Reuters: Dozens of Former Republican Officials In Talks To Form True Cons Third Party

This is fantastic news.

Egg McMuffin has returned to lead conservatism into the dustbin of history.

It is the best news since that poll came out which showed 64% of Trump voters now believe that their race is very, extremely or somewhat important to their identity.


“(Reuters) – Dozens of former Republican officials, who view the party as unwilling to stand up to former President Donald Trump and his attempts to undermine U.S. democracy, are in talks to form a center-right breakaway party, four people involved in the discussions told Reuters.

The early stage discussions include former elected Republicans, former officials in the Republican administrations of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush and Trump, ex-Republican ambassadors and Republican strategists, the people involved say.

More than 120 of them held a Zoom call last Friday to discuss the breakaway group, which would run on a platform of “principled conservatism,” including adherence to the Constitution and the rule of law – ideas those involved say have been trashed by Trump. …

Names under consideration for a new party include the Integrity Party and the Center Right Party. If it is decided instead to form a faction, one name under discussion is the Center Right Republicans. …”

If this is true, it would accelerate the demographic death spiral of “True Conservatism” and the Republican establishment. Reaganites are not “Center Right Republicans” anymore.

“Journalists” are morons and have recently been taken with the false notion that Joe Biden’s America is like the Reconstruction era. This is hilarious because there is no “insurrection” going on against the Biden administration. Millions of Trump voters aren’t disenfranchised. The U.S. military isn’t occupying the South. The country isn’t a warzone and Democrats aren’t in any position to pass anything remotely comparable to the Reconstruction amendments. They can’t even pass a $15 minimum wage in the Senate.

The correct historical analogy is to William Jennings Bryan, the Populist movement and the end of the Gilded Age. It was a time of rapid economic change, the highwater mark of laissez-faire, the depression of the 1890s, the dawn of modernism, yokels from the South and West who had long been excluded from political representation getting uppity, oligarchy, record levels of immigration, soaring discontent and the immiseration of large swathes of the country. Politicians were engaged in performance art politics and were still fighting over dead issues from the Civil War era while the Robber Barons ruled the country. The way that the political establishment has thrown out every rule in the book to defeat Trump and to demonize his supporters is exactly like what happened with William Jennings Bryan. The Democrats fear that Trump will run again in 2024. William Jennings Bryan ran for president three times as the Democratic nominee in 1896, 1900 and 1908 and remade the Democratic Party in the process.

I’m optimistic that my next two predictions are coming true:

It seems to be dawning on these people that they are dead in the water. They are never returning to power because of the 70/30 split in the Republican Party.

Their mistake was in assuming that Donald Trump was the problem. They also believe in “Principles” and were foolish enough to believe that Trump’s demise would be their springboard back to power. The problem though is that the electorate is resorting and different groups of people have moved into the Republican Party and have very different ideas about how the party should be run in the future. The base for their brand of “Center Right” politics is also literally dying out with the Boomer generation. It was always inevitable that the Boomers would lose their grip on American politics in the 2020s.

Speaking of AI and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, that’s another massive asteroid that we are expecting to strike the political status quo and finish killing off these dinosaurs.

Note: It goes without saying that Blumpf is no William Jennings Bryan. He is perceived that way by his followers though. While it is obvious that I don’t care for Trump and think QAnon is ridiculous, the demise of the pearl clutchers is overdue.

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  1. When the boomers finally get carried off the stage by pallbearers it will also be the end of the Israel First wing of the Republican Party. At least I hope so! But I can’t imagine the billionaire donor class allowing the GOP to be taken over by white working-class populists. That’s where HW and his newly formed SWPP steps in.

  2. Name suggestions for this splinter group of Neocon, Reagan-worshipping fags – the Fake and Ghey Party, the How Much US Taxpayer Money Do You Want, Israel? Party, the Jews Rock! Party, the Democrats Are the Real Racists Party, the Conservatives For Open Borders Party, the Let’s Give Trillions To Wall St Party, the We Hate Whites Party. The possibilities are endless, really.

