AG William Barr: No Evidence of Voter Fraud That Would Overturn The Election

Trust the plan.

The plan was to fire Jeff Sessions, replace him with William Barr, lose the 2020 election and release the Durham Report in 2021.

LA Times:

“WASHINGTON —  Atty. Gen. William Barr said Tuesday that the Justice Department has not uncovered evidence of widespread voter fraud that would change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

His comments come despite President Trump’s repeated claims that the election was stolen and his refusal to concede his loss to President-elect Joe Biden.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Barr said U.S. attorneys and FBI agents have been working to follow up specific complaints and information they’ve received, but they’ve uncovered no evidence that would change the outcome of the election.

“To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election,” Barr told the AP. …”


“WASHINGTON (AP) — Attorney General William Barr has given extra protection to the prosecutor he appointed to investigate the origins of the Trump-Russia probe, giving him the authority of a special counsel to complete the work without being easily fired.

Barr told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he had appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham as a special counsel in October under the same federal statute that governed special counsel Robert Mueller in the original Russia probe. He said Durham’s investigation has been narrowing to focus more on the conduct of FBI agents who worked on the Russia investigation, known as Crossfire Hurricane.

Under federal regulations, a special counsel can be fired only by the attorney general and for specific reasons such as misconduct, dereliction of duty or conflict of interest. An attorney general must document such reasons in writing. …”

In related news, the baton of MAGA and rightwing populism has been passed to Catturd.

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    • Trump was incompetent. He had many chances to reverse course and use his authority to attack Big Tech, Big Pharma and Wall Street, all of which would have been popular with his voters and hated by the ruing class. Ultimately, Trump sided with Big Bidness and against his supporters.

      Trump deserved to lose, Slow Joe didn’t deserve to win but he will be putting his hand on the Bible in January while the ugly Hindu-Dindu waits for her turn. At least that vicious bitch Hillary wasn’t elected in 2016, that’s a consolation.

  1. Evidence that surrounding yourself with Yarmulke clad money changers isn’t a good idea.

    • William Barr’s father Donald Barr was indeed born Jewish, tho converting to Roman Catholicism

      Donald Barr was OSS (CIA predecessor) intel officer during World War 2, and was headmaster of the Dalton School, which hired Jeffrey Epstein to work there teaching teens1973-75

      Donald Barr was as fascinated with sexual slavery as much as Jeffrey Epstein, Don Barr publishing a 1973 novel about it, ‘Space Relations’, at the time Epstein joined Don Barr’s school, you can see old copies of the book offered on the web

      Also at that same time, Bill Barr was a CIA officer 1973-77, going to law school at night during those years

      William Barr’s eventual law firm Kirkland & Ellis represented Jeffrey Epstein … Barr was ‘shocked’ he claimed when Epstein in prison, was suicided / murdered / escaped to Israel, under Barr’s watch at DOJ

      Within hours after Epstein’s ‘body’ was found – looking not really like him, in the photos – ‘prison cameras suddenly not working’ – there was a post on 4chan by a claimed but credible-sounding employee at Epstein’s jail, who said a little earlier that guys in military uniforms arrived at the prison and drove Epstein out in a van … former CIA employee half-Jewish Barr had the connections to do this

      • That is too much of cover up of hundreds of witneses.Epstein turned himself in.They could could have taking Epstein out in his private home like Jimmy Hoffa with no traces of evidence.

  2. Let’s see how many of OD’s resident Trump ass-sniffers weigh in on this fucking Clown-Of-a-Trump-Appointee.

    • Well. Probably I am the only one. For simple reason that I live on the other side of planet, I am very interested in my own and other nation history, and know Asian style Empire power games a little more.

      I anybody has time and interest, I would recommend to check how exactly Stalin made his purges, later got himself killed and how Putin rooting his Swamp out.

      Those people what most people call Jews, are actually Kharzas , Eastern Europeans dealt with them centuries. So when I look now on the US shit show, I see typical Stalin administration before 1937.

      So I still trust them plan. Bad news is of course that even the best plan may fail. But when we look history, we find that Stalin, Putin and Eastern European smoke and mirror methods are still only really working way to remove the Swamp.

  3. Trump is not serious about challenging the results of the election, it’s all just theater for his own ego and his retarded supporters. The only thing Trump is serious about is Zionism and Israel.

    • That was obvious when he spent the week after the election golfing. Trump cultists just refuse to see it. According to them, he had to go golfing because his golf course is the only place that isn’t bugged and under surveillance by the deep state.

