Joe Biden Signs 17 Executive Orders and Directives

The Joe Biden era has officially begun.

81 million Americans voted for Not Trump in the 2020 election, but Donald Trump has been vanquished and now we are left with President Biden and his agenda. What is that agenda?

Let’s run through the list of executive orders and directives that Joe Biden signed this evening. Is Joe Biden governing as a moderate Democrat, executing his mandate or throwing red meat to the Far Left?

#1. Mask Requirement – In order to fight the spread of COVID-19, Joe Biden has issued an executive order that “requires the use of the use of masks and social distancing in all federal buildings, on federal lands and by federal employees and contractors.”

VERDICT: This is a largely symbolic token gesture and will do nothing to contain the spread of COVID.

#2. Rejoining World Health Organization – Joe Biden has issued an executive order directing the government to rejoin the World Health Organization.

VERDICT: The WHO only gives advice and this will have zero impact on our lives. It is another largely symbolic token gesture. Who cares?

#3. Rejoining The Paris Climate Accord – Joe Biden has issued an executive order directing the government to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord.

VERDICT: This is a DILE (Democratic Independent Liberal Elite) issue. Climate change and the environment are their two most important issues. By doing this, they have saved the planet.

#4. Reviewing Trump Rollbacks – Joe Biden has issued an executive order that revokes the permit for the Keystone XL oil and gas pipeline and imposes a temporary moratorium on oil and gas leasing in ANWR.

VERDICT: I side with Trump on this issue, but it is a priority for the energy sector. The average price of a gallon of gasoline in Alabama is $2.17 on the day that “fascist” dictator Donald Trump left office. If that changes because of Biden’s environmental policies, we will know who to hold responsible.

#5. Student Loan Debt – Joe Biden has issued an executive order “to extend a pause on federal student loan payments through at least Sept. 3.”

VERDICT: Donald Trump did this much when he signed the CARES Act. Joe Biden’s Gen X, Millennial and Gen Z voters were expecting an executive order that wipes out anywhere between $10,000 to $50,000 of student loan debt. If Joe Biden fails to deliver on student debt relief, there will be a severe backlash from younger White college educated voters. This is a huge blackpill for young progressive voters.

#6. Housing Foreclosures – Joe Biden has issued an executive order delaying housing evictions and foreclosures until at least March 31, 2021.

VERDICT: Donald Trump was capable of doing this much. No one should be evicted from their home during the COVID pandemic especially in the states where lockdowns have created severe economic hardship. Frankly, a three month pause on foreclosures and evictions is kind of heartless.

#7. Ending the Muslim Ban – Joe Biden has issued an executive order that ends the so-called Muslim ban.

VERDICT: This is also a largely symbolic token gesture. The so-called Muslim Ban became the Trump travel ban. The countries currently affected by the travel ban are Eritrea, Sudan, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Libya, Myanmar, Nigeria, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela, North Korea, Tanzania and Yemen. You might have noticed that Saudi Arabia and Egypt are not on that list. The “Muslim ban” was always a joke.

#8. DACA – Joe Biden has issued an executive order to preserve DACA.

VERDICT: The “conservative” Supreme Court actually shot down Trump’s attempt to end DACA last June. Trump never succeeded in getting rid of it.

#9. Border Fence – Joe Biden has issued an executive order to suspend construction of the Trump border fence.

VERDICT: Donald Trump’s promise to “Build the Wall” was transformed into refurbishing the George W. Bush era border fence. Neither the George W. Bush border fence or the Trump border fence was much of a deterrent to illegal immigration. This is another largely symbolic token gesture.

#10. Census – Joe Biden has issued an executive order to reverse a Trump plan to exclude illegal aliens from being counted in the 2020 Census.

VERDICT: The 2020 Census will be used to determine the number of congressional districts and Electoral College votes each state gets. I’m not sure how big of an impact this will have though on the outcome.

#11. Comprehensive Immigration Reform – Joe Biden is sending a bill to Congress to grant amnesty to all illegal aliens in the country.

