2020 Autopsy: CBS Exit Polls

As we continue to sift through the rubble of the 2020 election to figure out what went wrong, the story isn’t changing much across multiple exit polls.

CBS News:

“Some of this gain comes from Biden’s inroads into Trump’s margins with White men. Mr. Trump won White men by 31 points in 2016, but that margin was cut to 18 points this year. Nationally, White men with college degrees have swung from a 14-point margin for Mr. Trump in 2016 to about even now. The president had a two-point edge this year. This group has a more favorable view of Biden than they do of Mr. Trump. 

White men without college degrees were a big part of the Trump coalition, and they continued to back him by wide margins. But in Michigan and Wisconsin, states that Biden flipped from red to blue, Biden’s vote share with this group was roughly 10 points higher than Clinton’s. …”

White men.

Independent voters.

Moderate and populist voters.

College educated voters in the suburbs.

White male seniors over the age of 65 in swing states.

COVID-19 was far and away the biggest issue in the election.

Those who wanted to die on the hill of COVID-19 being an elaborate conspiracy and hoax died on that hill by alienating elderly White men in swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Arizona.

Come on, man.

Those people are all White Catholic Democrats who are a throwback to another age … like this dinosaur who is running for the U.S. Senate.


  1. The only unifying and foundational concept left in The United States of America, as of 2020, is that of unbridled greed.

    Thus, the reason why these two candidates vied so closely in this election, irrespective of who comes out on top, is that each, in his own way, embodies that quality better than did any other candidates.

    • Trump will be declared the winner very soon. God intervened and caused it to go to court where treason will be revealed. Get the popcorn out. Won’t be too many boring news days over next 3 weeks or so.

      Trumps next 4 years merely gives us ONE LAST CHANCE to create and found an all white enlarged Confederacy II. Any white against it is a traitor and mentally ill. Oh … or a troll. Sorry.

      Think like founders … or waste the next 4 years then when the next Biden gets in (((they))) will rush to destroy us. Voting then bitching never worked. We now HAVE TO switch to activism, planning and founding CSA II, not only as a matter of wanting the perfect society, but even just to survive what’s coming 2025 >

      • @Gray Ghost…

        I tend to agree with you : Trump will likely be declared the winner by the courts.

        There are simply too many improprieties to stand up to even a light light being held up to them.

        To those who would say we lack specific physical evidence to assert such, I would say this : we have the known behavior of The Democrat Party in big cities, the inconsistencies (such as Milwaukee turning out 202% of their vote) plus the trove of tamperings being gather by Biondi, Giuliani and Grenell.

        It may be that Arizona and North Carolina’s elections were on the level, but, I seriously doubt that those of Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Nevada’s were.

        Just the notion that both Iowa and Ohio would give 8 point victories to Trump, but, that Biden would somehow win Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin is something anomalous in history.

        When they were conspiring to steal this election, I do not think the conspirators thought this all the way through, for their handiwork is glaringly evident – particularly how hundreds of thousands of votes would show up in the wee hours of the election night, and 100% would be for Biden.

        It’s Alice in Wonderland and Willy Wonka for sure.

          • It’ll be Kushner telling him to concede. Quite hilarious scene I’d imagine.

            Shalom Don… Can I interest you in sone real estate in Tel Aviv?

          • @Mainz…

            Yes, I’ve read those reports about Kushner pushing his daddy-in-law to concede.

            For better or worse, there is nothing in the personal history of Donald Trump that leads me to believe he will concede, or give up in any way.

          • I will be shocked if the judges declare the election results from contested states null and void. They have the legal power to do that, there was widespread vote fraud and there is evidence to back up that claim but one crucial thing is missing, courage. One could draw up a list 100 yards long of wrong court decisions: wrong on the facts, wrong on the law yet the decisions stand when every competent lawyer knows the decisions were legally wrongly decided.

            Two examples illustrate this point. Roe vs. Wade was improperly decided, the Supreme Court didn’t have the power to decide the case against the State of Texas thus legalizing abortion in Jan. 1973. No less than RBG made that point and she was pro abortion. The proper ruling would have been to decline the case or decide for the State of Texas; abortion is properly decided at the state level, not by an unelected, unaccountable, nine man legislature.