    • @Ricky…

      Hey, ricky : what does the man have to do to convince you he’s serious about challenging the election? : raid a polling place himself and shoot the place up?

      Apparently whatever President Trump is doing has been sufficient enough to convince tens of millions of people he is serious – and none more impressed than the Government Mainstream Media.

      You know, you can reach a point with your cynicism where you are living in a completely theoretical reality of your own concocting, and, I be switched, but, you do seem right about there!

    • @Ricky…

      Hey, Ricky : what does the man have to do to convince you he’s serious about challenging the election? : raid a polling place himself and shoot the place up?

      Apparently whatever President Trump is doing has been sufficient enough to convince tens of millions of people he is serious – and none more impressed than the Government Mainstream Media.

      You know, you can reach a point with your cynicism where you are living in a completely theoretical reality of your own concocting, and, I be switched, but, you do seem right about there!

      • Trump is the Commander in Chief of the US Military, and believes his country has been overthrown by a massive criminal conspiracy.

        He has two options:

        1) Declare martial law, and round up the instigators to face tribunals.

        2) Tweet and file bullshit lawsuits.

        Which one did he pick? LMAO

        • @JJ…

          I, as are many throughout the land, am in favour of Option #1.

          He has 6 weeks to declare it yet, so it is premature to LYAO.

  4. Who appointed Barr? Trump. That’s what everyone was asking Nick the spic when he said Barr is a traitor. I wonder how many of those who said that were blocked by the little spic homo? Trump may be a good businessman but he us clueless at reading people. He is too trusting. Trump is weak and is a NY Democrat with jew connections. He is a like a used car salesmen. Once he sells you the car, he wants nothing to do with you. I hope you people learn from the next liar that comes along in 2024.

    • Trump has always been about selling his brand – Trump, Inc. – to the Talmudvision-worshipping serfs – rest assured he is already working on getting NFNNC (Not Fake News News Channel) up and running – an alternative to ZioFoxNews for the TrumpBoomerTards and Grift-Right MAGAts – unfortunately for Don the Con, the Boomers are dying en mase thanks to the “It’s Just the Flu, Bro” virus he chose to blow off last Spring and his future fan base is shrinking by the day.


    Well, of course not.

    How could Attorney-General Barr think there be sufficient evidence of fraud to overturn the election when The Justice Department has not interviewed a single solitary one of hundred of witness (poll workers, postal clerks ad infinitum) who have given sworn affadavits about fraud of every kind.

    Yep, you got that right – not a single witness have they interviewed.

    Even the FBI contents itself for gathering information that has already been gathered by private sector reporters.

    As to Durham : does anyone really think he will ever turn up anything?

    Come to think of it, does anyone think Attorney-General Barr has any intention of doing anything more than holding office?

    • Exactly.

      At this point, I’m just enjoying the hilarity of seeing Griffin argue that the swamp critters, ZOG, the mainstream media, the Uniparty, whatever you want to call this bunch, are honest and correct.

      Simply because he hates Trump so much, he’ll agree with literally ANYONE who says “Orange Man Bad,” “Deplorables are ignorant fools.”

      Also, it’s hilarious he claims to be over mainstream politics, and yet is still obsessing over Trump daily, to the exclusion of all else, a MONTH after the election. 😀

      And repeating every MSM talking point. But of course, it’s clear they’re his paymasters at this point, and he’s doing his utmost to earn his money by attempting to talk down the overwhelming evidence of fraud any way he can.

      • @Kekist…

        Thank you for the kind and affirming words, Sir.

        Mr. Griffin warned us numerous times in the last year that he no longer saw himself as ‘Dissident Right’, ‘Alt-Right’, or ‘Far-Right’, but, as a centrist, or, more specifically, an ethnocentrick centrist.

        That so, he has made a conscious decision to change a major element of Occidental Dissent, and that is : he no longer works from a dissident reality, but, from commonly accepted mainstream perceptions.

        He’s grown tired of having to constantly redefine reality, before writing.

        I can’t say as I blame him.

        I, too, get tired of the process of seeing everyone and everything as either a traitor, fake, or front, even though we still have to do with deceit.

        You know, people do change, particularly when they get into middle age.

        Familial love, parenthood, waning testosterone, a growing spectre of death, humility born of having experienced some failures, financial concerns, the time in history changing, have their way with us all.

