Trumpism: A Post-Mortem

This is a good summary

National Review:

“Depending on your point of view, Donald Trump’s presidency either promised or threatened to be a hostile takeover of the Republican Party by the ghost of Pat Buchanan. Although he often hedged in other directions, the thrust of Donald Trump’s critique of previous Republican orthodoxy focused on trade, immigration, and foreign policy. It held that the Republican Party was wedded to an abstract commitment to free trade that cut against the actual interests of the American people and their government. It accused the Republican Party of indulging a utopian foreign policy and proposed to end America’s endless wars.  …”

Trump moved the Overton Window.

At least in spirit and rhetoric, the GOP can appear and sound protectionist on trade, nationalist on foreign policy and restrictionist on immigration. This is what Greg Johnson calls metapolitics. Reality can be a lot messier and low information voters won’t catch the difference.

Will this carry over into the post-Blumpf era? I tend to doubt it for two reasons. The first reason is that the ideological and demographic core of Trumpism, which was the Alt-Right, bitterly departed the GOP in the 2020 election. These people are ethnocentric White men who are Independents, non-traditional voters and populists and nationalists in their politics. They are more likely to be college educated and live in the suburbs. The second reason is that Trump himself who was the star of his coalition is leaving and no one else in the GOP is capable of making it work. Trump retained massive loyalty among people who aren’t ideologues and traditional Republicans and who were not as up to speed about politics.

What are they going to do? Are they going to soup up Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz now with Trumpian rhetoric? Is Josh Hawley going to run in the Trump lane in 2024? Donald Trump was a marketing genius who conned us back in 2016. No one else is similarly capable of pulling a fast one.

Note: BTW, the Never Trumpers failed. Trump won more conservatives and Republicans than he did in 2016.


    • GOP will win both the House and the Senate in 2020.

      The GOP has a significant majority of the state governments too.

      “In 22 states, Republicans will hold unified control over the governor’s office and both houses of the legislature, giving the party wide political latitude — including in states like Florida and Georgia.”

      “Eleven states will have divided governments in 2021, unchanged from this year: Democratic governors will need to work with Republican legislators in eight states, and Republican governors will contend with Democratic lawmakers in three.”

      Of course the Republicans have 6 of 9 Supreme Court justices.

      The Democrats have Joe Biden and a very slim majority in the House of Representatives.

      What are we going to hear from the GOP for the next two years?

      1. Joe Biden hates Israel and loves Iran and Hezbollah. Democrats are the Real Anti-Semites.

      2. AOC loves trees and taxes.

      3. Liberal Democrats are forcing us to amnesty millions of “undocumented workers.”

      4. Rich Indian and Asian H1-Bs are Natural Conservatives! Let’s import millions more!

      The Republican Party is the Enemy, the Greater of Two Evils.

      • BannedHipster,

        As Eric Striker wrote about the RETARDicans and GOP establishment, the jews fund and direct them to be runners up in anti-white politics. But as you laid out, the RETARDicans and GOP are the judas goats to White well being.

    • Captain John,

      If you are only going to go with mainstream personalities and politicians, personally, I would put Ann Coulter at the top of the ticket. But Ann doesn’t have a cozy relationship with das juden, so fundraising would have be akin to what Sanders and Gabbard did.

          • @November…

            Yes, you are partially correct about nominative case definite articles, but, you are not for accusative, dative, and genitive cases.

            ‘Das’, however, is not a plural definite article for anything in German, at anytime, but, only a definite article for singular neuter gender nouns in the nominative and accusative cases.

            The plural definite article is always ‘die’ – for nouns in nominative or accusative cases.

            However, the definite article in the dative (indirect objects) and genitive cases (possessives and after certain prepositions like (während) for masculine gender words is ‘den’, and ‘der’ for those that precede plural feminine nouns.

          • Correction…

            “However, the definite article in the dative (indirect objects) and genitive cases (possessives and after certain words (like the adverb ‘während’) for masculine gender words is ‘den’, and ‘der’ for those that precede plural feminine nouns.”

