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  1. I’ll bet the stupid inbred shit kicking hicks down South still won’t vote Democrat in 2022 regardless of their income bracket.

    This election was rife with voter fraud and transplants in traditional red areas.

  2. The more I think about it the gladder I am that Trump lost. What an obnoxious, incompetent boor. And those well-off, pot-bellied boomers and genXers with their oversized power boats and big dumb Trump banners wound up making their candidate look even worse in the eyes of millions of Americans who lost their jobs and businesses because of the Chink flu scamdemic.

    • @Spahn…

      Trump lose? Where did you see that?

      As far as I can see, the electoral score at present is Trump 0 – Biden 0.

  3. My sense of what Trump has done, pursuant to shaping the parties is this :

    Trump has changed the Republican Party into a party that seems more and more Working Class and which is beginning to develop a coalition of Whites with minorities, something it has not had since the days of Eisenhower.

    When I was a child in Raleigh, I knew of know such thing as a White Republican, or, conversely, of a Black Democrat.

    When that began to flip, because of Johnson, he GOP has usually had to make it on largely White votes.

    AS to the Democrat Party : I think what President Trump is presently doing, refusing to concede and pursuing the publicizing of widespread fraud is already revealing severe cracks in The Democrat Party and I thing the result of it, by 2020, will be that they will be quite unable to manage well, on a national level.

    Their coalition, especially, between Neo-Liberal/Neo Cons, such as Nancy Pelosi, and Judo-Bolshevik Progressives, like Alessandria Ocasio Cortez cannot be long for this world.

    To my eyes, The Democrats look more and more like the party of out of touch elites, something erstwhile reporter Chris Matthews regaled them for, on the night Trump won the election in 2016.

    When I was a child, Democrats reflected America – pro-Working man, pro-Christian, pro-freedom of speech, pro-gun, pro-closed borders, tolerant, pro-law & order etc, etc…

    As of 2020, they look like none of this – and, instead, look like a squad of would-tyrants and the unhinged.

    Their choice for presidential candidate was the very worst I have ever seen, and the pathetic campaign they waged this year something which only widespread cheating and fraud has, so far, been able to mask.

  4. Your analysis is flawed, highly so because presidential elections are decided by the electoral college and not by popular vote.

    Thus, these graphic displays of popular vote demographics are irrelevant.

    You need to get this data for each state (and each district for Maine and Nebraska). And then, you can make conclusions for the swing states.

    All we see here is your anti-Trump bashing as you struggle to shoe horn that into your belief system that “Trump did too much for blacks.”

  5. Hunter Wallace is analytically challenged.

    Trump increased his vote total from 2016 by 14,090,202 voters in every income group below $199k. The problem is that Trump lost -1,332,757 votes from voters with incomes of $200k or more.

    This reflects the number of deaths of Whites between 2016 and 2020 as Whites in the USA are dying off. More than 2 million Whites have died since 2016. As voter incidence runs about 52% of voting age population, IF Trump lost, he lost because Whites who would have voted for him died off.

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