Donald Trump Signs COVID Relief Bill and Omnibus Spending Bill

In exchange for signing the COVID Relief bill and the Omnibus spending bill, Trump was promised a Senate vote on $2,000 stimulus checks and repeal of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. He also extracted some symbolic concessions like some kind of commission to look into voter fraud. Whether anything of substance ultimately comes of this remains to be seen.

The House should pass the $2,000 stimulus checks bill tomorrow. If McConnell upholds his end of the deal, the Senate should vote on the issue. Now it is up to whether there are enough Republican senators to pass the bill. Ultimately, this was always the sticking point.

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  1. Trump is such a fag its not even funny! We need somebody competent in four years, somebody like Orban who will use his time wisely and eviscerate the democrats hold on power in all levels of the government.
    What’s wrong with him? For real? Why does he always bark only to fold? Don’t bark and done. Not sure why he yanks his supporters around only to fold every time for 4 years in a row.

  2. In light of how many top state government officials colluded with China, The Democrat Party, Oligarchs, and the Media to use the virus to disrupt the economy for election purposes, and how much damage that did to many workers, it is sad that $600.00 will be all folks will get.

    Really, $2,000.00 is nothing to scream about, but, $600.00 is basically an insult to those many who work in industries devastates by the unscientific China-virus lunacy.

    Most people can barely pay one month’s rent for $600.00, which is particularly insulting, in light of all the other monies going elsewhere.

    I continue to see no sign that The Government Establishment wishes to survive the coming years, either as an entity or as individual humans.

    Lots of angry folks in this country – Left, Middle, and Right – North, South, East, and West.

    • Re: “the unscientific China-virus lunacy”:

      The unscientific lunatics are the ones who keep saying “China virus,” and claim that the pandemic is a conspiracy and hoax. It is not known that the virus originated in China. It is not known that the virus originated in a lab in China. It is almost certainly naturally-evolved, and would have had to circulate in a human population somewhere for years to have become so well-adapted to humans, more than to any other species including the fruit bats (not a kind that exists in China) that carry the most closely-related known coronavirus. The RNA of the SARS Co-V2 has been detected in sewage samples from several U.S. cities that were collected late last fall, so it could have existed in the U.S. BEFORE China, and then travelled from the U.S. to Wuhan China with the U.S. delegation to the international military games that were held in Wuhan last October. The first known Chinese cases were about two weeks after those games concluded. There are no early cases connected to workers at the Wuhan biological research facility, but many of the earliest cases were connected to the floors of the main hotel where the U.S. military guests were staying. Remember also that China was already on high medical alert in the midst of the worst Type A flu epidemic in years, last winter, and was also still hyper-vigilant about a possible reappearance of SARS, so it was very quick to discover and react to the new disease that manifested unique pneumonia symptoms. Therefore it is not surprising that it was first DISCOVERED in China.

      Re: “top state government officials colluded with China, The Democrat Party, Oligarchs, and the Media to use the virus to disrupt the economy”:

      Somehow you forgot to mention “the Chinese communist party, not the Chinese people” (AS IF the Chinese people do not overwhelmingly democratically elect their government, and AS IF over 95% of Chinese people who are scientifically polled say they don’t approve of their government) is really what the U.S. “Deep State” “colluded with.”

      Nonsense. It is the world-wide conspiracy theory that is the real unscientific lunacy. American Sheeple are so poorly science-educated that they are unable to distinguish between (1) a real pandemic and (2) how the rotten capitalist system takes advantage of it.

      • Right… Look I’m no Falun Gong Neocon but this pnumonic plague did originate in Wuhan. The story burst out of there and there are several wierd events and responses to it from the Chinese regime.

  3. Even as even as a lame duck POTUS, Blompf cucks to bitch mcconnnell.

    Netanyahu and co-POTUS kushner must’ve told Blompf to cough up those 500 million

    Whoever shows up on January 6, 2021 in support of Blompf deserves to be attacked by fagtifa.

    • @November…

      I think President Trump did better than you say – for now it is up to Congress to fulfill their pledge to vote on whether to give more money or not and, as well, to strike an improved pose on Section 230.

      No matter what President Trump did, in the end, the money has to come from Congress.

      Now Congress, and each individual congressman and senator has to bear the responsibility to reaffirm their desire to shortchange Americans in favour of pet projects and alien welfare.

      I thank President Trump for this – he did as much as he could, and in the way which sets him up to primary congressman in 2022, if the country still is together, at that point.

    • To be fair to the guy he clearly wanted more dole money handed out, and handed out before the election. I didn’t realize how spiteful the Democratic Party could be. Generally if they can get concessions of money from a Republican in office they get that concession and run with it. Covid19 has wrecked a lot of lives and it’s also killed off darkies in droves because they were not subsidised to sit it out properly.

  4. That $600 might not be much…but it’s something for now. A much bigger bill and stimulus check will pass in the near future. First 6 months or so of a new President in office usually delivers Populist things for We the People. Deo Vindice !