VERDICT: Joe Biden needs to get rid of the filibuster or find 10 Republican votes in the Senate to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Marco Rubio who led that effort last time has already announced his opposition to any new bill. It doesn’t seem likely to pass the Senate at the moment.

#12. Racial Equity – Joe Biden has issued an executive order to launch a “a government-wide initiative directing every federal agency to review its state of racial equity and deliver an action plan within 200 days to address any disparities in policies and programs.”

VERDICT: This is largely performance art and anything meaningful that comes out of it will be challenged in federal court.

#13. Underserved Communities – Joe Biden has “created an equitable data working group to make sure federal data reflects the country’s diverse makeup and direct the Office of Management and Budget to allocate more federal resources to underserved communities.”

VERDICT: This is another politically correct token gesture. I suppose it sounds good to DILEs, but what does this amount to? 

#14. Rescinding Trump’s 1776 Commission – Joe Biden has scrapped Donald Trump’s 1776 Commission.

VERDICT: Trump created a panel to encourage patriotic education and appointed Charlie Kirk and Brooke Rollins to it. It was always a joke.

#15. LGBTQ Workplace Discrimination – Joe Biden has signed an executive order “prohibiting workplace discrimination in the federal government based on sexual orientation and gender identity and directing federal agencies to ensure protections for LGBTQ people are included in anti-discrimination statutes.”

VERDICT: This is another nothingburger. No one was discriminating against LGBTQ employees anyway. Donald Trump was waging a global crusade to decriminalize homosexuality around the world.

#16. Revoking Trump’s 2017 Interior Enforcement Executive Order – The executive order broadened Trump’s categories of illegal aliens subject to deportation and restarted the Secure Communities Program.

VERDICT: The real news is that Joe Biden’s promise not to deport any illegal aliens in his first 100 days doesn’t appear here.

#17. Protecting Liberians Who Fled Civil War – Joe Biden will extend the Liberian deportation deferral until at least June 2022.

VERDICT: Donald Trump created a path to citizenship for them by signing the 2020 NDAA.


A temporary amnesty for Liberians? Where is our $2,000?

In his first day in the White House, President Joe Biden did virtually nothing that the American people wanted. He signed a bunch of highly symbolic executive orders which collectively don’t really amount to much. It was performance art politics when Donald Trump did it and it was performance art politics when Joe Biden undid it. The real story is the actions he didn’t take like relieving student loan debt.

There are also reports that the $15 minimum wage has been dropped from the COVID relief bill and that it has been pushed back until March. So far, it looks like Neoliberal Joe is more interested in protecting illegal aliens and railing against “white supremacy.

Note: If we lived in a democracy, the agenda would be contain and defeat COVID, pass a relief bill, restore the economy and bring down health care costs. Instead, we are getting action on all of these boutique progressive issues that no one cares about.

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  1. From the perspective of Christian conservatism and American nationalism, these executive orders are catastrophically bad.

    Only a paid or coerced Biden shill would try to downplay the seriousness of the culture war against real Americans which is being unleashed by Jew-puppet Biden.

    • BTI,

      Christianity is a millstone to a White Renaissance. You pray to a jewish rabbi, your churches are universalist, your “God ” is colorblind.

      As the late, great Tom Metzger said about your Abrahamic religion, “If your God made negroes, then why shouldn’t your daughters make more of them.” We lose with Christianity. Race first!

      • @November, Here here! How else did Q become a thing?

        When you glorify the premise of “just believing” something, even if it makes no sense (including rabbi’s coming back from the dead), all bets are off.

  2. That’s quite a list there. Notice how literally nothing on it is of benefit to us? Like I said…….. he’ll do absolutely nothing that favours us.
    I’m in favour of climate action to a degree(electric and hydrogen cars and their infrastructure creates jobs too), but it’s worthless when only the West acts on it, and not China or India, etc.
    As for the border, well is America a sovereign nation or not? Borders for Israel, China, etc………but racist when a white nation has them!
    Enjoy your new prez……

      • Dementia Joe/President Kuntmala will cause oil prices and therefore, gasoline prices to skyrocket with their anti-oil, global warming scam policies. This is inevitable. If there is a war in the Near East there will also be physical shortages of gasoline just like 1973 – 1974.

