Tucker Carlson Speaks To Turning Point USA’s SAS

I’ve heard a lot of hot air about how mainstream conservatism has changed and how the GOP is now the party of the multiracial, multiethnic working class. It is not Left vs. Right anymore. It is Top vs. Bottom.

We clearly saw otherwise when Sen. Ron Johnson came out on the Senate floor and twice shot down the effort by Sen. John Hawley and Sen. Bernie Sanders to pass a clean bill of $1,200 stimulus checks which were supported by 88% of Americans. This was a revealing moment when the mask dropped because it illustrated once again that rightwing populists like Josh Hawley are perennial outliers in the Republican Party. They are out of step with their own party on major issues.

Sen. John Hawley also introduced a bill on tech censorship. It went nowhere in the Republican caucus. The same was true of Trump’s border wall and infrastructure plan. When he was running for president in 2016, Trump said he wanted to get rid of the carried interest loophole in his tax plan. This also went nowhere. He opposed cuts to entitlements. And yet, Trump had Mick Mulvaney propose those cuts in his own budgets. Virtually every aspect of Trump’s populist agenda was defeated by his own party. He couldn’t advance a populist agenda because he staffed his administration with conservatives.

After four years of “National Populism” and moving the “Overton Window,” the GOP was only willing to consent to $600 stimulus checks – moving to $600 from their original position of $0 – because the Senate was at stake and Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock were using the issue to bludgeon David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. Mitch McConnell promised David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler that he would pass a bill before Christmas that handed out peanuts to Georgia voters because the issue was hurting them so badly in the polls. Both already had a major problem with their public image due to insider trading.

There is no political support in the Republican Party for anything populist. Not on trade policy. Not on the tax code. Not on Big Tech censorship. Not on immigration. Not on foreign policy. Not on culture war issues like political correctness. Not on White identity and race. Not on LGBTQ extremism. Populist voters only end up empowering conservatives. It has been this way for generations. Every rightwing populist movement of the last 50 years from the Religious Right to White Nationalism to the Tea Party to MAGA has failed for this reason. At the end of the day, you get the same old conservatism.

I’m tired of listening to this siren song … vote for the GOP because of White identity or foreign policy or immigration or trade policy or political correctness … and when it is all said and done absolutely nothing changes except our condition deteriorates. It is a complete waste of our time because there is simply no appetite for change or advancing our agenda among our “representatives.”

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  1. Tucker Carlson has always been an odious shill, just like Ann Coulter. Everyone just forgets what happened yesterday so all these awful people have to do is start spewing a different brand of rhetoric and everyone thinks they are OK now.

    • I remember when bow-tie Tucker and Tranny-Ann were big fans of GW Boosh and his neocon gang-rape of Iraq. They never officially denounced or condemned their support of that shit.

    • Biden is sooooooo going to drone strike a compound of Jehovah Witnesses. There’s no other way to get the country united behind Crimea War 2.0.

      To be fair Tucker gave the guest plenty of minutes. Not a trivial amount of time to talk about his views.

      Neither mentioned Mossad. Of course.

  2. TPUSA is such a fake, astroturf organization. It has nothing to do with putting America First. Who came up with it, some billionaire Zionist homosexual jew?

    I agree with much of what Tucker says but he would be a lot more credible if he exposed the scheming, diabolical jew and his army of Negro ape-men.

  3. Groypers and amnats literally believe that Charlie Kirk is the Trump whisperer and is personally responsible for Trump hiring a bunch of conservatives.

    It’s so stupid that one would think I’m strawmanning them, but Andrew Anglin just wrote exactly that a day or two ago. He claims that the alt right had Trump’s ear until the bad optics of heilgate and charlottesville caused Trump to discard the alt right, so Charlie Kirk was able to ingeniously worm his way into the heights of power and start controlling Trump. They never touch on the fact that Charlie Kirk is payed by the same people who pay the republican party, to preach true conservatism to college Republicans. The amnats just like to pretend that money has nothing to do with politics whatsoever, that donors don’t exist, that lobbyists don’t exist, and that gen Z retards like Charlie Kirk and Nick Fuentes are battling it out for the mindspace of politicians. That is their mental model of how american politics works.

    • When Trump was running in 2016, Kirk and Mark Levin were never Trumpers. In fact, they both supported Cruz and did nothing but attack Trump all day. They’re nothing but hypocrites and frauds.

