Oren Cass: A More Populist Conservatism

Step #1: Stop blocking a $2,000 stimulus check. It is a bad look. Champion substantive economic populism instead of performative “deficit hawk” grandstanding.

Note: Donald Trump at least has the common sense to support $2,000 checks. The Democrats are also running on $2,000 checks. The GOP, however, is going down to the mat for $600 checks. Richard Spencer and I discussed this kind of political malpractice on our last podcast.

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  1. Most people do not grasp that all giving all those billions to Cambodia, Pakistan, etc. instead of to U.S. citizens is absolutely necessary to maintain U.S. imperialism.

    Political processes need to be controlled, puppet regimes put in place and maintained, using limitless DOLLARS, as well as unceasing hybrid warfare both covert, overt and proxy.

    If the Empire ever really loses political, economic and psychological control of hundreds of satellite countries that having been essentially letting us steal from them, or that produce things very cheap for us, the standard of living for the vast majority in the U.S. will plummet to third world level.

    • For example, Cambodia is in the pandemic relief bill. Most people do not realize we have been spending heavily (overtly and covertly) on Cambodia for many years: https://landdestroyer.blogspot.com/search?q=cambodia This imperialism spending almost always pays us back with huge dividends, and if we stop doing it our empire will collapse. (I write as if I would regret that.) Remember when we supported Pol Pot against another side that we used to support? Cambodia was peaceful, prosperous, and very independent before we started bombing. Now, millions and millions of dead Cambodians later, Cambodia makes things for us cheap. It must not be allowed to drift away into China’s trade alliance and become independent again. This is part of a very good documentary:

    • Most of the money goes into spending on new US made weapons though. Its not exactly propping up anything outside the military industrial complex.

    • @anonymous

      You are absolutely correct that the “foreign aid” is a major part of US Imperialism and it’s a major part of the US dollar being the global reserve currency.

      But that is not something that right-wingers can wrap their heads around, because right-wingers can’t admit there even is an Empire and right-wingers think that we’re on a gold standard and they don’t understand basic economics.

      They instead believe in the Jewish religion of Austrian Economics and its High Priestess, the Jewess Ayn Rand.

      That’s why I’m not a right-winger. I’m a liberal. We’re the real racists.

  2. A Jew on your side is an immediate cause for concern. The destruction of the Republican party will result in a new two part system, one socialist and one communist. An AOC type communist or a Biden socialist will be your only choices.

  3. June 2020 Nashville.


    While googling the Christmas bombing in Nashville I found this Guardian article. The US is so odd, suddenly now, white supremists are bombing on Christmas Day.

    Reminds me of the early rollout of the Clinton era. A huge raid on a multiracial cult in Texas, recast by the media as a fight with a cracker preacher and his rightwing nut jobs and then McVeigh, bombing as a Nazi no less, in retaliation for Federal massacre of some Darkies and their white messiah in Waco.

  4. The Republicans don’t care about spending a bit more money, obviously. Bumping $600 checks up to $2000 is chump change for them. It’s just that the last thing the cheap labor lobby wants is normal Americans coming to the realization that it’s possible to get money from their government. Then people start asking if it’s possible to get healthcare and other services, too. When that happens, the employers lose their leverage. When workers don’t face the risk of losing healthcare and going homeless if they are fired, then they are a lot less willing to slave away to make billionaires richer.

  5. “Hunter Wallace
    If I had told people what they wanted to hear over the past four years, I could have made a fortune
    Thinking face”

    If I had told people what Trump -> Kushner -> Chabad Lubavitch wanted them to hear over the past four years, I could have made a fortune

  6. Is there really that much difference between Republican RINOs and the Democratic establishment? They both seem to want open borders, cheap labor, ‘free’ trade, hog wild defense budgets, cheap money, low interest rates. The same kind of people seem to wind up running things, it doesn’t matter which party is in power or what is said during an election. Some of the far left is complaining that Biden is bringing in establishment types and hiring them, what did they think was going to happen? Clinton did the same thing when he there, so did Obama.

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