weev both fail the eligibility requirements for their own book club lol. A white man of good character.. Hmmm nope and nope!

    But on a serious note, those posters look like the work of a Hollywood Jew and appear to be intended to entrap the white kids stupid enough to stick them up. They’re going to learn the hard way that irony and satire can be strategically misunderstood by a court system out to get them.

    • Texas Alt-Right Gamer | September 20, 2019 at 5:27 pm |

      >>Just realized Azzmadore and Weev both fail the eligibility requirements for their own book club lol. A white man of good character.. Hmmm nope and nope!

      I’ve always said that the vetting process for any pro-White group should start with an NCIC criminal background check. Both of those characters are convicted felons. .

      Excluding felons from our circles is not a cure all by any means, but it is a good starting point. Of course there has to be room for some exceptions, as actual political prisoners do occasionally exist. For example if Matt Hale were released tommorrow, I’m sure most would be filling to overlook that particular criminal record. But such exceptions are notable as they are so very rare. Most criminals (including some well known names who are sometimes venerated in our circles as “POWs”*) are simply filth that should be avoided by serious and moral people.

  3. HW, you are so very right.
    The DS fliers are way too crude, they only have shock value. I wish the folks at DS would learn some PR and marketing skills.

    Their fliers will do more to cause a recoil against our principles than advance our cause.

    • These are the people who have lectured us about optics for nearly two years!

    • White ignorance is without bounds, and it’s genocidal. I don’t know who/what is behind DS, but their “fliers” are representative of what’s really happening and are effective. You all need to study how propaganda works. If you think we’ll save the Nation/culture though measured debate among Southern gentlemen, you’re beyond naive. Time is running out, once the chocolate is added to the milk, it will take an infinity to correct, hardly 20 years. Good grief, no wonder we are being defeated by a band of propagandists in our own homeland.

    • C’mon, the DS gang knows what they’re doing and it’s not good. It’s a nationalist version of the Comintern’s Third Period-which ended disastrously.

  4. Reeeing about “optics” is always a code for vilifying poor people, and that article made that clear.

    It seems like most of these SouthNat types conflate “Southerners” with the educated upper middle class.

  5. The DS approach to seduction.

    “HEY C*NT WANNA F**K” yelled in her ear.

    Persuasion isn’t their forte.

  6. The bottomline is Western Civilization is too far gone now to save. The only thing to do now is watch it burn. The South isn’t gonna rise again, and we won’t be able to stop from becoming minority status, just is the way it is.

    • I tend to believe we are just going through a big transition rather than an apocalypse. I don’t have nearly as much confidence in the longevity of our ruling class as you do. 20 years seems like a long time. It is not even really a blink of an eye in the context of history.

      • @Hunter Wallace, LOL get back with me in 20 years. The South is NOT gonna rise again, it’s over man. If you really think it will then you need your head examined.

        • I still plan to be writing here 20 years from now.

          I don’t think you have given much thought to how much the world is going to change over the next 20 years.

        • In 20 years, I hope there’s no need for a site like this.

          Yeah, I am idealist.

        • Kevin, your smugness about being a weak, lazy coward, when you’re doing nothing but running away from it all, is truly repulsive.

          • @Rich you don’t know me so don’t pretend like you do. I was active in the movement for 30 years, and have seen it all. I just come to realized it’s a dead end. Race is not a fixed thing either, as mankind continues to evolve things like “Whiteness” and “Blackness” won’t matter anymore. In 1000 years none of the stuff about race and culture you are talking about now will matter anymore. If you can’t see that then you are truly ignorant of reality.

          • @Kevin,

            If the future is as bleak as you’ve outlined, I truly do hope that the Yellowstone super volcano erupts (it’s overdue) and plunges the world into another ice age.

            Personally, I was hoping that the Übermenchen would touch the stars and not retreat back into the forests and jungles (of which there are less and less due to non-white population explosions and corporate capitalism).