          • @Ivan,

            Thanks for the reminder as why I dislike foreign languages, even those of the “old countries.” Women seem to be better at being multilingual, whereas, there was hardly hair or hide of the si-called ‘fairer sex’ in my upper division biological, chemical, and physical science courses. One fringe benefit of the post-WWII world is that a good percentage of Europeans are fluent in English.

            It’s been 22 years, since I have had the need to read, write, or speak German, so my skills are as rusty as the Tin Man prior to Dorothy Gale giving him a well needed lubrication.

            To not make any further errors, I’ll just be sticking with tried and true English of saying “the jews.”

          • November, the problem with ‘just saying [sic] the Jews’…. is that they are NOT. Jews, I mean.
            i.e., related to the People called “Judeans” in the O.T., OR the N.T.

            ANY legitimacy one gives to this accursed, lying, vile, obstreperous, satanic race of merchants, is 6 (or 666) million times, too much.

            Calling them ‘Die Juden’ was a means (as Denise of yore used it) to distance, de-legitimize and in oh-so-many other ways, remove them from VALID DISCOURSE.

            Michael Hoffman calls them ‘Talmudics.’ That, too, is a valid term, albeit a bit esoteric. And therein lies their ability to morph, change (like a CANCER) and pretend to ‘be something they are not.’ Which is what St. John states twice in the Book of Revelation [ Rev. 2:9 & 3:9] So White Folks have a precedent for loathing and hating the Jews, with a valid hatred. [ Ps. 139:21-22]

            Moreover, this is not just confined to theological arcana, but is of FUNDAMENTAL IMPORTANCE to rescuing Western Civ, before ‘Die Juden’ can destroy it!
            As Mr. Finck has noted:

            “Hopefully, we have already sufficiently explained that the humanists of the 15th and 16th centuries, who were essentially pagans, were not only opposing the Church from the outside, but also from the inside. Rather than seek to reform the Church in favor of true Biblical Christianity, they sought to destroy it in favor of anti-Christian and pagan immorality. Notable humanists within the Catholic Church, such as Erasmus and Mutian, had large followings throughout both clerical and secular Germany, and they were also actively supporting Reuchlin’s position, which favored the Jews. Traditional Christians, not only Augustinian monks such as Luther but also Dominican monks such as Jacob Hoogstraten and Conrad Collin, were opposed to the Jews and wanted to destroy their books. If they had prevailed, what could Europe have been like today? Yet the humanists and pagans prevailed, and 30 years later, in his essay On the Jews and Their Lies, Martin Luther was still urging the destruction of the Jewish books, while he also explained that the Jews were bragging that they had come into the control of Germany. The Jews could only have controlled Germany, because they were also greatly influencing the humanists, but the proof of that lies only in the obvious result. Three hundred and thirty years later Wilhelm Marr was writing to complain that the Jews had conquered Germany, in the 1870’s! This is the legacy of humanism and paganism. This is also the inheritance of the secular, or humanist, or pagan so-called “White Nationalists” of today, who are no less whores for the Jews than their predecessors were four and even five hundred years ago.” –

            If only HW would do THIS kind of ‘historical analysis’ instead of reading, quoting, and recommending Jewish authors, books, and publishing houses, we might have gotten somewhere, in the last decade…. but no…..

            Truly, ‘Die Juden’ deserve neither money, time, legitimacy, life, health, or validity in the 21st Century. The only thing they deserve is exactly what Hitler tried to do, and failed because of ‘democratic’ governments. Misericordie, Domine.

          • “One fringe benefit of the post-WWII world is that a good percentage of Europeans are fluent in English.”

            Yep, my ancestors had to give up and learn English in the 1870’s when they came here to farm the Dakotas, so what’s wrong with the world having one big language? All the crap the post war order claims about racism and world peace wouldn’t everyone speaking the same language go a long way towards global peace? Nothing is perfect but it would definitely help stop the more stupid shit that leads to war.

          • @November…

            It’s no big deal, Sir.

            German does have a fairly complicated case system, though, not nearly so much as Slavick Languages, those languages featuring cases 6 or 7 cases, and, the nightmare of all nightmares – nouns which not only require different endings to reflect that, but, even change their stems!