  3. Boomers are the Trump base.

    Most Trump supporters are Gen X and above, young people outside of rural areas are not into Trump very much.

    Anyway, I’d rather move on from the Blomph circus and try to find some leaders who can try to move the country away from cuckery ; sadly it seems like that won’t happen because the Trump personality cult is more important to most of the right than fighting the left wing faggotry that is consuming the country

  4. This is the homosexual pederast anal sex faction of the Republican Party…..supported by Sean Hannity….

  5. Donald Trump was just the guy with the instincts to put himself in front of a trend that was already building for years. Decades of politicians spitting on their voters whole only serving donors and lobbyists created the widespread distrust in the establishment that con-man Donald Trump was able to take advantage of for his own personal gain.

    In recent months the media and politicians and tech oligarchs have been trying to figure out how they can stop “extremism” or whatever, but I haven’t seen even one of them propose the simplest solution: giving voters what they want by enacting popular policies that have widespread support. That reveals the core of the problem, and why they will never be able to solve the “extremism” they complain about. Their actions can only exacerbate it. Instead of just doing what the majority of their voters want them to do, they talk about banning them all from the internet, banning them from economic activity, brainwashing them, or killing them with drone strikes. This is to save “democracy,” which apparently means voters never getting anything they want, ever, while plutocrats trample them into the ground.

  6. Ronald Reagan was a filthy Hollywood Homosexual…and his Whitehouse was infested with Rapturist weirdos.

    The Washington Times had exposed the Reagan Whitehouse as being infested with pedophiles.

    Ronald Reagan was a Hollywood Homosexual.

    Bush W Whitehouse was a revolving door for pedophiles and Gay Male Prostitutes…one of whom appeared regularly on the Sean Hannity show……Then there is Rick Wilson’s Lincoln Project……

  7. Adam Curtis’s new film series is out. Watching first episode Bloodshed on Wolf Mountain.

    Looking at London Mobster Peter Rachman and Mao’s Wife.

  8. “Speaking of AI and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

    It’s already been happening in Europe and Japan since the 1980’s. They’re only a few steps, if not one or two, away from fully automated production in factories. Which will longer be buildings filled with machines, but building sized machines that eat raw materials and energy, and shit finished products.

    As always, though, the Oligarchs that control the formerly United States, will keep us thirty to forty years behind Europe and Japan. By the time we finally got digital HD TV, Europe had already had it for almost twenty years.

    They’re not going to allow this technology to free up the masses from their control and dominance. And make them not only unnecessary, but irrelevant. That’s why they keep talking about 19th and 20th century labour politics that are obsolete in the rest of the developed world.

    There’s not going to be much, if any automation in America, even well into Hunter’s son’s young adulthood. America in 2051, is still gonna be in 1981, politically, if it doesn’t all collapse first. Or succumb to war.

  9. The United States was born from the radical ideas of radical men and remains an intrinsically liberal country. That’s why even American “conservatives” are liberals and why the country as a whole never stops getting more radical. Whatever filth liberals are retching today is guaranteed to be retched by “conservatives” in a few short years. Take any issue—homosexualism, feminism, transgenderism, illegal aliens, Martin Luther King—and you’ll see the same pattern play out. As 19th century theologian Robert Lewis Dabney put it, “American conservatism is the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward toward perdition. It remains behind it but never retards it and always advances it.”

    The US will only keep getting more radical until it’s killed by its radicalism. It doesn’t look like it will be long now.

  10. “Journalists” are morons and have recently been taken with the false notion that Joe Biden’s America is like the Reconstruction era.”

    They’ve maintained the North vs the rest of America dichotomy, for nearly two hundred years, now. But it’s breaking down. Texas and several Western and Southern states contesting the election is, hopefully, the first crack in the edifice.

    They’re blaming the South, again, for the riots in Yankeedom, and in her Pacific Rim colonies. For the Michigan militiamen storming their state capitol. And for the circus at the Capitol in D.C.
    Leftists are scapegoating people, who always need a scapegoat for their failed socio-political schemes.

