Poll: Half of Republicans Back Joe Biden’s COVID Relief Plan Because of Stimulus Checks

The myth of “Right Populism” is being exposed on a daily basis now.


“Half of all Republicans believe that President Joe Biden‘s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package should be passed because of the proposed round of $1,400 stimulus checks, according to a new poll.

A 53 percent majority of Republicans support passing Biden’s entire stimulus plan, with 50 percent citing the direct payments as the most convincing reason to support the plan, according to a survey that Democratic polling organization Navigator Research released on Thursday. A February 3 poll from Quinnipiac University, which is nonpartisan, found that 64 percent of Republicans supported the $1,400 checks while 37 percent supported the larger stimulus package. …

Most respondents agreed that “low income people” should the top priority for receiving financial relief amid the pandemic, with higher-earning Republicans being the only group to disagree. Republicans earning between $50,000 and $100,000 per year cited “working class people” as the top priority instead, while Republicans who earned more than $100,000 per year said that the money should first go to “small businesses.” …”

“Right Populists” are just populist voters.

They’re more culturally conservative on immigration and other social issues than other populist voters. Mitch McConnell is sitting on top of Mount Vesuvius.

In the next two or three election cycles, the old guard in the GOP is going to be overrun and ousted by working class voters. Trump foolishly spent his presidency reversing what he began in 2016. If he hadn’t catered to Mitch and Paul Ryan, it would have happened much sooner.

Judging by these polls, we may have given up too early on storming and taking over the country club. The apple wasn’t fully ripe yet. There were too many Boomers, too many suburbanites, too many PMCs who supported the Republican establishment, but the picture is brightening on that front.

Note: Neoliberal Joe is privately telling the governors that the $15 minimum wage isn’t happening. He is keeping his promise that nothing is actually going to really change.

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    • There will be negative market effects to this ‘stimulus check’, that will hurt ppl more, in the long run.
      This is a botched plan, to paper over zog’s botched handling of covid.

      This is economic speed, so we can stay awake and drive longer.
      I’m afraid they’ve started on a speed cycle they won’t be able to control.
      Economic amphetamines can have bad consequences, just like the drugs.

      Bad thing: many ppl will treat the check like a lotto winning, just waste it.
      Plus, this is going to create a mindset for future checks.

  1. My OD family seems to get a kick out of my parents so here is a new story on my visit to their home. Fox is on and Greg Gutfeld and crew are discussing stimulus plans. Mom and Dad both worked their whole lives and now pay out the wazoo in health insurance, prescriptions and property tax leaving them basically hand to mouth argued with me that none of us deserve checks. Only people who lost their businesses. I find out they never got their checks and never inquired about it because “why should we. Other people need it more than us. The poor business people. Not us or you”.
    THIS IS WHAT CONSERVATIVE TALK SHOWS HAVE DONE TO OUR OLDER PEOPLE. I have a soft spot for Rush and always will but from top to bottom this bootstrap shit is a cancer

    • I was around a couple of Boomers last week. They were going on and on about different cars they’ve owned and boats. Both of them were retired, one was in construction his whole life and the other was a mechanic.

      Now a days it’s pretty much impossible to get wealthy at either of those two careers, but back when they were doing their thing in the 70’s and 80’s everything was cheaper and houses were actually affordable. Must have been nice. Now a days a decent house in a good neighborhood will run you at least $300,000 minimum. The house payment and the car payment doesn’t leave much left over. Cable TV used to be like 50 bucks a month, now it’s over $200 a month for shit channels and internet. Bootstraps.

  2. White Nationalists forever: stop giving taxpayers money to freeloading parasites bc it’s bankrupting our Nation (true)

    also White Nationalists: 2020, jk, we’re parasites too.
    All that talk about being superior was bunk. We can’t make it without a handout. #Gibs

    Good God, we’re fucked if this is actual strategy.

  3. So many wealthy elites have been bailed out each time there is some kind crisis, while the rest of us are forgotten, that at to attempts at convincing the rest of us to be frugal and shut up, have completely failed. If we are going to be kept out of the clubhouse, they are going to have to start paying for the privilege, and not around at the back door either. We want the respect. I don’t have to be in their club. But I’m not a peasant either.

  4. Politicians still receiving checks.
    Wall St still getting trillions.
    Fed can keypunch big bucks to anywhere.
    I emailed the Fed my account no. to direct dep 200 billion.or 2000.
    emailed white house – screw 1400. I want my fair share of theft.

    Once, long time ago and far away, worked at a
    company that had union and non union.
    Union got approx $5/hr more. Both had very good healthcare.

    Company spent much dollars and time trying to get rid of unions (several different).

    Didn’t make sense. Company made lots of money and union members were
    much harder and more skilled workers.

    These were not the execs of unions.

    If lowest wages possible, as close to zero benefits as possible,
    as few employment options possible, max CEO compensation,
    unions (club wielding sort) needed.

    For all his skills and connections, let Bezos run Amazon by himself.
    Possibly couple of CIA honchos as gofers.

    Same for the Walmarts.

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