            Another example is the notorious Obergefell decision which legalized homo “marriage” nationwide by a narrow 5 to 4 vote, something beyond the scope of the Supreme Court, again. There was widespread opposition from attorneys general of several states but they were just steamrolled once again by an unelected, unaccountable, nine man legislature. Will the Supreme Court allow polyandry/polygamy in the future? Why not; if homo “marriage” is legal there is no logical reason polyandry/polygamy should remain illegal.

            Trump is in a bad spot, he is ultimately relying upon lawyers to pull his chestnuts out of the fire. Lawyers aren’t exactly renowned for their moral courage and clarity, doing the right thing is against their instincts as lawyers. That said the Supremes, with Trump’s three picks may do the right thing for a change and decide in his favor but if I were to bet at Ladbrokes in London on the outcome I wouldn’t bet on the Supreme Court to do the right thing, it’s not in their nature.

    • “The only unifying and foundational concept left in The United States of America, as of 2020, is that of unbridled greed.”

      It’s worse than that. It is unmitigated, completely PSYCHOTIC EVIL on display. As Ann B has noted, this entire Covid Charade, Fauci, Biden, the Dems, all are luxuriating in a form of DIABOLICAL NARCISSISM. They are demon-possessed, and HAPPY to be shown to be so!

      “What is going on now simultaneously with CoronaCold, the Masonic Burqa of Submission, and the lockdowns AND the obvious, open vote fraud in the 2020 election is exactly this – they want you to see, know, and GIVE UP. It is your giving up that is their ultimate psycho-fetish.”


      Why this is so foreign to the REST OF US, is that we don’t THINK/OPERATE/CONTEMPLATE that such obvious MENTAL ILLNESS is possible.

      “The hideous truth is that Diabolical Narcissists / sociopaths / psychopaths have no interest in repentance, reform or apologies. DNs define themselves by, and their entire warped psycho-spiritual existence revolves around, the notion that they are superior, a separate caste, distinct from and above other human beings. They are “the elite”. They are “oligarchs”. They are a “nouveau-aristocracy”. One of the main ways that this psycho-spiritual psychosis expresses itself is in terms of the law, and the Rule of Law. Hence the wildly disproportionate numbers of these demoniacs in government. (Remember The Barnhardt Axiom: seeking and/or holding public office, especially national-level office, is, in and of itself, proof that a given person is psychologically and morally unfit to hold public office.)”

      For the record. I’m not giving up. NOT MY PRESIDENT-ELECT.

  2. While I agree that Trump has unwisely alienated his white voter base, I wonder how many of these elderly white men were “voting” posthumously.

      • More specifically, a part-white mixed European and crypto Portuguese and Spanish Sephardic supremacy that displaces and slowly genocides (at least culturally) the pure indigenous. True of Latin America in general.

          • Instead have an American-style Alisa Rosenbaum (Ayn Rand) education that teaches the capitalist “virtue of selfishness,” and privatization of public education.

          • Ivan and Father John,

            A quick overview of the Mexican system is shown. Learning a second language is compulsory and is spoken for half the day in primary or elementary school. Notice the girl in the picture? She has the traditional hair style. The article is in English. Public schools of course are government controlled. Usually, uniforms are required. There is much more but this is a reasonable overview.

            The only way to learn a different language in school is how Mexico does it. Hours a day immersed in the second language. At school I go to now in the USA I know Anglos who have studied Spanish for years yet when the Mexicans at school speak normally none of them can really follow us. That is because learning a language from textbook one hour a day does not work.

            I have to go to school now so I will catch you later.


          • @Cristina…

            Yes, I have long advocated for children to be required to be educated in a second language – forced to study in that language (the language they choose) for half the school day – from 1st grade to 12th.

            The current method of linguistic instruction in the U.S.A. is, as you assert, wholly deficient.

