Alex Jones, Ali Alexander and Nick Fuentes “Stop The Steal” In Georgia

Donald Trump is still the president.

There is still time for him to own the wignats epic style by cancelling the student loan debt of all the Groypers who follow Nick Fuentes. He could call it the Platinum Plan for Zoomers and Millennials who supported him in 2016 and 2020. Why doesn’t he do that with the stroke of a pen? Blackpillers BTFO?

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  1. King of conservative grifting Alex Jones seems to be taking young Nick Fuentes under his wing and showing him the ropes. How long before Fuentes starts selling America First water filters and ultra vitality penis pills?

  2. “Why doesn’t Trump offer the Platinum Plan to Groypers?”

    Because, the husband who pursues a mistress utilizes those funds and energies that ought go to towards celebrating and pleasing his wife.

    Thus, all assets are treacherously rerouted towards the new conquest and NOT honourably towards what is already occupied.

    Sadly this is the mentality of many people, particularly in the business world, and, sadly, this is the psyche of many politicians, in some senses President Trump guilty of belonging to that group.

    That said, many many Whites in President Trump’s coalition feel well pleasd with their compensations : starting with his choice of justices, to his redesigning of the political discourse in the country, to his thusfar refusal to start a new war, his renegation of trade agreements, and his overall handling of the economy.

    And, yes, for many of us, his handling of The CIA/CCP/Globalist Reset pandemic has been good, too – from his respect for the 10th Amendment (offering states every help while not forcing anything on anyone) to his manufacture of ventilators, his pushing the Pharmaceutical companies to expedite vaccine research (I’m not a vaccination guy – but, many are) to his bringing back vital pharmaceutical drug manufacture to this country.

    Moreover, though many have accused President Trump of being lax, vis-a-vis, the defence of monuments, for many, particularly in the wish-washy centre, he has looked like the bastion of law and order, compared to the riot-patronizing and justifying Democrats.

    Though we will never know the exact tally, time and investigation will reveal that President Trump received many more millions of votes than that for which he is presently credited.

    Biden, in no way, was an effective candidate – he underperforming Secretary Clinton’s 2016 numbers in every major city, except those few where statistical analysis reveals major systemick fraud to have occurred.

    The fact of the matter is that, whether on likes it or not, President Trump is far more popular in 2020 than he was in 2016.

    The polls do not reflect that, however, because the polls do not report the truth, but, instead, are bribed by Globalists to misreport it so to redirect it to nefarious end of subverting The Publick Consensus.

  3. Is Alex Jones blaming the “Chi-Coms” for “stealing the votes from Blompf? He usually accuses the CCP of being guilty causing him to stub his big toe to the “suicide” of Jeffery Epstein in a federal jail.

  4. And suddenly, like magic, street activism was the cool hipster thing to do again.

    As long as you re-direct nationalist energies into civ nat/gay/Republican Party/ZOG, street activism is double plus good opticks!

    • When is that gay wigger Ahndray Anglin going to emerge from his basement in East Columbus to lead his autistic incels in a pride parade for his orange cult hero?

  5. LOL
    The daily grifter fag is obsessed with Nick, he can’t get over the fact that Fuentes’s group has gone a long way with their own style.
    You losing wignats know that you are supporting an antifa right?
    Hunter, your hatred for Fuentes, Casey and the others leads you to support this scum, you are the enemy.

    • Take a pill or whatever daily estrogen shot you are dependent upon and make a coherent point. This manic rambling is both incoherent and meaningless

    • “You losing wignats”

      Pretty sure the losers here are the ones who just lost the election. They lost HUGELY. And now they have no grift anymore.

      Name one thing you zombie worshippers of that low-T virgin nerd fag Nick Fuentes have won . Just one.

  6. I cant see anyone over 23 taking Fuentes seriously. The smug snot nosed “i knew everything at 18 so f*ck you. Now buy an America First flag” is disgusting. It amazes me Allsup was ever able to tolerate this kid, seeing as he intellectually and emotionally is light years ahead of him. Jones is charming when he wants, but no serious person can find him to be a legitimate leader to follow.

    Richard had the potential to really go far, he is not too young and far from old, handsome, intelligent, well spoken and doesnt have the need to bleed people dry with donations. He just went too off the rails with the fame. The good news there is no shortage of reasonable, intelligent and strong men able to eventually step up and be good role models.