            Your dystopian future will be more “Planet of the Apes” and nothing of “Gattaca.”

            Hell, with the continued colony collapses of pollinating insects, birds, and bats our fate might be sealed anyway. Let us not forget that all it will take is a unforeseen mutation in one of the Level Four hemorrhagic viruses take will allow its transmission via respiration, and we would have a global pandemic spread across the developed world killing hundreds of millions, before the CDC and WHO would have a sample under the scanning electron microscope.

          • @Kevin, you’re right about me not knowing you. Your comments about watching it burn, with the “wanna bet?” stuff, didn’t leave me with a good impression. I could be wrong, but it seemed extremely petty and an exercise in empty egoism and self-justification, in order to excuse your defeatism.

            As far as the possible evolution of phenotypes go, unless the Kalergi plan is forcefully implemented in a few billion wombs, we won’t be much different. Evolution (actually adaptation) is on a much longer timescale than we are. The deracination of culture hasn’t really taken root in our time, despite the help from the CIA, Hollyweird, and other nefarious sources. Rock still is a mainly European musical form, for just one example. There are cultural and tribal characteristics that won’t be changed anytime soon. The fact that such things need to be fooled with by elitists, and yet have such limited success despite a century of open attempted alchemy in popular culture, education and eugenics, should tell you that.

            @November, nothing has me more concerned about our future than the disappearance of bees. The reemergence of new forms of bubonic plague and TB really don’t phase me, not compared to the loss of bees. That could easily fuck up food supplies, which could lead to a Soylent Green future. There’s a happy thought to keep you warm at night.

          • “Race is not a fixed thing either, as mankind continues to evolve things like “Whiteness” and “Blackness” won’t matter anymore. In 1000 years none of the stuff about race and culture you are talking about now will matter anymore. If you can’t see that then you are truly ignorant of reality.”

            People who make arguments like this are plants. No one who understands what we fight for would make an argument like this. You know who does? Our enemies do. Kevin is regurgitating the standard talking points on race the left have been spewing for decades.

    • The thing to do now is wait for Russia to invade western Europe and annex it.

      • “The bottomline is Western Civilization is too far gone now to save. ”

        You are far too pessimistic, you’ve passed pessimism and gone into defeatism.
        Defeatism is so very easy, you don’t have to do anything, just watch the collapse.

      • I’m waiting for Santa Claus.

      • The Russian population is imploding. Officially only 24% haji, the reality is much higher. And the birthrate is going down again for Russians, while the muzzies average 6 children per woman. So in 50 years, at this rate, Russia will be an Islamic Republic. They cannot even invade and occupy 2 provinces of Ukraine, the idea that they can invade and occupy Europe is absurd….no, you have it backwards. The Chinese will occupy Asian Russia, while the Hajis will take most of the rest. The Slavs will be left with a bit in the European north, west of Moscow. Slavic Russia is dying.

        • Obviously Russia needs a revitalization, preferably by reembracing Marxism-Leninism, but that is still far more likely than the West heading itself. I think that first US world hegemony needs to be destroyed so Russia will return to being Europe’s master. If ZOG attacks Iran and is unable to defeat to a massive resistance campaign of the global Muslim proletariat maybe?

        • Oh do please shut up Thim.

          You can’t predict the future and your gloom, doom and destruction for Mother Russia ain’t gonna happen.

          Birth rates can go up and they are going up in many places in Russia, Eastern Europe, especially Hungary.

          White Conservatives in the 60s,70s, and 80s were equally pessimistic they were certain that the Soviet Communist flag would fly over America, even the White House and US Congress.

          Communism fell in Russia and all of Eastern Europe – that wasn’t supposed to happen and the Jew Communists, Lib Leftists, Marxists are pissed, furious that Russia has reverted to Czarist Russia that supposedly was the worst ever the J chosen people.

          Leningrad has been renamed St. Petersburg – that’s great news.

          The place where the Jewish Bolsheviks murdered the last Czar and his family has been made in to a holy site.

