Andy Puzder Is Even Worse Than You Thought

He’s so bad that Breitbart won’t even defend him:

“Pro-American immigration reformers and advocates for higher-wages are hammering Donald Trump’s selection of a cheap-labor, migration-boosting employer to run the Department of Labor.

The opponents — some of whom backed Trump’s pro-American, immigration-reducing promises in the election — are rallying opposition to Puzder’s appointment via the twitter hashtag, #NeverPuzder. …”

What happened to #DrainTheSwamp? Did anyone have a clue that #DrainTheSwamp meant Betsy DeVos, Tom Ricketts and Andy Puzder in Trump’s Cabinet? I certainly didn’t. I remember Trump hammering ¡Jeb! over his ties to these people:

“In early 2015 (before Trump entered the race), Puzder participated in a press call warning the Republican candidates for president to follow Jeb Bush’s “lead” on immigration. “People vote with their hearts … our values dictate we should be the party of immigration reform,” he said.

By pretty much any measure, this attitude was totally repudiated in the GOP primary by Trump and his supporters. Trump mocked Bush mercilessly for calling unauthorized immigration an “act of love,” and his own characterizations of immigrants tended to focus on their potential to kill American citizens. And many Republican voters — voting with their hearts — sided with Trump.

But Puzder’s feelings about unauthorized immigrants are much more Bushian than Trumpian.

In a 2013 panel hosted by the American Enterprise Institute, as Frum pointed out on Twitter, Puzder said that immigrant workers were often more grateful for their jobs than native ones — an attitude that contrasts starkly with Trump’s crusade against companies that “replace” native workers with non-native ones so they can pay lower wages.

And during the 2015 call, Puzder expressed sympathy for unauthorized workers who “live in fear of being deported, losing what they’ve built and being separated from their families.”

Trump has made that fear much more widespread and much more palpable for millions of immigrants. And Andy Puzder is now in a position to try to impede Trump (and Sessions) from using the full power of the federal government to enforce immigration law. …”

Yes, we should be very worried.

There is no doubt about it now: this was by far the worst Cabinet pick yet. It also speaks volumes that Kris Kobach was passed over for DHS, but Andy Puzder got Labor Secretary. How do you defend that?

Update: Robert Reich, who I sometimes agree with on labor issues, has this to say about him:

“Apparently, Donald Trump will pick Andy Puzder as his Secretary of Labor.

Having myself served as Secretary of Labor, I cannot imagine someone more unsuited to the job of advancing the cause of working people in America.

If Puzner is confirmed, the working people who voted for Trump will suffer. …”

Trump’s decision to pick Andy Puzder as Labor Secretary is like nominating Ebenezer Scrooge for Secretary of Christmas. I hope the Senate votes against his confirmation.


  1. Imagine if Trump’s Cabinet picks so far would have been announced in October. Now imagine if Trump supporters would have found out he was meeting with the likes of Romney and Al Gore.

    I’m 100% sure Trump would have lost the election. He would have lost badly.

  2. Shows that Trump isn t very ideological.

    He tends to tell the room what they want to hear unless they are hostile media then he insults them back .

    Latter Day Saint Mormons tend to be this way

  3. Trump also met this week with the NATO commander who supported, argued for and oversaw the destruction of Libya. Pence also fired General Flynn’s son from the transition team for tweeting about pizzagate which shows Pence is sensitive to the media’s concerns about “fake” news. Finally, Trump said we’re going to work something out on the Dreamers.

  4. Sundance is generally good, but he’s not perfect. He missed on the monster vote. 72,000,000 people did not turn out for Trump. Now, he’s just a cheerleader.

  5. Although if you’d told me that Clinton’s first speech after her drubbing in the election would be to defend alleged Child Rapists/Grooming Gang at Comet Ping Pong I’d have also expected her to lose. She certainly has her priorities straight there.

  6. Sorry for the movie choice here, but this sums up a lot of the buyer’s remorse that people will eventually have when it comes to Trump’s Presidency. At least the White homeowner actually meant what he said, and did what he said he was going to do. I’d rather have this guy running the country.

  7. I’m all for $15/hour wages for burger flippers. That would put many of these joints out of business, at least until robot replacements come in.

  8. I fear this appointment means “immigration reform” through the back door. It seems, with few exceptions, that Trump is giving the GOP establishment everything it wanted. How do you #Draintheswamp and buck the #Riggedsystem with picks like this?

    Difficult as it may be, let’s suspend judgement for now and see what Trump actually does in the first 100 days.

  9. Well said, Lorax.

    Narcissists normally treat others like tools and then throw them away when they no longer have any use for them.

  10. Trump isn’t in office yet, if he didn’t play ball with the scum like Ryan, they might be calling for a coup. By all appearances, a terrible, terrible pick, but at this moment we probably over-estimate his security. Consider the degree of hate he’s getting for Sessions and Bannon from the people he has to make nice with to avoid getting impeached. Let’s wait and see.

  11. The best case scenario goes like this. Trump focuses mainly on getting an economic recovery going properly, and he succeeds in that. He also acts on the border and on illegals (in part because people like Ann Coulter badger him to do so). The glow of a recovery rubs off on nativist policies, making “Trumpism” as popular as “Reaganism” as a brand.

    That’s not the only way things could go. It’s the sunniest possibility.

