Andy Puzder To Withdraw His Nomination For Labor Secretary

This is great news:

I never supported Andy Puzder and hoped the Senate would block his confirmation. Hopefully, Rep. Lou Barletta will reconsider and accept the nomination for Labor Secretary.


  1. I still can’t stop calling the man “Pudzer.”
    However, I think that Trump has cucked in certain areas. Nominations and appointments being some of them.

  2. Yep. This business with the General resigning and the fit over the covert contact with the Russian government is a bit worrisome, too. The Left are claiming it’ll bring down Trump’s presidency.

  3. The problem for the left is that they have been calling for Trump’s removal ever since the election. They don’t view him as a legitimate President and weren’t willing to accept the election results. They will continue to blow everything up way out of proportion and continue the narrative of a Presidency in chaos. However, Americans will tire of it and if Trump ever actually does violate the law it may not have as big of an impact.

  4. Puzder can take Tillerson with him..Tillerson has publicly advocated for faggots joining the Boy Scouts, and was the one who selected Eliot Abrams as Deputy at State Dept.

  5. Trump should attempt a government of by and for everyday Americans. It will probably be a smashing success. Pudzer and others don’t really belong.

    National Security Adviser: James Webb?

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