          We should do the same for the cabin on Ruby Ridge – have young White couples get married there, honeymoon there, conceive children there.

          I would appreciate it if you stopped trying to spread defeatism, gloom and doom here on OD.


          • Hungarian birthrate has gone down and is 1.4%, lower than white Americans. Slavs have a HUGE abortion rate – Russians abort 74 out of 100 babies and the vast majority are Slavic Russians.

    • Unironically I believe Kevin’s NRX-style take.

      I’d be surprised if any semblance of a continuity of community is going to survive into the 22nd century. Boomers, Silent and GI generation people already seem like (for bad descending to good on that list) they come from another era. Whenever I hear a Boomer give their opinion, it sounds like the opinion of someone from a black and white film news real. The world they live in just doesn’t exist anymore.

      Really this new era we live in starts with Gen X it seems. In it, most Whites of all age groups seem far more interested in escapism, consumerism, individualism, and all manners of vice. Even within our own communities we see apathy in the collective good amongst ourselves over our own individual egos.

      Positively though, White men are far more suspicious of bullshit and are interested in navigating the new landscape not with optimism and blind trust in authorities, but with pessimism and a realistic take on how the world works.

      We’re going to become tribes again within the century, with vague ancestral and cultural memories and will look completely alien to our ancestors from 100 or 200 years ago. There may be a few groups waving Confederate battle flags, but it’ll stand for a rejection of cosmopolitanism of White liberals and not for the rich culture of the South, it’s history or it’s Anglo-Celtic roots.

  7. I hate things that are meant to dehumanize people. Posters like that are intensely repellant to me. Other racial identities are different from me, not lessera beings. They are unique in their own way, and should be respected for that. Yes, blacks produce a lot of crime, they also produced people like Nat King Cole, a singer I respect. And the Buffalo Soldiers during the Indian wars, respected by their white officers and the Indians they fought. My father once sold a house he owned at a great price to a Hispanic couple he had for their first house because they were such excellent renters, Paid on time, took care of the place did not call you at 3am for a clogged sink. Etc. I just want each group to have its own space to thrive in. Don’t dehumanize people.

    • “I hate things that are meant to dehumanize people. Posters like that are intensely repellant to me. ”

      That epitomizes the thinking of most people. The folks at DS don’t know the negative impact they are making on their intended readers. They are doing more to defeat themselves than to advance.

    • What are you going to do about it if we refuse to take your off-the-cuff, programmed, demands seriously?

      • The question, dipshit, is what are you gonna do when I smirk at your hardcore bullshit? I mean, let’s just remember whose side the law is on, lol.

    • Cowtown Rebel | September 21, 2019 at 4:15 am |

      If there is one thing in particular that I admire about the “Indians” (actually, well over a hundred different tribes with unique cultures, customs, dialects and attire) is: they called it as they saw it. ex. White Man = Pale Face, Custer = Yellow Hair and Negro Cavalryman = Buffalo Soldier, because there weren’t any Gorillas on the North American Continent. With their broad nostrils, dark complexions and woolly manes, they looked like Buffaloes. This is not dehumanizing, it is an elementary observation. And, whether you are comparing them to Apes or Buffalo, it is still relating a Negro to an animal. Have you ever heard a Native American tearfully apologize for it?

      • Anglo Saxon Revolt | September 22, 2019 at 11:50 am |

        Cowtown how do you feel about the Tex-Mex culture or what have you down there? Is it true a lot of whites are basically mixed with the hispanics? Where do you see yourself in that chaos?

