Jared Kushner is one of the reasons why I didn’t support Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign. The same is true of Sheldon Adelson. I couldn’t vote for four more years of Jared and Sheldon.

Daily Mail:

Donald Trump‘s team has begun the blame game for the president’s failed re-election bid and the early fire is aimed at Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law who serves as a senior adviser in the White House.

Kushner wears many hats in the Trump world – de facto chief of staff, keeper of the president’s moods, front man on the Middle East, coordinator on the coronavirus plus the brains behind the re-election effort.

He made it clear from the beginning he was involved in all major campaign decisions when it came to securing the president a second term. Brad Parscale, the former campaign manager who ran the campaign in the early days, reported to Kushner and was a loyalist to the presidential son-in-law. …”

I never noticed Jared Kushner during the 2016 campaign. In the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump had ran on self financing his campaign and being independent of the big donors only to cut them in after beating Hillary. Donald Trump ran as a populist and a nationalist and governed as a MIGA Zionist conservative. Then he tried to win reelection on the basis of the Jared Kushner strategy and messaging.

Sheldon Adelson and the Jewish donors who bought the policy agenda after the 2016 election are responsible for the sharp decline in the White male vote. Ultimately, it came down to voting for four more years of their agenda. Who cares about moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, giving Israel the Golan Heights or ending the Iran Deal? Who cares about criminal justice reform and the Platinum Plan? Is that worth losing my free speech and freedom of assembly and hundreds of our monuments?

WTF is this guy doing running vast areas of public policy anyway? How did Jexodus turn out? Was it worth trading 5% of the White vote for 3% of the Jewish vote and 4% of the black vote? The verdict on this inept administration and campaign strategy speaks for itself.

Note: In the end, the only groups in Trump’s column in 2016 who decided not to renew their subscription to Blumpf: Season 2 were populists, moderates, Independents and “white supremacists” for precisely the reasons which were laid out here in elaborate detail for four years.


  1. Another reason I didn’t want to vote for Trump is because a vote for Trump is a vote for Jared Kushner. There is something sneaky about Kushner and I never trusted him. Trump made a big mistake by taking much of his campaign advice.

    • Jared delivered for his peeps though, and in a big way, too. He will now just brush off his father-in-law and continue with his family’s criminal enterprises.

    • Stefania says- That’s why Archbishop Vigano’s warning, when unheeded, resulted in DJT’s loss.

      Yes, Kushner is a schmuck. But to betray your country so callously, is not a reason for petty revenge fantasies.

      Let the Secession BEGIN. Biden, NOT MY EFFING PRESIDENT!

  2. I did not cast a vote for president. I refused to give consent to the fraudulent rigged process (there was zero chance of Trump winning in this state). That being said, don’t be fooled for a minute into thinking either Biden or Harris will be any less Jew-owned and operated than Trump has been. The problem is far deeper than most realize. It is too deeply rooted to be fixed by political means. Most whites don’t even comprehend that the Federal Reserve is a private banking cartel. Fiscal control of the regime in DC has now largely been outsourced by the cartel to an even more opaque sanhedrin known (appropriately) by the name of “Blackrock”.

    • Jazzhands over at FTN, said, Whether it’s a Dem or Repub, ISRAEL always wins.
      We need a massive awakening of the Angered Flyover people, or this country will descend into the most godless state on Earth, and all other states are poised to follow suit. THAT’S HOW BAD IT IS.

      “‘…If the Democrats win this election, they are going to take absolutely everything from us, they are going to lock up all pro-whites, they’re going to take your kids and forcibly inject them with tranny hormones, they’re going to burn down the churches, they’re going to flood the country with so many brown people that you won’t be able to move around. They’re going to immediately abolish the First and Second Amendments, arrest dissidents and confiscate guns. They’re going to completely destroy the economy and ensure that the only thing that exists is a mass of poor people and a tiny elite ruling class. There will be no illusions, no pretension of fairness. They will start massive wars with Russia and China, and virtually all young white men (probably middle aged ones too) will be sent to die in a grinder that will last decades. Then, you’re going to live with that situation until you die.- https://dailystormer.su/the-people-telling-you-not-to-vote-for-trump-because-he-was-a-bad-daddy-are-evil/

      And all you fools thought it was only about Dumb Orange Man.