    I think that the government in D.C. is weak. They’ve shown as much, over the past year. I think that any group of states that are bold enough, could walk in and take the place over. Or just secede.

    “-yokels from the South and West who had long been excluded from political representation-”

    They still are. The votes of the South and the Interior West don’t matter, and haven’t mattered since before 1860. America is governed by the sixteen Northern States and California. But for California’s electoral votes and alliance with the Northern States, the South and Interior West would actually, for the first time in ages, be able to out-vote the North/Northeast. That’s why they’re pushing for an end to the electoral college. They’re hedging against the potential loss of California’s electoral votes, either to Mexico, or to a “conservative,” backlash.

    In any case, we need a Southern Nationalist Party, not a reworked Republican party, that will shove Dixie aside, in favour of people for whom it will be just another short term political fad. Or easily disbanded or dispersed, like the so-called Tea Party was.

  11. Re: “This is fantastic news. Egg McMuffin has returned to lead conservatism into the dustbin of history. It is the best news”:


    Following the news about how the Dems and Repubs are fighting, or collaborating, is boring and ineffectual. Let’s study the system itself and learn how it might be radically, completely replaced.

    • @anonymous

      “how it might be radically, completely replaced.”

      With what? Your political ideology? No thanks I’d rather keep things the way they are than have you in charge.

      Now what?

      • Seek normalcy then.

        I don’t have an ideology, I simply want to understand History, that seems to repeat endlessly, with very few, always RADICAL, exceptions that create real, linear progress. Conservative Reaction and “populist” reformism are merely part of the endless “circle.”

  12. Teddy Roosevelt was the outcome of the first gilded age. You had the creation of the kind of agency these free marketeers now lampoon like the FDA. The reality is that the robber barons used to be able to get away with selling consumer’s poisoned and spoiled meat, like the do in China today. They would boil and can meat of dubious quality and load it up with stuff like Borax, Salicylic Acid, and Formaldehyde and push it on an unprotected public. Teddy Roosevelt ate this crap himself when with the troops in Cuba so knew the reformers were telling the truth and gave the go ahead to create the FDA. The Tru Con’s would have us go back to these days and have us be like China with poisoned baby formula etc.

    • The “robber barons” grew incredibly wealthy not because they were killing people but because they were giving them what they wanted.

  13. Any emerging “populist” party that doesn’t put White advocacy at the center of it is just another controlled Anti-White opposition party.

  14. The Democratic Party=(((LEO FRANK)))..13 Irish Girl Mary Phagan raped and throat slit-can’t imagine who would do this…..(((THE ADL)))

  15. “These are very encouraging numbers.

    I think we should test the waters. Couldn’t hurt.”-HW

    That is the most powerful public statement made by you yet. That statement should send shudders down the spine of the GOP.

  16. The people behind this silliness have as their speculated political mechanics game plan that, while a trew conservative third party wouldn’t “initially” bring along actual warm bodies, it would have a whole lot of donors and media praise. From that point, the architects hope that the warm bodies would reluctantly migrate from Trumpism to the TrewCon Party, as they’ve been suckers and saps so many times before.

    I don’t think it’s going to work this time.

    Nobody is pining for a resurrection of the Bushes/Dole/Romney/McCain political sector.

  17. “With Trump gone, Iran is now producing Uranium metal for a nuclear weapon’s core and 20% enriched uranium.

    Biden is doing nothing but urging to re-enter the JCPOA for “the sake of diplomacy.”

    But, the Dems and the media think the most important thing is the #ImpeachmentTrial.”

    Majorie Taylor Greene
    Lara Loomer Ally
    February 11th, 2021

    At some point, we must declare this a dysgenic and serious maladaptation in the European American gene pool.

    I had major sympathy for the woman but with this level of stupidity it’s just another Steve King repeat.

    It never ends…….

    • Iran has every right to produce nuclear weapons, and they would be wise to do so. They are the best deterrent against the Empire.

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