  6. This gives President Trump more reason to openly give up on the election at the right time, as his supporters are far more angry about his loss than he is, I can assure you. All this drama is for them, while he replenishes his coffers and works out deals for himself and his family. Meanwhile the Middle Eastern agenda as with everything else he’s done for the Elites goes forwards. He was hired to do the dirty work the establishment needed done but couldn’t be seen to be doing themselves, and now he can kick back without a care in the world. He’s been part of the establishment his whole life, and always will be.

    • @Vladimir…

      Boy, President Trump sure has me fooled, tens of millions fooled, and, as well, his entire inner circle fooled!. I actually thought the deep circles under his eyes, and stress about his face were signs that he cared.

      Who knew?!?

      Well, apparently you knew the whole dang time!

      One thing for sure : voting will never be the same in this country, after this.

      Ballot-box stuffing in the 21st century has been dealt a death blow.

        • elections have always been fake – and ghey – but now Democracy spells the Death Knell for Whites in the US just like it did in South Africa. But, if you insist – keep on participating in the whole farce.

        • @Powell…

          I totally agree. They (the Corporate Globalist-Judeo-Bolshevik Totalitarian Alliance) are daring us to secede and or be violent.

          I do not doubt, not at all, that their challenge will be taken by The Right.

          The only questions left in my mind are where and when.

      • @Ivan, We’ve had sketchy elections before, and a couple times came near to a one-party state, here in America. But President Trump is responsible for his loss. He could have easily become everything his voters wanted to be, but flat out rejected that, with hordes of enablers helping him take the personally easier route.

        But it’s within the people’s hands to make a change; we don’t need a capitalist oligarch to guide us, or a personality cult of idolatrous subservience to his whims and fancies.

        We need good and righteous men, brave and intelligent men of vision, for leaders.

        • @Vladimir…

          Everything you said in this comment is true.

          That said, our culture is very degraded, and, that the case, those honourable and brave men for whom you clamour, and we, as well, are in very very short supply.

          Candidate Trump reported for duty and, even with all his warts, he has easily been the most successful president since at least Reagan.

          Yes, he has had plenty of glaring failures, but, too, he has had plenty of success – from changing the tone of the debate in this country, to considerably improving the judiciary, to exposing the media, both parties, and the Deep State, to putting the breaks on political correctness, to bot identifying China as the enemy and improving trade deals, to tax cuts, energy independence, cutting back regulations, invigorating the economy, to roiling up the enemies of Mankind.

          So, Trump, objectively speaking, has been considerably better than either Clinton, Bush and Bush or Obama.

          Come to think of it : Trump has been the most consequential president since FDR, in both the intended and unintended senses.

          But, yes, this country has had problems before, and some elections, as well.

          I am not sure we have ever had so many problems, though, if we have, the 1860-1870s would be the only time.

          At any rate, thank you for your sober and civil thoughts!

          • You’re welcome! And I’m not saying he’s been a total disaster; it’s possible that the establishment (even if he’s been somewhat a part of that establishment) will not recover from his Presidency (I suspect his win in 2016 caught both the Clintons-and him-by surprise, actually) just on the timing of things. God-Fighters tend to time their plans out within the span of their own lives, being atheists, and so try to do too much in too short an amount of time. This has always been their downfall.

        • “We need good and righteous men, brave and intelligent men of vision, for leaders”:

          No such choice in these “elections.” The nature of the system guarantees that we won’t get that.

          • This is why, in describing my ideas on Socialism, I am a definite Authoritarian and quite ”Statist”. To be truly Nationalist and Populist, you have to have a strong leadership that is capable of being as such, in defending the interests of the people.


    Wisconsin has completed a detailed audit of their vote which has revealed 200,000 mail-in votes that had not been requested.

    That is against Wisconsin law.


    The state is going to throw them out and recertify the election for President Trump.

    Meanwhile, Pennsylvania electors are going to make the pick, because of the mountains of fraud committed in Philadelphia.

    The half the state of Georgia is about to lynch the governor and the secretary of state, BUT, fraud?

    Why, no!

    But, yes, of course – Barr has seen no sign of fraud!

    What a gem that man is!

      • @JJ…

        Actually, it is no laughing matter.

        It was another terrible pick, and, yes, President Trump, who promised to drain the swamp, has to take a lot of responsibility for the debacle.

        Though Barr has every appearance of propriety and, without a doubt, is an extremely couth man, I think his understanding of the law and what our country is, is tenuous, at best.