    Not grifters or fat larping Nazis like Heimbach. Not men who speak about hating others or using racial slurs. Just decent kind but strong European men willing to work with all people for the benefit of their own self interests. Fuentes and Jones are neither. One depressing side i noticed was how many older people and MAGA types were praising Ali Akbar. I saw long threads about him “saving the union” and i cant do anything but shake my head. Do you know about this guy? Have you seen him? Is this the person who best represents us and our need. Akbar and Fuentes for President?

    I would move to Guatamela first and live with the friendly native people first. More tolerable than either o d those two and at least I know it is their country and can respect that

    • What race is that Ali Alexander thing, anyway? Is it black? Is it some kind of dravidian? Is it Somalian? Is it a homosexual? Is it romantically linked to Fuentes and his buff Australian twink Catboy? How did it gain American citizenship?

      I really want to know.

    • @Captain Shill, I bought into a few wrong assumptions myself when I first “took the Red Pill” almost 10 years ago & it was only with bitter experience I realized + accepted a few more harsh truths.

      These “wrong assumptions” I speak of having believed myself are seemingly still very widely believed with blind faith among “Jew-wise” Aryan racialists, & imo, they need to be exposed as mistaken, if there is to be any chance for Aryan racialists to actually win (which at it’s most basic to me, means to succeed in forming Aryan only ethnostate/s).

      What compels the masses/”normies” to follow? Who do they follow, and why?

      Imo, the link below ought be mandatory intro 101 reading for any Aryan men with racial awareness/feels;
      “White Nationalist Strategies,Implicit or Explicit, Currently Being Pursued”:

      It’s full of paradigm shifting info that I challenge anyone to try to refute *logically* (feel free to call me names & insult me & try to make it a cultish matter of personality, just please make sure you bother to include some sort of logical arguments somewhere with the package).

      P.S.- I personally didn’t like Heimbach himself & ideally, men representing Aryan racialism would both be men of the highest caliber in character and be dapper don pretty boy Chad’s with nerves of steel; but, I humbly think you’re giving way too much credit to appearances rather than what really matters & sways people.

      Imperfect as Heimbach & the TWP indeed was (shame Heimbach couldn’t sort out the inherent contradictions of his own beliefs, he tried an impossible chimera, combining racialism & his religion which are naturally & irrevocably at odds with one another), but he/they did get a few things right. You must be able to protect yourself and be willing to put something on the line…or you have no-thing & people will rightly dismiss you (consciously or subconsciously) as a joke.

      I’m not, & you may not be either, but most American men are “fat slobs,” and regardless, revolution is not something for polite khaki pant wearing Mr. Respectable who spends every weekend racing his yacht at his yacht club eating oysters. Revolution is a hungry and desperate man’s business. Though, it may include a few disgruntled members who hail their origins in the bourgeois (like myself, though I am certainly not a member of it anymore…was just born into that cowardly, fake, hypocritical – par excellence, arrogant snobs…generally speaking, a class of slime-ball traitors who are generally proud of their treasonous doings).

      I highly recommend everyone read David Irving’s “Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich” to learn a lot of real world lessons from the one group/movement that ever actually defeated (culturally/politically/across the board) our mortal enemy. Do you want to be effective, or not?

  7. That woman next to alex jones has a punisher logo shirt with trump hair?! How delusion Lol blumpf is no punisher far from it Punisher is one of Marvels best hero’s imo he doesn’t have the morality structure like other cape heroes do

    He’s pro kill and anti degeneracy. I really enjoyed the punisher series on netflix hope it gets a 3rd season Blumpf is literally everything Punisher isn’t. Civnats Amnats still has the blumpf goy emperor derangement I see

    Punisher kills criminals, rapists and thugs blumpf either endorses them or lets them free with the first step act

  8. What’s really fucking sad is that if Nick was wearing a romper stomper costume and yelling about “the niggers and jews” you guys would love him. Do you know why that is? Because you’re brainwashed by federal agents like Hunter Wallace into only believing and acting on the stupidest possible path.

      • A Log Cabin Republican, most of them dont get the reference. They were homos, as is Fuentes, he is a swish, and real men do not follow poofs, they expose them.

    • Brainwashed Groyper repeats Groyper memes that have been injected into his tiny brain to accuse others of being brainwashed.

      Funny how he’s the only person on this site ever to scream about “the niggers and jews.”

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