  8. Never conform to your enemy’s expectations unless you can use those expectations effectively against them.

  9. GrandioseNationalist | September 20, 2019 at 12:55 pm |

    This is my question to you, Mr. Hunter . I get it that you’re not much in favor Pan-Europeanism, but say that an explicitly Anglo-Celtic Ethnostate was founded in the South, WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO THE REST OF US? There’s already an Anglo-Celtic country and it’s called Britain. This land is the collective ownership of all United White men who settled here. Most of White America today is ethnically mixed and that hasnt resulted to an ethnonationalist nightmare but to the Golden Age of America of the 40s, 50s and the early 60s (music, cinema, high culture, technology, etc). I’m not an “Anglo-Celt” yet I consider you to be my brother just as any other White person on earth. Do you really think that we should be separated because of that? In my opinion, as someone who grew up in Europe and who was an ethno-chauvinist, I think that people in America romanticize the idea of a nation that doesn’t really exist (at least in the US). Yet they can’t realize the division and hatred that this may bring forth (such as certain old historical feuds and events), and forget our uniting factor: our race.

    At the end of the day a common race, culture and language are the things that bind us the most in America. Besides, White need to form a solid front on all of these issues and there’s not a chance in hell that any ethnostate will be build up, unless we all work together as a people.

    • Time.

      That’s what would happen to the rest of the United States. Over a long enough stretch of history, Whites outside the South will become as homogeneous as France or Italy. Given the current state of Europe, there will never again be a huge burst of European immigration comparable to the one that went to the North in the 19th and 20th centuries.

  10. It does drives up the shekels for SPLC.

  11. General Butt Naked | September 20, 2019 at 1:49 pm |

    “Creepy Glow Niggers are After the Stormer” -Daily Stormer

    Jeez I wonder why? Great optics weev, azzmador and Anglin, you’re doing your best to make the White race look like unhinged incels like yourselves. Great survey you had voting on a young teenage retard on ‘who would hit that’ Great optics, not.

    • General Butt Naked | September 20, 2019 at 2:21 pm |

      Also let us not forget that Vice documentary. Great optics azzmador and Cantwell, you guys deserve an award for that fuck up. You made what was going forward five steps backwards from the 1.0 movement. They’re all toxic TRS, Cantwell and DS who only goes for LoL’s and please give me your money. But in fact all of us that are serious about our demise, those clowns make us look like complete unhinged idiots. Great optics aye? It’s all orchestrated behind the scenes. Prove me wrong…

      • Anglin hust accused Pompeo of being a pedo, a boy F****r, and I thought they had banned the f word over there? Anyway, what he said is actionable.

        • General Butt Naked | September 20, 2019 at 4:15 pm |

          Pompeo only got his position because he knows the game plan and is loyal to his masters. When I say this goes back centuries I’m not lying, this is real and 99% of the population doesn’t even know it. Trump’s ancestors go back to king and queens, there were never any kings and queens in Europe 1100 years ago, there were no castles (research yourself the earliest castle in Europe) it all came from the Roman Empire who killed 3/4 of the Celts and then the 30 years war that killed 3/4 of the Germanic tribes. It all comes from ancient Egypt, Pharoah and their descendants, who are the aristocracy today. That’s why you see obelisks everywhere and secret societies ruling us. This goes deep my friends and believe me when I say the enemy is within.

  12. That one flier calling immigrants “commies.” I guess that is supposed to get a reaction out of conservative Joe Sixpack.

    It’s bad optics not because its provocative – it’s bad optics because it’s fucking stupid.

    • “If we want to change Southern culture though, then we are going to have to go above the mainstream of normal people who always get their opinions from their elites and directly engage with those elites.”

      That is an absolute non-starter because you are not part of the elite, but one of the hoi polloi, and thus have no standing with them. Major societal changes rarely come from the top since they have theirs and thus are interested in keeping the status quo. The elite will mostly be indifferent to you or part of the group actively trying to destroy you and yours. However, don’t let me deter anyone from trying, you might get lucky, but your efforts could probably be put to better use somewhere else.

  13. “They’re all toxic TRS, Cantwell and DS who only goes for LoL’s and please give me your money”

    Do you really think so?
    Could it be that they are crude and clumsy, being newbs to media and mass communication and grasping for the right approach to reach ppl?