            I did not know about The Mexican System emphasizing a second language. To me that is surprising as all the Mexicans I meet, and have met, cannot converse with me in my language, but, once they realize I speak their language, talk my ears off.

            Maybe the system of which you speak is new and only in the big cities.

            Have a nice day at school, Young Lady!

    • November,

      That surprisingly is true. I have always thought that Mexico despite the flaws would still be here long after the USA has imploded.

      • @Christina,

        Mexico doesn’t deserve to implode, as it didn’t fight two brother wars for international jewry during the twentieth century.

      • @Cristina & November…

        Mexico is, despite the violence ravaging it, on much more solid ground than the U.S. and that comes from the fact it is much much less diverse than our country.

        People may like each other, but, peoples do not, and, that so, we just have too many competing interests in this country for it to go.

        It is coming apart, because a minority-majority nation is not doable.

        It never has been.

        Someone has to be in charge.

        • Ivan Turgenev,

          Perhaps the Mexicans you met learned a different second language and not English. I know Americans always assume everyone does/should speak English. Perhaps they were Indians better learning their dialect with grammar etc. Or they were pretending not to understand English.

          Or maybe you are right in that the compulsory learning of a second language is spreading in schools but not yet universal and it is relatively recent. I suspect your take on the matter is correct however.

  3. After John and Jane Q Public have SEEN apes and wiggers rioting through the cities and coming into THEIR neighborhoods … more folks than ever will be quite receptive to THE CONFEDERATE PARTY. Get the conversation going. It’s our ( white – southern ) civic duty.

    • Mr. Gray- You’re not alone in this.

      “When this tyranny gets pushed, we will immediately begin demanding secession. That meme is going to spread like wildfire.

      But none of that needs to be thought about right now. I mention it simply so that you understand: every potential upcoming path is good for us. We cannot lose.

      Understand: if Trump is forced out of office, the stakes change from Trump staying in office being on the table to fulfilling our entire agenda being on the table.

      Understand that: I am 100% ride or die for Trump, but in the sense of the long game, we at least have to ask if losing the White House doesn’t work in our favor. Obviously, I don’t want that to happen, but I’m simply pointing it out to those of you despairing – by some analysis, it could be preferable to have the election fully stolen.

      Whatever happens, in the end we win. That is now written in stone (as if writing it in the Bible wasn’t enough).”- https://dailystormer.su/do-not-despair-brothers-the-only-path-before-us-is-total-victory/

      • @Fr. John…

        Thank you for this comment.

        If it matters, it was what I have been shown in my prayer life, as well : that God is unhappy with the successful machinations of the evil ones down here and that, though they know it not, He has set them up on quicksand.

  4. I may be wrong but the timing seems “off” for secession or some kind of revolution. The wrong kind of energy seems to be behind it. There’s no way the decrepit Biden won fairly, but does any right thinking person really give a f***? Alot of the “RESIST!” folks are beginning to glow really hard.

    Expect false flag attacks and some type of governmental gun grab at this point.

    • Biden will be the first US president to drone strike his domestic opponents. You can see, or hear it coming a mile off. Or not at all.

    • The people telling you to go out into the streets today are the same assholes who claimed bad optics back in 2017. If you protest now you’ll be gunned down. If Trump had backed up UTR then he’d be undisputed leader now.

      • Your scattershot theories don’t interest me, John. If Americans DON’T rise up and demand that ‘Ballot Lives Matter,’ wHITE Cowards like you won’t be alive, anyway i- n a post-‘Kabala Ha’aretz’ [sic] America, anyway.

        Judas was an apostle, too….. once upon a time.

  5. Gray Ghost, I truly hope you are correct. Trump won this election and should be declared the winner. I am expecting him to take Arizona very soon. I think Cat lick Joe is now down to about 19 thousand votes ahead of Trump, a massive drop. Next will be we take back Pennsylvania. That vile, fat Irish anti White mayor of Philly may have to ” put his big boy pants on” and deal with the fact black scum are robbing votes in Philly….again. After all, they helped our first gay black president get in with illegal votes.

