Forgotten Again

Pedro Gonzalez is correct.

American Greatness:

“Neglected by Republicans and Democrats alike, vilified by the culture, and preyed upon by globalization, white working-class voters in 2016 cast their lot with the one candidate in a generation who remembered them, and thus became Donald Trump’s base—a constellation of blue, white, and pink collar laborers. This spark ignited what was supposed to be a revolution in party politics and carried Trump into the White House.

The truth about white “dysfunctional, downscale communities,” Kevin Williamson informed us in a March 2016 National Review article, “is that they deserve to die.” A year into Donald Trump’s presidency, an unrepentant Bill Kristol quipped that the “lazy” white working class should be replaced with immigrants. The mask was off what had been the prevailing attitude among establishment conservatives and Republicans until Trump. …

But something changed not long after Trump assumed control of the White House. In the aftermath of the 2020 runoff against Joe Biden, conservative pundits and Republicans appear relieved that Trump’s support among the white working class has slipped.

“The decided view internally was that white working class men lacked an alternative,” a senior White House official told American Greatness. “There was no need to develop policy that would improve the social or economic conditions in America’s industrial communities. They voted for Trump once, they’d do it again,” this official said of the campaign’s thinking. “From late 2017 foward, the goal was to make the Republican Party the vehicle for blacks and Latinos. They wanted to build off of white working class men and discard them, not build an electoral coalition around them.”

The white working-class “is the ‘forgotten man’ demographic,” A Republican close to the campaign told American Greatness. “The focus on left-wing identity politics has already robbed these people of a home in the Democratic Party, but now also the GOP,” the source reported, referring to the campaign’s pandering. “In the final critical week, instead of holding events focusing on mobilizing cops, miners, steel workers, the campaign focused on PRIDE events in blue-collar areas under Richard Grenell and Jared Kushner, which actually alienates many of these people.” …”

2017 was the decisive year that Donald Trump’s public image changed.

In the span of a year, Donald Trump went from being perceived as a nationalist and moderate and populist on economics – the sweet spot that got him elected president – to being seen as to the Right of Ronald Reagan on Reaganomics. The reason Trump was elected president is because it seemed at the time in the Center during the 2016 election that he WAS NOT a True Conservative. He was going to move the country beyond political correctness and what is often called “Zombie Reaganism.”

But then … something seemed to change. As soon as the election was over, Anthony Scaramucci showed up on the Trump transition team, which was a telltale sign that Trump’s base was about to get screwed. Gary Cohn, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, was hired to head the National Economic Council. Donald Trump nominated Andrew Puzder, the CEO of Hardee’s, to be his Labor Secretary (fortunately, we dodged that bullet). Jared Kushner began to assume control of the White House. Reince Preibus began filling the White House with Never Trumpers. Donald Trump began to spend his political capital on Paul Ryan’s Better Way agenda: the tax cuts, the health care plan and deregulation. Time and again, “building the wall” was kicked down the road and the infrastructure plan went nowhere. The Trump presidency became George W. Bush’s third term without a major war and gradually “owning the libs” began passing for populism.

It must have been a bitter pill to swallow.

It certainly was from my perspective. I share the values, beliefs and views of the populist swing voters who elected Trump as their president. Even before Trump was sworn into office, I was sounding the alarm. Winning the election had been the easy part. The hard part was that no one was listening to us anymore and Jared Kushner was in Donald Trump’s ear and giving him terrible advice.

Do you remember how much fun we had in the 2016 campaign?

Back in 2016, the rightwing populist internet was on fire for Donald Trump. His actual base which he neglected and took for granted was rightwing White male Indies and shitposters and disaffected, blue collar White men, not Ted Cruz cucks. These White men who went missing in 2020 are what Pew calls the Hard Pressed Skeptics or Disaffected. The Left understood this which is why we were systematically removed from the internet. We had to fight the GOP and mainstream conservatism for a year to win Trump the Republican nomination. Unfortunately, Donald Trump was surrounded by these people and domesticated by them after becoming president. Jared told him things like he had to win -1% of the black vote in North Carolina and +0% of the black vote in the Pennsylvania to be reelected.

