2020 Autopsy: North Dakota Edition

The 2020 election was rigged against Trump in North Dakota.

2016 Election

Donald Trump – 216,794 (62.96%)

Hillary Clinton – 93,758 (27.23%)

Gary Johnson – 21,434 (6.22%)

In the 2016 election, Trump beat Hillary Clinton by a 35.73% margin.

2020 Election

Donald Trump – 235,489 – (65.5%)

Joe Biden – 114,864 (31.9%)

Jo Jorgensen – 9,386 (2.6%)

In the 2020 election, however, Trump beat Joe Biden by a 33.6% margin. In other words, there was 2.17% blue swing in North Dakota toward the Democrats.

The Democrats stole the election in North Dakota like they stole it in over 40 states in 2020 where Donald Trump performed relatively worse with the Jared Kushner strategy than in 2016.



In 2016, Trump defeated Hillary in Bismarck in Burleigh County, ND, 67.8% to 22.7%, but in 2020 he only defeated Biden 68.5% to 28.3%. The margin of victory shrank from 45.1% to 40.2%.

In 2016, Trump defeated Hillary in Fargo in Cass County, ND, 49.3% to 38.8%, but in 2020 he defeated Biden 49.5% to 46.8%. The margin of victory shrank from 10.5% all the way to 2.7%.

It’s not f***ing fair!

The election was rigged and the ballot boxes were stuffed everywhere! Niggers stole the election from us in North Dakota! Dead people voted in cities, suburbs and rural areas all over the United States!


  1. Nick the Cat will be completely irrelevant when the Donald Trump-era is over so i can understand his frustration.

  2. “Working within the system” is gay. Discontent with electoral fraud can be leveraged into overthrowing ZOG.

    PS. Southern nationalism is gay too. Only the north is still demographically viable for a White ethnostate.

    • White Southerners vote and stick together(exclude the huge Northern transplant population)whereas the Whites in the North(if you can call that ethnic stew White)seem quite happy to be colorblind”Americans”.By gay do you mean happy or homosexual?Or maybe you’re just remembering your Jew TV catch phrases that come in handy when you can’t form your own opinions.Or maybe you’re just a hasbara troll.

      • By “gay” I mean “retarded.” But your interpretation works just fine too. You happy homos have no problem continually voting faggot Lindsey Graham into office.

        • Oh, don’t go there, schmuck. Ass-a-chew-setts has that ‘honor’ with FAGGOT BARNEY FRANK.

          So, we’re ALL guilty of not rising up and stoning every last sodomite, as we SHOULD DO.

      • Their presence at this juncture renders rational political campaigning moot. I don’t think they stuff the ballots, I don’t think they need to. One ethnic group voting 90-95% for a party is going to foul up everything.

        • You do realize that niggers can be removed from a given territory if, um, given the proper incentives, don’t you? But what incentives would those be? Use your imagination.

          • I’m all ears but no picture comes to mind here. Paint a picture please! Give me an image here.

  3. I didn’t read this post, I just wanted to ask if the Modernism posts are going to be postponed indefinitely, or will they resume somewhat shortly?

    Thanks in advance.

      • You were on point with those articles. Prior to your vacation the posts on generations repeating themselves were also fascinating.

        Oddly enough I just recommend those articles on another site just a few minutes ago.

        • Hence, the whole series on Modernism.

          The Losters were the first generation of the present historical cycle. They were the ones who adopted the new values (i.e., Modernism) which trickled down over the course of a century.

          “The First Turning is a High, an upbeat era of strengthening institutions and weakening individualism, when a new civic order implants and the old values regime decays.
          The Second Turning is an Awakening, a passionate era of spiritual upheaval, when the civic order comes under attack from a new values regime.
          The Third Turning is an Unraveling, a downcast era of strengthening individualism and weakening institutions, when the old civic order decays and the new values regime implants.
          The Fourth Turning is a Crisis, a decisive era of secular upheaval, when the values regime propels the replacement of the old civic order with a new one.”

