House Republicans Block $2,000 Stimulus Checks

What is the Republican Party good for these days? What is their vision?

What is mainstream conservatism trying to conserve? We’ve been wondering for a long time. They literally can’t do anything EXCEPT block you from getting a $2,000 check.

Note: As I have repeatedly pointed out, all this talk about a “pro-working class” conservative populism is nothing but hot air. There is no support in the GOP for economic populism.

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  1. 900 billion corona relief bill divided by 166 million American people equals a check for $5,421,

    NOT $600.

  2. The sooner the Republicans go extinct the better. That includes the likes Hannity, Rush, Levin ,FOX-JEWS, etc. Unfortunately, many are still hung up on these frauds and phonies.

    • A few people have figured it out. Not too long ago Rush had an enraged, fed-up caller inform him how useless he, and the rest of conservative media/figureheads truly are. One of Rush’s guest hosts had a caller let loose with “the Fed is controlled by jews”, and he quickly cut him off, of course.

  3. Gramm & Solon sound like the law firm that Scrooge would use to file evictions and other suits to screw poor Londoners. And so they are memed into reality. Jaggers was one of the good barristers in Dickens.

  4. No checks for taxpaying Y P PO……. Israel and the turd world need the coin.
    What do Conservatives conserve? Immigration, foreign wars and foreign aid. Hope that clarifies.

    • @12AX7…

      Interestingly enough, many people in Southeastern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina, they who have long been Republican believers, have suddenly done a political about-face.

      With the failures of the state, local, and national governments to control the ‘protests’, defend monuments, maintain credible elections plus the failure of the high courts to uphold the law, and the blatant treachery of so many Republican politicians, your Average Southern Joe, in my area, is suddenly, and persistently, sounding like an extremist.

      And the new ‘Extremists’ are not just 54 year old men, but, 80 year old women.

      I’ve never seen my people so angry and, suddenly, spoiling for a fight.

  5. Conservative pundits are joking about how much Scrooge’s cruelty benefited the global economy while millions face eviction and poverty. The capitalist pigs who run this system are almost demanding that the people rise up and destroy it!

  6. Total fags I agree!! They will pay dearly for this! Trump purposefuly is draging them down with him! I am sure he knew these motherfucking rich pigs would never agree to money giveaway!

  7. Well, maybe they know something that we don`t. For example how close hyperinflation really is . Corporate money remains on stock market and will not enter into real economy but normal people will use the money and this may be the last straw to blow up the economy.

    There may be reason why Donald demanded the 2000 instead of 600. Elections are over so there is no point for Donald to be nice guy anymore. Except when he wants big bang.

  8. That pig shit Irish Roman Catholic Kevin McCarthy seems to think he can get away with it:

    The $900 billion dollar Covid-19 stimulus bill divided by 166 million American taxpayers equals a check for $5421 per American.

    NOT $600!

    Don’t believe me, use your computer or phone’s calculator.

  9. The money is not going to the “third” world rather to Jewish handlers in the “third” world. Prove me wrong.

    • @Hans…

      It is not possible to ‘prove’ anything to you, on any score, because you believe that everything in this world is caused by Jews and carried out for the benefit of Jews, and Jews alone.

      Thus, even your comment has to be part of Zionist misinformation designed to goad White Gentiles into an as of yet undisclosed benefit for Jews.

      So, you see, even you have been conscripted into being a vital part of the machinations of International Jewry.

      But, then again, I am, oh, so sure you realize what a very very tricky world we live in…

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