“The contradictions between how Trump won and how he governed and campaigned suggests perhaps the campaign did actually adopt this cynical strategy.”



There was no reason to believe that the Hard Pressed Skeptics who are cynical, Independent swing voters and non-traditional voters whose whole worldview is based on their belief that the system is rigged … would vote “straight R” and be there no matter what for Trump in 2020. They ghosted on him when he delivered business as usual which brought the whole campaign tumbling down. The fever dream of millions of based blacks voting for Trump consumed the campaign. He offered to give them $500 billion dollars and THEY STILL wouldn’t vote for him!

“Cohn’s gift to Trump’s base was a zero percent tax rate on many profits generated by corporate offshoring, which some have argued incentivized the practice. Roughly 1,800 factories between 2016 and 2018 and 740,000 manufacturing jobs since February 2020 sailed overseas. Naturally, Cohn was among the first to congratulate Joe Biden this past week.

The promise of law and order that appealed to these voters gave way to criminal justice reform. White House advisors Brooke Rollins, Ja’Ron Smith, and Jared Kushner, spurred along by lobbying efforts of Charles Koch and George Soros, pushed the First Step Act as the crown jewel of 2018, surpassing infrastructure investment as a priority. That bill ultimately released thousands of dangerous criminals

When rioting erupted across the country over the summer, that same trio urged Trump to sit on his hands. They said that stopping the riots would make him look racist in the eyes of an unproductive criminal class. Instead, Kushner invited rapper Ice Cube to the White House, soliciting his input for what became the “Platinum Plan.” The rapper, not exactly known for his love of police, asked Kushner for a $500 billion capital infusion exclusively for blacks. He got his wish, with the added promise of more criminal justice reform in the “Second Step Act.” …”

Steve Bannon thought this was a brilliant move.

He was disappointed Trump hadn’t condemned ethnonationalism enough in the debate with Joe Biden. Bannon inexplicably dismantled his own coalition that had won Trump the White House.

In the final stretch of the election, Trump was touting BLEXIT and the Platinum Plan. He disavowed the Proud Boys on Hannity. He rolled out endorsements from Lil Wayne and Lil Pump/Pimp. He put out a video in which he boasted about disavowing “white supremacy” 38 times. After doing nothing for years about Big Tech censorship, Trump’s former supporters watched Twitter censor the shit out of him. They had voted for a strong man to restore law and order in 2016 … and what they got was Blumpf.

Chuck Jones is correct:

“A lot of people, I don’t think, are voting for Biden, they’re just voting against Trump,” said Chuck Jones, former president of United Steelworkers Local 1999 in Indianapolis, which represents workers at Carrier and Rexnord. In an interview with a labor magazine, Jones said Trump’s base rallied to him in 2016 because “he was on a roll” with his rhetoric about the working-class, about how they had been abandoned. “He said,” Jones recalls, “‘vote for me; what do you stand to lose?’” That message resonated—until Trump began to govern.  …”

Everything seemed good until the Blumpf presidency began.

The message coming out of the Trump presidency on our end was DOW 30,000, BLEXIT and the Platinum Plan, JEXODUS, the lowest black, Hispanic, Asian, LGBT, female unemployment in history. Donald Trump is the gayest president ever who delivered the biggest tax cuts ever and is fighting to legalize homosexuality in Botswana. Joe Biden supported the 1994 crime bill and called black criminals superpredators. Joe Biden supported the Defense of Marriage Act of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. It was a running joke in our corner of the internet that the Team Trump Twitter account was the most effective surrogate for Joe Biden.

In the debate with Joe Biden, Donald Trump boasted about he was the one who had let the superpredators out of jail when no one else could get it done. Presumably, he was coached by Kushner to hammer away at this line along with Jack Kemp’s opportunity zones. It was supposed to be a game changer. He also tweeted “Law & Order” like 50 times while doing nothing to stop the riots.

