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    • Genetic white liberals take your new country over and turn it into Orwell wet dream similar to Soviet Union or current Ukraine. All tough man have guns and despite it, tough men living like rats and are slaughtered like pigs.

      All your current problems are caused by generic liberal white males who making decisions and the dumb white males who supporting them .

      Our ones too.

      In the 1917 , educated noble high IQ white males with Nicolas II in charge run Russian Empire into ground and brave white generals with millions of WW I experienced gun owners lost the Russian civil war to Jews and homosexuals and to woman’s described in this article.

      In the war, there is only thing what matters and this is victory. Like Russian revolution and Hitler and US white males caused immigration and society disaster and Europe communism madness teaches us that white males have very bad real war winning record.

      History articles are absolutely the very best part of this blog. I read every last of them and learning . One thing I learned that last time the confederacy and secessionists lost. The second thing I am learning, nobody learned the lesson.

      Our guys has problems as well. Someone may guess that after 100 years of liberalism and 100 million communism victims, Eastern Europe supposed to be immune to genetic white liberal influence.

      Despite that, news keep coming.

      How a hidden past changed an anti-Semitic leader into a Jewish seeker

      The gay orgy that exposes the hypocrisy of Hungary’s illiberals

      Look how effectively they infiltrate and corrupt even most aware white male organizations. Before learning how to deal genetic white liberals, every new thing end up like old thing. Genetic white liberals infiltrate and take it over.

      • Personal experience has taught me that it is mainly lowlife people who enter politics. And if they aren’t when they begin, it changes them for the worse. That is why everything is destroyed.

        • Absolutely correct. Next task is, how to smoke out lowlifes and remove them.

          One possibility is acknowledgement that all people are not equal and start profiling every last candidate to every last position.

          It is not 100% effective like funny Hungarian and many more examples demonstrate but still effective tool to remove most of cucks and genetic liberals.

          The other possibility is punishments. If anybody is anti white, then there must be our Antifa, who deals with traitors. In my country, we have terrible problem with drunk driving. We solving this problem not with white trafficnationalist websites but with police, heavy fines and prisons.

          People must know that treason is not the way to move to supreme court but something what will ruin your life.

          I do not know who monitored and snitched the Hungarian MP homosexual orgy to police but there is a rumor around that it was Hungarian nationalist counter intelligence.

      • “100 million communism victims”

        “Holmodor” is a hoax. But at least twenty million Russians did die from the Nazi/fascist invasion, and many Russians also died from Tsarist capitalist-imperialist involvement in World War One. Communism actually preserved Russia, and other peoples in the U.S.S.R. and its alliance, from being nuked out of existence by the U.S. after the Second World War.

        “genetic white liberals”

        There is no scientific evidence I am aware of that liberalism is genetic.

  1. Jews are the most repulsive-looking creatures on earth. There is something unspeakably evil in those Semitic facial features.

  2. Kaitlin Bennett frequently argues with college libtards over nothing. ‘im not waysis’, ‘Trump isn’t waysis’, ‘im less waysis than you are’.
    With that in mind, I fail to see their point of difference. Just amounts to a slanging match to make a good YouTube video.

  3. Paint a concentric circle in red on both on each of her checks, dress Laura in a black tuxedo with a red bow tie, and have Loomer ride an adult size tricycle, and she would be a spitting image of the scary puppet “Jigsaw” from the “Saw” horror and gore film series.

  4. It looks like she’s been injecting Botox, had a bad reaction, and her face blew up like a balloon. Plastic surgery addiction?

  5. Did anyone in the alt right ever stop to ask themselves why a Jewish-supremacist goblin like Laura Loomer would be so enthusiastic about Trump and the MAGA movement? It never occur to anyone that maybe having ultra Zionists alongside you means your implicitly pro-white movement is not what you think it is?

    Ugliness aside, she is one of the few people in that crowd who understands what Trump really stands for and got what she wanted out of him.

