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  1. I had to stop watching YOBA’s DLivestream after a few minutes, HW. It was making me feel like HAL 9000 when David Bowman began disconnecting its memory banks. “I’m afraid, Dave. Dave, my mind is going….I can feel it….”

  2. The left are still misunderstanding this result.

    Capitol Zerg Rush indicates they’ll have to cringe explain Joe Biden’s Domestic Drone Strikes when they come.

  3. Unite The Right (A forlorn hope) and the Capitol Incursion were two of the most dumg-headed, tom-fool, damn-fool, bull-Stupid fiascos of “Accelerationism” in public notice in reccmt memory. The “accelerationists say “worse is better,” Implying ignorance of just how bad the worst can get (Read Under the sign of the Scorpion by Juri Lina for an analogy to just how bad the worst can get, an historical prefiguration).

    • @Robert
      I’m no expert, but I think the theory goes that if we hurry up our destruction and replacement, it will finally wake us up and generate some action.
      Third world living conditions, Sharia law(in some nations), and anti white persecution will assist us in making a case for a world wide trend of reclaiming what’s rightfully ours. At present, we still for the most part, have it pretty good, allowing most to be ignorant.
      I’m 52. I can’t see much happening in my lifetime. More likely, something may develop after that, I really don’t know. All my children are in their 20’s however. They’re the generation who will have to decide whether we survive or perish. We’ve left them a shocking predicament and legacy……..well, the elites have.

  4. For all those misguided souls that still support sleepy dwarf Jeff Sessions, the jew Cohen-Watnick who was “Q” served as Session’s liaison to Trump’s National Security Council, and also worked for General Flynn at the Defense Intelligence Agency.

  5. I’ll say it again:- stop giving these fuckwits all this free publicity and focus on things we actually have an opinion about.
    As if I’d sit there watching a four hour video with this fellow doing whatever.
    Just let him do his thing…… whatever that is…….and focus on grown up things.
    Baked Alaska can’t change the world. He’s a minor figure……….so just ignore him, and anyone like him…….. PLEASE!

    • @ goose, absense of leadership among our ranks, distraction’s and a lack of discipline, no organasation, no chain of command , no one to paint a picture, that all can see. We dont even have an agreed upon creed. Priority and perimeters, must be established.

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