          “The Lost Generation (Nomad, born 1883-1900) grew up amid urban blight, unregulated drug use, child sweat shops, and massive immigration. Their independent, streetwise attitude lent them a bad-kid reputation. After coming of age as flaming youth, doughboys, and flappers, they were alienated by a war whose homecoming turned sour. Their young-adult novelists, barnstormers, gangsters, sports stars, and film celebrities gave the roar to the 1920s. The Great Depression hit them in midlife, at the peak of their careers. The buck stopped with their pugnacious battlefield and home-front managers of a hot war and their frugal and straight-talking leaders of a new cold one. As elders, they paid high tax rates to support their world-conquering juniors, while asking little for themselves. {American: Harry Truman, Irving Berlin, George Patton, Mae West, F Scott Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong: Foreign: Adolf Hitler)

          The 13th Generation (Nomad, born 1961-1981) survived a hurried childhood of divorce, latchkeys, open classrooms, devil-child movies, and a shift from G to R ratings. They came of age curtailing the earlier rise in youth crime and fall in test scores—yet heard themselves denounced as so wild and stupid as to put The Nation at Risk. As young adults, maneuvering through a sexual battlescape of AIDS and blighted courtship rituals, they date and marry cautiously. In jobs, they embrace risk and prefer free agency over loyal corporatism. From grunge to hip-hop, their splintery culture reveals a hardened edge. Politically, they lean toward pragmatism and nonaffiliation and would rather volunteer than vote. Widely criticized as Xers or slackers, they inhabit a Reality Bites economy of declining young-adult living standards. (American: Tom Cruise, Jodie Foster, Michael Dell, Deion Sanders, Winona Ryder, Quentin Tarantino; Foreign: Princess Di, Alanis Morissette)”

          World War I and Prohibition (Third Turning, 1908-1929) was an era of rapid technological change, egocentric celebrities, widening class divisions, crumbling trusts and unions, and expert—but weak—political leadership. Following World War I, the public immersed itself in moral crusades (League of Nations, Prohibition, women’s suffrage). By the 1920s, a fun-filled financial boom was framed by pessimistic debates over drugs, sex, money, cynicism, violence, immigration, and the family.

          The Culture Wars (Third Turning, 1984-2005?), which opened with triumphant Morning in America individualism, has thus far drifted toward pessimism. Personal confidence remains high, and few national problems demand immediate action. But the public reflects darkly on growing violence and incivility, widening inequality, pervasive distrust of institutions and leaders, and a debased popular culture. People fear that the national consensus is splitting into competing values camps.”

        • But how to break the cycle of repeated generational retardation? How do we grab history by the balls and make it do what we want? Harold Covington had the answer. Create an ethnostate for Whites in the north of the continent founded upon National Socialist principles. Once that is done, all else will be possible.

          • Frankly, by being somewhat coy about it. For instance, Covington was opposed to using overt Nazi symbolism to promote the idea.

            I envision the ethnostate reaching from the Pacific coast of the Northwest all the way to Pennsylvania’s western border. People of German descent will make up the ethnic core of the state’s population, as they do presently in the regions concerned. We play up German identity and leave National Socialism lurking softly in the background.

            A more general push for secession fueled by the current discontent with electoral fraud is where we start right now.

          • Have you LOOKED at the two most west/NW states? Blue as balls in a freezer….
            Covington was a failed demagogue, who was the LAUGHINGSTOCK of many WN’s, even back in the 1990’s when I first began to get unsolicited emails from him! Thank God that fat phony is dead. His fiction is just that- FICTION.

            You DO know who’s now moving to White-a-ho, don’t JEW? And Montana? Yeah, (((those people) AND the Californication refugees, who bring their Worldview and ‘progressiveness’ with them- Starblecch’s, Priuses, Birkenstocks, Bongs, and BS

            Captain John’s post about a military strategy is more realistic, even as it’s messy. Lepanto, Roncevalles, Barbary Pirates… CWII -that sort of thing.

          • @Prestwick

            “What was Covington’s plan for that?”

            Covington’s plan was to dress in Nazi uniforms that barely fit his huge fat ass and do “Hitler salutes” to his own personal Hitler, “Frank Collin” – whose real name was “Frances Cohen” and yes, he was a Jew – for the Jewish media.

