Neoliberal Joe Abandons $2,000 Checks For Immigration Radicalism


Now that Donald Trump is gone, Old Trusty is going straight for the most unpopular and polarizing policies in the Democratic playbook: Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial, censorship, climate change extremism, pushing the trans agenda, wokeness, open borders and comprehensive immigration reform, stirring up shit with Russia and Syria and launching a domestic version of the “War on Terror.” They are even talking about COVID-19 in terms of “racial equity” as if somehow the virus is racist.

What happened to $2,000 stimulus checks? What happened to student loan debt relief? What happened to universal health care? Why not repeal the Trump tax cuts with budget reconciliation? In the Biden Restoration, Richard Spencer and I had some friendly advice for the Democrats to build political support by moving on these popular supermajority issues and pushing for something doable like the infrastructure bill that stalled during the Trump era. Naturally, they are already swerving away from the Center and back to the Far Left. The GOP did the same thing in 2017 when it moved on the Paul Ryan agenda.

In moving away from the Center, the Democrats are creating an opportunity for the Right to get its shit together. If they could find a better and more competent candidate than Blumpf and moderate on a few redistributionist issues like health care, they could start mounting a comeback. Alternatively, they could go the performance art deficit hawk route and continue to discredit themselves with conspiracies.

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  1. So much for the $2000.

    This society doesn’t deserve to exist. Hopefully, this will to more illegitimacy.

  2. Eat the rich. That needs to be priority number one going forward. Nothing else can be accomplished until these millionaires and billionaires have their wealth appropriated and redistributed.

    We aren’t coming for a tiny percentage of your income or your capital gains. We’re coming for your whole damn portfolio.

    • Most witch burners in the Medieval times, Antifa, school bullies, serial killers and other heroes of good white glorious history were not very rich.

      They just were and are ordinary genetic white liberals. Jew Zuckerberg does not read the entire internet every day. He will ban you only when your own school or workmate snitches’ on you.

      Our own fellow whites are the one who do all evil deeds. From school bulling to serial killings and Joe Biden with his boss Holy Pope himself in charge.

      Of course we must take away bad people money but when bad people remain, then we again get Medieval witch hunt or modern Ukraine Azov Battalion where poor people going after people who are not Christian or nationalist or racist or anti racist enough.

      Before we ignore the mad genetic white liberal problem, we just keep rolling from one madness to another.

      • there is no “genetic White problem. There is

        a white (((shabbatz goy))) problem. Resolve the JP,

        no more shabbatz goyim.

  3. The GOP donors will make sure someone like Hogan, Haley, Sasse, etc. is at the top of the ticket in 2024 — free markets with anti-whiteness and degeneracy. They’re doing nothing to bring me back on board.

    Rather than a demand from voters, the immigration stuff is a power move by the Democratic leadership, which wants to consolidate its electoral gains. The window for rolling back immigration closed in 2018; it is baked in the demographic cake for los Estados Unidos going forward. The damage is done.

    We need to hang tight for a while and comeback in 2028 when the Republicans are in shambles; then we can move it in a beefier, statist, civilizational direction. Trump’s run in 2016 was a proof of concept that the blue wall can be vaporized with the right platform.

    • Correct that it is a move to consolidate power by flooding the country with mestizos and then making them Democrat voters but by 2028 there won’t be enough Whites left to win a national election. Elections are no longer about policies, they are about tribalism.

      • >Elections are no longer about policies, they are about tribalism.

        I agree. Once Texas is out of reach, the GOP will not be able to win nationally unless it reflects the priorities of white voters in New England, the Rust Belt, and the South. They’re the white party whether they like it or not, and whites as a whole prefer European-style social democracy.

        Conservatism has to go.