            Be well!

      • @Hunter Wallace Idiot,

        Is that you Nicholas Gay Fuentes, or perhaps Patrick Casey.

        Have fun at your MIGA march in Washington, D.C. What happened to the Covington Catholic high schoolers will look like a walk in the park next to what fagtifa and burn, loot, and murder have in store for y’all Trumptards.

        Law and order. Hahahaha

    • @Captain John…

      Absolutely – both Hawley and Carlson, put my money on Carlson, are the odds on favourites for 2024 – assuming we are still in one country.

      • Ivan – you know, we don’t have to be… one country, that is. But we also don’t have to GIVE the entire “Left Coast’ to the Idiots, bastards, and antichrists. War IS an option.

        “Written in 1925, On Resistance to Evil by Force is one of the most important tracts composed by white émigré philosopher Ivan Alexandrovich Ilyin” – from the Amazon blurb about the book, which I’ve just ordered.

        The BS argument the Evan-jelly-goo Impastors make about Romans 13, is just that. BS.

      • If they don’t tackle election fraud and censorship now the 2024 GOP nomination for president will be utterly worthless.

  1. “BTW, the Never Trumpers failed. Trump won more conservatives and Republicans than he did in 2016.”

    Well—doesn’t that mean the Never Trumpers succeeded? By corralling Trump, they increased his appeal to normies and cost him his appeal to, I don’t know, whomever he lost this time around.

    I’m not being rhetorical there. Since I don’t really follow electoral politics, I’m pretty-much confused at this point in your post-election analysis, Mr. W.

  2. Trump conned no one. Also, the continued false belief that white males rejected a re-election of Trump is false on its face. Nearly 3 million white males who voted GOP have died since 2016.

    Lastly, those with the “I’ll show Trump by not voting for him in 2020” effectively voted for Biden, a man determined to harm white males with massive Dirt World colored-race immigration and higher taxes to pay for them.

    So if white males did as has been suggested twice now by the resident blogger here, then white males are stupid and deserve the punishment they will receive ahead.

    The USA will be socialist for 70 years before your wishful “Muh neo Hitler” comes forth. Said another way, you will be dead before you get your wish.

    Alt Righters are merely a mass of low IQ whites, typically degenerate ethnic whites.

    • Why do you have a slope wife? Is it because no white woman wanted anything to do with you or your repellent personality?

    • Hey, my first cousin-wife and me, along with our albino cyclops kids, resent what you wrote! If I didn’t have to jack up my trailer and stretch a new tarp over the roof right now, I’d be slowly typing out many insults to you over the next few hours!

      • Why not found a new religion, call it Seventh Day Branch Bidenians, be the Jewish converso and trick all the black couples to be your spiritual wives and then shag their offspring. That should breed the Tay Sachs out of your line and introduce the Sickle Cell anemia into it.

        (yes that’s what Koresh actually did in Waco)

          • Captain John Charity Spring is a character from one of the Flashman books by George MacDonald Fraser. If you’ve never read them, I highly recommend! Super politically incorrect, but with great & cynical historical detail.
            Possibly my favorite is “Flashman and the Angel of the Lord” where he gets mixed up in John Brown’s raid or Harper’s Ferry.

        • Hey, if I’m going to be a false messiah with my own cult, I’m doing the hot White chicks! I prefer chesty blondes and redheads, for future reference. Note to self: Start planning for a harem — I mean, a “female-exclusive dormitory” — in my temple’s compound.

          • @Boomer XXX,

            Haha. When I first read your post, I thought Spahnranch 1969 had written it. Personally, I don’t play favorites with hair color, buy I will not abide a beaver minus its pelt.

    • “Dirt World colored-race immigration and higher taxes to pay for them.”

      I’ve been reading Occidental Dissent and related websites for over a decade now.

      I’ve been around long enough to remember “Guy White.”

      “Guy White” hated Black people, always using all sorts of slurs and talked about nothing but how bad blacks were. According to Guy White, the problem was Anti-Semitism. Jews were “White” – the whitest, in fact, and if we’d only get rid of all the anti-semites we could focus on the damn nigs, muds – Muzzies were the worst, because Islamo-Fascism and the Muslims had done 9/11, bad optics to NOT be Islamphobic.

