Joe Biden Unveils $1.9 Trillion COVID Relief Package

I’m shocked.

Are you telling me we aren’t going to spend another eight months trying to wrangle $600 stimulus checks out of the performance art deficit hawks in the Republican Senate?


“President-Elect Joe Biden unveiled a $1.9 trillion stimulus package that includes direct payments to Americans, a $15 minimum wage, aid to small businesses, and a national vaccination program, among many other provisions.

“While Congress’s bipartisan action in December was a step in the right direction, it was only a down payment. It fell far short of the resources needed to tackle the immediate crisis,” according to the statement accompanying the details of the plan. “We are in a race against time, and absent additional government assistance, the economic and public health crises could worsen in the months ahead.”

The $1.9 trillion legislation includes $1,400 stimulus payments on top of the $600 being distributed, the extension of key unemployment programs that are set to expire in the spring, aid to small businesses, $350 billion to state and local governments, increase in tax credits for low- and middle-income families, and $160 billion for a national program on vaccination and testing …”


“Incoming President Joe Biden will seek to increase the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour as part of his $1.9 trillion pandemic relief bill, a move that could complicate its passage through the closely divided U.S. Senate.

The measure was included in an outline of the legislation released by the president-elect’s economic team on Thursday. Biden had previously said he would make increasing the minimum wage — currently $7.25 an hour — an early priority, but he hadn’t specified that it would form part of the stimulus bill.

“No one — no one — should work, as millions are doing today, 40-hours a week at a job and still live below the poverty line,” Biden said last week at a news conference. …”


The “Made In America” plan.

$15 nationwide federal minimum wage.

This is great news for the White working class!

It was also a fantastic speech. Joe Biden sounded like FDR in this speech, not like Hillary Clinton or AOC. This is exactly the sort of vision and the tone that is needed. A great start.

Don’t screw it up with polarizing culture war battles! If we could get the $2,000 checks, the Trump tax cuts repealed and an infrastructure plan through Congress, it would be a good two years. Maybe do something on health care and student loan debt relief. Bring back the Iran Deal.

Note: Will Joe Biden continue to talk and govern like this? I doubt it. It is clear though that his handlers are going after the populist vote. We will take the Ws that we can get out of this administration.

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  1. Congratulations Wignats!

    Mitch McConnell deserves credit too. The Republicans couldn’t have lost the Senate with out his sperging. Trump also deserves a lot of the credit. His Israel First/Billionaire First policy, has sunk the Republican Party for eight years, if not forever.

    • Probably. These Nationalists (like Hunter) got animated about Biden. This is more born out of Nihilism and despair (and desperation) with Trump than anything else. I would take anything Biden does with a huge grain of salt.

  2. Massive stimulus spending and minimum wage hikes can be a good thing . . . IF they aren’t combined with open borders and anti-White ideology.

    Immigration will block Whites from jobs in the richer states.

    When the minimum wage hikes eliminate jobs in the poorer states, Whites will be the first fired.

    Biden has already made it plain as day that he will discriminate against Whites economically, and he will persecute White advocates.

    Shilling for him is contemptible.

    • So, the alternative is no $1,400 checks or $15 minimum wage, but with the same anti-White ideology and open borders? Minimum wage increases were also responsible for most of the benefits that trickled down in the Trump economy.

      • We all know that the most effective ways to stimulate the economy are to give tax cuts to the rich, deregulate Big Business and increase American “aid” to Israel, HW.

      • The anti-White ideology is now going to be letter of law. Negative or positive economic impacts will not be equally shared. This is all in the Biden plan.

      • Trump wouldnt sign an amnesty bill and he wouldn’t support statehood for PR and DC. Are you really that fucking stupid? Or are you just trolling?

  3. You are pathetic! White Men are hunted down like animals and paraded on tv by the jude but you are happy that you’ll get miserable 1400$ and will make 15$ per hour! Is that the extent of your dreams as a White Man?

    • Correction:

      Trump brought his most deluded plan trusters and dead enders to DC to pressure Mike Pence and the Republican Congress to overturn the Electoral College vote. It had zero chance of happening, but he went ahead with it anyway. He told those people that he was leading a march on the Capitol. They believed “The Storm” had arrived because they had soaked up QAnon conspiracy theories and prophecies from grifters on the internet. After they stormed the Capitol for Trump, he predictably threw them under the bus to save his own ass just as on every other occasion for the last five years he has disavowed and done nothing to protect his own supporters.