        At worst, he is a scoundrel, rarely exceeded in this republick’s history, or at least, at such a high station.

        That said, he could be no worse than Eric Holder – one who made up the law in his head as he goes.

        As I have said for many years : The United States’ Government is lawless.

        They cannot dispute it with me, because they prove it time and time again.

    • Ivan, don’t bother Brad and his brigade of butt-hurt never Trumpers here at OD with facts that undercut their narrative of being kingmakers withholding their .0001% of the possible vote from that non-miracle worker Donald John Trump. Why could he not have smitten everyone but us pure white Euro-stock he-man so that OD and its only I am important crowd could have reigned supreme in that white ethno-state once called America. Just because he faced off against literally everyone in the Establishment: the Uniparty Repub-icrats, the Communications Apparatus (Establishment media, Education Establishment, Entertainment Industry, and Scientific Community), the Apparatus of Coercion ( federal law enforcement, the military,
      the alphabet spy agencies, and the black ops killers), as well as the Fortine 500, and all.the singular billionaires, all 600 of them. So what?
      And of course, after these same forces fighting to keep their secure world where they always win and the 99.999 % always lose spend literally every second of every day trying to eliminate Trump from their lives they would never stoop to outright fraud to defeat him at the ballot box. Nope. Thousands of votes magically appear in the dead of night to erase Trump’s margin of victory in the necessary states to swing things to their preferred puppet. But OD wants Trump gone to erase their shame in fighting and losing a political battle.
      Whatever happens, all the gutless normies who voted for their sworn enemies, the Democrats, and the so-called dissent moderates, both deserve what is coming. The rest of us, not so much. But as I have said here at OD over and over, without the 99.999% cooperating despite appearances of differentiation. no victory is possible. It is always easier to hate then to think.

      • I’m sorry, but you deserve most of the credit.

        It was people like you who loudly insisted that Trump should not take COVID seriously. He listened to you and he didn’t. My position was that the virus was real and downplaying it was a mistake. You got your way and the result was that he was killed with moderate voters in the suburbs all over the country who he lost by the largest margin of any Republican candidate in decades.

        • President Trump could have easily won re-election in 2020, with all his flaws, if he’d simply taken this seriously like a real wartime president with leadership skills would and mobilized all the resources of the country to defeat this pandemic, encouraging the American people with patriotic messages of bravery and asking us all to make some sacrifices for the common good. And sent out the troops to shoot rioters if that had manifested itself the way it did. Instead he took an almost laissez-faire Libertarian route with the results we see today. I’m furious just thinking about the monumental hubris and ideological blindness that are involved here with this situation.

        • If you are replying to me, Mr. BG, in giving “credit” for Trump’s official election loss as due to the covid-19 situation, I have no idea what you are talking about. I have stated multiple times in the past here at OD that the virus was a real threat (I wear a mask and gloves everywhere outside my home) but that the solution until a vaccine was available was to combine any lock downs with payment to businesses and individuals for lost wages and sales. So any hands off approach by Trump was not cheered on by me. Get your facts straight.
          Trump lost because he failed to consistently govern as a nationalist-populist, both due to non-cooperation by the rest of TPTB as well as his own lack of interest in doing so. Nonetheless, it strains credulity to suppose that the same Establishment that hounded Trump endlessly from 2016 to 2020 would all at once stop for the 2020 election.
          In 2016, Hillary Clinton was not the only person who did not take Trump seriously as an electoral threat. No one else in power did either, as they thought the non-stop media onslaught would be enough. As a result, they did not have the election fraud apparatus set up as a fall back. This time they did.
          Once they saw Trump ahead in all the states necessary to win re-election they activated their Democratic allies in the urban population centers to fill out empty ballots and change computer recorded vote results to obtain the votes needed. There is zero chance all those states that stopped counting votes did so except to rig the results. You may ignore the multiple reports of fraudulent activity if you please, but the rest of us need not do so. Our ego is not tied to defeating Trump.
          Additionally, if you wish to hide behind a keyboard and serve your new masters at CNN and the DNC that is your prerogative. You may also spend your time pining for that black-hispanic-female-gay free ethno-state your Jew-hating fans applaud, but that is a self-defeating state of mind.
          To win against the Oligarchs, people must combine and fight with the wallet, the ballot, and with force if necessary, and make common cause with others who are insecure economically. The 99.999%. No matter what they look like or how they want to live their lives. Otherwise, we all lose, and Kamala will eventually be coming for you and OD. Count on it.

