Orange County Groyper Arrested Over Capitol Siege

They finally got this kid.

He was the one who sat in Vice President Mike Pence’s chair in the Senate and proclaimed Trump the emperor of the United States while he was filmed by The New Yorker.

Los Angeles Times:

“An ongoing search by the FBI for participants in the Jan. 6 attacks at the U.S. Capitol again brought agents to Orange County Tuesday, this time to a residential complex in Costa Mesa.

Christian Alexander Secor, 22, was arrested in an early morning raid and charged with suspicion of civil disorder and aiding and abetting, obstructing an official proceeding, entering and remaining on restricted grounds, violent entry or disorderly conduct and assaulting, resisting or impeding officers.

FBI agents, who had placed Secor under surveillance from Jan. 25 to 28, executed a search warrant Tuesday and arrested him, according to agency spokeswoman Laura Eimiller. Secor reportedly attends UCLA as an undergraduate student and is founder of the now-defunct America First Bruins club. …”

Pat bailed on America First over the optics.

This is what we meant when we said these Zoomers live in a hyper real world that blurs reality, memes and video games. They don’t grasp the consequences of their actions.

Note: The QAnon Shaman was in the grip of his own famtasy ideology. He was casting spells inside the Senate. He explained what he was doing to Alex Jones.

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  1. I’m trying to figure out why these people did this without wearing masks and just wearing anonymous generic clothes. And also not carrying phones. All that agency to fly out there all the arrogance to go into the building then sit there. Oh well. Antifa do have the right idea in that disguise uniform they use. But still, doingbthis stuff for Trump after seeing how he always fails?

    • Capt. John,

      Because it was an impromptu swept up in the moment event.

      Trump, Guliani, and Trump Jr. whipped the “stop the steal” crowd into a frenzy. The trespassers inside the synagogue of democracy didn’t plan to do. US Capitol walking tour.

    • MAGA protesters didn’t wear mask and are now caught,they are not going to drop the hammer on them, political imprison.

  2. Trump wouldn’t bother to piss on any of the people that went up to the Capitol at his encouragement if they were on fire but guys like this Secor are going to do time in a Federal prison for Trusting the Plan. The disconnect between what Trump supporters think Trump is versus what he actually is is stupefying.

  3. Dissident life unfortunately is dangerous. And in the beginning, mistakes are inevitable. How many people got killed, imprisoned and just life ruined before Hungarians finally put Orban and Fidez in office ?

    This guy did in one day more than Rush within his entire life. Doing something is good even when first attempts fail like C`ville or 6th January. Almost in every Eastern European country , first anti communist actions were clusterfuck.

    Useless whining is pathetic even when you have large audience.

  4. “They don’t grasp the consequences of their actions.”


    If black or ANTIFA, you can riot, loot, burn, vandalize and murder, wi impunity and encouragement.

    If WHITE, you can’t have a civil protest.

    Those are the ‘consequences’.

  5. If you’re a black or communist rioter, you get funding and special protections.

    If WHITE, you will be charged with every obscure law that can be remotely applied.

    j3w!$h justice !

    (Look at the protest David Duke and Don Black had in forsythe county. They faced 20 yrs in prison , for rioting. Eventually , they got off on a charge of jaywalking.)

  6. Why did they black out the complainants name on the arrest warrant? What are afraid of? If somebody did wrong and broke the law then why the fear to point them out?

    I would have liked to have know if the complainant was Irish.

    There have been many many Hispanics arrested, which is very interesting.

    No Ali Alexander on the list though.

  7. Remember when Trump fired Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and hired a bunch of Israeli to take over the Pentagon? One being Ezra Cohen-Watnik, the guy suspected of being “Qanon” himself?

    January 6th was planned. Someone at the Department of Defense refused to protect the Capitol during the known protests. They certainly put troops at the Capitol during the Black Lives Matter riots.

    Why did they turn down all the requests for extra troops on January 6?

    Who let the “QAnon Shaman” and all those other people inside the Capitol? The videos clearly show someone opening the door for them.

    Of course the Democrats won’t ask a single question about Ezra Cohen-Watnik.

    Why won’t the Democrats ask anything about him?

    Is it because his name is “Cohen” and he’s a Zionist Jew – with direct connections to the foreign state of Israel?

    Does anyone think that “far-left” Democrat Chuck Schumer – himself a Zionist Jew who just LOVES Israel – does anyone think that Schumer is really going to get to the bottom of all those Zionist Jew Israelis in the Trump administration, like Ezra Cohen-Watnick?

    I bet Chuck Schumer will not. I bet Chuck Schumer will instead find some idiot – like this guy – who “happens to not be Jewish” and railroad him instead.

  8. Watching six months of left-wing riots complete with police cars, buildings and cities burning down with very few arrests gave these protestors the false impression they could walk peacefully inside the capital building to sit in chairs as a form of protest. They failed to understand the LEFT has rights in this country, the RIGHT DOES NOT. If the situation were reversed they would have been pardoned by a left-wing president- but then again, such a pardon of “peaceful protestors” would not have even been necessary had they been from the left. The USA is a leftist dictatorship due to their control over basically all institutions.

  9. What these kids and boomers did was minor compared to months of BLM/Antifa riots, arson, looting, physical attacks on innocents. They always go after the ones that won’t put up any resistance, just like bullies do.

  10. There is no more equal application & protection of the law in the jewAss Oy Vey. The country has been usurped, and has no legitimacy that doesn’t come from the barrels of the guns of itz fed bully boys. Unless some miracle reverses that & restores at least some control to us, just suck the blood of the dying corpse for every drop you can get.

    “I. Drank. Your. MILKSHAKE! SHLOOOOK!”

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