Globalist Joe Imposes Sanctions On Myanmar

I would love to see a poll on this issue.

How many Joe Biden voters can find Myanmar on a map?

I’m among the 3% of the population who knows the answer. I don’t give a shit about what is going on there. It is none of my concern. Most people only care about the $2,000.

In fairness, I am sure that Trump would have also imposed sanctions like he has done with Iran and Russia. At least we haven’t invaded and occupied the country over the military coup. It must chap the ass of the people in the Biden State Department that invading Myanmar isn’t a viable option in light of the realities of domestic politics and our relative geopolitical decline in the Asia-Pacific region.

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  1. Imposing economic sanctions on small, weak countries like Burma/Mallowmar makes the US look like a villain and a bully in the eyes of the world. That’s in addition to being regarded as a laughingstock, thanks to weak, incompetent “leaders” such as Zion Don and Scumbag Joe.

  2. 3% ?? That’s very generous for the population of the US. I would say that only 3% could point to Venezuela on an unlabeled political map of North and South America.

  3. Like the Reagan administration needed an easy victory over little Grenada to frighten (impress) the world, and Bush-the-First did the same to the CIA puppet Noriega’s Panama – it is possible that Kamala and Joe will kick start their bloody co-presidency by overthrowing some small, vulnerable country without strong allies to protect it, but not Myanmar. Myanmar is too large and unappealing (with few valuable resources to attract us) to invade or bomb very heavily, though it has proximity to China, and to Thailand which the U.S. is desperately trying to fully control, that makes it strategic – and bordering on our very loyal capitalist ally India makes it less difficult to occupy if we choose to.

    Hunter, I was a geography enthusiast from childhood, could draw a map of Burma or any other country complete with capitals and major cities in early years, and now I think foreign policy is most important. I do care about Myanmar.

  4. Pathetic and disgusting. And yes, I too know where Myanmar is. The U.S. has ZERO moral authority. It is no wonder this country is hated throughout the world.

  5. It’s funny that America is sanctioning them for overthrowing the lady they were calling a genocider and literally Hitler just a year or two ago because she was expelling islamists. American foreign policy is becoming so incoherent that other countries really don’t know how to react anymore. The USA might as well just sanction everyone and become isolationist because 90% of people outside of the west (and most people in the west) don’t want the neoliberal anti-natalist gaytopia they’re selling.

  6. You wanted this. By not supporting Trump, this is what you get. Globalist hegemony.

    Everything Biden does is on you — and on everyone who didn’t support Trump (awful as he was).

    • Okay, fine.

      By losing the election, Trump seems to have boasted White identity dramatically over what it was before while killing off any chance of a Reaganite comeback. The worst thing that Biden has done is issue some executive orders

      • That’s bullshit and you know it. White identity was rising either way, thanks to attacks from the American-jewish establishment. As to your second point, Biden has set a record for executive orders. This country is not supposed to be ruled by executive dictat.

  7. Yes I guess it’s ironic that a ‘president’ who wasn’t elected, is imposing sanctions on some piece of dirt that nobody cares much about…….but at least he hasn’t sent troops for another war.
    I’d rather see action on China, not military, but economic where we get our jobs back.

  8. I get a kick how in the last generation the propaganda line has now changed from simply “don’t be communist” to “every country HAS to be a democracy.” In other words every country has to let it government be chosen by whomever the Globalist Wall Street Billionaires and Hollywood Moguls use their Wizard of Oz propaganda show to trick the unsophisticated masses into voting for. They pretty much always get their way, and on the rare occasion they don’t they run like the last 5 years they run a non stop defamation campaign and destabilization effort (Summer of Floyd) until the masses get back in line. At least with a General or a King sometimes you get a good one, sometimes you get a bad one and have a chance. With so called ‘democracy’ you always get Globalist Scrooge.

  9. “The U.S. has ZERO moral authority. It is no wonder this country is hated”:

    But the U.S. is not (or no longer is) a real country, and the U.S.’s real god, the Almighty Dollar, is almost universally worshipped. The profit motive has become the dominant “ethic” worldwide. Unoccupied Korea (DPRK) is a rare exception that proves the rule.

  10. I also follow the protests in Haiti, where the U.S.-supported (and installed) dictator who saddled Haiti with IMF loans that they certainly cannot afford refuses to leave office.

    The people’s struggle against this dictator, often protected by U.S. troops, has been going on for years:

    Haiti had one good democratically-elected leader, Aristide, who was prompted removed by the U.S.

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