    • General Butt Naked | September 20, 2019 at 3:52 pm |

      No. It’s obnoxious rude and crude. You don’t get the normal brainwashed White normie’s on your side being that way. In the White brainwashed normie mind they believe racism is real and defend it. Just look what happened 80 years ago with the supposed holocaust, 20 years before that the holocaust never existed. I keep telling you people there are powerful forces who are shaping our earth and our people’s to their beliefs/dogma and it’s working. They’ve been doing this for centuries slowly and efficiently and most of our people don’t even realize it, that’s how deep this rabbit hole goes.
      Believe me when I say the enemy is within.

      • That sort of thing works wonders on the internet, but for flyering it is pretty lame. What even is the purpose of these flyering organizations? Usually, flyering would be done in adjunct with street presence, to advertise a local org, but DS is completely opposed to organizations gaining street presence. So what is the end goal then? Seems it would only be good for bringing the state down in the organization.

  14. “Occidental Dissent is a Deep South blog. It is written from a tone and perspective that ought to be familiar to people from the Deep South: being polite and respectful, but responsive to insults, the absence of vulgarity and racial epithets, the absence of raw racial hatred due to familiarity with racial diversity, the low-key assumption that race exists is something that is taken for granted and floats in the background to some of the articles here rather than being treated as some huge discovery. Everyone here already knows that race exists. ”

    I can tell non Southrons by their constant reference to “Niggers” and their behaviour. To real Southrons, all of this is as obvious as tornadoes, scorpions and water moccasins showing up whenever we fish or swim in the river or the lake.
    There’s no need to talk about any of it.
    Similarly, it goes without saying that an Independent Southern nation will be a White ethnostate. Thomas Jefferson, in the Declaration of Independence, just assumed that he wasn’t addressing the Hottentots, Egyptians, Arabs, Chinese, or the various Amerindians and Mestizos. He was addressing White men in general, and Englishmen in particular.

  15. “We need to stand out from the rest of the country by being upstanding citizens, dressing well, carrying ourselves with dignity and always speaking with truth, honesty and courage.”

    True. But it shouldn’t be a conscious effort. Character isn’t what you do. It’s what you are. It’s also what your parents inculcated, or failed to inculcate, in you.

    Leadership and much else descends from character, which can’t be developed in later life, beyond adolescence.

  16. it depends what you think is the purpose of propaganda. if you aretryingto sway neutral minds to a worldview, then measured and empathtic rhetoric is useful. ifyou trying to show people they have permission to think and speak those things they repress, hyperbolic and raw imagery is better. The problem is if people are going to be called upon to sacrifice their lives, honor, and treasure, they need to be convinced there is some hope of success. That can only come from social proof, and that cant mean announced events where bolshies get to shame venues into cancelling or outnumber white sovereignty people 5, 10, 20 to 1. I personally think the events of Patriot Front and similar, unannounced and recorded propaganda is the best way to go forward. Ghandi got throngs of supporters and donations by having a healthy contempt for British rule, but a solid respect for human life.

  17. The South was and is WASP, why isn’t this the central theme and viewpoint of every article? WASPs FTW

  18. Harold Dooley | September 20, 2019 at 7:56 pm |

    How actually reads ID? They are completely irrelevant and should be as Masonius Rufus is a 32 degree mason which he has admitted on his podcast.

    • I read ID. What is wrong with being a Mason?

      There is a very small town near me, the only real civil institutions of which are farms, gas station, post office, a dollar store, a church and a Masonic lodge.

      The money and influence are all from the farms, and the lodge.

      If I were an officer of that lodge, i could own the town.

      Whats wrong with this plan?

      The network of Lodges across the rural South and Midwest is full of aging boomers. We should be joining those, not pool parties and stormer book clubs.

      • Free masonry has always been opposed by nationalists – it presents a program of universal brotherhood, universal human equality. The American Founding Fathers were predominately Free Masons and this results in horrors like the Declaration of Independence – Thomas Jefferson proclaiming that every single male child born in the world is born “equal”. How did Tommy Jefferson believe this insanity, this suicide for our people/culture was true?