        No single thing is more destructive to any particular faction of the U.S. regime in power than high gasoline prices. It’s the one thing that all people will not tolerate.
        $4 per U.S. Gallon seems to be the threshold of public anger, $5 per U.S. Gallon intolerable and higher prices for any length of time will make whatever faction of the ruling class which is in power untenable.

        Dementia Joe/President Kuntmala can’t help themselves though. They are true believers in the horse shit of global warming/climate change, they have a political debt to the environmental faction of the oligarchs and their credibility is on the line after making ridiculous claims and promises about energy while campaigning. They will implement some of the most economically destructive policies ever undertaken and try to paper over the trouble by printing up money which will just bring about even more problems.

        Those two dickheads are bound for glory and the rest of us are along for the ride, like it or not.

    • Where are a billion electric cars going to get their energy from? Solar panels and wind farms? Our petroleum-based civilization still has a lot of mileage left.

      • James
        Fair point. I care about the environment. Thats why I oppose more immigrants to my nation. Migration means more demand on our infrastructure, roads, more pollution and demand for housing. A Greenie is yet to explain to me how endless immigration helps the environment, but anyhow…
        As for electric cars, I’m no expert on them, but suspect that if we have less cars, trucks,etc using gas and more using electric power, it preserves the finite oil we still have, to put to other uses. Jobs in the oil industry shouldn’t be wiped out until jobs in the renewable sector are well established and transitional rather than sudden.
        As I said, I’m no expert, and are happy to be corrected if others know more than I.
        And reliance on Middle Eastern oil is something most wish to escape, I’m sure.

        • The litihium and other rare earth minerals for the batteries for these so called “green” overgrown golf carts are mined in places like Liberia by child slaves. US doesnt “make” the batteries we just assemble them. These same batteries pose huge disposal problems, and the electricity to charge them comes from various sources including nuclear, gas and oil.

          Not to mention electric cars are kind of useless if you have to drive more than 150 miles in one day. You would need a really long cord attached to charge it on the side of the road.

          There is no “shortage” of so called “fossil fuels.” The oil reserves are practically unlimited, huge reserves are being found every day. Modern engines are so efficient they average 3x mpg what cars 30 years ago did with alot less emissions.

          One thing Trump helped with deregulation was the oil industry, which kept gasoline relatively cheap. Biden wants to undo that not for any enviromental reason, but to toss more subsidies to the green energy barons who support the Democrats, and punish the illusory whites driving “big trucks.”

          The ones who will get hurt the most under Bidens electric green fantasy? The poor, particularly wetbacks and blacks, who drive big trucks and SUVs. Higher oil prices mean higher EVERYTHING prices.

          Electric cars are pie in the sky that would only work in an all white society.

          • @Virus
            You make some valid points there. Electric and ICE vehicles will run side by side for quite a number of years yet, but I think eventually ICE propulsion will die out, rightly or wrongly. With any new technology, teething problems will exist as the powers that be work to solve the issues you mentioned. Bear in mind, gas engines were once a new technology as well, and may have initially had its doubters. With the correct infrastructure and end of life disposal practices, I think it will work. Longer driving ranges, shorter charging times and as many charging stations as gas stations will make the technology more palatable to the wider citizenry.
            I’m 52. I don’t think ICE vehicles will reach their complete end in my lifetime. If you love your V8 Chev pickup, I don’t think you have much to worry about for a while.
            But we must keep advancing.

          • “The litihium and other rare earth minerals for the batteries for these so called green overgrown golf carts are mined in places like Liberia by child slaves”:

            The U.S.’s colour revolution in Bolivia was aimed at taking control of the world’s largest lithium reserves. Bolivian people must die so we can afford to drive electric.

    • The environment should be cared about.

      However, I don’t think it could be done under democracy because democracy is a self-centered system that worships individualism. Environmentalism requires sacrifice which tends to be an antithetic value of democracy (which is why we see environmental degradation ramped up to begin with).