  12. Yes it is OUR Victory and it is OUR Job to make it a real victory. We have to keep fighting and not stop until we win

  13. Disappointing to say the least, although Hilary Clinton’s picks would have reflected the oligarchy as well, they would have been from different sides of the big money crowd, but they would have been the money crowd nevertheless. I guess asking that the Secretary of Labor would actually been in the labor movement, instead of a corporate parasite is asking too much.

  14. I’m gonna stick with “Pudzer.” It rolls off the tongue easy. It also describes him better. He’s a pud.

  15. If I MUST do fast food Burger King has the best burger but I would rather be at taco Bell or if you can find one Dairy Queen, especially their double dipped vanilla cones.

  16. Here is an interesting perspective about the appointment. Mind blowing that employers are kept from really verifying anything because that would be ‘da rasis’.

    “The Dept. of Homeland Security now has the responsibility for telling employers how to scrutinize hiring documents; as you can see below DHS doesn’t want employers being critical.

    In short, to avoid running afoul of EEO laws (ie avoiding lawsuits, fines, penalties), and because DHS essentially discourages critique, most businesses don’t even check Social Security Numbers – and if the eligibility documents look legit, DHS guidance says “accept them”.”

  17. Don’t count on the RINO infested senate to reject Putzder or any of these pathetic choices. This is the same McConnell led basket of deplorables gave us Loretta Lynch as AG and Mcconnell’s wife for a cabinet post. Nothing has changed.

  18. Has Trump completely gone on vacation like Obama and turned the whole cabinet thing over to the RNC? The same guy who knew exactly what to say at his ralies should definitely know the fast food industry has a toxic image to virtually the entire electorate. The absolute last place to pick a labor secretary from and not why he turned some blue states red in the election. Couldn’t he have found some old blue dog conservative democrat who lost his job during the Obama identity politics takeover of the democratic party and tea party purge of white democrats in the south who would be aching to get back in the game and could serve as a symbolic olive branch to the Democrats for the LABOR POST? Clearly he had no plans in place in case he won, or is afraid the Republicans will team up to Impeach him and better let the RNC have it’s say. His cozying up to the military with some of the picks suggest the latter.

  19. This Fast Food pick would have definitely lost the rustbelt. Everything about the Fast Food industry is toxic in the minds of 99% of Americans, unanimously considered the absolute worst jobs and the absolute worst food.

  20. It’s a propaganda coupe for the left, Fast Food labor is considered the worst work in America by 99% of the public. Trump should have known this and found someone acceptable to the blue state voters he flipped in the Great Lakes for that key labor position.

  21. That’s how I see the Generals he put in, perhaps his picks along with Sessions and Bannon, the rest he let Pence, Priebus, and Ryan have their way as he may be insecure and fear the congress will move against him. Looks like he is trying to play ball with the RNC to avert that and trying to make sure the Army is on his side should hell brake loose.

  22. That’s Arby’s not Hardee’s. Hardee’s died some fifteen to twenty years ago when they got bought out by west coast chain Carl’s Jr and had their recipes entirely replaced by those of Carl’s Jr. I remember Hardee’s burger’s in the Midwest in the 80’s and 90’s, the burgers were fried on stainless steel griddles and were more like McDonalds quarter pounders with Mushrooms and Swiss instead of ketchup and mustard. Then I moved out west and became familiar with the menu of Carl’s Jr’s flame broiled fare. When I moved back to the midwest I was startled to find the exact same menu in “Hardee’s” with the generic Orange and Brown Hardee’s logo replaced with Carl’s Jr’s Yellow Star. I then knew Hardee’s lived on in name only, their menu was long gone.

  23. That’s Carl’s Jr who always had the supermodels pretending to enjoy stuffing down burgers in their commercials. They bought out Hardee’s around the turn of the millennium and put in their menu, flavors, and even their yellow star logo on the locations. Hardee’s when independent tasted radically different than they do now. They have the exact same taste and menu as west coast Carl’s Jr.

  24. Andy Puzder said in a Saturday statement according to RealClearPolitics as circulated by Trump’s transition team, in a sign he’s genuinely changing on the issue from prior controversial statements:

    My job as a business person is to maximize profits for my company, employees and shareholders. My job as the Secretary of Labor, if confirmed, is to serve U.S. citizen workers – that is my moral and constitutional duty. The public spoke loud and clear in this election, and delivered a mandate to protect American workers. It makes no economic sense to spend trillions on welfare and jobless benefits for out of work Americans while bringing in foreign workers to fill jobs in their place.

    As Secretary of Labor, I will fiercely defend American workers and implement my piece of the ten point plan the President-elect laid out. President-elect Trump’s plan to establish new immigration controls will boost wages and ensure that open jobs are offered to American workers first. Hire American and Buy American is our policy, and the one supported by voters in both parties. I will not provide guest worker visas to companies that break the rules, and will support reforms to raise wages for Americans — I know the system from the inside, and will be the best champion American workers have had. With 94 million Americans outside the labor force, and massive unemployment in our inner cities and among minority workers, my job will be to help these workers find jobs. We also have large unemployment in our immigrant communities, and these communities benefit the most from clamping down on guest worker programs that compete against them.

  25. LOL.

    Most non-Whites have no love for ordinary White people. They just want they wealth and resources, they can care less about the common White folks.

    This is why I support outsourcing and the TPP! 🙂

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