        Well, because Thomas Jefferson insisted that it was true, self evidently true.

        “We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal”.

        Thomas Jefferson was a slave holder at the time he wrote this nonsense so definitely did not practice what he preached, same as John Lennon didn’t practice what he preached Imagining a world with no possessions, with the entire world living as one. John Lennon was living in the Dakota on Central Park West in Manhattan NYC city when he wrote “Imagine”.

  19. If we want to reach the mainstream of Southern culture, then our message has to be presented in such a way that wouldn’t be out of place in, say, a BBQ restaurant in Tupelo, MS or a fish camp in Wadesboro, NC.

    So why then did the Southern Nationalist movement invent the “southern nationalist flag,” that looks like a NATO joint military symbol for an infantry unit, which no southerner has ever seen before or could even reliably intuit the meaning of?

    • @Silver, simply put today’s Southern Nationalist Movement is out of touch with reality. It’s lost allot of steam since the ‘90’s. It’s far less popular today then it was 20 years ago. The Alabama chapter (which owns the headquarters building where the National meetings were held at) seceded from the group. The LOS has lost allot of support and is a shell of its former self.

  20. Cowtown Rebel | September 21, 2019 at 5:04 am |

    I was watching “Country Music” on P.B.S. and some of the things that stuck with me had to do with “optics.” For one thing, the average rural Male, appeared to have a swagger and a rough exterior that is absent from not only the dime-store variety cowboy today, but even the genuine Rodeo riders lack it. They have all adopted the George Strait Laced Look; clean cut, clean shaven, clean clothes, and entirely too clean, neat and crisp. Though, the Grand Ol’ Opry may have initially carried the Hillbilly image a tad too far, it was certainly better than the Rhinestone studded, gaudy, Jewish, Hollywood appearance that it adopted post World War II.

    It seems to me that the traditional, typical, Southern Man had a rather casual attitude about life. A slower pace and older ways suited him. He wasn’t in a race to keep up with the Jones’. He wasn’t in a constant rush or hurry. He wasn’t trying to impress everyone. He didn’t jump on board with the latest trends or scramble to acquire the newest technology. Simple pleasures were both appreciated and preferred. This is, in many ways, how I have conducted myself for at least the last two decades, if not even before that. The funny thing is, I don’t feel like I’m being left out or that I’m missing anything. I’m simply choosing to go my own way and taking it or leaving it as I see fit. I’m independently Southern in mind, body and soul.

  21. Marketing and propaganda aren’t going to work for us even if we dip it in BBQ sauce and wrap it in the stars and bars.

    The region I live in, the white population is almost entirely Scots Irish. Its pretty hard to bullshit these folks. Its one of the few areas where the monied class of folks is the same ethnicity as the preponderance of the poor working class. They get along very very well, and understand how eachothers interests are served by working together. Its organic, in a word.

    The need for marketing and propaganda of any kind underlines the obvious point that what you people think we need to do, won’t happen on its own. I’m not saying we should let the chips fall where they will, but if these things are true, that whites have far higher average IQs, are better at running business because of natural work ethic and low time preference, and generally better at surviving during hard times because of our ability to generate and maintain high trust social groups, then as this system crumbles under its own weight, organic groups will emerge from the ashes. Its a virtual certainty, and history bears this out.

    I’m no WASP. I’ve never been part of the upper class or remnant plantation class of the deep south. Those aren’t my people, any more than the Yankee’s from the East Coast are. If it wasn’t for those men too proud and decadent to understand that Slavery as an economic model was outmoded and a political liability, the South would have been able to secure material support from Europe to ensure that we could be independent of the U.S..

    Slavery, was a mistake, but not for the reasons we were told. It was a failure of the old plantation gentry that it was the hill they chose to die on. My family never had slaves. Most in Appalachia never did either, even in the Bluegrass agriculture area. It wasn’t worth fighting over.