  5. This will not pass the Senate. The Repukes may never control the White House or Congress again after this cheapskate stunt – in 4 years there will be Millions(10s?) less Boomers(the last solid voting block for the Rs) and millions more immigrants. TX and FL will turn Blue within 10 years. The Dems will take this Stimulus check debacle to the GA Senate race and run like hell with it.

    • Unfortunately, Republicans will probably continue to scrape by on gerrymandering and their image as “the lesser evil.” If Democrats could refrain from being totally repulsive to all normal people for a few years, they would be able to bury the Republican party permanently, but that isn’t happening.

  6. If it is true that DJT got a firm commitment from Bitch McConnell to hold an on-the-record vote on a $2000 payment to citizens I think enough Republicans will vote for that amount to pass that provision. Hawley, Rubio, Lee, Collins, and Murkowski are temperamentally likely to vote yes, and with the Georgia polls looking dire for Perdue and Ms. Kelly I can see 4 other Republican Senators voting yes in order to try buy votes in Georgia.

    At least that ought to be the calculation if Bitch McConnell and his caucus are smart. We shall see. If so, that would be a fine parting gift from Trump to voters. Brad/Hunter will still criticize Trump, but for families, the money will be important. So let OD piss and moan and relate delusions of grandeur. I’ll take the dollars.

      • I see that in fact Trump got nothing for signing the bill. Should have known that to the bitter end he would listen to the advice of his enemies. His laziness outweighed even his naivete. No excuses. If he didn’t want to learn how to do the job he should have not run at all in either 2016 or 2020. I join Hunter: good riddance Blompf. Sorry Ivan. If a man is not serious about playing hero, don’t bother.

    • “Brad/Hunter will still criticize Trump, but for families, the money will be important (…) I’ll take the dollars”:

      The “aid” is NOTHING compared to the cost of back-rent for those now being evicted, the prices of nearly everything that are still being inflated, the impossible cost of health care (or the LACK of health care) for those without insurance, etc. Like “Sovereign Wealth Funds UBI,” it is a mere reform of capitalism, a temporary appeasement for the victims not a real solution to the real problem.

      • Okay Mr. Anon. I’ll bite: what is your solution? And no weasel words like “socialism ” or other folk wisdoms. Give me a fully-formed mechanism for alleviating suffering that can both be implemented and maintained in the face of Oligarchic opposition. Or are you like Brad, lots of hot air but no way forward? Speak, or STFU about things you know nothing about, like reality within the socio-political-economic complex.

  7. Not surprised that Occidental Democrat is lukewarm on this deal.

    Recently there was a podcast featuring Hunter Wallace the Occidental Democrat and Richard Spencer… Who endorsed Joe Biden of all things!

    It made me realize when I ponder the visages of Wallace & Spencer… They remind me of Strom Thurmond and Robert KKK Byrd! The Dixiecrats are back!

    These guys have got the wrong Democrat economics and they are essentially confederate traitors! I want to Make America Great Again instead!

    The signing of this legislation is a masterful move by The God Emperor who sent in Steven Mnuchin spending alot of time negotiating this thing and came up with a pretty good piece of legislation that actually got passed! Victory!

  8. So………is China ever gonna pay for its mass homicidal fuck up? Chinese chief ding dong Xi has never apologized for the spread, won’t take responsibility, and is making threats against nations that want answers as to why China continued letting people leave AFTER it was aware of the virus and it’s potential for mass death.
    We had sanctions against South Africa years ago due to Aparteid, yet China gets away with far more, and nothing is ever done! We can start with mass tarriffs against their garbage, getting our factories back, and tossing their spies out of our nation’s.
    I knew Xi would just wait Trump away and then business as usual with nothing ever being done.

    • It might be good to just take advantage of the opportunity lockdown provides to clear out the nigs and spics.

  9. It’s reasonable to point out that Trump would have prefered to dole out money back in summer. It is also reasonable to assume that Pelosi and McConnell blocked any dole for a mixture of party political reasons. When a rational historian takes a look at what happened Trump won’t look like the scrooge or the grinch here. He was fucked over here and I might add this political hardball by Pelosi and McConnell got a lot of people killed by forcing them into ruin.

  10. According to this Miss’ippi preacher, the president has just outfoxed Congress on behalf of you and me.

    The area of the video addressing this Relief Bill matter occurs between 15:00-20:00 …

  11. I now that fucking does it!!I hope the demonrats put Trump in jail!

    President Trump on Wednesday pardoned a host of fraudsters who donated to the Aleph Institute — an organization that was started by the Orthodox Jewish Chabad-Lubavitch movement which counts the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, as a member.

    Though Trump has yet to find the time to pardon Julian Assange who is slowly dying in prison or Edward Snowden who has been living in exile in Russia, he did find the time to pardon the “king of medicare fraud,” Chabad-Lubavitch donor Philip Esformes.

    President Kushner’s Pardon of the Day: Philip Esformes ripped off Medicare (YOU) for $1.3 billion – to pay for escorts, a million+ dollar Ferrari and a bribe to get his son into the U of PA.

    But he donated to Chabad-Lubavitch, favored by Jared Kushner.

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