    On a side note, to see how gone this country’s media is, I just happened to watch that chubby black mole, Roland Martin, that cnn ghetto slug.He has a jewtube channel and literally one of his segments is about beating up White people. Basically it’s about ” Karen’s” getting jumped by blacks because a White person pushes them or touches them. Another segment is about what I always say- how blacks took down Trump. Most blacks are clearly not Christians despite their ” I love you JESUS” act. CHRIST said, Why do you call me LORD and not do as I say?”

    Why is it where blacks go chaos follows? Devil worshippers? Witchcraft? I do not believe all blacks do this obviously but the black problem never goes away. The more defiant they become the worse it always gets. This is why so many people just shrug or chuckle when we hear or read of another violent day in black areas. It’s expected.

    Trump should be reelected after the smoke clears. No matter how mad some here are at Trump, it’s beyond an outrage to have the election blatantly stolen. Reversing the fake win by Biden would also be a major ” Fu” to racist blacks, our evil, heavily jewish controlled media, Hollywood and on and on. It also would quicken up riots and Democrat states looking to break away. That would be a wonderful thing. In the end, ridding this old, failed experiment called America needs very much to happen.

    • Sorry to break it to you Jeff, but Trump’s boss just put the kiss of death on him.


      “Congratulations @JoeBiden
      and @KamalaHarris
      . Joe, we’ve had a long & warm personal relationship for nearly 40 years, and I know you as a great friend of Israel. I look forward to working with both of you to further strengthen the special alliance between the U.S. and Israel.”

        • That, if anything, should really piss Trump off. Stabbed in the back!

          But that’s what Jews are so good at.

          Has Trump tweeted a reply to Netanyahu yet?

          • He should tweet: “Sorry Bibbi, I should have attacked Iran for you like you & Jared told me to. Please kick me in the ass again, I deserve it. Love and kisses, Don.”

        • “Most blacks are clearly not Christians” – Jeff

          You are not far from salvation, Jeff. They CANNOT be Christians- as a race. I can allow for INDIVIDUALS from that accursed race to be ‘doorkeepers’ but not Christ God’s brethren- or mine. THAT is the great HERESY of the 20th Century.

          “ZOG has called the election for Joe Biden”- HW

          And THERE lies ALL our problems, Brad. Neither will Jews, UNLESS THEY REPENT OF THEIR ‘Kikeishness’, ever be granted citizenship in Heaven. EVER.


          While Finck and all CI folk who call Jesus, “Yashua” merely exhibit/suffer from their own protestant ‘Romeaphobia,’ and NOT biblical intelligence (the LXX and the NT were penned in GREEK, and the word “Iesous” directly translates to JESUS in English) he’s got some good insights, here.

    • Trump had nearly infinite power handed to him by a sliver of white Nationalists in Pennsylvannia, Michigan, Wisconsin and simply failed to deploy the weight of the firepower he had in early summer. The BLM Dindu should have been incinerated in drone airstrikes in June. He flinched. I said he ought to roll in the tanks as soon as it started.

      Weakness can’t be walked back.

      • When Trump won, the Republicans had the Presidency, the Senate, the House, a majority on the Supreme Court, and controlled TWO-THIRDS of the state governments.

        What did the Republicans do with this historic power?

        Tax cuts for the rich, bail outs for Wall Street and Blackrock, no wall, no end to immigration, and a bunch of new high tech workers imported for Silicon Valley.

        Also Trump tried to start a war with Syria and Iran, because Israel wanted it.

        Why should anyone vote for the party of Lincoln exactly? Democrats are the real racists.

        • @Banned…

          You know perfectly well why folks vote Republican – because, as bad as they are, they still have the gist of the American Experiment.

          Democrats, on the other hand, do not, which, by the way, is why the overwhelming majority of Dixiecrats left the party of our forefathers and now form the backbone of the erstwhile New England Party – The GOP.

          It’s easy to list what is wrong with Trump and ignore what is right, Sir, but, the doing of such does not put a feather in the cap of the lister.

          • Banned has proven himself to be a class A-1 egotistical schmuck, Ivan.