“Losing a significant portion of the college-educated white vote is devastating to any Republican candidate’s presidential prospects,” political consultant Ryan Girdusky told me on the eve of the election. “Doing marginally better and increasing turnout among white working class is more likely to give Republicans wins in the Rust Belt, the northeast, and even parts of the sunbelt than increasing the black, Hispanic, or Asian vote by 5-10 percent.”

Girdusky appears to have been on the mark. …

“The percentage of white working class men voting Democratic increased from 23% in 2016 to 28% in 2020, while among white working class women, support for Democrats increased from 34% to 36%,” Joan C. Williams wrote in the Harvard Business Review. “These voters played a key role in delivering victories for Biden in the Rust Belt states where Clinton lost the presidency in 2016.” If the numbers hold up under scrutiny, two-thirds of the Michigan counties that swung toward Trump in 2016 turned Left in 2020.  …

A comparison of the comprehensive Fox News Voter Analysis, conducted in partnership with the Associated Press, and data from CNN’s 2016 exit polls and the Pew Research Center sketches the national picture.

Trump scored roughly 64 percent of non-college whites in 2016, compared to 62 percent in 2020. Among non-college white men, the gap is even more profound: 71 percent in 2016 versus 64 percent in 2020. By contrast, the same data show Trump won between 6 percent and 8 percent of black voters in 2016 and 8 percent in 2020. After the First Step Act, the Platinum Plan, a soft touch on riots, and a Republican National Convention heavily focused on courting black voters, Trump improved his share of the black vote by just 2 to 4 percentage points. Trump improved with Latinos by 7 percentage points, though they constituted a smaller share of the overall electorate compared to 2016.  “

Ryan Girdusky was correct.

Pedro Gonzalez is correct on this.

If their view had prevailed inside the White House and Trump’s 2020 campaign, then Trump would have easily finished off Joe Biden and perhaps even expanded his map into states like Maine and Minnesota. Instead, God Emperor Donald Trump became Blumpf with White Indies.

As Black Lives Matter and Antifa burned Washington in the background, Blumpf as Nero impotently tweeted “Law and Order” from his bunker under the White House. The man who called himself the King of Israel and the Moshiach was publicly dumped by Bibi Netanyahu on Twitter. The Trump Heights in Israel is already an abandoned wreck. It is all because Donald Trump’s team … CHOSE TO LOSE.

Note: The dying White electorate became whiter in 2020 over 2016 in most of the swing states because turnout was so high. Did any of Trump’s generals ever realize this?


    • BS – interest rates tell the tale – Trump’s Greatest Economy Ever could not handle a measly 2% Fed Funds Rate before the Fed had to slam them baci down again in 2018.

      • What good did raising the Fed Funds rate do? Trump was ready to fire Powell over it, if you remember?

        For anyone who doesn’t know the Fed Funds rate is? It’s another name for the over all interest rates set by the Federal Reserve.

      • They didn’t “have to” do anything. What they did was steal from old retirees and savers to prop up Wall St., which is not really the true economy. Might as well put all your money into the market when all this election crap gets ironed out, because they have proven they will do whatever it takes to prop it up. Throw in with the 1 percenters and make some monopoly money.

  1. Brad, I think you are confusing the workers with the lumpen proletariat. You won’t find many workers who want to pay higher taxes. Or find themselves out of a job because of government regulations send there job to China.

    • Manufacturing jobs are never returning to the United States. Even if patriotic American capitalists wanted to bring those jobs home, by the time the infrastructure needed to be build was finished, automation would be most of the work.

      This isn’t China where they were able to build a hospital specifically to treat Covid patients in ten days. America has had its manufacturing sector gutted by the union greed and multinational corporations lust for profits. It ain’t ever coming back. Ffs, Amazon sells products made in China inexpensively, and promotes diversity in hiring to lessen worker cohesion towards becoming unionized.

      The only manufacturing sector left in America that is safe are those tied to the military industrial complex. Not even automakers have the ‘political juice ‘ of the lobbyists MIC send to do their bidding in D.C.

  2. In the words, with jews you lose. Trump will never learn that because he weak and too trusting. Time for team jew team 2 to take over the reins now.