  6. I take exception to commenting on her looks as the headliner though we all know what you mean.
    I wish that more of our men had balls as big as hers.
    She is thoroughly obnoxious but she’s a total wrecking ball.
    That said, I agree…no women in power positions.
    Repeal 21.

  7. Come on, Hunter, this is not a way for a gentleman of the Old South to title an article

    Whatever a woman has done, whatever corrupt tribal gang she may belong to … it just isn’t a thing to say

  8. Is there anyone in the forefront of the Trump movement who isnt grifting. Think about it. The girl in this pic with the Molach demon is a nobody who made a spectacle of herself and played the whole “i need to carry my rifle to class. Be photographed doing it make posters start a Patreon and go on Fox” angle. They were with Roger Stone who would has sold his soul for fame, young boys and a few dollars. Lady MAGA. Charlie Kirk. Candace Owens. Scott Pressler. Ricky Rebel. Little Nicky Fuentes. Baked Alaska. Flynn. Enrique “I got invited to the white house” Tarrio. Milo. Gavin. Alex Jones. Slack jawed Somalian Ali Akbar. I could go on.

    Offhand I cant name one person involved in this nonsense who isnt on the grift.

    • I recall a film about William Wilberforce where he meets Charles Fox and gets into conflict with Banastre Tarleton over slavery. They discuss why they all got into politics and concluded it was to fill their pockets with money. Where’s the lie?

  9. Note the sloped forehead and wrap around mouth on that yenta. God made them look repulsive as a warning to others. AVOID

    • Jayapal looks ugly and goofy. This Jewess looks ugly and demoniac. It’s not just the ugliness of the Jews, but something far worse than ugliness — their Satanic malevolence — that makes them so repugnant to us.

  10. Maybe Hunter was referring primarily to the ugliness of the globalist, imperialist, capitalist ideas and policies – crimes against humanity – that she represents.

  11. I really have not understood the Baptist infatuation with Israel. It is almost borders on idolatry. There was Zionists in Jesus’ day. One was Simon the Zealot who wanted to lead a revolt and overthrow Rome. Jesus rebuked him. If there is any truth to all the pre-millennial Darby stuff it is that Israel is where the anti-Christ reigns as the Jewish messiah reigning from the newly built temple. Why would you get on board with that by backing Israel. Isn’t that empowering the Anti-Christ?

    • @ a lot of us boom people been to sunday school, the gospel and revelation of jesus, is our truth, he say’s he is coming back , we believe him, we believe its soon, we wait.

      • You Christians have been waiting for Jayzus to return since 30 AD. Maybe it’s time to admit he was never here in the first place?

    • Strange how the first century jewish Roman historian Josephus never mentioned any revolutionary religious leader from Palestine named Jesus of Nazareth.

      • @ josephus, most certainly did mention jesus of nazereth, he also mentioned that the house of israel. The so called lost tribes, as dwelling east of the euphrates river, their starting point on their northwest trek, as chronicled by many historians.

        • @ spahnranch 1970 , intelligent sir, if i may, faith is something you have or you dont, i was taught the faith of my fathers as a lad, it is my truth , i couldnt honestly imagine, life or thought, without out that faith/belief , i couldnt even begin to imagine life in this world, without believing their is more to us , than just this existance in this physical plane. The works of josephus, were very interesting.

  12. @ for anyone with an interest in ” jesus of nazareth “, i would recomend the work of ” glen kimball” , ” the politics of the crucifiction ” ., i try to read everything written about jesus, that i consider true.

  13. @ spahnranch 1970, this is the deal, my life has been like a johny cash song , a endless cycle of sin and redemption, that being said, no matter how far i strayed. No matter how lost in darkness i’ ve. Been, i never stopped believing. I have not been the goody, goody type, so i challenge you spahnranch 1970, to either a duel, thats 15 paces or i challenge you to read the bible, front page to the last page, alpha to omega, you are at the crossroads, your road has forked, read the word of the lord, while you still have a chance, you.have zero chance dueling me, read it, you will be glad you did.

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