            Let the dead bury the dead. The many commenters on this site, have collectively LOST insight (and intelligence, it would appear) over the last four years, rather than GAIN any…..

            So, they resort to feminine mindsets, H8ing on DJT, rather than seeing the big picture. We can’t get rid of Die Juden (yet) but Trump, UNLIKE Biden, offered us four more years to work toward emancipating White America from the Leviathan. Trump defeated HILLARY.

            For that, sainthood is at least a consideration. But how quickly these fools [Ps. 14:1], forget….

  6. Hunter Wallace is probably wondering why I am done with putting my hopes on Trump. Because I have made the decision that Trump is not worth dying on a hill for. I did research into the voter fraud allegations and most of it (but not all) can be debunked, so I have come to conclusion that although there was probably some fraud, it wasn’t enough to turn the election to Biden for an overall victory.

    It was the 5% of Whites and the Whites who stayed home. That was the reason Trump lost.

    Before I was just voting for Trump to ‘hold the line’ but now I loathe the man because he mega-pandered to minorities and globo-homo. It then occurred to me when he lost the White vote (less than 2016) that he never believed in MAGA in the first place, he never believed in the immigration issue. Spencer was right all along, Trump “stumbled” upon the immigration issue and used it to gain power.

    By the way, Hunter, you blocked me on twitter, I’m asking that you please unblock me. I’m done shilling for Trump.

    My twitter account: https://twitter.com/DaedricBlade

    And I was wrong for attacking Richard Spencer. I now realize he was just trying to be kill Trumpism. He’s not insane or a clown like I thought he was. I personally apologized to Spencer and he even liked one of my tweets recently.

  7. Thus, you see, it turns out that Hunter’s election predictions were 100% accurate.

    I made similar predictions, including as early as May that Kamala would be the next vice president regardless of the primary results, based on her solid right-wing record and all the Wall Street money and attention she was getting.

  8. Yeah, old people believe whatever they see on TV – and old White people are the worst at believing bullshit on TV – like 9/11.

    The “lockdowns” are more of an issue than the virus. The only thing you can do about a virus is to close the border and stop all immigration and start the deportations.

    Pretending that wearing a piece of cloth over your face stops a virus is pretty silly – that was meant for the left-half of the bell curve, so they could feel like they were “doing something.” I didn’t realize how simple-minded so many old people were, but they grew up with Tee-Vee so I guess there’s that.

    Politically the real issue is that White Men are now the swing vote – which is good.

    White people need to vote half Dem, half GOP, and threaten to swing their vote anytime one of the parties try to f- with us.

    • The problem is that whites do vote 50/50 or close to it. It means that Blacks and other POC now have the ability to Torpedo any flex by white populations. American whites vote like they live in a normal whote country that is choosing a refinement to economic systems each cycle, instead of the racial spoils system that it really is.

      • Thus, my comments on the evils of Democracy are proved correct. When evil can gain a lousy 51% vote for Satan, such a system MUST BE DESTROYED. At least an Ethnarch, ostracizing and putting ‘beyond the pale’ Jews, clearly worked for CENTURIES.


        We need an Autocratic Monarchy, and a Racial Exclusionary State… just like the Biblical Davidic Kingdom. As Grey Ghost has continually augured for….

        Because the Nig/Spic/Chink/Fag/Whore… is NOT THE WHITE MAN’S EQUAL. VERBUM DOMINI.

  9. I’ve been browsing Stormfront and they seem like they want to die on a hill for Trump. I miss Odin Awakens, he was probably the best poster on that site but he got banned along with me a long time ago.

    TheIDMonster who I know is anti-Trump is stating in one post a third position in one of the threads but is not calling out Trump. He seems to be careful with his words.

    Don Black seems to have made Stormfront a pro-Trump website and even well known anti-Trumpism posters like IDMonster and Phoenix are careful with their words and avoid attacking Trump.

    I have seen the rare anti-Trump posts on Stormfront from certain users like Streets (a few weeks ago). They seem to tolerate dissent against Trump as much as salt on their food.