  3. Trump’s Jews wanted to get the “disaffected” (Jew-wise) right-wingers off the internet and co-opt their support. Make no mistake, there are plenty of Jew-wise voters, the last people who are going to be allowed to decide elections are the Jew-wise. That is why the vote absolutely would be stolen to prevent such an outcome, even if it was only an apparent outcome. The appearance that conspiracy minded types who were listening to Alex Jones and “racists” won 2016 for Trump was too much for a large segment of Jewry to accept.

  4. Trump’s entire problem can be summed up as his being the mirror-image of Teddy Roosevelts’ “Speak softly and carry a big stick”. What we’ve seen since day one is a tremendous amount of bluff, bluster, bloviating and fury (often on Twitter), signifying … absolutely nothing. Like every other Republican, he refuses to actually fight his enemies. Even now, with overwhelming evidence of vote fraud (always a favorite activity of the Pedocrats), there’s been a lot of tough talk … followed by no real action.

    So, if Used-Depends Joe the senile pedophile is ultimately sworn in by his fellow Lolita Express traveller John Roberts on January 20, you can at least ask some migatards if they are tired of winning yet (though they’ll probably tell you that Durham will unseal the 6 billion sealed indictments any day now). Smelly old Joe will probably be tossed aside very soon after his ascension to the coprolite cathedra in favor of the Hindoo-Dondoo, who promises to be a the love-child of Jezebel and Pol-Pot. Perhaps this would be enough to make stupid whites see reality but given their total refusal to do so even in South Africa, don’t count on it.

    • The violence of BLM, offshoring of middle class jobs, replacement by H1-B Indians (dot, not feather), perpetual warfare, police state lite, internet censorship, steady food inflation, ruinous medical bills, perpetual indebtedness, Third World invasion, anti-White propaganda 24/7 (especially against their children), homo agenda forced down their throats, government by oligarchs through corrupt political insiders and a million other things still has not awakened the vast number of normie Whites. They slumber peacefully in a sea of optimism and the fever dream that “they” won’t let things get “that” bad.

      Sorry to bust that bubble, but “they” aren’t that interested in the fate of normie Whites except as to how to rob them and kill them in foreign wars for “Our Greatest Ally” or Taiwan, a place most people couldn’t find on a map. The truth is not only are “they” corrupt, evil bastards, the whole lot of them, but “they” aren’t competent at running anything more complex than a lemonade stand. Things are going to get very bad in the next few years, and nobody can stop it, even “they” couldn’t stop it if “they” wanted to (hint: “they” don’t).

      The corrupt system in the U.S. is on its last legs anyway and the best evidence for this is the parlous state of the financial system. The U.S. Government is keeping their precious stock market up through endless QE under various schemes. The money, printed out of thin air and backed by nothing first goes to insiders i.e. Blackrock, Goldman Sucks, J P Morgan et al. then to the rest of “the economy”; a collection of frauds and rackets such as “Higher Education”, the pharmaceutical business, the health “industry” etc.

      This financial “engineering” (that was a real term until 2008) depends upon complexity to obscure the reality that debt is ultimately backed only by more debt and that the U.S. Dollar retains some value because it’s still the world’s reserve currency. This is merely a legacy of WWII when the U.S. and the UK established the postwar financial system. At that time the U.S. and the UK had real economies dominated by production of real goods and useful services, unlike today. That is why the U.S. Dollar and Pound Sterling could logically be reserve currencies, that and military hegemony over most of the world after 1945.

      The 1945 – 1975 period, the “Thirty Glorious Years” are long gone now. The fall of the USSR and the rise of China amongst other things has decisively ended U.S. hegemony. Demographic replacement has also fatally weakened the U.S. yet the ruling class, responsible for this and other debacles acts as though the U.S. were in the same position with the same military, financial and technological power and respect it had in 1960.

      The Hindu-Dindu administration will act as though the Government’s power were absolute and instead be met with failure everywhere; diverse societies are failures, not successes. The Hindu-Dindu will turn the dial up to 11 on the printing press, fatally weakening the dollar causing massive inflation. This will impoverish the vast majority of White normies, perhaps finally getting their attention and leading to their radicalization just for survival.