      You’re right that I had nothing to with the Capitol Siege. I learned my lesson after Charlottesville and after what happened to Jeff Sessions. I didn’t go and certainly didn’t encourage anyone else to go either. I thought it was a pointless act of political theater that was objectively of no benefit to anyone but Trump. It was other websites like the Daily Stormer which encouraged their followers to go to this event hosted by Scammy Davis, Jr., to get caught up in this mess for Donald Trump and who are now dealing with the fallout. Meanwhile, those of us who didn’t go or support this are looking forward to $1,400 checks and pushing aspects of the populist agenda which went nowhere under Trump. White people need money in their pockets, jobs and debt relief, not QAnon garbage.

      • They may look to open up the economy (watch COVID magically disappear!) and hand out cash for a “Biden Bounce”, before yanking the old doddard and inserting Kamala the Korporate Kalifornia K*nt.

        What’s going to happen later when those MN cops walk? BLM/Antifa vs a heavily-armed, angry and prepared Heartland?

      • I don’t give a fuck about this juden servant/swindler Trump and you are wrong thinking that Whites will get any benefits from the demonrats. We are already excluded from their post-pandemic economic agenda. The senile Joe is on record saying that help will go only to minority businesess and they are making good of those promises. The 10000$ grant, part of loans given by SBA could be obtained only if you live in a low-income community( code word for gettos full of niggers and blacks). No need to tell you that there is no such thing as minority own business unless you count the drug dealers. So the demonrat governors destroyed the Whites-owned small businesess with lockdowns and now they will let White people go bankrupt without any help while at the same time filling up the pockets of the coloreds with real money. No minority fraud in obtaining those loans will be prosecuted but the Whites can expect to be denied help and excluded from good paying jobs. Think South Aftica and enjoy your 1400$!

        • We need to be taking a serious look at South African history. We could well end up like them. We must think and plan ahead. For the sake of our children, we cannot let our country go that route.

    • Ol’ Rayciss Joe’s 64D chess is going right over your head – he is giving Whites $2000 and $15/hr so that they can buy more guns and ammo for the Boogaloo – he knows that the Blacks will use the money to buy Kools and Crown Royal and the Messicans will send it to their relatives in La Motherland.

  4. I don’t have a high opinion of Joe Biden, but to be honest I’m a bit embarrassed I ever supported a man who willingly accepted Jared Kushner as a son-in-law.

  5. Be sure to read the fine print or you risk being disappointed. According to some media, diversities will get priority with vaccines, payouts, etc as ‘the disadvantaged’ will be put at the front of the que. Minorities will be given a leg up to start businesses. In some cases this may be justified. In others, just pure anti white discrimination.
    And Harris may have Bidens job by 2022/23. Don’t get too excited about this lot. They’re not Trump…….that’s all they can say for themselves right now.

  6. Where muh check, you senile mick commie? Ah wants it yestiddy.

    Suck every shekel you can out of this jew-usurped anti-White husk of a country. Use it to prepare.

  7. But isnt the fact that it wont be 2000 checks a betrayal? They didnt campaign on 1400+600, they campaigned on 2000.

    • $2000, are you kidding goy? You’re going to enjoy the $1400. And when are you going to pay us back that $600? It’s got 19.8% APR ya know.

      • They will give us nothing that they don’t have a plan for soon taking back more of.

        Nothing is free; nothing belongs to the people; there is no common wealth, in this rotten, full-blown capitalism.

  8. The US is more like the Mongolians, but with a Navy. Its not Rome or Greece or anything like that.

    • “The US is more like the Mongolians”:

      But it’s also a lot like Rome. Mongols were not so good at law and finance.

      Which did more harm to our people (the Britons), Genghis Khan or Caesar?

  9. “Don’t screw it up with polarizing culture war battles!”

    Biden will assuredly get rid of Trumps executive order banning Critical Race Theory trainings so now working class Whites can look forward to being told how we have ‘White privilege’ or have ‘White fragility’ at these damn indoctrination sessions!

    I am staying off the Biden Bus because I do not want to have to endure this Frankfurt School inspired crap (which will only get worse when Harris takes over)

    • Biden will almost certainly have another Waco on his hands soon enough. Complete with Drone Strikes. America United, Man.

      BTW Branch Davidians were a multiracial seventh day adventist afroCaribean inflected group. Founded by a messianic Jewish grifter. Not so different than the Ali Alexander cult. Watch out for racially blended political or religious groups. That’s where trouble always originates from. John Brown, JonesTown, Waco…

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