    • “I’ve been browsing Stormfront and they seem like they want to die on a hill for Trump. I miss Odin Awakens, he was probably the best poster on that site but he got banned along with me a long time ago.”

      Yup. HW, your readership is fast becoming EVERYTHING you didn’t want, when you sought to distance yourself from the ‘optics’ of the FRINGE RIGHT, when you began to hate on Anglin, etc.

      So, now you get EVEN WORSE SCUM on-site!

      People who worship Adolph, who think grown men calling themselves ‘Odin’ is somehow germane to the XXIst Century, and who pretend the last 20 Centuries of Christendom, didn’t exist.

      IDIOTS. Or Fed Operatives…. take your pick. Anathema to the lot of ’em.

  10. Those who wanted to die on the hill of COVID-19 being an elaborate conspiracy and hoax died on that hill by alienating elderly White men in swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Arizona.

    Do you have statistical evidence for this? I was comparing the 2020 and 2016 CNN Exit Polls, and they didn’t have a breakdown of the vote by Race & Age in different states for 2016 like they did for 2020. I did see that White Seniors supported Trump by thin margins in all three of the swing states you mentioned, but did White seniors in those states vote for Trump by fewer percentage points than they did in 2016? That’s the real clue right there. If White Seniors in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Arizona supported Trump by the same numbers in 2016, then it can’t plausibly be argued there was a Covid-19 effect.

    • Polling before the election indicated that middle age white men were keen on Trump. The Boomers were much more evenly split. That’s data unrelated to push polling and post hoc face saving. Boomers did seem to take Covid more seriously and cautiously.

    • “Do you have statistical evidence for this?” – DP84

      No, they don’t. These are the ‘Trust the Science’ Fauci-tards. True Believers. WORSHIPERS OF THE COVID. Are they trusting SCIENCE? or ScienTISM?

      Science is a Religion

      “14 billion years ago there was nothing, and it exploded into all we see. After a bunch of stuff happened, (none of which we have math for yet) planets and galaxies coalesced in their infinite (but also expanding) vacuum – then our lucky planet formed in the perfect Goldilocks position while furiously spinning on a tilted axis at 1000 mph around a giant blazing ball of gas billions of years old itself, flying at 67,000 mph through our galaxy- that’s going 500,000,000 mph into nothingness, itself.

      Earth was just chilling and spinning there for a while before suddenly out of nowhere, (with math we don’t have yet) inert matter turned into single-celled organisms which for no apparent reason just divided, re-organized, and self–replicated, becoming complex multicellular life that then morphed slowly into fish and end. Fast forward – well, our nuclear furnace sun seems perfectly stable heating us just right from 93,000,000 miles away – big simple dinosaurs appear, then apes, who then turned into tiny smart people.

      All by accident, on a random spinning rock moving in multiple directions at once and at incredible speeds. And all this we believe as we sit here, perfectly still. That‘s science!”

      • @Fr. John…

        Oh, yes, indeed – science sure do be a religion, which is precisely what I tell those who say they they feel the Constitution gives them freedom from religion, that being the basis for having chased Oure Lord Jesus Chryst from the publick square!

        In fact, Secular Humanitarian Scientifick believers are the most intolerant fanatical group of people I have yet to meet in The West!

  11. I grew up at a time when CBS was the gold standard what what most Americans regarded intergity.

    Their Evening News was hosted by Walter Kronkite, and if he said it, folks believed it.

    When Kronkite told the nation that he, after going to Vietnam, thought that he felt the war was pointless and going nowhere, that changed the debate on that conflict in this land.

    Many decades have passed, however, and I do not watch CBS, nor do I regard anything they say, for, just as with BBC, NPR, CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, and Fox I do not think that they know what the business of reporting the news is.

    They are in the propaganda business, and, as someone whose duties were once reading Eastern European Communist Publications for intelligence gathering, I have a highly refined nose for slanted tripe and poisonous balderdash.

    CBS, at this point in history, evinces an odour quite like Tass, Vesti, and Pravda used to have.

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