Federal Judge Blocks Joe Biden’s 100 Day Deportation Pause

Great news.

This was the worst thing Neoliberal Joe has done as president.

Yahoo News:

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A federal judge in Texas on Tuesday temporarily blocked a move by new U.S. President Joe Biden to halt the deportation of many immigrants for a 100-day period, a swift legal setback for his ambitious immigration agenda.

U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton, an appointee of former President Donald Trump in the Southern District of Texas, issued a temporary restraining order that blocks the policy nationwide for 14 days following a legal challenge by Texas.

The Biden administration is expected to appeal the ruling, which halts the deportation freeze while both parties submit briefs on the matter.

Biden promised on the campaign trail to enact a 100-day moratorium on deportations if elected, a proposal that contrasted sharply with the immigration crackdown promoted by Trump, a Republican. …

During Trump’s presidency, Democrat-led states and other opponents of his immigration policies were able to thwart or delay many initiatives through legal challenges. Texas is expected to contest Biden’s agenda in a similar fashion. …”

Obviously, this isn’t over, but hopefully it is just the beginning of the legal challenges to Joe Biden’s flurry of executive orders. Virtually everything that Donald Trump attempted to do was challenged and held up in federal court. Texas and other states are going to use the same playbook.

Note: There is more good news on the filibuster. It doesn’t appear to be going anywhere because Manchin and Sinema are unwilling to do anything to change it. If so, comprehensive immigration reform is dead in the Senate. Also, there aren’t enough votes to convict Trump in the Senate.

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  1. That filthy cunt Biden doesn’t care about anything but ensuring a permanant Democrat lock on fed power by dispossessing White people.

    This kike-usurped system that not only no longer represents Whites but is now actively seeking our ruin & death by every means is totally illegitimate & must be destroyed.

  2. Remember, Obama deported large numbers but he was coy. He did it discretely.

    Recognize that foreign workers don’t come pouring out of the countries “for a better life here.” They come pouring out because WE make their life in their home countries worse and worse until it is unbearable. If imperialism would stop, the immigration will stop, and even reverse.

    • I don’t buy that. People all over the world a the false notion the streets of the U.S. are paved in gold.

    • Unfortunately very much right. Empire screwing entire planet Earth and lot of US foreign influence is done by people who just want to left alone.

      Why the people of Yemen or Ukraine can`t live how they want ? Because US military and financial might keep traitors in charge.

      There is also a goon news. When US patriots seriously go after ruling elite, then probably a lot of foreign assistance is coming. This is why now is wrong to push white nationalism. When things really go ugly, we need others as allies, not as enemies. Hitler made this mistake, that he pissed off everybody who could be ally, like Russians Eastern Europeans.

    • Wrong, commie. Life in their countries is bad because they make it bad. Lower average intelligence, low impulse control, with leaders who are kings of corruption.

  3. Can’t be too serious about repelling Covid if he wants to allow in hordes of invaders whom he knows nothing about medically. Aren’t there worldwide travel bans in place between international borders anyway?
    That’s your ‘democracy’ for you…….. executive orders signed on your behalf, without your consent.
    But…..but…….your one vote counts!

    • When Ukraine had its Wuhan refugees back the locals rioted to keep them away. How has Ukraine done under Covid19?

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