  4. Just over half of US Hispanics see themselves as ‘white’

    With the USA officially 20% Latino, and actually more like 30% with the illegals … add half of that to the 56% European whites …

    And you have a 70%-plus ‘white’ America

    And many of those blancos latinos, are hispánicos basados – based Hispanics – who have taken the píldora roja – the red pill

    Scenario now –
    Post-Trump, Republicans wither and die, but the Dems split into two parties – the far-left and the corp-centrists … while ‘based’ social-democrat populists can form a 3rd

      • @Jack
        I care about skin colour. I want my race to survive in the nation’s they built. I want that for every race in their respective homelands.
        I want huge tarriffs on goods from nations with cheap labour. This removes their cost advantage and helps to keeps factories local. It makes going offshore unviable for CEO cigar smoking fatcats.
        ‘i don’t care about……..’
        …….and that’s precisely our problem.

  5. Tucker is %100 civic nationalist, he is “right wing” ca. 1972. His fundamental error is a common one on the right and an error in the beginning is an error indeed. Tucker and the other decent people on the right are reasoning from a faulty premise i.e. that “All Men are Created Equal” and belief in the Constitution as a civic religion can unify the country.

    It’s no wonder they come to faulty conclusions about based black “conservatives”, not seeing race, etc. They cannot resolve the contradiction between “All Men are Created Equal” and outrageous black/brown crime rates or black/brown academic failure as just two examples of their thinking. This leads to foolish reasoning such as that Mexicans are ‘natural conservatives’ and Democrats are the real racists.

    If “All Men are Created Equal” is true then BLM and the communists in academe are correct, systemic racism, whatever that is, is the cause of black/brown crime rates and black/brown life failure. Once BLM triumphs and all the despised White hierarchies are dismantled and replaced with rule by colored people we will all be in Utopia, Heaven on Earth.

    If “All Men are Created Equal” is false then all the social uplift programs in the U.S. and overseas trying to make people equal will fail. Black/brown run America will be a catastrophic failure for all of us and for people thousands of miles away, too. The civic nationalist believes in a contradiction: black/browns can be put in charge of things, there can be millions of (legal) immigrants from shitholes around the world and as long as everyone is “color blind” and worships the Constitution everything will turn out OK.


    • Dems are the real racists. The only race is human. I never care what someone looks like. I’m for Pro-Life and free markets. Skin color means nothing. Only race is human.

      • @Jack
        I’m not pro life. The world is overpopulated with useless brown third worlders who will be tomorrow’s ‘refugees’ and invaders to the West. We don’t want them, and never asked for them. Some birth control would sort the problem overnight. It would also benefit the environment……..you know:- that same environment the left tells us to protect?!

      • @jack – You must be White. Only White people claim they don’t see/ care about skin color. And they are liars or delusional.

      • “The only race is human”:

        You can’t see the trees for the forest. Take off your genetic reality denial lenses and you will see immense diversity: not only three “races,” but billions of humans belonging to thousands of distinct ethnicities (some ethnicities actually span two races, or even all three races), millions of clans and bearing hundreds of millions of unique family traits And then there are hundreds of millions of inter-ethnically mixed, “rootless cosmopolitans,” a group or condition with which you seem to identify.

        • “inter-ethnically mixed, rootless cosmopolitans”:

          There is another use of the term “rootless cosmopolitans”: referring to Talmudists, who are spread globally and tend to live in cities.

    • Tucker, like all Republicans stand for one thing only; anti Muslim, pro Israel. He supported the Iraq war when he, like the other conservatives/Republicans had fantasies of turning the place into a parking lot. That did not happen and those Muslims are still there, a billion of em and they fight back. So now he’s Mr. anti war; only because there is no green light to kill em all; if there were, he’d be for it. He loves talking about how we should not get involved in Syria only because why should we ; Putin, Assad, the Kurds are all engaged in a holocaust of Sunni Syrian Arabs. Why should we stop them! These republicans are all for illegal immigrants from Latin America; part of the plan to attack Muslims/Middle Easterners; patronize Latinos and they will join in that agenda. Tucker and the Republicans/ in media all fawn over AOC; they pronounce her full name; to appease and patronize Latinos; they would not do that if she were not Latino. They deliberately mispronounce Ghislaine Maxwell’s name[ using hard g when its a French soft g].Tucker has people on saying somewhat provocative things but he never owns any thing controversial that is said, really. “That’s interesting and well put, Thanks for being on, next segment”!

  6. Counting on Josh “they will have to carry me out on a slab before i turn my back on the great people of Israel” Hawley is as fruitful as jacking off.

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