      Failure of EBT, WIC and the other welfare schemes will follow massive inflation, too. BLM, encouraged by the feckless Trump administration and having a sympathetic ear now in D.C. will explode in violence, taking it to white bread suburbs this time. They will be encouraged by the so-called “Justice” Department, fully staffed with communist ‘Usual Suspect’ lawyers ready to persecute Whites who justifiably defend themselves and their families.

      Perhaps at that late stage a real Right Wing leader can emerge and defeat the uniparty in charge for decades. Maybe that will wake up normie Whites, radicalize them sufficiently to lose faith in the system and that their enemies are really out to replace them and that “It’s OK to be White”. Time is short, though.

      • Tldr,

        White normies are a lost cause.

        Devon Stack aka “Blackpilled” posted on Telegram that while listening to boomercons on HAM radio after the presidential election, boomertards were not upset because their stock brokers informed that their investments would be fine, so they could continue to live their comfortable bourgeoisie lifestyles under a Biden-Harris administration, so life is a-ok with them.

        I will take great pleasure when HUD begins to build section-8 housing in lily white normie suburbs. Screw them. Let them “embrace the suck.”

        • There is a warning on the back of every ham radio: Danger: high voltage; disconnect power before servicing tubes.

          There should be a similar warning on the back of every BLM sign: “Danger: This sign will NOT protect the owner from howling, sub-85 IQ mobs of colored people, trannies, perverts, the insane and other degenerates from attacking you. Any legitimate self-defense, particularly with firearms will result in persecution from the ‘Usual Suspect’ lawyers in the so-called “Justice” (sic) Department.”

          I can already hear their plaintive cries unto Heaven as the Section 8 projects go up in Whiteopia: “It’s not Fair!” At least they will have their ham radios to use to complain about it.

          BTW, behind every Section 8 project there is a White (or White looking) developer getting rich at his own people’s expense.

          • You better believe it.

            In colored neighborhoods in large cities, you can buy a six unit apartment building for $125,00-150,000, put another $100,000 into remodeling and getting up to local code regulations, and make $1500 a month per two bedroom section-8 unit with rent payments guaranteed by the taxpayers of America. Nine thousand dollars a month X 12 is a hell f a return on a $250,000 investment. So yeah, “fellow whites” and “Russian mafia” are well versed in this get rich quick scheme.

  5. I was born and lived most of life in the north. I was regularly propagandized that Southerners were moronic inbred people. I never bought the slur.

    But Hunter has changed my mind. This guy was conned and continues to be conned by the covid scam. Now he’s onboard accepting an election that is so obviously a result of fraud.

    Maybe southerners are actually dumb. Alabama dumb might be a special category of stupid.

    • How many people do you think faked having COVID-19? Why did Trump and much of Congress fake having it? At least 11 million people have pretended to have the virus and those are just the ones who were tested and we know about.

      • We’ve been getting mixed signals on Covid from day one. Absolutely no consistency from the health & political authorities. 98% decline in the flu, though? Safe to go to a BLM protest or Biden celebration? But no Thanksgiving? While Wuhan is back partying maskless in packed nightclubs? Give me a break! It’s a feckin’ crock o’ balls & you owe Ramzpaul an apology!

        • If memory serves, Ramzpaul confidently predicted that at most 24,000 people would die of COVID-19. No, I don’t need to apologize to Ramzpaul about either COVID or the 2020 election. I was right on both of those issues.

          • The libertarian diehards are never going to understand that taking public health as a joke cost them the presidency in the figure head of Trump.

            He could have used public health as an excuse to drone strike mass protests. Used it for mass deportations and even targeted fines and arrests for political opponents.

            Now we get Biden systematically abusing that power because he anticipated the basic political implications of paranoid psychosis in the electorate better than Trump did.

  6. Yes, The Trump Campaign did take the White Man for granted.

    Whether you supported Trump in 2016 or 2020, it is something that must be acknowledged.

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