      “Guy White” just assumed everyone would agree with him because he said “the n-word” over and over again, and REALLY hated Muslims.

      So here’s the new gimmick – watch for it. You’ll see it in the coming months.

      “Edgy” epithets about black people especially but browns in general.

      Paired with some GOP bullshit – “muh taxes” – “muh socialisms.”

      Because they just can’t help themselves, and they are fully convinced that anyone who reads these sites must just do it because they are “white trash” that “hates niggers.”

      Lee Atwater was far more sophisticated than these people are, which is why they lie about what he said so often.

      These people are gay interns from DC and college age Jews sitting in a Hasbara call center in Tel Aviv.

      • Biden will have the US at war with Iran, or thereabouts within six months of assuming the Imperial Throne. Ron Klain the Vizier wouldn’t have it any other way.

        • Agreed. But I’m not sure that Trump hasn’t been planning an Iran strike as well. Israel-Arab treaties may be laying the groundwork for it.

          • The funniest one is when Flashman witnesses the Taipeng Rebellion, Flashman and the Dragon. The scenario is so unreal it suddentl

        • I don’t see anybody starting a war with Iran, let alone Biden, even Bush Jr. was smart enough not to open that can of worms. The democrats are focused domestically, cementing their demographic edge, I’d expect and immigration surge and amnesty to be the first priority unlike Trump who needed to do something about the voter roles back in 2017 as it was obvious in 4 years that thin edge in PA, MI, and WI would evaporate with silent and boomer deaths to be replaced by generation bastard drug addled white punks and immigrants in the voter roles.

    • @pjissocal…

      I never thought about the millions of White Male deaths over the last several years affecting the election, if in fact, the true tally of the election is as Mr. Griffin asserts – less White males for Trump.

      How right you are.

    • “Lastly, those with the “I’ll show Trump by not voting for him in 2020” effectively voted for Biden, a man determined to harm white males with massive Dirt World colored-race immigration and higher taxes to pay for them.”

      I was going to say, your comment is falling on deaf ears, [ none so deaf as those that will not hear] but then…. seeing how far I am down the reply list, I guess that was self-evident.

      But yes- everyone on this site that DIDN’T vote, VOTED FOR BIDEN. And it IS your damn fault!

  3. Trumpism will die if Trump fails in his legal bid. It will be business as usual with Republicans trying to outdo the Democrats in addition to taking up the mantle of constant international interventionism again. I hate to say it but George Soros was right when he said Trump will prove to be a transitory phenomena. I see that video has been removed from You Tube. No re-election of Trump in 2024. The Democrats will turn Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and Texas blue with immigration reform.

  4. The unholy trinity of “Trumpism” were (((sheldon adelson, jared kushner, and bibi netanyahu))). Hey Christians, how can that not be considered “satanic?”

    • Umm, past-due-date November. OF COURSE it is evil. But have you looked at the DEMS?
      No, I suppose not. Shabbas goyim are notoriously ignorant of their own sheep status.

      Baaaaa, November?

      • @Father John +,

        According to your philosophy, because the scumocrats might be controlled by somewhat worse Jews, we should vote for the political party of the less evil jews, while still voting for a jewish controlled political apparatus that is virulently anti-white but pretends not to be. Sorry padre, but the traitor is worse than an outright enemy, and the GOP are the gatekeepers of Whites forming a political party that addresses their interests explicitly.

        By the way, with all this talmudic degeneracy, where are all the Christian equivalent of Islamic jihadis? Say what you will (and we know you will), but muslims would never allow jews to dictate cultural norms in their countries without a fierce resistance equivalent to the Japanese kamikazes.

        So father, perhaps the “lambs of God ” are the real sheeple after all.

  5. FYI,

    On July 14th of 2014 @voxdotcom tweeted a graph that showed that 68% of Americans thought that elections are rigged, to which Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign manager replied, “That’s because they are.”