  3. The GOP cannot trick Whites anymore now that everyone – I mean EVERYONE – knows about the Israel lobby and how slavishly devoted the Republicans are to Zionist Jews.

    For some reason. Money, obviously – and favorable media coverage. But you have to wonder – all those trips to Israel? Maybe some sort of Jeffrey Epstein type business?

    That any Republican would be seen in public with Israel lobbyists, or have it acknowledged they are taking millions of foreign “Casino Magnates” (cough, cough, organized crime) like Sheldon Adelson.

    Or that one Zionist Jew that is literally the only donor to Marco Rubio?

    Hey – Republican Jewish Committee – we see you! We remember what you did to Ron Paul because he didn’t want to start another war for Israel.

    Hey Republicans – if you support Israel having a wall – why don’t you support America having a wall?

    • The GOP sure can trick whites still. Even men like David Duke and Don Black voted for Zion Don and urged their followers to do so. These are guys who’ve spent the last 50 years talking about Jewish power and subversion and they wanted you to vote for the most pro-Jewish president in American history. Either they’ve gone soft in their old age or they are on some sort of government payroll.

  4. “Who cares about moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, giving Israel the Golan Heights or ending the Iran Deal? Who cares about criminal justice reform and the Platinum Plan?”

    Who? Who cares about those things? Persons with money to finance campaigns. Which is to say: Not “populists and nationalists,” not the persons who turned up at Charlottesville. If Trump had tried a repeat of his just-barely-successful 2016 campaign, you’d never even have seen a TV ad for him.

    “Was it worth trading 5% of the White vote for 3% of the Jewish vote and 4% of the black vote?”

    Again: You seem to be speaking of the “white vote” that gave him his whopping victory in 2016. Moreover, as I’ve said elsewhere here, at Occidental Dissent, he didn’t care about the Jewish “vote.” He needed the funds. That’s what you get from the Jews: You get the money you need—and they manage to keep their fingerprints off the Israel pandering, which they blame on the Southern Bible thumpers who vote Republican.

    Trump played this as well as he could. If the whites who shifted away from him in Pennsylvania and those rust-belt states, think he was doing them no good, well, they probably don’t have a clear idea of what their situation will be when Trump is no longer there to shield them a bit from the Democrats.

      • Okay—apparently, you took literally my figurative reference to TV campaign ads. I was speaking about a presidential campaign in general—or is it your understanding that such a campaign doesn’t cost money?

        “See 2016 when he defeated all his rivals who pulverized him with negative ads.”

        Yes—defeated them barely, as I apparently have to note once more. You seem to have this idea in your head that “populists and nationalists” handed Trump some resounding victory in 2016. He managed, barely, to win and would have been insane to rely on that barely-successful strategy again. He tried something different. He hoped those rust-belt whites who’d barely put him over the top in 2016 would have enough sense to stick with him while he angled to expand his appeal. It didn’t work out—well, what do you expect from those working stiffs? They’re brainless. May choirs of their mixed-race descendants sing them to their rest.

        • This is a fake argument. The problem is bloc votes from POC. The situation for white America is more dire than the South Africa of 1980. At least then and there almost no one white voted with or supported the ANC. In the US around 40% of the whites collaborate with POC.

          • I’m not sure why you say my argument is “fake,” Captain—since you’ve just restated it, in a slightly-different way. Yes—even before the counter-white demographic changes of the past two decades or so, blacks, who made up about ten percent of the population and, I’d guess, a comparably-large portion of the electorate, gave the Democrats a tremendous edge. Let’s say blacks made up ten percent of the then-black-and-white electorate: well, then, the Democrats had to win only forty out of ninety whites to win a majority. That’s a pretty-big head start—before a single vote is cast, that is. Getting around it was very difficult, as, I seem to recall, a friend of mine and I first discussed back in the nineties. You’re not telling me anything I don’t know—and again: It’s basically what I just said, to Mr. Wallace. That white vote is too unsure. Trump tried to get around that problem, as he probably needed to. It didn’t work out.

          • The South African situation of 1980 is in some ways similar to the America one now. There were some political parties that thought the best way forward was giving everyone the right to vote. The white divide was also split more or less in the middle, by wanting their multiracial democracy they were essentially supporting the ANC.