    Kentucky has a higher white population now, than it did then. Thats organic.

    • “The region I live in, the white population is almost entirely Scots Irish. Its pretty hard to bullshit these folks. Its one of the few areas where the monied class of folks is the same ethnicity as the preponderance of the poor working class. They get along very very well, and understand how eachothers interests are served by working together. Its organic, in a word.”

      I respond:

      Very good. You might want to encourage this homogeneous Scotch Irish group to start teaching Gaelic language – having your own language that 800 million Blacks, Pakis, Mayans don’t speak at all is a huge advantage. It’s one of THE best things Hungarian Nationalists have going for them. The knee Jerk Conservative American’s response to bad multi culturalism, huge 3rd world migration invasions is to wish that everybody just learned to speak English and dress and act more like 1950s White Americans. The Js throw this in our face all the time, claiming that Hispanic migrants are natural Conservative Republicans with Christian Religion and strong family values…. all the time the Chuck Schumer Jews laugh as these “natural Conservative Republicans” vote 80% + Lib Leftist Democrats and live just a notch about the worst Black welfare underclass.

    • OK, this is a very rough subject as most anything associated with “sex” is a rough subject and White Christian folks usually don’t want to talk about it or even think about it – others do.

      Because you are in such a White area in Kentucky – you should consider promoting things like surrogate motherhood, egg donations etc. So many college miseducated White women want to have children in their 40s and they just can’t.

      So help them.

      • Do you realize the toll egg donations and being a surrogate takes on a woman’s body?? There is a reason the cost is 10k per egg, it is hell. Why would you treat humans like livestock? Sounds like taking advantage of people you see as lower socio-economically for wealthy white women and families? Surrogates cost upwards of 100k dollars.

        Also which Gaelic language are you on about because the Scots Irish are ethnically lowland Scots with a bit of Anglo mixed in. They are in no way Irish which currently teaches Irish Gaelic, the Welsch teach their language but the Scots language has many different types. Also it’s not taught.

        • Yes, child birth is rough on our women’s bodies. Our women used to be able to have 6 or 7 children, now it’s asking too much for one college miseducated white woman to have even one child.

          But, our White men used to go to war, march across mine fields in France, get in to hand to hand combat with the most savage Western Indians.

          Our people in Wales and West Virginia spent a lot of their lives in coal mines!

          OK, so it’s not like our people have been traditional soft pussies.

          Yes, of course surrogate motherhood can and is being exploited, especially by a certain “J people” , but there isn’t any reason that if done responsibly, surrogate motherhood can work very well for our people – what’s better than bringing a healthy White baby in to this life to be loved by a loving White mother and father?

          Anybody that thinks this is evil or sinful or hateful – well… just another intollerant group of people I don’t want anything to do with.

          • I’m specifically talking about what a woman has to do to harvest her eggs or be a surrogate. It is intensive months of hormones pumped into her, injecting herself everyday, implanting embryos over and over, it’s extremely hard. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

            I’m not sure why you think random Scots Irish women in the US should be responsible for wealthy women and men in their 40s and older who never had kids? They should ONLY be surrogates for their own family or community if they really, really want to.

            The married couples who don’t have kids can look to family for help or adoption. Of course majority won’t adopt the older white children in the foster system because in their minds they DESERVE a baby. Absolute joke, and exploitation

          • And not only that, now they are finding out more and more how when young women have eggs harvested for old couples when they are less informed, their own fertility is many times adversely effected. A lot of these girls end up not being able to have children of their own because some test tube people wanted to HARVEST her eggs.

            How weird does that sound?

  22. It’s is highly likely these anti Jewish fliers put on Jewish synogogues were hoaxes, put up by Jews to gain sympathy, justify ADL, SPLC fund raising.

