Senate Republicans Block $2,000 Stimulus Checks a Third Time


Trump is clearly in revenge mode. He is slamming McConnell and calling for Thune to be primaried.

Happy New Year!


Do you know who is opposed to “socialism for rich people”?

Senate Republicans funded by the Koch Network who used budget reconciliation to unanimously pass the Trump tax cuts in 2017 for their largest donors. The people who gave you a $600 check.

It is difficult to exaggerate how bad this looks when the polls show that 81% of the public including 73% of Republicans supports a $2,000 check and support is still rising. This is what the Senate Republican leadership has chosen to do though on the eve of the Georgia Senate races with their majority at stake. They have decisively chosen their wealthy donors over their own voters and president. The donor class would rather lose control of the Senate than give an inch on economic populism.

Donald Trump is obviously correct that the Republican Party has a “death wish.” The party establishment refuses as a matter of principle to represent their own voters.

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  1. Keep it up, Mitch – 4 more days of your shitty optics and GA will go to the Dems and maybe R control of the Senate for good.

  2. The party of lincoln gets principled quickly, when dealing with common, ordinary, american working people, but quite generous with everybody else,!! Charity starts at home mr.mcconnell.

    • @Terry…

      Unfortunately, Brother, Mr. McConnell is deaf to you and me.

      Only a louder noise will make him, and his ilk, understand.

      Happy New Year!

  3. I really am grateful to The Republican Leadership for they have made a convincing case to The Average Southern Johnny why he cannot rely on them, at all.

    And, for a change, Johnny is getting it, really, really getting it.

    Yep, from monuments and supposedly stalwart ‘Conservative’ justices voting for LGBTQs and evading electoral disputes between the states, too many to count of Johnny Southerners, and his sister, Joanie, are looking to themselves to effect change.

    And there is no power on earth that will, in the final analysis, be able to hinder this.


  4. I cannot wait for the two rep MF to be beaten in Georgia! Actually I can’t wait for this party to be completely destroyed!

  5. Mitch,a true blue Northwest European high-trust, hunter-gatherer, Protestant, Anglo-Saxon founding stock “Southron”.

    • @ parallelplace , mitc hell was and still is, thee runt of the litter., we all have our strong points and our weak ones as well , even us nw europe holy rollers.

  6. That’s the Donald Trump people voted for in 2016. It was the Corporate Pigs, Right Wing Libertarians, and Fiscal Conservativetards that sank his Presidency from day one. Deo Vindice !

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