    • You cannot just believe in policies and ideas superficially just in order to “beat the left” and racial nationalism. If you do that, those who are less economically inclined will only need to throw a few bits racial red meat from time to time to bring Right back into typical Conservatism. You need, at the very least from your position, genuinely believe in the economic components along with your racial nationalism, or you will be gaslit with very simple tricks that politicians have done forever. That is what happened before; That is what is happening now. You have huge constituents of racist Libertarians (essentially). To make any progress, you need to fight against that part of the movement, not turn a blind eye, and be willing to separate from it. You need to argue for why a strong economic foundation is an important component, and explain why this is important to the white working class. You need to offer some material wellbeing for the race you claim to care about. Without it nothing else can happen. Europeans are dying and much of it materially based can easily be fixed (even though I personally believe people need a lot more and it’s not sufficient but I digress).

      They don’t actually believe in protectionism, providing welfare, limiting capitalists, or whatever. And when they do, it’s only a means to an end- to win. The desire to win is a lot less important than doing the honest self-reflection to bring about truly coherent holistic genuine movement that cannot be coopeted easily. Superficial convictions will always waver and fall, whereas strong convictions will not and can withstand whatever politicians say with their forked-tongues. The more strong those convictions, the harder it becomes for you to be corralled back into Conservatism.

      Trump is going to teach all the wrong lessons about the need “to win” to Nationalists, rather than truly earnestly putting their ears to the beating pulse of white America and listening to the suffering and needs of the race (jobs going overseas economic fallout and decay in huge swathes of the country)- death, and even more, despair that infects them.

      Be. something. more.

      The journey is more important than the destination.

      Wary to those who only focus on winning.

  4. This shows the universal power of the Deep State and the oligarchs, a match made in Hell. Economic reforms that would vastly benefit Whites are impossible because the oligarchs object to anything that would diminish their ill gotten gains even slightly. It’s in their interest to ease the financial burdens on average people before there is a political explosion and they suffer drastic measures but the oligarchs won’t give an inch.

    “War is the Health of the State” is the motto of the Deep State, thus the impossibility of ending any of the innumerable conflicts the Government is involved in. The regime is not concerned about a change in the wheelhouse of the Titanic. The captain, whomever it is, receives his instructions over the same wireless set from Deep State Central.

    The whole system is rotten, it has to go on to the ash heap of history.

  5. I haven’t heard anything about abandoning the stimulus checks. I heard that if republicans vote no on the Covid bill, stimulus checks will pass through budget reconciliation.

    I don’t think The GOP will vote no, TBH. Too many of their constituents are blowing up their phones,

    • They’re not exactly abandoning it.

      It is more like they are focusing on the wrong things and kicking the can down the road. The plan is currently to pass $1,400 checks in a COVID relief bill. They will have to use budget reconciliation to do it that way and pass a budget first. This could delay checks going out until March or April

      • At that point there would be no point in sending out money. If only the Capitol Zerg rush had done it under the banner of $2000 Covid19 dole. Again another radical moment lost for all time.

      • >this could delay the checks

        First it was 2,000, then it was downgraded to 1,400. Now it is going to be delayed until March or April. Who knows that happens then?

        I am happy to say that I don’t listen to the Richard Spencer podcasts anymore, and that “Biden Restoration” title in light of the all too predictable developments with the Dems is truly cringeworthy. You both look like fools. You and Spencer have almost completely alienated yourselves save for maybe 40 reply-guy accounts on Twitter. No one takes you seriously, no one really listens to you. Indeed, those who even still know you exist are are laughing at you now. Biden vindicated us, ironically. I am amazed that you seriously thought Biden would implement the Sanders platform just because two Charlottesville alumni said so, long after Biden himself denounced Charlottesville. You both swallowed a nice, big, long one for, what? Revenge on the ironybros? You could have handled the situation differently, but you went for maximum falsity and toxicity, just to neg ironybros. For that short sightedness, you both should retire from speaking permanently.