          • J. R. Chloupek,

            You guys went full Alex Jones on COVID-19 back in April and May.

            It was “just the flu.” In the comments of this website and, which you repeatedly reminded me of at the time, I was attacked thousands of times for arguing that Trump should take the virus seriously and that “let it rip” would be politically disastrous. He tanked in the polls from that moment on. It led to the biggest defeat with Independent voters in the suburbs in thirty years.

      • MAGATs like you deserve what is coming more than anyone – and don’t forget to contribute some jewbux to Don’s “Election Defense Fund”, pleb.

      • @Chloupek…

        I agree with you that on the issue of Trump, Mr. Griffin has lost his nearly perfect equinamity.

        But, you know – I have been a guest at Mr. Griffin’s blog for many years and he has given me carte blanche, even when I am a bit over the top.

        There reaches a point when you become a kind of family with someone and you just soldier on with their tomfoolery, just as they do with yours.

        That said, I agree with Mr. Griffin that President Trump’s handling of the virus from November 2019 until late February 2020 was very very bad – not just for him and his reelection campaign, but, for everyone.

        That said, I think he has been outstanding on the virus since then.

        Nevertheless, I agree with you that it does not matter how well he played the virus, because not even God himself could compete with umpteen zillion fake mail-in ballots and the trinity of Dominion, Smartmatic, and Sequoia voting malware.

        In the end, I am afraid I am a dreadfully unsophisticated Southerner who thinks that only gunpowder will straighten out this mess. I suppose Thomas Jefferson was this way, too, as were James Madison, George Washington, and James Monroe, et al, for they all supported this…

        “For the maintenance of a well-regulated militia, the right to bear arms shall not be infringed.”

        Certainly The United States’ Government, or those who have usurped it, are aware of the implication of this, which is why they have stationed a couple of thousand FBI agents in Alabama in recent years.

        They know a reckoning is coming, and Alabama will be one of the first and most enduring flashpoints.

        One mistake they have made, however, is in thinking that several thousand agents will do the trick.

        President Grant sent many thousands of Federal Marshals to get my state, North Carolina, under their thumb in 1869 and, even though there were already thousands and thousands of Negro soldiers in blue, under New England command, occupying the cities of our state, it did not work, anymore than the U.S Government occupation of Afghanistan, over the last 17 years, has worked.

        Tyrants, no matter how clever, never seem to learn that one cannot control a populace that does not want to be controlled.

        But, alas, I am a few years, perhaps a few months ahead of events, and, on that note, I shall conclude.

  8. So many people– scumbags like Obama, McCaskill, the “news” media– claim that there is “no evidence” of fraud at all in the election. Are they only referring to physical things like bad paper ballots, corrupted voting machines, log books, etc.? These things are all in the hands of the perps. The last time I looked sworn affidavits– under penalty of perjury– are considered evidence in a court of law. There must be a thousand of these alleging illegal acts by now. Furthermore, the results have been gone over by mathematicians and statisticians who have given testimony in several states in support of charges of fraud and wrongdoing. One Trump guy compiled lists including one of thousands of people who supposedly voted in states in which they don’t reside. That list was requested by the FBI.

    We saw Pennsylvania send out, according to their own data, 1.8 million mail ballots, yet they counted 2.5 million. One hundred percent of a batch of 900 military ballots in Fulton County, Georgia went for Biden.

    One does not have to be a Trump supporter to be offended by a fraudulent election. I am sorry, but I do not rely on CNN, the New York Times, their exit polls, or the AP to tell me the truth about ANYTHING.

    • Well, that’s because you’re honest and don’t deny the most overwhelming indications of massive, dictatorial, arrogantly sloppy fraud out of either demented pique at Trump personally, or being paid off.

      At this point, Wallace is so transparently supporting the ZOG/Uniparty/propaganda-media narrative against Americans and the popular will of ordinary people trying their best to resist this ghastly system, it’s astonishing that even his fanboys can’t see it.

      There’s no difference between this site’s current perspectives, and those of Obama, McCain (were he still alive), Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, or the New York Times about the election, Trump, and the “Deplorables” (ie Heritage Americans).

  9. Trump was over his head and surrounded himself with incompetence. He would have been better served appointing past winners and runners up from Celebrity Apprentice in his cabinet than his and jared’s selection of swamp leeches.