      I do think the State talking over cars and gas stations to change to electric vehicles (and a program to boot for low income and mid income people) would be a huge boon. As well as opening new factories in the country and revitalize industrialization on the home front. It is evident that capitalism and democracy isn’t able to deal the crisis of climate change, etc. Also for Nationalist, it would be hitting 2 birds with one stone by not being involved in the Middle East, even economically, help make it harder for countries or politicians to rope us in.

      And it would put a lot of people to work (who are now without a job) creating cars for the population and replacing a natural material like gasoline with electric stations. This would require a huge workforce. It would give a society a real purpose, thinking about something greater than themselves, and not just worshiping freedom/hedonism. The State leading the way with government vehicles (which would save money over the long run due to the cost savings going election). Only military and airplanes (till improvements get made) would be allowed.

      A society requires purpose and a hierarchical ideal to strive for.

      Conservatives talk about conserving, but conservation has become a word associated to a hippie. Interesting, how words which shares the same prefix root are not similar in meaning and ideas. Many Nationalists I’ve come across talk about preserving the race, but the Earth and the animals therein often are ignored. It supersedes race. That is right. You heard me. Without an Earth, there is no race, there is no human specie, there is no life. To those who like to talk about the natural order, well guess what? The Earth is at the pinnacle of the natural order. We are all dependent on it to sustain life (and there is no current “plan B” unlike Elon Musk likes to larp about right now [that isn’t to say we shouldn’t strive towards space exploration but I hate the implicit defeatism found in the the idealism of going to the stars). So I urge and challenge Nationalists who claim to care about conservation of race, identity, etc, to be consistent and want to conserve the very thing that makes the very notion of “race” possible; it will exist before we were alive and will exist long after we die.

      • @Aspire
        Well said. I’m a conservative AND a conservationist. How the left owns the environmental cause, I don’t know, given they support things contrary to the good of the environment such as endless immigration, out of control third world birthrates and ignoring pollution levels in China, whilst lecturing the West about it.
        Conservatives and conservationists should be one and the same.
        I love cycling through the countryside admiring nature. I don’t want it destroyed by more immigrants.

        • I don’t take Left wing environmentalists seriously if they’re pro-migration due to their antiracism/xenophilia and have no problem increasing population, urbanization, traffic, etc. They cackle about how there’s a enough space and we can just build more houses, hospitals, schools because immigration helps with growth. They have an ideology of a cancer cell. It drives me crazy. And they have no problem with Africa’s population quadrupling over the next century. Or whine about essentially white dominated countries but non-white countries like China and India which have huge pollution problems don’t get named (from cretins like Greta or AOC).

          At the similar token, I don’t take Conservatives and Right wingers (who are nearly never environmentalists) seriously when they don’t realize that climate instability will lead to more migration (especially in the already hottest places on Earth [like Africa and the Middle East in the coming century]). Won’t deal with Africa’s out of control population due their idiotic “pro-life” measures.

          • @Aspire
            I’m certainly not pro life or anti abortion…….. particularly in places where they breed em, but can’t feed em.
            The Left tells us to have fewer/ no children on environmental grounds, then tells us we need to import half of Africa and Asia to help fill labour shortages. Their hypocrisy is blatant.
            I figured years ago that they’re not environmentalists, they’re just racist anti whites who want us gone. Nothing in their belief system suggests otherwise.

      • I certainly care about preserving the environment. It is a movement that should be embraced by the racialist platform. “Conservative” con-men are all about raping the earth for profit and spew the lie that humanity can’t harm the planet, and even if it could, the earth can fix itself. Greens are the biggest hypocrites for wanting to save the earth while saying absolutely nothing against infinity immigration and 3rd world population growth.

        • @Powell
          Agree 100%. We need to distinguish between cigar chomping business leaders calling for mass immigration to help GDP, and genuine nationalists who care about their race, culture and environment, and want a halt to immigration whatever the cost.

  3. Nothing on curing cancer? Didn’t Barack Hussein Obama put senile Joe in charge defeating carcinomas in all their various expressions?