        • 1.) If necessary, the COVID relief package will be passed through budget reconciliation on a party line vote. The question is whether other things will be attached to it like a $15 federal minimum wage. Personally, I think the $2,000 should be sent up and passed as a stand alone bill right now. The Democrats can still use budget reconciliation to pass the COVID relief package. They just don’t want to work with Republicans because they don’t want to share credit for passing checks.

          2.) We told people not to “trust Trump” and that the “Stop the Steal” rallies were a grift. Everyone who went to Washington, DC was set up to get doxxed and fired from the jobs or sued or prosecuted if they went inside the Capitol.

          3.) We learned some important lessons from Charlottesville. The AmNat crowd did not. Their troubles are just beginning while ours should be over later this year.

  6. You wanted this. This is on you.

    In the same breath that you castigated yourself and everyone for believing Trump’s promises, and Trump for reneging on them, you acted as if all of Biden’s promises were as good as gold, should he win.

    Well, here we are. As expected by all reluctant Trump supporters, the Democrats will give you NONE of the populist economics that you want from them, but WILL give you anti-white punitive legislation to kingdom come.

    And the last cope: “This will motivate whites.”

    No, no it won’t. The majority of whites, like postwar Germans, have been brainwashed into believing that they deserve all of the anti-white racism that is inflicted upon them.

    You helped bring this about. Everyone who didn’t reluctantly support Trump, who, awful as he was (and he was awful) was better than what’s coming now.

      • “We can find someone better now.”

        And what if, bad as he was, he was the best that we could ever hope to get? What if now, we’ll only get worse and worse, from both sides?

        It’s not like we can do anything if we “find” someone. We can “find” Pat Buchanan 2.0, and he’ll get no further than Pat Buchanan 1.0.

      • But we have Sleepy Joe and his band of __ for 4 more years.
        The GOP is going to continually court the Mexicans and Central Americans here. They only have to get a drivers license to vote. But I don’t think voting even matters anymore. Voting is a joke, an illusion to make citizens feel like they pick their “leaders”. I think the politicians want a small rich ruling class and a large poor mass to govern. Oh hey, that’s been most places in history in the past…

    • You people blindly supported Trump and then goon marched into the Capitol on his orders. If the raid on the Capitol was 100 times worse than Charlottesville, you made what was coming after Trump 100 times worse. Trump could have come back in 4 years if he had accepted defeat. Now thanks to you tards, he can’t come back at all, and Trumpism is discredited.

      • Marching on the capital was as obviously an act of lunacy as Charlottesville was a planning disaster by those who conceived it, and speaks of the complete lack of foresight and judgment by the planners of both.


        • The Capitol Siege wasn’t like Charlottesville.

          In Charlottesville, we went to federal court and had a right to be there and were attacked by Antifa. In DC, Antifa didn’t show up and Qtards and stormed the Capitol and killed a police officer to stop the certification of the Electoral College vote.

          • “In DC, Antifa didn’t show up”:

            But it is not implausible or impossible that some Antifa-like provocateurs could have joined the Capitol stormers.

    • The more I listen to and read comments by so-called “conservatives” the happier I am we sat out the last election.

      Trump the clown offered 500 million to blacks and there was nary a word about it. He pardoned black rappers and ignored his base.

      Now, Trumpers come here to criticize and act like $600 + $1400 isn’t $2,000.

      Demographics are happening whether we whine about it or not. Will UBI help build larger, stronger White families? That’s what I care about.

      Trying to “Own the Libs” is stupid. As a Southerner, if we vote again, it will more likely be for Dems than Trumpublicans.

      Self interests first. Republicans haven’t done a damned thing for working Whites. Dem plans help blacks sure, but there are a lot more poor Whites who benefit. They are 13% of the population.

  7. I cant believe no one mentioned the thumbnail picture. Look at the entitlement and self righteous anger on that things face while Biden strokes him gently. They could keep their two grand and increase taxes if I didnt have to see or deal with this anymore. Angry aloof mystery meats lecturing us about rights morals and how this country should be. The brown sideburned activist looks almost identical to the person I just had a run in with.