    Unfortunately, we can’t post photos on OD, but if you search for it online, I am pretty sure you can find it.

  6. The second reason is that Trump himself who was the star of his coalition is leaving and no one else in the GOP is capable of making it work. Trump retained massive loyalty among people who aren’t ideologues and traditional Republicans and who were not as up to speed about politics.

    I do not think he is leaving the stage just yet. Trump appointed Wilbur Ross (a Rothschild apparatchik) to be the Commerce Secretary. Years earlier Ross had led an effort to bail Trump out after some of his businesses began to go bankrupt. An additional 276 million in debt was forgiven by bankers a few years later. Why? In my opinion it’s because Trump is a man who they wish to use to push their agenda.

    Here’s my reasoning: I often ask ‘who benefits?’ when looking at issues like this one and, right now, Trumpism is making the Republican Party gayer and Browner all while draining the Alt-Right of needed time and energy. This obviously does not benefit White Americans or Europeans. It mainly benefits the Liberal International Order aka Post War Order.

    So I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump just keeps on playing the heel and focuses his base’s energy on a 2024 run. It will take a month or two to get them on board. His frivolous lawsuits will be dismissed and he’ll claim the media and courts are biased against him. His base will eat it up. He’ll tell them he’s going to come back in 2024 but prepared for voter fraud. They’ll be eagerly ginning up for it. Over the next 4 years the USA will become browner and the neoliberals who run the show will finish their demographic transformation of the country. They’ll flip Georgia and a couple other states or they will keep making the Republican Party sillier, gayer, and browner until it is less threatening to them. The #1 goal is to control White America and I’m guessing The Donald will keep on performing his minstrel show to service that end.

    Some of his Alt-Right supporters will ignore the warnings and cheer him on. The Zerohedge x Daily Stormer x Christian YouTuber alliance will keep pushing him as the hero of XYZ target audience. Only after 2024 will people realize it’s too late and that it has become demographically impossible to create a nationwide ‘Take Back America’ implicitly pro-White populist movement and win power via elections.

    Long story short: I genuinely believe Trump is a shabbos goy who the banking elites used to coopt the pro-White movement’s rising energy and convert the Republican Party into a dumber, weirder version of itself.

    As an aside, the international elite’s are cocky and egotistic parasites who do not seem to understand that a brown doped up America will eventually become so weak that it will not be able to impose its will upon Europe and Asia. Eventually White Americans may even be able to secede successfully.

    I certainly wish you guys all the best.

    • “The #1 goal is to control White America and I’m guessing The Donald will keep on performing his minstrel show to service that end.”

      This is all so much hot air. If Trump is finished this time, THEN SO IS THE COUNTRY.
      Biden and the Hindoo Hoe have already PLEDGED ITS DESTRUCTION.

      Your blathering didn’t even acknowledge that fact. Go back to your yeshiva, or the DNC HQ.

  7. Trumpism is not a coherent political movement, because if it was it would not have swung so wildly from it’s 2016 platform to where it is today. Apparently Trump just listened to talk back radio to to identify white grievances 5 years ago and then told the base what they wanted to hear without an ounce of sincerity. The significant following that Trump maintains is nothing but a cult of personality in the age of celebrity worship. He could say absolutely anything at his stupid rallies and the morons would cheer him on, he is just Kim Kardashian for boomers.

    Trumpism will either be completely replaced by regular conservatism or fester in the background for a few years before becoming irrelevant.

  8. When it’s all said and done, Trump’s con game will be seen for what it is. MAGA means MIGA. Nationalism means black/jew nationalism . Law and order means riots and white supremacy.

  9. Face it, Trump’s personality is toxic. We put up with it because we liked what we said, but could you imagine the vitriol against a liberal politician who behaved that way? Trump acted like Hugo Chavez with his stupid “smell the sulfur” antics at the UN. Obama never acted like this, most people who disagreed with him politically still though they could sit down with the guy at a dinner and talk about sports or the weather or something. Nobody hates Biden personally the way they do Trump, only Hillary ranked up that same dislike as Trump and probably explains why white men had trouble pulling the lever for her.

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