            Covington was literally a “crisis actor.”

            But then when the Jewish media wouldn’t give any more publicity to his clown show, Covington was reduced to lecturing white boys who wouldn’t move to the woods with his one-man cult group, because they – Covington’s words – “wanted pussy.”

            True story: Covington, a literal insane nutjob – actually featured our very own Hunter Wallace as a future President of the North West Republic, but Wallace was secretly on the payroll of Jews and was a traitor.

            Covington also spammed the internet for a decade calling literally every person who got any more attention than he did a “secret homosexual.” He even claimed that David Duke was a “bisexual” and that all the white nationalists conference attendees forced David Duke to sign a legal disclaimer promising not to have sex with their wives.

            Yes, Harold Covington was a literal mentally insane sexual degenerate who constantly, 24/7, make up constant bullshit and fantasy and smeared all of his presumed “rivals” via anonymous letters and posts.

            In other words, the PERFECT LEADER for the fake and gay “neo-nazi movement.” You know Harold Covington was Matt Heimbach’s greatest inspiration.

            Oh and in the meantime Harold Covington testified in court for the FBI – he was an informant – and put some guy in jail.

            I’ve read his books – they were absolutely awful, complete shit, and the way he wrote female character you must assume that Harold Covington had never actually met a woman, you know, the kind of woman with a vagina, not a “trans-woman.” No wonder he was jealous of the young white guys who had girlfriends and wouldn’t join Covington’s little cult in the woods.

            So let’s see: a fat-assed insane and sexually warped mentally ill nutjob federal informant who worked for a Jew and spent his entire “activist career” making up lies, smearing white people, and otherwise acting the fool for the Jew media – and we he couldn’t convincingly do that anymore, he tried to lure young boys into the woods.

            Man you guys can really pick ’em! I mean at least Trump played a billionaire on TV.

  4. Hunter, swings in North Dakota and other red states are explicable due to the migration of Californians. Yes, many white men sat out the election, but don’t forget to factor in the CA locust swarms.

    Also, what is your vision going forward? Are you simply going to chronicle the decline while chilling and grilling, or do you actually have a viable plan for our people? If so, let’s hear it!

    • My old stomping ground shows a demographic trend too. The Biden vote reached 9,300,000 and Trump was stuck at 4,800,000. The whites there are surrounded and literally dying on their feet. Reagan and Bush were getting 5,500,000 so we are looking at terminal absolute decline of whites there. It’s starting to look like Boers v Zulus + Taipeng based on that vote. 2:1 ratio that probably breaks down racially. Fleeing whites who resettle unfortunately replicate liberal voting patterns elsewhere. Thus Arizona and Colorado.

    • “Also, what is your vision going forward? Are you simply going to chronicle the decline while chilling and grilling, or do you actually have a viable plan for our people? ”

      James…. You think that Brad Griffin is a [email protected]? hahahahahahaa!!!!!
      All he is, is a wannabe academic, pretending to be “revelant,” while writing massive tomes of regurgitated data. He doesn’t even have a Master’s degree!

      If you want a leader, become one yourself: start reading David Irving’s books, then Rousas Rushdoony’s- throw in a little Gary deMar, and Brian Godawa, along with Enoch Powell, Cambria, and the usual – Herrnstein and Murray, MacDonald, etc. You’d at least get your money’s worth.

      • Hunter IS a leader in his own way. Whatever my disagreements with him, I think this is a valuable website with a lot of diversity of opinion and comment. I don’t expect him to be some kind of “Braveheart”, lopping off Antifa heads with a claymore. I appreciate his contribution to The Cause, as I also appreciate Nick Fuentes, Ramzpaul and Twitteroids like Battle Beagle and US Rebel, animation like Murdoch Murdoch or cartoonists like Mr Pumpkinface and Stonetoss. It’s a broad front with diverse companies of Dwarves, Elves, Men and other Free Folk. I don’t agree with any of them 100%. What’s important is that they’re attacking the Enemy.

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