    Oh well, Blompf was nothing more than an errand boy for Likud from the very beginning. Like his father Fred, Zion Don belonged to Chabad Lubavichers.

    • Didn’t he appoint a negress that was a finalist on “The Apprentice” to his staff early in his administration who later left and wrote an unflattering expose on the Trump administration?

      • Yes. I think she had a ghetto name like Omarossa. Iirc, the negress was only a part of his public outreach. She wasn’t given an important role in policy making because we all know that was given to jared kushner.

        I was factitious about the Celebrity Apprentice contestants filling cabinet posts. Though they might have done a better job than the swamp leeches.

    • These idiots are playing with fire. History is full of examples of little incidents sparking big wars such as the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in June, 1914. No one believed at the time this incident would lead to WWI, but it did.

      • Franz Ferdinand was the heir to the throne of Austro-Hungarian Empire. His assassination was no small incident. Besides, France and Germany had been already preparing for war since the second Moroccan crisis. Even before the assassination, many people at that time expected a big European war.

    • And that, Comrade November, is exactly why the treacherous, deceitful semite who calls himself “Ivan Turgenev” is so enamored of Zion Don.

  10. Trump played this really, really badly. There was an obvious theft, but he won’t fight for it. He’ll probably take the pardon old Joe is offering. I must say I was really pulling for Trump, despite his gross negligence I did not want to see the Oligarchy get such a clear win. Obviously their won’t be fair elections ever again, but I didn’t expect Nationalist-Populism to take over through the box, the oligarchy will not permit it. It looks like a prolonged guerilla insurgency against the elite will have to make due.

  11. Bagpipe blowing bitchtits Barr backstabs Blumpf why am I not surprised? He has constantly shown to be absolutely useless against the demoncrats. Who hires these people?! Lol

  12. “How the Election Was Stolen in Michigan”
    By Paul Craig Roberts
    Dec 2, 2020

    “This is an extremely important explanation of the Computer Algorithm used in Michigan to commit election fraud, which is organized fraud committed by election officials, not fraud committed by voters. Experts give a clear explanation in the video below, but it is often helpful to have an overview before the lesson begins. I will have a shot at providing one: Experts show that the higher the percentage of Republicans in a voting precinct, the lower the percent of the vote that went to Trump. The lower the percentage of Republicans in a precinct, the higher the percent of the vote to Trump. Trump starts off doing well in non-Republican precincts, but as the precincts become more Republican, he does less and less well. Trump’s vote goes from doing 7% to 12% better than the Republican vote in heavy Democrat precincts to 25% worse than the Republican vote in heavy Republican precincts. The only explanation for the decline in Trump’s vote as the precincts become more heavily Republican is vote-weighting in which votes are allocated not by how they are cast but by computer algorithm.

    Despite the false statements by Dominion and the presstitutes, the voting machines have a feature described in the Dominion manual itself that permits the vote to be weighted in order to favor one candidate over the other. For example, 0.7% of a vote can be allocated to one candidate and 0.3% of the vote to another regardless of how it was cast. There is conclusive proof that this was done in the November 3, 2020, election.”

  13. I find it interesting that Hunter, who used to use the word/phrase Lügenpresse/ lying press, now never does. In fact, he now accepts uncritically anything the New York Times and CNN say about the election and spends nearly a month analyzing their data and ridiculing those who assert fraud.

    • Is it voter fraud?

      If it was voter fraud in big cities, then why did the fraud in New York City, Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Miami and San Francisco work to Trump’s advantage? Supposedly, the election was stolen from him there, but the official numbers show that Trump did better and Biden did worse than Hillary. The official numbers show he lost the election in the White suburbs.

      If there was systematic voter fraud, then it had to have been in highly educated White suburbs because that is where the votes came from that cost him the election. Why am I supposed to believe there was massive fraud that singlehandedly changed the outcome of the race? What is the basis of this claim? Anyone who looks at the results can see that black and Hispanic areas swung toward him.

      The people who are saying it was fraud are claiming this: the election was stolen from Trump by blacks and Hispanics more of who voted for him in 2020 than in 2016 and college-educated White voters in the suburbs rigged the election.

  14. Delaware County is one of the three suburban counties of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. It also appears to have been a center of the fraud in that state. A 170-year-old man voted there. A video shows white poll workers filling out ballots. Much more. From those suburbs, not Philadelphia. Do not assume that only blacks ever commit vote fraud.

    Ok. Stay with your CNN and New York Times reports.

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