Andy Puzder To Withdraw His Nomination For Labor Secretary

This is great news:

I never supported Andy Puzder and hoped the Senate would block his confirmation. Hopefully, Rep. Lou Barletta will reconsider and accept the nomination for Labor Secretary.

  • James Owen

    I still can’t stop calling the man “Pudzer.”
    However, I think that Trump has cucked in certain areas. Nominations and appointments being some of them.

  • Puzder was arguably the worst Cabinet pick.

  • James Owen

    Yep. This business with the General resigning and the fit over the covert contact with the Russian government is a bit worrisome, too. The Left are claiming it’ll bring down Trump’s presidency.

  • glacierstorm

    The problem for the left is that they have been calling for Trump’s removal ever since the election. They don’t view him as a legitimate President and weren’t willing to accept the election results. They will continue to blow everything up way out of proportion and continue the narrative of a Presidency in chaos. However, Americans will tire of it and if Trump ever actually does violate the law it may not have as big of an impact.

  • James Owen

    Jim Goad has an article over at Taki’s Magazine on it.

  • Jerry Kleinfeld

    “The Left are claiming it’ll bring down Trump’s presidency.”

    (((They))) have made that prediction numerous times before. Perhaps they actually enjoy making fools of themselves?

  • Jerry Kleinfeld
  • Jim

    Trump supporters need to hold rallies protesting (((fake news))).

  • Ronald Blake

    Puzder can take Tillerson with him..Tillerson has publicly advocated for faggots joining the Boy Scouts, and was the one who selected Eliot Abrams as Deputy at State Dept.

  • nyashmyash

    And Tramp felched Satanyahoo today

  • Afterthought

    Trump should attempt a government of by and for everyday Americans. It will probably be a smashing success. Pudzer and others don’t really belong.

    National Security Adviser: James Webb?

  • DenisetheCelt

    We need to uild the ovens for real.

  • DenisetheCelt

    And how.

  • DenisetheCelt

    Nah. Normies are only thinking WTF? since the mau-mauing is so hysterical and deranged.

  • Captain John Charity Spring MA

    He’s going to string a few people up.

  • Siberian


  • Sam J.

    People who believe the press is at 6% according

    to Breitbart. The more they attack him the more popular he will get.