    Perhaps, dementia Joe is waiting for a new crop of bio-molecular and biochemical “equity ” scientists of color to graduate in 2030 to lead the the quest for the cure.

    • Scientists of color, also known as ‘Witch Doctors’. If Voodoo were effective the scientists of color would be leaders in the field.

  4. Biden, then Harris, Harris again, then its 2032 and only 8 years left until whites reach minority status.

    • That is what is going to happen across the U.S. as Dementia Joe/President Kuntmala’s energy policies get implemented. Their policies against the use of energy will inevitably lead to shortages and electrical blackouts.

      I will give credit where credit is due however. At least Dementia Joe/President Kuntmala will be keeping their campaign promises to cut back on energy usage. Our energy usage, not theirs or the oligarchs, however.

    • No it is not. This is why Right Wing Reactionarism fails.

      It was the hottest it’s been last year. With fires at an alarming rate. Australia was almost entirely on fire! Have you not been paying attention?!

      No we need to change to electric cars (which would also save money for people vs buying gasoline) through a national effort that would put huge swathes of the country back to work- especially the white working class base. We do not have to convince all the capitalists to come back to reindustrialize the heartland.

      We need to start building a new world. And have a new vision.

      • Gasoline cars represent freedom. That is why the push to distance limited electric cars, with tons of software and spyware built in. Electric cars will be under govt control.

        US has unlimited oil reserves. Only a fool would lock that in the ground to benefit hippie green electric cars with batteries made by Liberian child slaves.

        Glad you support “building a new world” aka New World Order.

        • Yes I do believe in building a new world order.

          I’m sorry. I believe in a strong State. I’m not some limited government conservative reactionary who wants “muh freedom.”

          I believe in duty, discipline, transcendence, and ascension.

          It is not unlimited. It is a limited natural resource and the CO2 it omits is heating up the planet and is not sustainable. I do not care if it’s made by Liberian child slaves at this point (even if that’s true. and it’s not). And the reality, the batteries can be produced in the US creating a lot of jobs for the white working class (who just lost their jobs).

  5. “VERDICT: The WHO only gives advice and this will have zero impact on our lives. It is another largely symbolic token gesture. Who cares?”

    I care. WHO is incompetent. But that doesn’t say much because most leaders are incompetent (as noted in my long rant with errors that I just splurged out of frustration). With underpinnings of Liberalism, the current experts and “intellectuals” are unable to deal with it.

    Literally no one has learned anything with migration with disease, with economic that needed to take place, etiology of the disease. And because of it, we will have more pandemics. And might not be so lucky as we were here (in relativity to something like the Black Death).

    • (But, I’m being a little facetious, because I know you’re talking about it in the sense that this political games and means nothing in relation to Biden doing anything. Still wanted to put this out there)

    • Opening boarders means more sick and more burden on our already struggling economy and society. I’m all for the environment but the mining of the resources for e-cars is not yet there for making an impact on our environment. We are in a hot house environment state currently and government science has manipulated our perception. The Arctic caps core samples reveals the same pattern in climate change for thousands of years. At glacier park there was a sign that read “the glacier you are looking at will be gone by 2020”. Well guess what? The sign has been removed and the glacier is still there.

      • “Opening boarders means more sick and more burden on our already struggling economy and society.”

        That’s the idea!
        The impoverished are easy to rule.

  6. Masks can actually be useful as a lot of research confirms. But the distribution of the vaccine is more important by now i guess.

    • Masks are useful depending upon what they are. N95 (or higher) is what medical professionals use. A bandana, as if you’re robbing a bank in the Wild West, doesn’t do anything.

    • Masks are useful if holding up a liquor store, carjacking a whitey, or torching a Starbucks.

      Or for wiping your butt out in the woods. Or as a sign of submission to the Satanic World Order.

      Other than that, pretty much useless.

      Without getting into all the virology, search the Danish Mask Study. Wearing a mask outside of a surgical suite is pure idiocy, since they hold mold, bacteria, and deoxygenate you by forcing you to rebreathe your own CO2.

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