    Laird Wilcox of the University of Kansas does the best job of documenting these hoaxes:

    “Criticism of “Watchdog” groups
    In his 1997 self-published book, The Watchdogs,[5] Wilcox criticized an “industry” of such groups “whose identity and livelihood depend upon growth and expansion of their particular kind of victimization.” He holds such groups use “links and ties” to imply connections between individuals and groups. And they collect millions of dollars by greatly exaggerating the size and danger of such groups, becoming “a massive extortion racket.”

    He names groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Anti-Defamation League, Political Research Associates, and the Center for Democratic Renewal. Mark Potok of Southern Poverty Law Center told a reporter that Wilcox “had an ax to grind for a great many years” and engaged in name calling against others doing anti-racist work. Chip Berlet of Political Research Associates told a reporter that “Laird Wilcox is not an accurate or ethical reporter… He simply can’t tolerate people who are his competition in this field.”[6]

  23. I would like to lead a discussion, teaching seminar on how to produce effective, successful propaganda. I have studied this very important subject from many different angles and noted the few times when American Whites have successfully used propaganda such as when Lee Atwater used the Willie Horton adverts to elect George HW Bush over soft on crime Lib Demorat Mike Dukakis.

    Here is in my opinion THE Best book on propaganda:

    “Faces of the Enemy” by Sam Keen

    The most successful Communists in Germany, Russia, Spain and elsewhere have always been very good at propaganda. Conservatives throughout the White world tend to really SUCK at Propaganda – they tend to think that the whole idea of propaganda is unfair, dishonest and “That’s not who we are” – what they are tend to be boring losers trying to sell economic conservatism to poor White people, trying to campaign in Florida old people areas on promises to end Social Security payments and put poor old people in the care of churches that hate them – Yeah, GOP Libertarian Constitutionalist Presidential candidate actually did that he didn’t even win 8% of the Florida vote.

    Not to toot my own horn, but I am the co-creator of the most successful propaganda flier in American White Nationalist history

    The “Missing a Future for White Children” featuring a cute 2 year old picture of my co founder of the Nordic Heritage and History Club.

  24. Never put WN propaganda on a physical church, mosque or synagogue. But, the car windshields of White folks attending a very White church is an excellent place for fliers. Understand your target market – these are Whites who are going to a White Christian church, so don’t insult their faith, try to get them to consider Odinism.

    Reverse propaganda is certainly an option here.

    You can pose as invading, hostile Muslim immigrants threatening to take over, marry their White daughters as your 4th Islamic wife, insult the Christian faith as a false religion, insinuate that Christian church leaders are mostly homosexuals (too many are) – the result will be anger and vows to fight back from the White Christians who think that pushy Muslims really are in their community insulting them or vows to make their White Christian church, tougher, less homosexual, feminist etc.

    It’s a win win situation.

    • @Jaye Ryan, the Pro-White Movement is dying and needs to die. It hasn’t accomplished anything of worth note since it’s inception. It’s been one dismal failure since the beginning. The average White doesn’t even identify with racialist views, and the majority are anti-White actually. I think if you want to preserve heritage and culture that is fine, but not via “the movement” as it is a spent force.

      • For someone who has left the Pro-White Movement, Kevin sure seems to spend a lot of time in our comment section. Why not move on with life and enjoy the lifestyle of being a tribal anarchist?

        • LOL you said you weren’t in any “movement” either so likewise why are you concerned about what I think? I’m here to steer folks away from a mistake, and disappointment.

      • I pretty much agree. But, some of our efforts have had modest successes. The Black underclass birth rate is way down. There isn’t as much enthusiasm for endless Neo Conservative/Zionist wars. White vs White hatreds have calmed down.

        We did our part – I wouldn’t call it “White Nationalism” just intelligent, principled, good American/Southern White folks doing what they/we can.

        That’s all we can do in Kali Yuga.

  25. In the end, internet troll culture can only succeed in trolling for reacts and lulz. Not actually doing anything useful.

  26. DS, TRS, just the pinnacle of Yankee-Jew psy-ops to distract frustrated young men and disengage them from anything actually useful.

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