    Despite being tiny this person just lectured me about why he and his are entitled to take up every spot on the block. “But the spot you are taking is in front of the house of a 87 year old lady whom I grew up next to and has lived here since 1948. It is the only place she can get access to her medical transport with her walker”.

    “I have a right to park here according to law”. The arrogance and again entitlement is the same as the picture where I imagine he screams about white supremacy and “his” country. Ten people and ten cars per house. Their street too

  8. “What happened to $2,000 stimulus checks? What happened to student loan debt relief? What happened to universal health care? Why not repeal the Trump tax cuts with budget reconciliation”?

    Haven’t you learned by now that politicians lie to get selected? Come on Wallace, you’re not that naive.

  9. Hey Brad,

    You and Richard Spencer are looking pretty stupid right now.

    I am not going to guess about Richard Spencer’s motivations because we know he is a lying, petty, disingenuous, self-absorbed, deluded prick that is bent solely on revenge, he is very feminine, but why did you not expect these things to happen with Biden? Why did you expect Biden to pursue the Bernie Sanders platform when he ran against that platform openly during the primaries and which was also apparently rejected by the Democrat base and leadership in their near unanimous election of Biden?

    Do you have the integrity to admit that your antics over the past few months with Biden was purely a coping mechanism for your disillusionment with Trump? That you deliberately ignored obvious political reality for a pipedream? Or was it just the same as Richard Spencer, petty revenge?

    • How so?

      1.) I spent four years criticizing Trump. Did you think that I wasn’t going to criticize Biden? If so, why?

      2.) So far, we’ve gotten nothing but a bunch of executive orders. Every president comes in and throws red meat out to their base. Many of these executive orders will be challenged in federal court and shot down.

      3.) Now that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are both gone and Joe Biden is president, we are trying to find common ground with Left Populists.

      4.) No, I am doing exactly what I said I was going to do all along. I’m praising the good and criticizing the bad. I’m still optimistic we will get the $1,400 checks. I just think it should be sent up now as a stand alone bill rather than bundled with a bunch of other stuff and passed through budget reconciliation. This will delay relief for several months.

      5.) Donald Trump was a poor leader. He’s not the president anymore though. We’ve moved on.

    • Biden sucks but your fat orange hero was still a bad president who has done untold damage for right-wing populism. He’s gone now and never coming back, get over it.

  10. Accelerationism…….allow Biden to lead the way!
    As for the stimulus checks, that money could be needed to help with the Syrian war effort.
    The touchy, feely one was never the answer. I think deep down, we all knew that.

  11. “Now that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are both gone and Joe Biden is president, we are trying to find common ground with Left Populists.”

    This is as nonsensical as “We’ll find someone better” (when we have as much real-world ability to get someone we “find” elected, as a child wishing to win a million dollars has, of achieving that fantasy).

    Do you not realize that Left Populists have no desire or motivation to ever make common ground with us? I know Left Populists. They look upon us as pure, metaphysical evil incarnate. It doesn’t matter if we have commonalities. To them, we are the worst of the worst and would and will always rally to neoliberals (even if the neoliberals give them nothing that they want), because “anything is better than us.”

    It’s quasi-religious, not rational.

    • This is confusing.

      Why is it nonsensical to find common ground with other people on economics? Maybe you have a hard time finding common ground with these people because White Nationalists simply never talk about issues most people care about?

      • This is what it is. We are racialists and no one really cares except us. We are doing fine avoiding people we dislike and there are no consequences. Fools who stormed the Capitol will have a different experience.

        Let’s talk about something that can help us and future generations. Economics.

        Many posters here are “Me first and only” “rugged individualists” who are so consumed with their 401Ks, and whatever money they have, that they really couldn’t care less about White people. They have more in common with black rappers. They are standard republicans.

  12. Joe Kamel stated explicitly and often that the most important objective of every policy decision is the advancement and uplift on non-Whites.
    Promises made – promises kept.

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