            All the white parties that existed from that time ceased to exist, this is the same fate that will face the Republican party, they are the National Party of South Africa, and the Democrats are the ANC. No matter how badly run the country is the ANC will win the elections.

          • To clarify I mean that there isn’t much to disagree about. That Whites turn off when a Republican panders to blacks is obvious. Pandering to blacks is literally a waste of time and spirit. Systematic pandering to Navajos and smaller tribes in micro campaigns is the way to go. Especially now Arizona is shifting.

        • Hey Buonocorti, I think there’s a Rockford Files marathon on channel 12. Adjust the rabbit ears on your black and white RCA and watch that for the rest of the evening, until the nurse puts you to bed.

          • Your fanatical anti mask Schtick with Denise on here really didn’t help Orange Man and only helped Big Guy. Covid19 could have been used to exterminate the left. The social libertarians tucked up the possible disciplined response needed.

          • My somali orderly puts on Cannon for me. I also get an extra cookie with my valium-laced milk when I’m really good and pooped on the toidy. Life is good.

          • I’m partial to Barnaby Jones myself. I just wheel out the portable Zenith and kick back on the davenport with a Fresca

        • Trump simply didn’t deliver as promised. No Wall. No troop withdrawals. No end to outsourcing, with jobs coming home. No improved relations with Russia. No significant deportations and immigration restrictions.

          But Biden still “won” by fraud.

    • he literally never said White people and for some strange reason i doubt he would have won if people understood he would hire (((neo-con))) hacks that Bush laughed at i mean Nikki Haley? John Bolton? at Least Nikki wont get anywere with a one party state let Trump be a lesson to all everyone also bomb bomb Iran they hate woman…….

      • “Nikki wont get anywhere with a one party state”:

        But it IS a one party state, with two “parties” for distraction and to facilitate divide-and-rule. And the name is Nimrata. The Palmetto state half-Hindu is being talked about as a future Republican presidential or vice-presidential candidate, but maybe she’ll switch “parties” because they’re both “big tents,” unless you are a real ethno-socialist.

      • @ MM,

        Whenever a bought off politician speaks about White people in America it is done with derision.

        I will not bend the knee for any of these pieces of shit.

        • lol since David jews havent had everything they wanted for all Bushs faults he never would have degraded himself so much iam shocked they didnt save him are they the next South Africa when Bono gunna visit Gaza? waiting…….

    • “Trump played this as well as he could. If the whites who shifted away from him in Pennsylvania and those rust-belt states, think he was doing them no good, well, they probably don’t have a clear idea of *what their situation will be when Trump is no longer there to shield them a bit from the Democrats.*

      He tried something different. He hoped those rust-belt whites who’d barely put him over the top in 2016 would have enough sense to stick with him while he angled to expand his appeal.”

      Good. Working white folks will suffer most of all from the new administration.

  5. I know it’s anecdotal, but the biggest Trump supporter in my neighborhood, in a semi-rural Indiana city of 30,000, had a large support Israel sign in his front yard. He had huge signs for Trump, even a flagpole with the American flag and a Trump 2020 flag below it. and he’s not Jewish.

    I’m sure a lot of Trump’s biggest supporters do love Israel.

  6. I can’t wait to see his cabinet picks. I’ve read Cuomo is probably going to take Barr’s spot.

    Let’s see how that works out. You morons will be missing the Trump administration in no time.

    • I voted for Trump and a straight GOP ticket but I have a feeling that Biden will be pushed into moderating himself. The Democrats lost 7-12 seats in the house when they predicted for many months they were going to pick up 10-20 seats. It also looks like they failed to flip the senate.

      The Democratic donors / elite have noticed this and as a result will push Biden to the center. The cultural Marxist left will be sidelined.

      Although I could be wrong and Biden will run a total WOKE administration just like what he promised in his campaign.

      Only time will tell.

      • He will go with quietly competent subordinates eschewing glitz. He’s suspicious of flashy amateurs like Guilfoyle, Pascale, Kushner. Fuck he’ll bring back Obama. If he wasn’t the mastermind behind Covid19 he’s got to deal with it now himself. That means technocrats who talk less act more.

  7. “The jewish nation dares to display an irreconcilable hatred towards all nations, and revolts against their masters, always superstitious, always greedy for the well-being enjoyed by others, always barbaceous – cringing in misfortune and insolent in prosperity.”


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